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Stratosphere Tower (USA)

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11 Reviews

2000 / Las Vegas Blvd. / Las Vegas / NV 89104 / USA.

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    11 Reviews
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      07.05.2010 11:12
      Very helpful



      As above!

      Following a week in Las Vegas for a good friends wedding, 7 days of which was scheduled at the Stratosphere, and a further 3 day extension in South Point (review to follow) due to the volcanic ash, I have finally got rid of my jet lag, and its time to review the place!

      The Hotels in Vegas are HUGE!! They each have a theme going on, and are located across a huge strip approx 3 miles long.

      The Stratosphere is positioned at the far north end of the strip, on the outskirts of the old town, and as such costs a lot less than the hotels in the middle of the strip. The price of a stay here is in the region of £30 per room each night, which is fairly reasonable.

      The 'Strip' is located very close to the airport, with the hotels at the south of the strip being the closest to the airport. The Stratosphere being at the extreme north was therefore a little further, but still only took about 15 minutes in a taxi, costing $25 for our journey.
      It wasn't too long into the taxi journey, that we spotted the 'theme' of our hotel, and so we knew we were getting close.

      Upon arrival at the hotel we were standing in the hot sun, gazing up at the huge tower, and trying to make out the rides at the top!
      Yes the theme is the tower, and the rides, and the revolving restaurant at the top.

      Like almost all the other hotels on the strip, the entrance to each hotel is via a very large casino, filled with poker tables, roulette wheels, slot machines etc.
      One thing that surprised me was that smoking is permitted in the hotels, and bars, which seemed quite unusual, and a little old fashioned, after the ban in the uk that has been in force for a good few years, but I guess if the ban was to be enforced in the Vegas hotel casino's, then they would lose a lot of business.

      *** Hotel Amenities ***

      The room itself was fairly basic, but was a decent size, and included a TV, ironing board, bath/shower, a rail for clothes, a table and chairs, and a very large bed! Nothing special by any means, but it is one of the cheapest hotels, and there is so much to see and do in Las Vegas, that we knew we wouldn't be in there very much, and so it suited our requirements.

      The hotel has 6 restaurants, with 'Roxy's Diner' being the most popular, along with 6 bars, all of which is contained on the ground floor around the casino, with the exception of 'Top of the world', which is at the top of the tower.
      One of the restaurants on the ground floor is simply called 'Buffet'. We had a buffet breakfast in there for $15 each, and also tried the buffet dinner priced at $18 each. These prices include unlimited free soft drinks. The food was good, and plenty of variety, only problem is, you end up eating way too much, and feel pretty useless for a few hours after stuffing yourself!

      A 24 hour fitness centre is also available inside the hotel for anybody who feels like a workout (not me!).

      There are 2 pools at the Stratosphere, starting with the exclusive getaway for guests 21 and older. Discretely tucked away outside the 25th floor, this "topless-optional" pool offers panoramic views of the city. I never got around to visiting this pool!
      The main pool is located on floor 8 of the hotel, which was a large clean pool, surrounded by sun loungers, and also a hot tub. The pool also had a snack cafe and bar, serving decent food, at a very reasonable cost, although alcoholic drink was a little more expensive with a bottle of 'Bud' costing $6, and wine starting at $10 a glass. These prices are pretty consistent around all the hotels on the strip, unless you are gambling, in which case drinks are free!

      Most of the local shops on the strip do offer alcohol at a much lower cost. For example we paid $7 for a six pack of the identical 'Buds' that we were drinking by the pool (priced at $6 for 1 bottle!). We would have taken a bigger advantage of this if our room had a fridge!

      **** The Tower and rides ****

      The Stratosphere is well known for its huge tower, which reaches 1149 feet tall, and is the tallest observation tower in the US. The observation area is well worth a visit, it is free to go up to, and the views of the strip are fantastic!

      There are 4 rides now at the top of the tower, and I was too terrified to try any of them out!!
      They consist of:

      Big Shot - Shoots passengers straight up 160 feet at 45 mph (over 4 Gs) until they are 1,081 feet above the Strip. This was the only one that I was considering trying, but I bottled it when I got near to it!

      X-Scream - A giant teeter-totter that propels you 27 feet over the edge of the Tower, 866 feet above the ground. Several of our party went on this and actually came off alive!

      Insanity, the Ride - A massive mechanical arm extends 64 feet over the edge of the Tower and spins you at a force of 3 Gs!

      SkyJump - The SkyJump is a controlled free fall from more than 800 feet. This was being tested during our first few days, and actually opened to the public whilst we were there! Crazy stuff!!

