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The Westin (San Diego, USA)

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Address: 400 West Broadway / San Diego / California / 92101 / USA

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2011 18:26
      Very helpful



      Great hotel in the heart of San Diego

      On a recent trip to San Diego I stayed at The Westin Hotel.

      The hotel is a 26-story building and it has an unusual shape making the hotel look different and modern.
      I stayed in the cheapest room as I was only there a few nights. My room was located on the 10th floor and I was impressed.
      Due to the fact the hotel is an odd shape this also makes the room a little odd too. As I opened the door I entered a narrow like hall way and straight away I thought 'ooh this is small.' But, as I walked into the main part of the room my opinion changed on the room.
      Yes, it's small but the hotel have made a good choice with how they've furnished it.
      In my room I had two double beds with a long bed side shelf which had a few draws in, a slim-line desk, draws and a built in wardrobe.
      The furniture was very modern and nice and with a big window the length of one wall that helped make the room feel bigger.

      The bed was so comfortable! I had 4 big pillows and a decoration pillow and then a light weight duvet and sheet.
      I think I had one of the best night's sleep in this bed.
      Even though the weather was still very much in the 20's (C) when I was there at night it does get a little colder so the thin duvet was needed.

      The one thing that really impressed me about the room was the fact there was a Starbuck's coffee machine on the desk! It came with milk, 2 tea bags, 3 big bags of coffee and two medium sized Starbuck's take away cups.
      There were instructions on how to use it and I did have a go. However it took a while to fill the Starbuck's cup and it probably would have been quicker to go the coffee shop in the Lobby and grab a coffee!
      But it was still very cool to have one in the room! I believe this service is free to use, I used it once and when I checked out I didn't have to pay but, in one of the guides in the room it says surcharge. I would assume it's free as the milk and tea bag I used got replaced so it was noted I had used the machine.

      Next to the coffee machine on the other unit was a Flat Screen HD TV. I barely used it, I turned it on one night to see what was on and it had a good range of channels but one channel I watch when in America wasn't on there which is FOX.

      The bathroom was very nice and modern. It wasn't huge but it was still a good size.
      It had a bath/shower, toilet and basin. The shower had a double head which looked good but, it wasn't powerful definitely no power shower. It was decent though and easy to work.
      The toilet has the quietest flush, you can barely hear it flush even when your stood next to it!

      There were plenty of towels! Under the sink was a low bench with many towels on which was handy.
      Also in the bathroom was a large mirror with two lights either side of it and power sockets. I like the fact there were power sockets in the bathroom as it meant I could plug my hair straighteners in and use the big mirror.
      The Westin also provide a few toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

      The other things in the room where: Hair Dryer, Air Conditioning, bathrobes, iron, ironing board, clock radio, fridge, safe, full length mirror, wifi (surcharge) and phone.

      You either get a city view or water view from the window and mine was a bit of both. I could just about see the bay in the distance.

      The one thing that disappointed me (this isn't really to do with the hotel though) was one night all I could hear was a really loud 'honk' noise which lasted about 5 or so minutes. I first heard it at about 10.30pm and it was generally the first bit of noise I had heard other than a fire truck going by and then again at 2 or 3am that same noise woke me up again. I still have no idea what it was but it was really loud!
      The following night I didn't hear this 'honk' and in fact I didn't hear anything except the odd siren.

      Overall the room was fantastic and I would have liked to have stayed longer. The room service was great, one day when I returned to the room my things in the bathroom were laid out beautifully and the room was spotless.

      Now onto the rest of the hotel.
      The Lobby is very big, it has a large reception desk and seating area next to each other with lovely decorations hanging from the ceiling. Then there is a coffee shop which I didn't use and a small restaurant. I used the restaurant only for breakfast.
      Breakfast was a buffet with a choice of food. A choice of cereals, cooked food such a bacon, egg, sausages etc, fresh fruit, yoghurt and more. I had fresh fruit and cereal as I'm not huge on big breakfasts but it all looked delicious.
      I was impressed with the fruit as they had blueberries which are my favourite and I haven't had blueberries in an American hotel before.
      There was also a choice of drinks- many different kinds of tea, coffee, fresh orange juice and bottled tropicana drinks. If your English you won't be able to find a decent tea bag for 'English Tea' the closest you will get is black tea which the hotel have.
      The staff in the restaurant were brilliant all of them were kind and helpful. From people watching they also seemed to go out of their way to please their guests.

      The hotel also has a 24 hour fitness room, outdoor swimming pool with views of the city, Spa treatment rooms, gift shop, valet parking and jacuzzi.
      Unfortunately I didn't have time to check out the fitness room or swimming pool. I could see the pool from my window and it looked good, it never seemed busy but there was always someone either in the pool or in the jacuzzi.

      The hotel is located in a great spot about a 10 minute walk to Horton Plaza which is a great shopping mall, 10 minute walk to the bay and 5 blocks away from San Diego's historic gaslamp quarter.
      San Diego Zoo and Blaboa park are about a 20 minute car journey away.
      There are many little shops to pick up some food or water close by that are open until late at night.

      Overall I loved this hotel and I would definitely stay here again!
      I can't remember how much I paid to stay here but I had breakfast included in my price. I've seen The Westin on Expedia and a few other websites so it will pay to look around! But for a 4 star hotel I think what I paid was reasonable. I'm not into paying lots of money for hotels especially when I'm only there a little while so this one clearly wasn't expensive.

      5 DooYoo Stars
      Highly Recommended.


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