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Suntopia Pegasos World (Manavgat, Turkey)

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Address: Titreyengöl Mevkii / 07600 Side / Manavgat / Antalya / Turkey

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2011 22:00
      Very helpful



      A family friendly hotel at a reasonable price for all inclusive

      Well the name says it all... it is certainly a World Resort! It was absolutely massive! It is part of the Suntopia Hotels which has only recently taken it over it seems this year. This led to some bad reviews on Tripadvisor straight after the change. But then the reviews picked up again to mainly 4 or 5 out of 5. It is a 4 star hotel which seems about right. It is classified as one of Thompson's Platinum hotels, which means that the hotel has consistently high ratings from customers and that the hotel has an excellent selection of food and there is priority transfers from the hotel (meaning people staying there will be dropped off first from the airport). People going to a platinum hotel also get extra baggage allowance, we got 20kg each and 5kg each for hand luggage (we never had our hand luggage weighed though).

      -------------- Where abouts is Pegasos World Situated? ----------------

      It is situated in a place called Titreyengol, in Side in Antalya. It is an hour transfer from the airport and about a 15 minute bus ride to the main harbourside of Side. The buses cost only 2.25 lira each into the town (less than a pound each way). So it was in a very good location for catching a bus to other areas and buses came very frequently, we never had to wait long.

      -------------- Arrival --------------

      From the outside of the hotel is a nice sweeping driveway and security at either end of it.

      We arrived about 12.30am with about 5 other families. The staff at reception were fantastic at quickly allocating us our room keys, wrist bands (we had to wear to show we were all inclusive), our beach towel cards and pointing us in the right direction with a map. A map may seem slightly extreme but it wasn't. Pegasos was a world of buildings where one could easily get lost especially in the middle of the night with relatively low lighting around the pathways. We were also advised that if we wanted to use our safe it would cost us 1.5 Euro a day. The reception was open 24 hours a day.

      Our luggage was arranged for transportation to our rooms. We were a bit disappointed with how long the guys took to bring us our suitcases (nearly 40 minutes) as we obviously were very tired after a four hour flight and an hour transfer to the hotel from the airport. When they knocked on our door with our suitcases my boyfriend (Ollie) answered the door and the guy wheeled the suitcases in. The guy then stood in the room staring at us to get a tip. Ollie then went to get his wallet and I tried to stop him because I did not see how this guy deserved a tip because he left us waiting ages for our luggage (it would have been far quicker for us to have brought it ourselves) and he had the audacity to stand there waiting for a tip. I told the guy he did not deserve a tip (I speak my mind sometimes when perhaps I shouldn't). However, Ollie did not listen to me and he handed him 1 Euro. Ok 1 Euro is only about £1.00 but still it was the principle and if we kept giving such tips to all the people on the resort we'd be broke by the end of the holiday.

      ---------------- First impressions of the room -----------------

      Well I was very disappointed. We knew we were in a family room despite us only being a couple because that was the only type of room left because we booked last minute. However, they had pushed two single beds together to make a double bed which also had single sheets and duvets on each bed so we were totally separated... not what we wanted on our first holiday together. With this I rang reception and said how disappointed I was and could we swop rooms for a double bed (also in the hope of getting a room higher up in order to get a balcony). I was told that there was nothing they could do about it till the morning which I thought was fair enough. So 9am I went to reception and enquired and the manager was luckily there who said we could move into a room two floors up at 12pm. So when we entered our new room the standard was 10 times nicer than the previous room we had been in with the furnishings. It was still a family room (so it had two single beds in the front of the room,then the bathroom and wardrobes followed by the double bed at the end of the room with a balcony. The view wasn't spectacular (overlooking a pathway and seeing the waterslides) however, we at least had a balcony which was more than could be said for the previous room.

      The room had two places in which to put suitcases on to open them. There was space for a cot (with it being a family room). There was a very large shower, but overall a relatively small bathroom. The one thing that made the bathroom look cheap was the plastic soap and shower gel dispensers which you had to press a few times in order for them to dispense. The bathroom also had a hairdryer but I brought my own because I never find hotel hairdryers to be terribly powerful.
      In the main bedroom were two bedside tables, a telephone, an armchair, a dressing table and chair with a large mirror, a kettle and a television.

      We had a few problems with the telephone, it seemed to randomly go off with nobody seeming to ring us. We asked reception if they had rung us but they hadn't so they said it must be a technical problem so we unhooked the phone with the cable. It had previously rung six times, two of which were in the middle of the night which wasn't very funny. This annoyed Ollie beyond belief!
      The air conditioning was disappointing in the room, it was not powerful enough so it was baking all night long and we both woke up several times because of the heat (we wrote about this on a feedback sheet to the hotel so hopefully they will look into it).

      ----------------- The Beach -----------------

      Well this was literally from our bedroom door about 30 metres away, it was incredible. A stretch of long white, sandy beach which was private to the hotel. It had masses of sun loungers like the pool had and its own bar, refrigerators of water bottles as well as lots of water sports. Unfortunately the water sports were not included in the all inclusive package but this I thought was a given. For 10 minutes on the Jet Ski it was 30 Euro... yes a little pricey! So unfortunately we did not get chance to do this.

