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Vice Versa Hotel (Paris)

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Address: 213 Rue de la Croix Nivert / 75015 Paris / France‎

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    1 Review
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      05.07.2013 15:52
      Very helpful



      Lovely staff at an unusual hotel with a comfy bed!

      Name: Vice Versa
      What: Hotel
      Where: 213 rue de la Croix Nivert, Paris
      Style: Themed hotel - 7 Deadly Sins
      Check in: 2pm
      Check out: 11 am
      Web: www.viceversahotel.com

      Update.....forgot to say this hotel doesn't have a tea/coffee facility in room. If you love a cuppa, take a travel kettle :-)

      This is a review of my experience staying at the Vice Versa Hotel in Paris. I will go over the design and look of the hotel and our room, the service provided and value for money. My review will be on the room we chose to take "Greed" but I have added in a few details from the website as there are 6 other designs of room you can also choose from. My review will be my personal opinion but those extra details may be helpful to you too and where I have copied details like that over I have noted them as "***TAKEN FROM THE WEBSITE***" so you can tell what's my info and what's additional info from the site. I will briefly describe the location and give a link to the train sites but this is very much a review of the hotel so those details will be limited but links added to send you in right direction if you want more info on travel.

      How did I find myself staying at this hotel?
      We were looking to get away for a short city break straight after our wedding in March and I started to look for somewhere a bit out of the ordinary to go to. I literally started to Google "unusual themed hotels" and came across this place. At the time of booking it was a couple of pounds difference to stay in the likes of the Holiday Inn in Paris or stay at this totally unique hotel....I decided to go for this hotel.

      What makes is so unique?
      This hotel was designed by Chantal Thomass who is an interior designer. The hotel is themed on the 7 Deadly Sins. The website shows you exactly what each different room will look like and there are some features that you will get in all rooms that you can count on such as a telephone, double bed, mini bar, TV, safe and best of all FREE WIFI!!!! The hotel has 7 different floors and you can pick which floor you want to be on and the rooms on that floor are all in keeping with that floors theme. We chose to stay in the "greed" floor as I liked the look of the room, the website does say that you can e-mail your preference over and they will try their best to accommodate it, so we did that and were lucky to get our first choice. Below is a list of all of the room descriptions as noted on the website.
      The website says "Choose your Sin" to help you pick the style of room you want.....
      Gluttony - In the room, you will be immersed in the wonderful atmosphere of a teahouse. As for lamps, small teapots are suspended above the beautiful round bed with cushions reminiscent of delicious macaroons ... Tea boxes and sweets, or porcelain plates embellish the walls of this room, where the only desire, is to give into temptation!
      Greed - In those rooms, you will see bank notes almost anywhere. Upon awakening as at bedtime, your eyes will stand on a multitude of bills: dollars, rupees, Belgian Francs, Shillings ... The bedside tables conceived into cubes with small locks or even the keys drawn on large cabinets will remind you of safes filled with treasures!
      Wrath - What better than red and black to evoke anger in those rooms ? Lightning on the cabinets, revolvers and pistols on the carpet or furniture handles, tagged tables... floor to ceiling, passion reveals the darkest side in each one of us.
      Pride - The rooms offer elegant and majestic palaces adorned with statues and marble columns , where the deep blue is accented with gold. This princely ambience flatters the ego and remembers, how the "I" is essential...
      Envy - For all those "shopping addicts", these rooms will show up your insatiable desire for Parisian fashion accessories, certainly exposed to you in abundance ... Jewelry, perfumes, glamorous shoes, bead necklaces, some carpets with led lightings and bedsides evoking a famous perfume...yes, you are in Paris and luxury is at your fingertips!
      Laziness - Time stops in these rooms. Under a ceiling of blue sky, colorful butterflies and flowers you will be transported to a rural and peaceful place. This pastoral setting with soothing colors for relaxing and daydreaming.
      Lust - The ambience, while pink and black in these rooms is conducive to pleasure ... suggestive female silhouettes on the walls, lace bodice on the carpet, sublime lamps, headboard with delicate lace pattern, heart-shaped sink... all evoke sensuality.