      The first 3 rides are priced at $8 each, but I never found out how much the SkyJump was, but I would assume it was a lot more than $8.

      Also at the top of the tower is the revolving restaurant - 'Top of the World'. This restaurant, situated 800 feet above ground level, revolves 360 degrees to offer magnificent panoramic views. This restaurant looked stunning, and having only had a quick look inside it during the day, I think it would be awesome to have an evening meal in there, over looking the strip at night!

      Overall opinion

      The Stratosphere is one of the cheapest hotels, but to me it offered a decent place to stay, and saved a lot of money for the accommodation, which can then be used around the strip to pay for some of the other fabulous attractions. The hotel offered lots to do, and see, and could keep you fully entertained all by itself for a couple of days at least!

      Thanks for reading

      l500589 2010 ©


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        25.03.2010 15:34
        Very helpful
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        what an experience!

        Im glad that I didn't stay at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas but it was well worth a visit. It is situated in on the north part of the strip. South and the centre of the strip are much nicer areas in my opinion. Opposite the Stratosphere looks like the run down and rough area of Vegas to me. To be honest, I felt a little uneasy walking in that area, unlike the centre of the strip. Many beggers and tramps in this area. Not a nice thing to see in the 'party capital of the world'.

        Able to walk to the stratosphere from the Treasure Island Hotel, but it was quite a walk, it looked closer than it was! Apparently there is a monorail running from one side of the strip to the other, but we didn't get round to experiencing that.

        The reason we visited this hotel was to experience some of the rides. there were 3 rides at the top of the hotel. You could pay for 1,2 or the 3 of them. I think we paid $28 (each) for 2 rides (adult prices).- 'Big Shot' and another (not the rollercoaster).

        We queued (not for long) for the high speed lift to the top of the tower. Staff were friendly and efficient. Firstly we went into this big room near the top of the tower to view vegas, brilliant, think it would be even better at night. Worth just buying a ticket to do this. I think the Stratosphere has a rotating restaurant at the top that I would imagine to be a good experience(mind you, i wouldn't walk in that area of the town at night).

        Then the staff would guide you to another lift to reach your ride. Well, what can i say? The rides were amazing but soooooo scary. They were so high up, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, honestly. I have never been so frightened in my life, i cried! Children over a certain height were allowed on these rides, but I guess they don't have any fear! Waiting to get onto the rides in the open air at the top of the tower didn't help my anxiety! I had a photo taken on the Big Shot and I'm glad because it's a good souvenir from Vegas and it will remind me never to do there rides again!! It really was the ride of my life!


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          16.09.2009 09:22
          Very helpful



          A brilliant view in an unusual setting. Weird, wacky and wonderful.

          The Stratosphere tower.

          For anyone who is unfamiliar with the great casinos of Las Vegas each hotel is based on some kind of theme for example The Paris hotel has a copy of the Eiffel Tower albeit slightly smaller. The Luxor is built in the shape of a Pyramid; The Venetian is based loosely on scenes from Venice with a façade similar to the ducal palace and a canal running outside and inside the hotel. When they decided to close the Vegas casino which had only been open for 16 years making an annual profit of around $100 million dollars a year Bob Stupak its owner wanted to replace it with something even more spectacular.

          The downside of the stratosphere hotel is its position although technically still on the strip it is one of the Last properties on the strip. It is at the wrong end of the Las Vegas Strip and quite a fair way away from the main casino areas of Las Vegas. In order to make it profitable it provides very cheap accommodation compared to the casinos at the South end of the strip.

          The Vegas Casino closed in 1979 and building started on building the Stratosphere which would be the tallest structure in Nevada and the tallest observation deck in the USA at 1,149 feet. They wanted to build it even higher but the authorities would not permit it due to its location and the nearby McCarran international airport at the other end of the strip.

          During the construction in 1993 a fire in the tower caused major disruption to the building project resulting in the closure of the Vegas casino. However the building recommenced ending in it opening in April 1996. However shortly after its opening the company filed for bankruptcy and the hotel ended up being sold.

          The Stratosphere tower is the main feature of the Stratosphere Casino hotel complex in Las Vegas. The original concept was that a gorilla shaped lift would take people to the top of the tower but this was dismissed by the planning department instead high speed lifts whisk you to the top of the tower.

          So what facilities are at the tower?

          There is a revolving 360 degree restaurant at the top of the tower seating ( ) guests for dinner.
          There is a tacky souvenir shop, and a Starbucks and a small café fast food eatery.
          A glass enclosed observation deck giving a 306 degree panorama view looking out across the whole of Las Vegas and into the mountain ranges surrounding Las Vegas.
          At the very top of the tower there are three incontinent producing type rides which can be bought on top of the price of your entry ticket.