      On the beach was also a place to play beach volley ball with the nets which were frequently used.

      Just between the pool and the beach was a little hut to collect and exchange your towels. You could get new towels everyday but we felt we only needed to exchange them every other day. So we were given a towel card on our checking in day which for the last day we needed to get back in exchange for our towels and give back to reception (a very easy setup).

      -------------------The Pool -----------------------

      Now this was the wow factor for the hotel. We were told by our Thompson rep that the pool had won lots of awards for being the largest in the area. I can only describe the size of it as say about 10 large pools attached to each other. It had an island in the middle with mini walkway bridges were there was a bar, a stage (used in the evening for entertainment) and the bridges gave access to the main buffet area.

      Half of the pool was catered for the children with a waterslide, pirates ship and shallowness. The other half of the pool was more catered for adults, it was deeper accessorised with waterfalls and water fountains. However, despite these so called catered areas which were made obvious, all sides of the pool had many children in. Now I do not mind children and I know it is a family hotel so children were to be expected but I do not appreciate kids jumping into the pool and soaking me on my sun lounger. This could have been prevented by the hotel if they gave areas restricted to the kids. However, I think this is more down to the parents who should have stopped their children from either bombing into the pool (or showing more consideration) or moving slightly away from where people were sunbathing... I do not think it is a lot to ask. One family were so disruptive next to us that we moved, my book had got completely soaking from sitting on my sun lounger which was in fact a good metre and a half away from the pool.

      The pool also consisted of lots of children on inflated chairs, floats etc. This again isn't a problem as long as parents watch their kids to ensure they are being considerate of others. I once had hit in my face whilst swimming an inflatable boat's oars. This actually really hurt and the parents were watching the child and they did not say a word to me to apologise... pure rudeness and disrespect for others around!
      There was loud pool music on all day long which could get a little annoying at times.

      The pool was very clean apart from one discovery we found on the side of the pool... a condom. Not what is required around the pool area in a family resort. We asked a near by staff member to ensure it was removed.
      Anyway to the more positive points of the pool area there were tons of sun loungers and umbrellas and many areas with canopies enabling those who did not want to sit in the sun at all to be shaded all day. There were many mothers with babies under these.

      Surrounding the pool area was refrigerators of water bottles (to ensure we all keep hydrated - bottled water is free). There was also many stations to make a hot beverage and many ice cream booths (but these were charged at 1 Euro for a Carte Dore ice cream or different price for separately wrapped ice creams and ice lollys like Twisters and Magnums. The Carte Dore ice cream was gorgeous... I had banana most days and my boyfriend had caramel or vanilla.
      Also by the pool was a small hut where pancakes were available from approximately 11am till 1pm (these were free). They included four types of fillings either: sugar, or cheese, or potato or meat. These were quite nice; I had them on two days of the seven days as a snack before lunch.

      There was also a massive indoor swimming pool which was less frequently used but for anybody who wanted an extremely quiet place to swim it was the ideal place to go. However, it had large windows surrounding it so all passersby could watch you swim.

      -----------------The Waterslides -------------------

      There were a few very large waterslides situated away from the pool on another side of the resort. These looked very safe with children going down them all day long. I have to be honest and say I did not try them out from which my boyfriend made the remark that I was not very adventurous... how lovely! The waterslides can be seen in the photograph I took from the view from our balcony.

      -------------------- Food ----------------------

      Well as I'm sure we all know all inclusive options can include some very repetitive plates of food. We ate in the main buffet restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The buffet area was gigantic but I suppose it had to be to cater for people of 824 rooms. There was no dress code for the buffet area, there was a complete array of what people were dressed in. Everything you had to get yourself in the buffet, including picking up a drink at the bar. Waiters were around to whip up your plates when you had finished though. Occasionally I had my plate taken away before I had finished eating which was slightly annoying.

      This included very fresh bread, cereals (which I have to say were disgustingly sweet), cheese, cold meats, salads, all types of eggs, semolina, miniature pastries, funny looking quartered sausages and so the list goes on.

      -------------------- Lunch ----------------------

      This also included a large cold selection of salad, cheeses and meats. There was also a variety of other dishes which were very similar to dinner with chicken wings, turkey dishes, boiled vegetables, sautéed vegetables, chips, potato wedges, pasta, spaghetti, etc. Desserts included many pastries, cream puddings, watermelon and jellies (none of which were of my taste).

      Further to lunch included some speciality dishes for the night which were cooked outside such as, chicken fajitas, kebabs, stir fries and again the list goes on. Desserts were the same as lunch as well but there was also vanilla ice cream and a speciality dish like apple fritters.