      My personal reviews of.....
      SERVICE: As soon as we decided on this hotel I booked direct on their website, within 15 minutes I had an e-mail reply direct and personally written by the hotel advising that they will try and accommodate my room request and advised that they were looking forward to our arrival. When we arrived at the hotel the staff were very friendly, they checked us in straight away. We arrived a little bit before 2pm and our room was already available for us to get straight in to. We were asked if we needed any maps or advice on the local area and offered help to get to our room, but as the lift was literally less than a meter from the check in desk we just took our own bags up and got straight in our room, card key very easy to use. Over the course of the 5 days we were at the hotel the staff were very cheerful and offered help any time we saw them and there was always someone at check in desk. Overall we didn't need much help and the only thing we asked for was a bit of a late checkout. They allowed us to stay until 12noon with the room at no extra charge (can't guarantee you will get that though as that was at the discretion of the manager) and they kept our bags for a further 90 min's to allow us one last walk around the area before we had to leave for the airport. I was really pleased with the level or service from the staff, although I didn't need any extra help they were continually offering it so I felt assured that if I did need it I would have been taken care of.
      WEBSITE: The website is really useful, it tells you about the designer of the hotel, shows you what each room looks like, gives the location and advice on how to get to it and the booking section was really straight forward to use. It also has links to their twitter and face book pages. Overall can't think of anything else I would need from a hotel website that wasn't on here.
      HOTEL FROM THE OUTSIDE, LOBBY AND SHARED SPACE: From the front of this hotel you would never expect to find such exciting and unusual décor. The front is a plane brick building with a simple red and black sign that states "Vice Versa". Once the doors open though.....WOW the lobby is decked out all in WHITE, brilliant, angelic white, floor to ceiling. (The staff are all dressed in white too to compliment the lobby décor). You are greeted by a white sofa with a huge pair of feathered wings above it is illuminated with lights behind them (great photo op). To the right is the check in desk, in white too and to the left is a "trust bar" where you can take and make your own drinks and you just need to note down what you have had and hand the note n to reception to be added to your final bill. This of course is all white too and has furry chairs, regal sofas and even a chair that looks like a bottom once you sit on it! Another fun photo op! Once in the lifts the theme of Wrath is covering the walls and floor of the lift, all reds and blacks and in the lift there is a TV with a video on loop of the hotel designer taking you through the design of the hotel. The lobby is really lovely and very relaxing and it was unexpected and nice to step in to the lift to see such a contrasting style.
      OUR ROOM: As we chose the Greed style of room our hotel room was covered in all things associated with money. The wall behind the bed is made up of monetary bills from all over the world which then spreads up to over the ceiling above the bed so you can see them when you lay in bed. The other 3 walls are covered in brick work wall paper. The bedside table is a replica bank safe and the door to the wardrobe are designed to look like doors to a vault. The bed covers are crisp white with a throw over them that again looks like it is covered in money. The bed is really comfy and not too hard. The duvet was nice and heavy and cosy too, extra pillows available as and when you wanted them also. The curtains are "black out" ones so the room is nice and dark and the windows open fully out so you can get a good bit of fresh air in if you want it. The only thing I would like more of was a mirror right under a light. The biggest mirror was inside the wardrobe door and once you open it you were somewhat standing in the shade so not great for hair or make up, but OK for a once over look at your outfit before you head out. The TV was on the wall straight across from the bed so easy to see from anywhere in the room. There was also a desk and chair so you could use your lap top if you had one with ease as power points at the desk too. The bathroom was a wet room with a lovely big rain drop shower head but you would also use a more modern shower on the wall too if you wanted to shower but not get your hair wet so that was great and the heat and power was also very good. Once your window was closed at night you didn't hear a great deal of noise and it never kept us awake.

      We didn't eat at the hotel so can't comment on food at all.

      Location? (This is a review of the hotel so the details on the transport will be basic but I have added in links if you want to look in to this further)
      Transport - I will admit that as long as we are in a city that has accessible busses, trains, trams or underground we will stay wherever we fancy as we are more than happy to get out the pop up map and work our way around the city. We flew in to the Charles De Gaulle airport and took the airport train in to the city, we got tickets that we could use for 5 days on the metro and would also get us in and out from the airport. It is a tad confusing as to which tickets to buy so if you are going, look it up before you go. The Metro station closest to this hotel is Porte de Versailles and we used this train station each day to get access to the rest of the metro and it was really easy to navigate. http://parisbytrain.com/

      Amenities near the hotel - If you turn to the right when coming out of this hotel and walk for around 6 minutes following the road round to the right you will come to a fork in the road that has a couple of café bars on it and a supermarket selling fresh bread, fruit, alcohol and other foods. This is closed on a Sunday but was open at all other times when we passed. Across from the supermarket is a pizza take away shop. Directly across from the hotel is an Indian restaurant, we didn't try this as we were out all day and ate while away from the hotel. If you come out of the hotel and turn left (this is the way you walk to get to the Porte de Versailles station) you will pass an off license, a chemist and 2 different places to buy fresh bread and cakes. So there are a number of places to get supplies and alcohol if you need it for back at the hotel.

      Our hotel was never going to be the focal point of our trip but we chose a themed hotel as it was so similar in price to a "regular" hotel that we thought we might as well add a little extra excitement to our trip. I won't quote prices as they are updated daily on the hotels website and it can also be booked on sites such as Expedia and Travel Republic but as the price was the same booking direct at the time we booked I decided to book directly with the hotel.

      This was a really nice addition to our trip to Paris, the lobby has a real WOW factor when you walk in, the staff are friendly and helpful, the room was comfy as well as being unusual and fun and FREE WIFI was a real bonus as it is always useful to have when in a new location as you can check maps etc online.

      ***As far as we know this was NOT a swingers hotel. Lots of people have asked us that after hearing the name of it and the theme. And in all honesty we never saw or heard anything to make us think it was.***


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