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Best Western Palace (Isle of Man)

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Address: Central Promenade / Douglas / Isle of Man / IM2 4NA

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    1 Review
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      02.05.2013 17:32
      Very helpful



      Had a very bad experience but got a refund


      The Palace hotel was until recently part of the Hilton Franchise however Hilton Abandoned the hotel at the start of 2013. Best Weston hotels took over the ownership of the Hotel.

      The Hotel claims to be the Isle of man's biggest hotel with 136 rooms, it's a 4 star star hotel located about half way along Douglas mile long promenade. The hotel holds the isle of man's only casino and 3 other bars one located inside the casino the other is called the piano bar however it doesn't have a piano and Colours nightclub is also located within the hotel complex.
      I stayed in the Best Western Palace Hotel a month go I live on the Isle of man but as a 21st birthday treat I decided that I would treat myself to a stay at a luxury hotel 4 star hotel and have a night out clubbing with my friends. I paid £54 for a twin room with no view and was disappointed with the hotel.

      Pros and Cons


      Hotel has lots of good facilities
      Beds were very comfortable
      Lots of parking located outside the hotel
      The staff were helpful


      Small bedroom
      Even smaller bathroom
      Met lots of drunken people whilst going back to hotel room at 12am
      Loud noise coming from the room next door all night
      No hotel staff to be found after 12am

      My experience

      I arrived at the hotel on Saturday 2nd March 2013 in the afternoon around 4pm as I checked in I was met by two really helpful reception staff. As I was booked into a double room originally but my friend had asked if he could share the room with me this meant that I had to swap it for a twin room the two ladies behind the reception were very helpful and they swapped my room.

      Upon walking upto my room I noticed a lot of noise coming from the room next door to me. My room had one of those interconnected doors which cant of helped the noise radiate between rooms and I didnt like the noise as I just wanted to relax I thought about swapping rooms, in the end I decided that I would be getting ready in the bathroom and I wouldn't be able to hear the noise I just hoped that by the time I got back to the hotel later on after going out clubbing that the noise would of dyed down as the young people next door to me would have been going out clubbing or be asleep.
      Getting back to the hotel at 12am me and my friend had to pass a lot of drunken people that were wondering the foyer of the hotel possibly between the hotels bars and the casino as the Palace of hotel was one of the go to places to go on a night out possibly still is.

      Back in the room the noise was even worse from the room next door, lots of loud talking and music playing. I went to find staff to see if I could swap rooms no staff to be found behind reception and no managers. I found a member of the hotels security staff I explained the situation they staff that they would go up and sort the problem out. The noise didn't dye down unfortunately and I didn't get any sleep.
      I've sent a letter of complaint to the hotel and have managed to get a refund for the room after speaking to a very helpful manager.

      I think that I've been unlucky with my personal experience with the hotel but if I were to be booking another hotel in Douglas I personally would avoid this hotel as there are cheaper hotels in same area in Douglas were for less stars you will get a nicer, bigger room and for a little bit cheaper then the Palace hotel.

      The Room

      The room itself was very small my friend compared it to the size of a cabin on the local boat that travels between Haysham and Douglas he wasn't excruciating. The twin room had two normal sized single beds a small bedside cap net between the beds and wall mounted lighting. The tv was a brand new tv a decent size which included full Freeview.

      The room was the cheaper rate and had a view overlooking the hotels car park and local palace cinema. The window would only open slightly this made the room feel stuffy.
      The Bathroom
      I enjoyed sitting on the toilet with my legs stuck between the toilet and the bathtub, no really I didn't. It included a small bathtub a shower that was tucked up within the bathtub a small toilet and a small sink. I didn't enjoy the bathroom at all.

      Hotels Facilities

      One of the things that the hotel has going for itself is the fact that it's feature rich.
      The casino is very small has quite lot of standard slot machines and a small room that manages to pack in a casino bar cashier a mixture of blackjack and roulette tables. The casino does have a good atmosphere and was busy when I went on a weekend around Christmas time I'm not sure what it's like during the week as I have only visited the once.

      I really like colours sports bar, it has a DJ every weekend and stays open until late normally 3am. It has a big bar, a good sized dance floor and lots of comfortable seating I really like the atmosphere here as it feels mature rather than the other clubs in Douglas. Colours has been very quiet on the Saturdays when I have visited.
      I can't really comment on the other hotel facilities which include:

      Heating indoor swimming pool
      Full gym

      I cant comment on them as I have never visited them they are known for being very popular among the islands residents.
      The Restaurants
      I've eaten in the restaurants couple of times and the food has been good and well priced the Paragon restaurant is used for hotel residents and has a lovely view overlooking Douglas promenade and the beach.

      The other restaurant is located within the piano bar and serves basic bar meals this is located behind the paragon restaurant and doesn't have a view.


      I did have a very bad experience in this hotel because of the room next door to me rather than the hotel but I feel that the hotel could of done more to solve this issue rather than leaving the group of young people to cause a disturbance for the rest of the night.

      But that has been rectified as I said I'm due a refund and if I didn't have this issue then I properly would have been overall average nothing special. I wouldn't stay again as I mentioned earlier I could get a nicer and cheaper elsewhere.


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