          So how much is it?

          Admission to the tower

          Adults $15.95
          Children $10
          Hotel guests $12
          Residents of Nevada $12.

          Entrance including rides
          Entrance & unlimited rides $35.95
          Entrance & 3 rides $29.95
          Entrance & 2 rides $25.95
          Entrance & 1 ride. $21.95
          Express Pass + $10

          The experience.

          Getting into the lift you are whisked up to the top of the tower in less than 40 seconds. On the way up your ears actually pop and the lift operator reminds you to yawn to equalise the pressure in your ears.

          When you come out of the lift at the top you walk into a sitting area and then the observation deck where you can look at the whole area of Las Vegas through a glass enclosure. There are telescopes dotted around the deck for you to use to see even further. You can observe the helicopters that constantly pass by the stratosphere on their tour of the strip. Here on this deck is the souvenir shop, Starbucks and the fast food joint.

          Find the stairs to go up and observe from the cage enclosed observation deck and the queues for the following rides.

          The BIG SHOT.

          This ride takes you to the highest level on the tower. 16 people are strapped into a seat like device with a mechanical padded bar to hold you in place. The ride shoots up 160 feet into the air at 45 mph experiencing a G force in excess of 4G's. You are likely to leave the contents of your stomach on the floor and the rest in the air.

          The X- SCREAM.

          This ride takes four mentally deranged people on a mad daring ride 27 feet over the edge of the tower 900 feet above the ground. The ride is like a see saw in that you sit in the ride and it tips forward sending the ride shooting forward and breaking suddenly hanging precariously over the edge. It gives the rider the sensation of falling right over the edge. The car then rolls back along the tracks and without warning drops again sending the car hurtling to the edge of the rails again. The contents of your stomach are destined to part company with you so don't stand below the tower on this chilling ride.

          The RIDE - INSANITY.

          This is a crab like arm consisting of six seats which moves out 64 feet over the edge of the tower 900 feet above the ground. This is not the end of your ride the thing starts to spin at a rate of three G's which causes the arms to stretch out at 70 degrees so that you are actually facing the ground. Nice one eh for people short of any sensibility.

          You would need to be sectioned if you want to go on any of the above rides and assessed for mental instability.


          The top of the world restaurant is over 800 feet above the ground giving diners spectacular views especially at night when the whole of the strip and Las Vegas becomes a sea of Neon entertainment. As you sit there drinking pre dinner cocktails watch the helicopters flying past observing the tower on their trip high above the Vegas Strip. They are like little buzzing bees.

          The restaurant actually completely revolves every 80 minutes so that you experience a complete panoramic view of the whole of Las Vegas. We had dinner here one evening reservations are essential. The dinner was ok but nothing special as far as I remember. It was ok but at a price. If you are willing to splash out and eat at a unique restaurant that is certainly different then go ahead but to be quite honest I was a bit disappointed by the standard of the food which was ok but nothing spectacular. The view is phenomenal.

          After dinner you can go upstairs to the Romance bar which is peaceful and with outstanding views again of Las Vegas.

          Would I recommend this experience?

          Yes as it is a must do experience in Las Vegas. You will regret not doing it while you are there. Each time we have been to Las Vegas we have walked down the strip as far as The Stratosphere and then got a taxi to the Freemont street experience but this was only ever during the day time which takes about half an hour. I would never walk around this area after dark as it is nearer the seedier part of town. It just does not feel safe here. If you are visiting at night the only way to get there would be by taxi from outside your hotel or for your return from the stratosphere.

          If you want somewhere very cheap to stay then this is the hotel for you but if you want a bit more style and be in the heart of all the action then it is definitely not the right choice for you.

          I am only awarding this a 3 star attraction due entirely to its poor location.


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            02.09.2009 10:47
            Very helpful



            Good Bargin, but would reccomend if you want a real Las Vegas Experience, go to MGM Grand!