      There were three à la carte restaurants: a Chinese, Italian and fish restaurant. These could be booked between certain times at a booth by reception. When booked what you wanted to eat also had to be given from the menu. The menus had very few options and no meals blew me away. They were very boring and were very similar to what you could get in the buffet restaurant. We ate in the Italian which was very disappointing with very soggy pizzas so we did not eat at any of the other à la carte restaurants. The Italian was inside the main hotel building. The Chinese was in the island of the swimming pool and the fish restaurant was on the beach (which I expect was very nice). All of these were included in the price of our all inclusive holiday but only for the fish restaurant did you have to pay for drinks.

      Overall the food was of a good standard but eating similar things day in day out got very boring. One night we ate in the main town of Side and had gorgeous steaks whilst overlooking the main harbour which was beautiful (as shown in one of my photos) but we could not afford to do this any other nights).

      There was a good selection of food for vegetarians as well. I am quite fussy when it comes to eating abroad so I tend to stick to vegetarian options.

      --------------- Drinks ------------------

      The drinks that were all inclusive included: hot beverages (the coffee was not good), concentrated fruit juices (which were disgusting), bottled water, sprite, cola, fanta, Troy (beer - not bottled), a very rich red wine, a very dry white wine and their made up cocktails (which were truly awful!) Other drinks cost more. So overall as you can probably tell from the list my drinks included sprite, or bottled water... hmmm.

      ------------------ Spa -------------------

      On the second day of the holiday we had a Turkish bath in the spa of the hotel. We were told by our Thompson rep to book this via Thompson because it was cheaper and they take you to somewhere outside the resort. But I wanted to stay in the resort for this and we managed to get the price down working out to be about £32.00 per person for 90 minutes.

      The Turkish bath supposedly gets the skin ready for sunbathing (getting a nice tan) by getting rid of all the rubbish on the body. So we started off in a sauna for 2 minutes and then two men came to get one of us each. Then we were taken into a room with hot marble tables and we were asked to lie down whilst a man threw warm to hot water on us. Then they scrubbed us with a big mit from top to toe which was quite a forceful scrub and it tickled in places. Then foam was placed all over our bodies and then massaged with a sponge and then water was thrown over us again. Then we were wrapped in towels that smelt of aromatherapy and taken to lie down in a dark room. We were then both taken to separate rooms for a massage and then a lady came into the room after the massage to tell us individually what other treatments we needed (to gain more money for them and we obth said we did not want any other treatments). Then we were again taken to lie down with some gorgeous hot apple tea to drink and a lady came and put what looked like a mud face mask on us which made me laugh seeing it on my boyfriend. Then we went to the changing rooms and washed the mask off and got changed. It was certainly an experience but it was not work £32.00 per person perhaps £15.00 each.

      The spa had other facilities like a steam bath and it offered many different treatments.

      --------------- Other facilities in the hotel which were all inclusive -------------------

      There was a medium sized gym, 4 nice sized tennis courts, an area by the pool for aerobics, a place to play darts and archery. There was inside temping bowling which was quite impressive.
      There was also an excellent kids club which offered lots of different activities such as, face painting, t-shirt designing etc.

      There was a lot of evening entertainment, the one day off a week from entertainment for staff was a Wednesday. There were a few different locations for entertainment. The main area had the most magnificent amphitheatre which could hold of lot of guests surrounding it. There was also another small stage where less intense or quieter acts played such as, on our first evening there a man played guitar and sang (it was very nice but he did not start playing till 10.30pm which was quite late).

      ----------------- Facilities that were not all inclusive ------------------

      There were several shops selling fake clothes at quite decent prices and a jewellery shop and sunglasses shop.

      There was an arcade of rides and stalls offering allsorts like tattoos, paintings etc.

      ------------------- Weather ------------------

      It was between 34-36 degrees the entire week we were there (which for September is very hot indeed).

      It was a very pleasant heat at night, warm enough to not wear a jacket.

      ------------------- Access around the hotel ---------------------

      There were many lifts surrounding the hotel enabling buggies and/or wheelchairs around the hotel. Ollie and I used the lift once when we were feeling lazy and we got some very horrible looks from people with buggies in when we were leaving the lift... they seem to have thought the lift was built for them and them only.

      ----------------------- Customer Service ------------------------

      This was relatively good, the reception staff were excellent as well as the staff in the shops however, the staff working in the restaurant were less friendly but this was probably because they were so busy serving so many guests. But it doesn't take a lot to smile at least!
      The maids were very pleasant and did an excellent job at cleaning the rooms. We tipped at the end of the holiday just a couple of Euro to the maids.

      ---------------- When we checked out -------------------

      We had a nice departure from the hotel. We were allowed to check out from our room later (at 3pm with no extra charge which was quite impressive). When we left on our coach transfer to the airport two of the receptionists from the hotel put up flags (a Turkish flag and a British flag) to wave us off which was sweet.

      ------------------ Overall ------------------

      A very nice hotel, but it was completely full of kids which was not the hotels fault, it was our fault for choosing such a family friendly hotel. However, this would not put us off going here again because the hotel is so big that you can try and get away from the kids. But for families there is something for everyone and the kids are kept occupied for pretty much the entire holiday with the kids clubs. We only stayed for one week but that was enough at this resort at one time I felt.


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