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Ramada New Yorker Hotel New York (USA)

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5 Reviews

Address: 481 8th Avenue
New York / NY 10001

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    5 Reviews
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      15.01.2014 21:21
      Very helpful



      A great central location, and a great base for discovering the Big Apple.

      === New York! ===

      Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to go to New York City courtesy of my hubby. As a Christmas/Graduation (I've just qualified as a teacher) present we went to the Big Apple for 5 days (4 nights). The hotel we stayed at was the New Yorker.

      === The Hotel ===

      From arrival to departure we had a good experience at the hotel. Check in was an easy procedure. We simply walked up to the desk, gave our name, showed the relevant documents, and were given our key cards and directions to the room. We were on floor 29. The hotel has several large lifts that skip out the first 20 floors (very helpful and very quick!). Being on floor 29 meant we were easily high enough to avoid any of the city noise at night. Even if we were lower down, we probably would have been fine as all rooms have double glazing.

      Room found, we did what anyone would do and had a glance around. We had a metro queen room - one of the simplest, no frills rooms in the hotel. We knew this when booking - we had booked on a deal for a 'metro' room, opting to have a simpler room for a hotel in a better location. This meant we had a view of an office building rather than one of the hotels 'city view' rooms.

      The simple, metro room consisted of the bed, bedside cabinet on each side, desk, flat-screen t.v., and a decent sized cupboard space for clothes (and a decent number of hangers). There was also a heating/air conditioning unit - this heated up the room for us pretty quickly when we switched it on after getting in from exploring the city in the snow. There wasn't too much space to walk around in the room, but as a base for us to explore Manhattan from we were very happy. The en-suite had a sink, toilet, and a bath (nice bonus) with overhead shower and a hair drier. Small bottles of toiletries were provided, but we opted to use our own. Towels were provided. The decor was a little dated, but wasn't too shabby. If I remember rightly, we also had free wifi in the room, but we didn't really use this.

      Most importantly, the room was clean. A big must for any hotel stay.

      === Other Facilities ====

      As we were pretty much just using the hotel as a base we didn't really use the other facilities the hotel had to offer. It does have a gym, shop, and a helpdesk that was able to help you with booking attraction tickets. We booked most of our tickets before we left England so we didn't need to use this. It is worth noting though that when we did speak to staff about any enquiries they were really helpful. When it came to checking out (check out time was 12, and our flight was a late, overnight flight) we were able to leave our cases at the hotel for a small fee ($2 a bag/case) so we were free to utilise our last few hours in the city without having to drag our cases around.

      === Location ===

      So, I've mentioned the location was good. The hotel is right by Penn Street subway station, on the corner of 8th Avenue and 34th Street. This location meant we were a stones throw away from Madison Square Garden (plus point for hubby - he's a big ice hockey fan). The first thing I saw when we arrived on exiting the subway was the Empire State Building. We were a few minutes walk from Macy's, and a 5-10 minute walk from Times Square. Pretty much everything was within a short walking distance from the hotel. And for those places that weren't... Penn Street station was about 10 steps away from the hotels main entrance.

      === Tick Tock Diner ===

      Although this isn't actually part of the hotel, I will mention the Tick Tock Diner. The diner is a traditional American diner, and is open 24 hours. The main entrance is right next door to the hotel, but there is also an internal door between the hotel and the diner.

      === Price ===

      We managed to get the hotel on a pretty good deal for the holiday season. We paid less than £1500 for the two of us on a flights and hotel deal, flying with Delta airlines - Heathrow to JFK through Expedia. Other hotels in the area were at least £100 more expensive each for what looked like very similar rooms.

      Looking on the website for current rates, the rooms are coming up at approximately $190 dollars a night for a night in February - of course these rates will change throughout the year, depending on season.

      === Summary ===

      Overall we were happy with our experiences at the New Yorker. Our room may not have been the poshest out there, but it was clean, had everything we needed, and was a great base for discovering Manhattan from. I'm going to give the hotel 4 stars as I don't think it quite deserves the 5 due to it's dated look, but other than that the room was fine, and the staff really friendly. I would stay there again.


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        31.12.2009 13:40
        Very helpful



        I hope to go back there one day

        My experience of the New Yorker Hotel, situated very centrally to most of New Yorks Attractions got off to a bit of a poor start, although I must add that it was not really the New Yorker's fault.

        After a long 7 hour flight from Manchester, followed by almost an hour cab ride, we arrived at the Impressive looking New Yorker Hotel.
        However, the problem kicked in as we tried to check in at reception, and were told that they had no booking for us.

        The staff at reception did not speak great English, and had to constantly go and consult their manager to try and resolve the situation.

        To cut a long story short, we had booked our holiday through Going Places, who had then passed the details and all the money on to a company called GTA Travel who were supposed to book the hotel, and send the monies over to the New Yorker - None of which had been done.

        After nearly 4 hours of waiting in the New Yorker hotel lobby, and numerous phone calls to going places, the situation was eventually resolved, and we were able to check in to our rooms.