            When looking for somewhere to stay in Las Vegas, The Stratosphere Tower may seem appealing, but from personal experience I would not reccomend staying there. If you research it on the internet it appears like a very modern & fun place to stay, but in actual fact it is a big dissapointment compared to many of the other hotels.
            The Stratosphere is located on the north end of the strip, which is less glamorous than the centre & south of the strip. It is situated opposite seedy looking Wedding Chapels & run down motel type apartments. To walk from the stratosphere to the better hotels in the centre takes a good 20 minutes (I am an energetic 21year old). There are lots of people hanging around on the street & i felt very unsafe despite being with my boyfriend. Although the Hotel is quite family orientated, I would not like to take my kids throught that area. There is a bus called the Deuce, which is very useful to get all the way across the strip, into downtown & to the shopping outlet malls. I would recommend buying the $7 24hour pass, as you can use it so much - but be warned the buses can be extremely busy & you must have the correct money for tickets.
            There is a stop right outside the stratosphere but the journey into the centre if the strip can even take up to an hour due to the traffic & amount of stops along the strip.
            The hotel itself is fairly well kept & the staff all very friendly. The hotel pool is located on the 8th floor which was a strange suprise. It is a very basic pool & nothing to compare to other hotels, although they play good music & it is easy to find a sunlounger.
            The shops in the hotel are fairly low end but much cheaper than the other hotels. There is also a few restaurants & McDonalds.
            The Buffet at the hotel is extremely good value for $19.99 you can eat all day! The food is nice, although it does not really differ throughout the day.
            I would strongly reccommend The Top of the World Restuarant. It is pricey but the food is AMAZING! and the views are stunning! Definately book to ensure your not dissapointed.
            The views from the top of the stratosphere are amazing but the rides were not for me! If you stay at the hotel, admission to the top of the tower is free. although if not it can be pricey.
            Overall, I would stay this hotel lacks class & glamour that the other hotels have, but it is resonably priced & has some good things to offer.
            The main negative is the location, but if you want to explore downtown it it is convinient.


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            28.05.2009 15:55
            Very helpful
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            at the bottom of the strip there lies the hotel stratosphere, great hotel with a unique edge..

            A hotel and an attraction, all rolled into one. The Hotel Stratosphere in Las Vegas was where I stayed last year for 5 days and I absolutely loved the city and the hotel.

            The hotel stratosphere is located at the bottom of the strip just next to down town, it is the last top quality hotel before you walk further and see the down town apartments with cheap and nasty casinos! However, it is perfectly situated as it means you can walk in just one direction down the strip towards the interesting stuff, not a long walk really.

            The hotel itself has a lower floor that is one big casino, like most other hotels in Vegas, and this is what you'd expect; machines everywhere, backgammon, diners, 40/50 year old women in full make up and 80's uniform serving people drinks. Although perfectly polite and friendly they can disturb you a little, but its all part of Vegas' make up. The next few levels are for the guest rooms and they are very nice. I travelled in a group and we managed to get two double rooms next to eachother, comprising of nice comfortable beds, air conditioning (crucial there in the summer), shower and bath and a sink. We were just down the hallway from the communal ice machine (which was used a lot!) and a floor down from the launderette. The laundrette got busy at times and you don't want to leave your washing alone so you could find yourself there for an hour at a time. However we experienced a few problems with the machines and often they would stall and eventually finish washing.

            A few more floors up there is the pool which is a nice size and comes with a nice big communal hot tub with a little waterfall that we spent many hours in! The rest of the pool you can play volleyball in but not swim in realistically and the lifeguards are always in two's and always on hand. As for the seating there is plenty of that and they were never fully occupied. There is also a good friendly bar, a little over-priced but nothing too outrageous and also a gym which is free to use and never fully in use so i definately recommend that if you're feeling as unhealthy as what I did then!

            The huge bonus for me was the stratosphere tower which comprises of rollercoaster rides and a 360 degrees panoramic view of Vegas which really does take your breath away. Over 1000 feet up the viewing rooms are not for people suffering from vertigo, i am a little scared of heights myself but i braved it and it was totally worth it for the views. Follow the stairs up and you are on the roof, scary enough right? Wrong? There are three fully operational SCARY rides up there; X-Scream is a seated ride in which you are flung over the edge of the tower so that it stops and you are left staring at the ground 100 floors below, there's Big Shot, which is a vertical ride that shoots you up to the top, even higher up (!) and slowly brings you down, and finally the worst of all, the aptly named Insanity which is a ride that goes round and round...over the edge! Even further out than X-Scream this is truely terrifying but well worth it. Once you've 'achieved' all three you will feel very proud of yourself!!

            Other attactions include famous actors doing Q & A and talks (they had Danny Trejo when i was there), world class magicians and singers from around the world. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any of them but there was so much to do in so little time! Downstairs, there is also a bar called Polly Esthers which was a very good night, we paid around $30 (£16 then) for free drinks all night and i must have had at least ten coronas, definately got my money's worth there. Very classy and trendy bar which wasn't fully open (only a Wednesday night) but still very busy and played good music.

            So in general, this is a brilliant hotel in a city of top hotels, plus the tower provides a unique edge that no other hotel can compete with. I cannot recommend this hotel enough.


