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Tusan Hotel (Canakkale,Turkey)

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Address: Güzelyali 17001 / Canakkale / Turkey / Tel: +90 286 232 87 47

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2011 21:42
      Very helpful



      A super setting, super staff, but and there is a but, it is quite quaint and outdated!

      Tusan hotel. Canakkale, Turkey.

      The Tusan Hotel is set in a delightful pine wooded setting which leads right down to the sea shore overlooking the Dardanelles, just outside the city of Canakkale. It is rated as a four star hotel according to the rather bizarre Turkish Hotel rating system. Trust me it is not a four star hotel. I would rate it as three at the most. The setting is very natural and peaceful, that I will grant you and I am certain that you could rest quite superbly in this setting.

      The main building contains the reception area with a small shop selling essentials and nick nacks, a nice lounge area, the restaurant and terraced area overlooking the swimming pool with spectacular views over the sea and the view of the sunset is superb from here. Down stairs there is a gym although we did not use these facilities, an English style pub and terrace the swimming pool.

      The hotel has approximately 60 rooms. The rooms are set in two blocks on a two floors but there are steps up to the blocks so those with mobility issues may have a bit of a problem to reach the higher block. One of the blocks is nearer to the reception area and the pathway is sloped so those in wheelchairs could easily gain access.

      The rooms are reminiscent of chalets Butlins style from the 1960's and although clean they are very outdated with furniture that looks like it has seen better days. Each room contains a bathroom with adequate facilities. The water was hot and the shower quite powerful, a sink and toilet. The towels were functional if somewhat quite old in my opinion had reach or passed their sell by date!

      The sleeping area contained two beds, a very old television, chair, table an MFI looking wardrobe which could not be opened because one of the beds was sited too close to it. The floor was carpeted with a very old carpet which personally I would have liked to have ripped up and burnt! There was mosquito netting over the doorway which led out onto a balcony which had superb views of the wonderful sunset over the sea. There was air-conditioning available but we slept with the doors open overnight. The views were worth it here and little rabbits were hopping about throughout the grounds. All areas of the hotel are covered by wifi which I thought was superb.

      The restaurant.

      We had dinner in the restaurant and whilst the waiting staff could not speak English very well when it came to ordering the meal the waiter brought out a trolley and showed us what was available on the menu that evening each plate had a mock up of what meals were available either salmon, fish, pork chop, chicken which I thought was quite good in that there was no awkward flapping of wings or pouting of lips to try and describe what we wanted. There were 8 of us on our table and the rest of the restaurant was filled to the brim. There was also a wedding reception going on at the outside terrace.

      We started as customary with bland salad minus dressings which was then followed by lentil soup which was tasty and spicy. The main course was served in a timely manner very efficiently and you could tell that it had not been prepared sometime earlier but freshly cooked. We did not seem to wait too long for it either so they have got the meal service off to a T. Dessert was served either ice cream or fruit salad.

      Breakfast was also served in the main restaurant. It was a pretty standard Turkish affair with bread, jams, honey, yoghurt hams, cheeses, cereals. There was a variety of fruit juice including orange and peach juices. Coffee or tea was obtained from a machine which in all fairness the coffee was quite good and one of the waiting staff was stationed at said machine to press the button. I did return for a second cup of coffee but he had disappeared. Oh my word he was not too happy I had the audacity to press the button myself to get coffee although the instructions were in German and not beyond simplicity!

      The Bar.

      The bar was not used that much and seemed rather dull well not really to my liking. The bar was based on an English style pub with a dartboard, pool table and satellite television. The drinks were expensive as they were in most hotel bars in Turkey. However I felt more comfortable in the upstairs lounge area near the reception desk where you could relax with a drink and sit on sofas around coffee tables. It was a good spot for Wifi too although it seemed the whole of the complex was wifi enabled which was a great plus.

      To be honest most of the people staying at the hotel had been touring so I guess they were whacked from all the sightseeing and travelling. The Japanese groups were up at around five O'clock and were leaving the hotel at 6AM to begin their day of touring. Our guide told us that unlike us they pack so much into a day making whistle stop visits to all the sights covering two days sightseeing into one day so if you are ever wondering why they are constantly clicking away or videoing it is because they do not have the luxury of leisurely visits to the historical sites as we do it is more about visiting the sites to say they have been there and watching the videos and pictures when they get home. Next the Australian tourists were up early and off by 7 whereas we were off around half past eight a much more amenable time. The bar was based on an English style pub with a dartboard, pool table and satellite television. The drinks were expensive as they were in most hotel bars in Turkey.

      Our experience.

      I found that the staff were absolutely friendly and very helpful and would generally go out of their way to help and be nice to the guests. I did notice that during the height of the evening there were a few tempers amongst the staff and a few sharp words being said to some of the staff but they were under quite some pressure however none of this was directed at the guests as the staff were very good.

      The night's sleep was superb as the place is quite isolated and not near any busy roads or bars. The beds had seen better days and the pillows looked like they needed resuscitating and were absolutely passed their usefulness. I am glad I travel with my own pillow otherwise It would not have been comfortable at all.

      Although there was a wedding reception going on and a little rowdiness initially from the Australian tourists it soon settled down around midnight and it was peaceful all night. At 5AM I was up sitting on the balcony watching the sun rise whilst taking advantage of the beautiful setting and watching the rabbits hopping around the grounds.

      Would I recommend the hotel?

      I would recommend it for its unique and beautiful setting it really is a stunning place from its position by the sea and in a wooded area. The staff were very friendly and helpful but I do think that the hotel rooms could do with some upgrading. I don't know if I could hack staying here for a whole week though due to its isolation but it would be ideal if you really wanted to get away from it all.

      Single room 50 Euros per night.
      Twin 75 Euros per night.
      Tusan Hotel.
      Guzelyali 17001,
      Telephone ++90 286 232 8747


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