        ** About the New Yorker Hotel **

        The Large and very 'New York' looking hotel is situated at the corner of 34th Street and 8th Avenue, and is within walking distance (weather permitting) of many of New Yorks attractions. Each morning when we had a look on our map to find out where the next item on our itinery was located we were constantly surprised to see that it was only about 10 blocks away, which is about a 15 minute walk, or approx $8 in a 'Yellow Cab'.

        The rooms have recently been modernised, and our room was situated on floor 29, and contained 2 large beds, a large flat screen tv, and an awesome view out towards the Empire state building which is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

        Based within the Hotel, is the Tick Tock Diner, a traditional american diner, which served a fantastic selection of tasty breakfasts, and afternoon, and evening snacks seven days a week.
        In addition to the diner was Coppers Bar, where a huge selection of beverages are available, spread across a huge bar, I sampled a fair few pints of Stella which cost $5 each. Coopers also served meals, in a much more 'restaurant' kind of style compared to the diner. This also came in handy for keeping up with the english football goings on via one of 2 large screen tv's.

        In addition to this the hotel also has a reasonable sized gym which is available for all guests, and an IT area with 3 computers for guests to browse the internet etc for a small fee.

        Overall I thought the Hotel was excellent, and the Tick Tock Diner and Coopers bar are a great asset to the hotel. It is ideally situated, and provides some stunning views of New York.


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          04.10.2009 09:48
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A pleasant experience.

          Located directly opposite Madison Square Garden, a few blocks across from the Empire State Building and with a subway station on the corner about 10 metres from the entrance, this hotel is very well located. It is that well located, that we arrived via the subway, trying to save money, walked out into the street and there was the entrance. A nice pleasant surprise and great start to our stay.

          Check in was not that great though. If you read my American Airlines review, you may notice, I appear to have problems with checking in. When it was our turn, we expected a cheery person who understood you have just got in from around 10 hours of solid travelling to get to where you are. Our member of staff appeared not care about any of this. She was very put out when we stated we wanted to check in. I mean, who would have thought that people would want to check in at the check in desk?? Anyway, aside from the pants attitude we got, check in was pretty quick and we were on our way.

          At this point, I noticed the lobby. It is pretty big, bigger than where we have stayed before. You come in the entrance doors and check in is to the right, as is a restaurant. Directly in front is a transportation desk and the lifts. To the left is some seating and the Tick Tock Diner.

          We made our to the lifts and find there are 2 seperate banks. The left side if for up to floor 20. The right side is for floors 21 through to 40. We were on 28, so the right side it was. At the entrance to the lift area, a staff member stands and will check people's room key's to make sure they are staying here. The lift came and it took 19 seconds to get to the 28th floor. 19 seconds people!!!! It takes about 1 minute to go up 2 floors at work.

          Our room was easily located, with plenty of signs directing you. Just by the lifts is an ice machine (not located on every floor), a drinks machine and a sweet one.

          The room itself was pretty pleasant. Small, but that is New York standards I'm afraid. It was very clean, had the obligatory Bible, a tv, desk and chair, bed, 2 bedside chests, small wardrobe and a bathroom. There was no safe, which I found annoying, although safe deposit boxes are available in reception. We had a view of the office building opposite, but that was it unfortunately.

          During our stay, every member of staff we met was very courteous, other than the check in lady. Check out was pretty simple. You can either deposit your key in a box in the lift area or do as we did and go to the desk. We did this as we were leaving our bags in the hold. This costs $1 a bag unfortunately. An unexpected expense, having never paid to to hold bags anywhere else before.

          There is no breakfast or room service at this hotel. The Tick Tock Diner is open 24 hours a day, with entrances both in the hotel lobby and the street. This is the only reason I can think of for them not even having room service.

          The hotel was nice and pleasant, yet I find myself sitting here pretty uninspired about it. As nice as it was, I don't think I would stay there again. I have no complaints, but it just doesn't really have that special factor you want from a trip to the Big Apple.


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            05.02.2009 11:13
            Very helpful



            A great place to stay whilst exploring a great city.

            The New Yorker Hotel is really central to everything Manhattan has to offer.
            It's a medium priced hotel and this is reflected in the minute size of the rooms. My son in law's parents stayed here and I visited them in their room quite a few times whilst in New York for my daughters wedding.

            ~~~Checking in~~~

            Check in was fast and we helped them up with their luggage. The people on the desk were friendly and efficient. They had no problem helping us with questions and didn't make our friends feel like idiots or invisible when they needed information.

            The foyer of the New Yorker was suprisingly small for such a large hotel. It was nicely decorated and the seating area was very comfortable.
            The area at the side of the lifts had a huge Christmas tree made of poinsettas which was really cheering and bright!

            The lobby had a door through into the 24 hour Tick Tock diner which was great for breakfasts but that's another review in itself!

            ~~~The accommodation~~~
            The rooms are small but they are neat and clean and decked out in pleasant, middle of the road, pastel prints.
            There was very little storage space and our friends were having to live out of their suitcases instead of being able to unpack properly and make a mini home for themselves.
            The bathroom was small but well laid out. The water pressure was good in the shower and the complimentary toiletries were not skimped. Towels were changed daily or on request if you wanted to conserve energy.
            The room having been recently renovated, was in a good state of repair. Apparently some of the rooms are not but I didn't see any evidence of this.