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              19.05.2009 16:26
              Very helpful
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              A great base to explore Vegas - a wonderful view that will take you breath away

              The Stratosphere Hotel is located at the top end of the strip where downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience meets the newer flashier side of the Strip. The Stratosphere is an astonishing building which towers above everything at 1,149 ft high and is the second tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The obvious attraction of this hotel is the view at the top and tourists from all hotels flock to see the spectacle from the observation deck particularly at night where the lights of Vegas spread out beneath you, guests also get a discounted rate. The view is spectacular, and although I did not eat there, the Top of the World restaurant is hugely popular partly because the cuisine receives fantastic reviews but also because it rotates 360 degrees over the Strip to make the most of the breathtaking scene. The other attractions at the Stratosphere are the exhilarating rides which throw you about and over the edge of the building, one ride in particular which my friend was brave enough to try dangled her over the edge whilst spinning around at a terrifying speed!

              When compared to the more luxurious hotels like the Wynn, Mandalay Bay or the Bellagio, the Stratosphere is quite dated. The rooms are spacious and comfortable - we had a twin room with Queen sized beds. It was very clean and had a bulky tv, a wardrobe, ironing board and iron and the bathroom came with the basic supplies. We didn't get a view over the Strip and instead it looked out onto the car park, but since we got the hotel at a bargain rate of just £22 a night per room from a late booking on Expedia, we didn't mind at all!

              Part way up the Tower - which is still a great height, there is a large outdoor swimming pool, a gym which has part outside under a veranda and part inside an air-conditioned room. There are also plenty of loungers around the pool, some in the sunshine and some under cover. You can hire a towel or take your own with you, and of course there is a bar.

              The Strip was much longer than I was expecting, it took us an hour to walk under half of it and in the dry heat it seems even longer! Although the Stratosphere is on one end of the Strip there is a bus service which travels up and down 24 hours a day, and at only $2 one way or $5 all day it is worth getting the day pass and getting on and off at whichever hotel you fancy.

              The Stratosphere is a great hotel as a base, it is extremely functional and has all the necessary facilities, it may not be the swankiest of hotels, but it is no where near the most expensive either. In Vegas you need to see the other hotels too, and I doubt you will be spending much time in your room, when at the Stratosphere you could be enjoying the view!


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                17.05.2009 20:31
                1 Comment



                Hotel was great, Views from the Tower phenomenal

                The Stratosphere Tower is right at the top of the strip, so it's abit of walk to get to, however it's definitely worth it when you get there. We stayed in the Stratosphere for 5 nights last year, and had a room overlooking the strip (other rooms are available without the view for a slightly cheaper price). I must say the views from the room and the tower itself were spectacular, especially at night, and you get a great view of all the other hotels and casinos. The room itself was basic but nicely furnished and we were given complimentary tea and coffee with making facilities. The beds were really comfy, but it can be abit noisy at night sometimes with people coming back from the casinos. The pool was nice too however it normally closed by 8pm on the nights we were there (it was winter so low season). In the tower itself they have a fantastic restaurant with alot of choice-the prices were good-you could eat for around $50 per couple for an evening meal- and had great views again, as well as the rollercoaster which I couldn't bring myself to go on as it tips you right over the edge (the thought of it still makes me feel ill!) The price for the room was fantastic too-we paid £150 for our double room for the 5 nights and felt it's worth every penny. The whole place was clean and tidy and staff were on the whole very friendly. When we needed extra towels one day they came with them to our room within 2 minutes but did expect a tip, however I didn't mind giving it them. If you have never been to Las Vegas, you must go the to the tower even if you do not stay there. I would recommend the hotel for the price and facilities, the only downside being as above located right at the top of the strip, so its about a 15 minute walk to other hotels like Treasure Island and the Luxor.


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                  13.04.2009 20:32
                  Very helpful



                  A great place to stay if your in Vegas - the greatest year round party city

                  I stayed in the Stratosphere Hotel in LAs Vegas in July 2004. My wife and I chose the Stratosphere firstly as it was then one of the cheapest of the 'big' hotels to stay in on the strip but second because it sounded amazing.

                  A few quick stats for you first of all. The Stratosphere tower is the 2nd tallest free-standing building in the Western hemisphere, only behind the CN Tower in Toronto. The tower itself is 350 meters tall (over 1,000 feet). The hotel has 26 floors and around 2,500 rooms. Alan Partridge fact coming up - the lifts in the Stratosphere are the fastest in America at 20.5mph!!! Enough stats for now me thinks!

                  On arriving in the lobby which, at the time, we thought was really plush (after exploring some of the more central hotels it was - in truth - a fairly lame lobby) with massive fish tanks, bordering on aquariums behind the desks, we were really impressed. We had paid around £60 a night for the room (booked through Kuoni as part of a package) so when we were taken to our room we were bowled over.

