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Ramada Queens (New York, USA)

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Address: 164-40 Hillside Avenue / Queens / New York 11432 / USA

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2012 13:45
      Very helpful



      Hotel on a budget

      I stayed in this hotel in 2010 and it was an OK experience. I was living in New York at the time but there was a problem with the apartment me and my family where staying in so we had to stay in a hotel for a few nights while it was sorted.

      -------Location Of The Hotel---------
      Thee hotel is located right next to Jamaica Avenue which is a place where you can get cheap named brand clothes such as Apple Bottom, Baby Phat. Coogi etc. For me this was a perk because I enjoy shopping. On Jamaica Avenue there are also lots of Jamaican food shops and your regular fast food shops such as Mcdonalds, Subway and American food shops like Wendy's. This is an advantage because the hotel doesn't sell food or have the facilities to cook.
      The hotel is also located 5 minute walk to the Bus Station which has buses that take you to areas in queens. The F and E train stations are located a 2 minute walk from the hotel and both trains take you straight in the centre of Manhattan. The F train takes you about 45 minute and the E train takes about 30 minute to Times Square. I think all aspects of the location of the hotel are convenient for those who haven't really experience New York.
      I must say though the area Jamaica, Queens in which the hotel is located is not the best area and is considered more on the less fortunate side but it is still a friendly area to be in. There are areas around the hotel that look slightly run down compared to places in Manhattan but not bad enough to make you feel uncomfortable. There are regularly carnivals and festivals on Jamaica Avenue in the summer time.
      -------Cleanliness & Room Quality--------
      Walking into the hotel was a pleasant experience because it was like a breath of fresh air as the lobby is posh and elegant and has a relaxing atmosphere. They do a good job of keeping the hotel very clean from top to bottom even the stairs. The lobby has marble floor and the rest of the hotel has carpet. The lobby had comfy leather sofas for waiting gusts to sit down. At night when I wanted drinks from the vending machine I used to go down to the vending machine to get one with just my socks on as it felt clean enough to do so.
      The room quality is very good and I felt very comfortable in the room I was in. The room was quite spacious with walking space around the furniture. I had closet space an iron, dressing table, decent size bathroom and a king-size bed. The room also had a 32 inch TV and two chairs to sit on. I didn't really spend much time in my room as I was living in New York at the time I had friends and high school to go to. The TV in the room had the basic channels for America which is good enough because it's roughly about 35 channels depending on the signal.
      The mattress on the bed was very comfy they have those mattresses that mould to your body. My nights sleep where very comfy and I slept like a baby during my stay there.
      The bathroom was very clean and they supply you with towels and shower gel and shampoo. My room had a bath and shower but I couldn't figure out how to work the shower so had to call someone to help. I luckily got help straight away because the cleaners where on my floor.
      My window in my room looked out over the road next to the hotel but as a city this is kinda what you would expect. The curtains on the window where nice and think which was perfect for me because it bugs me when light comes in through windows at night.

      --------Facilities & Food--------
      There weren't many facilities in the hotel as I think this is the sort of hotel you stay in on a business trip not a holiday. The had 1 lift that was quite big and they had a fitness centre. The fitness centre was quite small and had very limited equipment. I didn't personally use any of it so I can't really comment on the quality of the equipment. Each floor had a vending machine which contains a variety of fizzy pop and juice. In the lobby there was one computer in which you could pay $1 for 5 minutes which is about 70p. I never bothered to use it as I had a library card where I could use the computers for free.
      The hotel didn't have any food as in a restaurants but they did supply complimentary breakfast for everyone who stayed there. The breakfast was put out every morning in the small sitting area in the lobby. They supplied Doughnuts, Cereal, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Biscuits and Bagels in a buffet style. I used to grab loads of doughnuts as were tasty and where as good as Krispy Kremes. Breakfast time was 8-11 but the best time to go there was before half 9 because after that all the good stuff would be gone by then. All the drinks came from machines and they where available through the day but I always preferred to go to the vending machines because there where never any cups left at the free machines in the lobby.
      -------Staff Service-------
      I think the staff could have shown a little more enthusiasm because I could tell they where just there to do there job and didn't show an interest to the customers that much. It wood have been nice to be greeted when I entered instead of stared at by the receptionist.
      The cleaners in the hotel where very good because they left the room near enough spotless after they had cleaned. This is what I like to see because there have been so many times where in hotel I've comes across cleaners that don't clean properly. My mom tipped them everyday because of the good job they did. The cleaners come around everyday and if you kindly leave them a note they will do what you specifically ask them to.

      The hotel is pretty cheap considering it's in an expensive city like New York. The cost was $80-$90 a night depending on the day of the week more expensive rates are usually for Saturday and Sunday. This equals about £55-£65 a night which I think is a good deal considering you get free breakfast. Check in time was at 3pm
      -------My Overall Opinion------
      My overall opinion of this hotel was that it's an excellent place to stay if your on a business trip, school trip, group of friends or just need a place to stay for a night or two. I don't think this hotel is good for a family holiday because it's doesn't really have anything special to keep kids entertained. The location couldn't be anymore convenient for those who want to get around because there is all the transport you need. I would recommend this hotel there was no big put off for me I found it a decent place to stay.


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