            The room was warm and cosy. Heating and air conditioning were provided and it was possible to open the window, just! As it was mid December that wasn't an issue. The room was on the seventh floor and the traffic noise was quite loud. Earplugs were needed for a good nigh't sleep, particularly because of the New York driver's penchant for using horns and sirens almost continously.

            One small grumble is that there didn't seem to me to be enough lifts. We often had to wait a fair time or find the lift full when it did get to our floor.

            There are over 900 rooms on 19 floors. If you are lucky (or insistent!) you will get a fantastic view over Manhattan, perhaps to the Hudson river. If you are unlucky you will get a wall view! I have a theory that in New York you are given the crappiest room that they think they can get away with. Then they will generally change it if you ask them nicely. It seems to happen to everybody there regardless of which hotel.
            There is a gym and a spa. I can't comment on these as I didn't see them.
            The Metro Rooms. (The cheapest available) offer these amenities as standard.
            Free Wi-Fi and Premium Wi-Fi access at a nominal cost.
            Flat panel, HD televisions
            Cable TV
            Iron & Ironing board
            Desk and chair
            Complimentary access to Fitness Center
            Business Center Available 24/7

            ~~~Location! Location! Location!~~~

            The hotel is right opposite Penn Station and Madison square Gardens. It is a five minute walk to Times square, about the same to The Empire State building. About ten minutes to Grand Central Station and about twenty minutes walk to Central Park.

            Maceys, the biggest department store in the world, is two minutes away. It would be hard to get a more useful location in Manhattan because you only have to cross the road and you have access to everywhere via the subway. (buy a saver four day ticket, it saves money and hassle!)

            I would recommend the New Yorker as a reasonable priced central hotel for those who are there for a couple of days. Any longer and the tiny rooms might become a bit clautrophobic.

            For more information you can visit their website at


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              06.06.2004 19:30
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              This landmark hotel opposite Penn Station in the heart of midtown is like a city within a city. Within this 1930s landmark hotel, you?ll find a pulsing, crazy mix of dozy tourists from middle America, weekend shopaholics from Europe, convention attendees and the occasional bemused business person like myself fighting through the debris of suitcases and assorted children. Even as one who doesn?t mind crowds, the public areas of the hotel were quite overwhelming, especially in the late mornings (check out) and mid afternoons (check out) when you could literally be trying to get past a line of a hundred people arriving or departing. The hotel?s public areas gives the impression of functional, faded charm, lots of beige, escalators and high lobbies coupled with ubiquitous coffee carts, cafes and the like. The rack rate for this hotel is around the $170 a night mark, but I paid $85. I always bid online for my hotel rooms, and I sometimes feel that I am given older rooms as a penalty for paying such a low rate, but at the New Yorker, I was treated to a light, bright and lovely corner room. It was a little on the small side, even by New York standards, but rather than feeling cramped, it was somehow cosy. I put this down to the light creams pinks and greens of the décor, intelligent furniture layout and no less than 4 windows in the room. The bathroom was beautifully tiled in art deco style. Great water pressure in the shower, which was a plus. The only drawback with the bathroom was a lack of shelving to store toiletries, which was a pain as I was there for 5 days and had to put my toiletry bag under the sink. Despite the small size of the bedroom, there was adequate clothes storage in drawers and in the closet. The heating and air conditioning was very effective, which was most welcomed in the depths of a cold New York wi
              nter and the cable TV stations were many and diverse ? better than many hotels of a similar rating. I know this because I was holed up with terrible flu for two days, and I could certainly have picked worse hotel rooms to be unwell in. Because of the size of the hotel (1014 rooms!!), and because it was at full capacity, noise in the hallways was a bit of a problem. I had a gaggle of unsupervised teens on my floor, which was at times irritating noisewise. In many ways, The New Yorker is like a tourist hotel factory ? ?check them in, bed them down and move them on?. I did not have a bed and breakfast option, but I still ate in the Tick Tock diner located at lobby level, which served adequate standard breakfast combinations in fully retro 1950s booths. It is open 24 hours, which I found really useful when I needed a middle-of-the-night hot chocolate when I couldn?t sleep. I only have one real complaint and that was after check out. I checked out at 11am and returned for my suitcase at 3pm before heading for the airport. I had to queue for nearly 45 minutes before I got to the head of the line to retrieve my bags, and then it took an age for them to locate it, such was the sheer volume of left luggage. One interesting observation. From my 15th floor room, I could see no less than three Starbucks coffee shops, and knew of another 4 within a 3-block radius A great view otherwise! This is ?Midtown Hell? that Manhattanites often complain about. But one man?s hell is another?s heaven as they say ? being around the corner from the Empire State Building, Broadway, Macy?s and Penn Station, this is an ideal hotel for first time visitors to New York who are looking for a mid range hotel. Personally, I prefer to stay outside of Midtown whenever I can, favouring
              downtown or around Central Park, but I am unfortunately a slave to the lowest room rates I can get.


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