                  Our room, on the 16th floor, was by no means the highest, but from our window we had amazing views over Downtown Las Vegas and the valley. At any time of day or night the view was incredible with the perfect blue sky and endless sunshine framing the city. From here you could really see the geopgraphy of Las Vegas (it really is a city built in a desert like valley). The room (views apart) was massive with a huge, queen size double bed. It also had a well stocked if expensive mini bar and a huge and very nice bathroom.

                  Right, down to business then, the Casino hall like everything else in this place is huge and again without experiencing some of the more central hotels it is great. In the Stratosphere you also get free drinks while you are gambling so you never need to buy a drink just drop a few chips into the cheapest one armed bandit and drink away. I am not a big gambler or a frequent casino goer (I've been twice in my life) but when in Vegas!!

                  The hotel has seemingly endless eating options including an all you can eat buffet which is ok. It also has numerous specialist restaurants dotted around, Japanese, French, Mexican and Chinese to give you a few. To be honest the food was all just average in those which we tried (Mexican and Chinese).

                  However, for the real dining experience in the Stratosphere you need to book. The tower has a restaurant built right in the top, called the Top of the World, this has to be the best place in Vegas to eat. The restautant is a revolving one that slowly spins as you eat giving amazing 360 degree views out over Las Vegas and right down the strip. If the view doesn't get you the food will. While it is a lot more expensive than the standard eateries the food is high quality dining and the service is top class. If you are staying make sure that you at least book yourselve in for one meal in the Top of the World.

                  Whilst eating if you are revolved into the right spot at the right time, you may see something green suddenly dangle past the window. Whilst you will see planes coming in to land at McCarran airport and helicopters whizzing by, the green thing is nothing to worry about. It is just the rollercoaster ride built on top of the tower, 350 meters up - as you do. At the time of out visit there were two rollercoaster rides on the top of the tower, the Big Shot and X Scream. If the Big shot was on the ground at a regular fairground you would probably give it a miss. You sit in it and it just shoots you straight up in the air and then back to earth, oh did I mention all that with a G force of 4G's quarter of a mile up. X Scream on the other hand is pretty unique. This one, whilst not as fast (in fact not fast at all) just dangles you strapped in your seat over the edge of the tower so you can really appreciate what 350 meters up feels like! Since our visit a third ride has been built called Insanity to Ride. For those of you not into the rides 5 unlucky gamblers have taken a bungyless bungy jump to their deaths since the hotel was opened in 1996!

                  Just below the rollercoasters is another 360 degree viewing platform that offers great photographs down the full length of the strip. It is an odd feeling standing in the tower and being higher than planes coming in to land at the nearby airport.

                  At the time of our visit (2004) all guests were given two free tickets to the Viva Las Vegas show which was a really good show. Having both comedy and some musical sections it was a good hours entertainment. Alas though drinks had to be paid for during the show!

                  The only downside of the Stratosphere hotel is its location. The hotel is at the far end of the strip and being the furthest north means that it is 4 miles from the southern end of the strip and a good mile from the 'real strip' if you like. It is a good 20 minute walk to get to any of the big hitting Casinos such as Treasure Island, Mandalay Bay and The Venetian. This being Las Vegas the location wasn't a massive problem for us. Taxi's are cheap and frequent and the drive down the strip to wherever is amazing but for some this may be a downer.

                  For us though for the price we paid and the experience we had I would 100% recomend the Stratosphere hotel as a great place to stay during a hedonistic visit to the party capital of the world.


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                    08.03.2009 19:24
                    Very helpful



                    A Good 3* Choice for a stay in Las Vegas with stunning views

                    I booked my trip to Las Vegas for Easter 2007 in the January and ended up booking the Stratosphere for my stay. I used Expedia to book the hotel and flight which ended up being with US Airways. Anyway for some reason Expedia is cheaper to do a combo deal than to try to get the Hotel and flight yourself and I decided on this hotel as it was 3* on the strip and had good reviews.


                    I booked in the January for the Easter and booked 10 days and the total cost for the flights and hotel was £700 but the hotel price was approx £200 out of this. They do good deals where some nights are cheaper or free. I booked a standard twin room at room only. Although the room we had faced the car park and no real view it was extremely spacious, cleaned and maintained well and had what you would expect in a good standard US Hotel. You can pay more for better quality rooms though if wanted and views

                    What's special about the Stratosphere?
                    The Stratosphere Hotel is an older hotel and most famous for its tower. It has the most scary thrill seeking rides on the top for the dare devil thrill seekers. There is Insanity, X-Scream and Big shot but I was too scared to go on any though. It also has a dining room at the top and an observation tower which has fantastic views of Vegas. Everyone in the other hotels comes here specifically to the hotel to go to the tower. Staying here you have to pay a small resort fee to but in the booklet you get free passes to the observation tower as well as to use the hotel swimming pool which is on the roof. The pool was nice and refreshing and it is themed to make you think you aren't on a roof and there are breath taking views of the mountains in the background.

                    The hotel is one of the older on the strip and only 3* but I was happy with the accommodation and amenities in the hotel and nearby. It was on the north of the strip and we got there by mini van from the airport. You could easily use the hop on hop off bus which stopped outside the hotel to get to the main strip or Freemont Street. Some days we ventured down to the monorail station or even walked up to the Venetian which is in the middle of the strip and I'm not a keen walker! Taxis are not that expensive either to take up and down the strip. The Hotel has a lot of things in it which include a huge casino for those wannabe gamblers out there, where you actually get free drinks etc just for looking busy on the machines or poker table etc as long as you tip the them they come back! The hotel has many restaurants choices although we didn't eat in them as we were too busy out and about. I preferred to visit Dennys for breakfast that did the most amazing full breakfast with waffles dead cheap and there was one nearby. The hotel had its own shopping mall but not full of designer brands more down to earth shops. This is worth a trip around and is pretty big.

                    I found this a good hotel to stay at as a base although it is a little out dated like the older hotels are. I think the higher starred and themed hotels are all showy in the public areas which you can visit anyway freely but the accommodation isn't that much better considering the price tag you pay. This is one of the best of the 3* of Vegas and the staff were always friendly and helpful whilst we stayed there. There are too many details about the hotel to cover here so I would recommend using expedia or other travel websites or the stratospheres own website for more detail. If you want to be extravagant though I would look for the 4 or 5 star hotels like the Wynn or Mandalay Bay. But you definitely can't miss a visit to the observation deck at the Stratosphere.

                    To get to the top of the tower it is under $14 for adults and under $8 for children and you can get a mock photo of you at the top in the queue to go to the observation deck. If you want the rides you add the price into you pass to the top to include a ride or more which can make it around $30 or more


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                      29.01.2009 13:39
                      Very helpful



                      Worth a visit if only for the views and the rides

                      I stayed at the Stratosphere Tower Hotel a couple of years ago and have visited the tower again on subsequent trips to Vegas. You just cant beat the views of the strip that you get from the top of the tower and if you are an adrenaline junkie then you absolutely have to check out the rides up there.

                      As someone who isnt too fond of heights I was a little nervy on my first trip up the tower but as that time we were residents in the hotel we had free passes to go up, if you arent residents the prices are as follows:

                      TOWER TICKETS
                      Adult - $13.95
                      Child - $8.00
                      Senior - $10.00
                      Hotel Guest - $10.00
                      Nevada Resident - $10.00

                      RIDE TICKETS
                      Big Shot -$13.00
                      xScream - $12.00
                      Insanity - $12.00

                      You can also buy a ticket which includes tower entry and all the rides for $33.95 so if you are brave (or crazy) enough to want to do all three this works out as pretty good value.

                      The height didnt bother me as much as I thought it would once we were up there, the views are so cool that you forget to notice unless you stand right at the very edge, they have made it so inside the viewing platform at the top the windows lean out, this means you can stand at the edge and look directly down at the street hundreds of feet below.

                      I am far too chicken to have gone on the rides so cant tell you what they are like but from the platform restaurant which we ate in you get a wonderful view of the people who are crazy enough to try them, so much fear on their faces, its quite funny. The Big Shot ride actually dangles over the edge in front of the restaurant windows, the restaurant rotates so at some point you will get a cracking view of people being terrified for fun.

                      The Top of the World restaurant itself is worth a visit if only for the views at sunset. We had our wedding anniversary meal in there and it was well worth it. Watching the sun go down over the strip and the Nevada dessert beyond is magical. The food was pretty good too although it comes at a premium price and you do need to book. It has its own website where menus can be found and its worth planning in advance if you know you are going to be in Vegas any time soon.

                      When we stayed in the hotel we were impressed with the size of the room and the views it had, this is around the 3 star mark but in Vegas terms that makes it probably about a 4 star here, the room was well furnished, massive and quiet. Because the Stratosphere is right at the end of the strip a lot of the rooms have views looking straight down it so ask for a higher floor if you want to try and ensure fabulous views from your room.

                      Definitely worth a visit if you are in town and a good option for mid range hotel rooms if you dont mind being away from the central strip.


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                      13.12.2007 18:19
                      Very helpful



                      If you're in Las Vegas you simply have to go to the top.

                      If you are in Las Vegas, then the Stratosphere Tower is a must visit landmark attraction. Go to the top of this 1,149 foot tall building and get great panoramic view of Las Vegas and the strip.

                      Centrally located, the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is at the top of the Las Vegas Strip. The Stratosphere is the closest Strip property to Downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience. It's meant to be a pretty impressive place to stay- but I went for getting excellent value for money at the Hilton instead and simply visited the Stratosphere.

                      The Stratosphere boasts an 80,000-square-foot casino featuring over 50 table games and more than 1,500 slot and video poker machines. There are also amenities such as the race & sports book and keno to ensure that there is something to suit every gamer. It's a pretty cool casino- but not the most impressive on the strip. Try the MGM Grand and you'll be lost for days.

                      The Tower Shops mall is located on the second level at the top of the escalator near the property's main entrance. Stratosphere's Tower Shops is an International marketplace with a something for everyone. You find yourself walking along themed streets reminiscent of Paris, Hong Kong and New York City. The Tower Shops house a wide variety of shops and an array of specialty retail carts.

                      So far the Stratosphere doesn't stand out as anything too special- but then this iconic tower structure comes into its own!

                      The Stratosphere boasts the tallest free standing observation tower in the United States. Standing 1,149 feet, the Tower is the tallest building west of the Mississippi River and is more than twice the height of any other building in Nevada. With indoor and outdoor observation decks, the spectacular 360 degree views of Las Vegas make for unforgettable photo opportunities.

                      Located more than 800 feet above Las Vegas in the Stratosphere Tower, the award-winning Top of the World Restaurant offers an (almost) unique dining experience. Awarded "Best Gourmet Room" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Top of the World features culinary delights served in an elegant atmosphere with unparalleled views of Las Vegas as the restaurant revolves 360 degrees in one hour and 20 minutes. Do be expecte4d to pay for the privilege though and make sure you book in advance- I recommend lunchtime for better value for money. I didn't bother with this part as I had already dined at the Top of the World restaurant in the Sydney Tower, it's a great experience- but been there, done that.

                      The best thing about the Stratosphere though is the rides you can go on. Ok so they are nothing special from a theme park point of view- but the fact that they are over 100 floors up in this building at the foot of the Las Vegas Strip makes them great.

                      Insanity the Ride is a massive mechanical arm extending out 64 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower at a height of over 900 feet, Insanity will spin you and several other passengers in the open air at speeds of up to three 'G's. You'll be propelled up to an angle of 70 degrees, which will tilt your body into one position - facing straight down! If you're brave enough to keep your eyes open like I did then you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of historic downtown Las Vegas. Just make sure you don't get on with anyone who looks to squeamish- I imagine that a lot of people find themselves puking on this ride (at least judging by the faces of my fellow riders that day they do).

                      X-Scream will propel you and several other riders head-first, 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower. After being shot over the edge, you'll dangle weightlessly above the Las Vegas strip before being pulled back and propelled over again for more. The first time I went on this I was half way back in the carriage so it was enjoyable, but my view somewhat blocked by the heads of people in front (I recommend this for the more nervous rider). I went back round and queued up until I could sit at the front. Wow- imagine being at the front of a roller coaster, coming to the end of the track and finding that you are dangling 900 foot up in the air! Great fun- I just wish I could have had a camera on me to photograph the superb view point of the strip.

                      The Big Shot thrill ride catapults 16 riders from the 921-foot high platform up the Tower's mast to a height of 1,081 feet. Travelling at 45 miles per hour, riders experience 4G's as they reach the very top, and feel negative G's on the way down. For me this was only enjoyable because I was watching the Strip disappeared into the distance as I was on it- I preferred dangling over the edge of the tower more!

                      SINGLE TICKETS
                      Adult $10.95
                      Insanity $9.00
                      Big Shot $9.00
                      X-Scream $9.00
                      Tower Audio Tour $6.00
                      Locals, Seniors, Hotel Guests and Children 4-12 $7.00
                      Children 3 years and under FREE
                      Locals, Seniors, Hotel Guests and Children 4-12 $3

                      XTREME VALUE PACKAGES
                      Xtreme All-day Unlimited Package $30.95
                      Tower Admission and 3 Rides $24.95
                      Tower Admission and 2 Rides $20.95
                      Tower Admission and 1 Ride $16.95

                      I recommend the unlimited package!

                      Overall it's in a good location for a hotel, the casino and shopping mall are pretty good, and the rotating restaurant makes for some more interesting dining I'm sure. The Stratosphere is definitely worth a visit for the views from the observation deck, but the real fun is to be found in the rides!


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