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Best Western The Lion Hotel (Worksop)

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Address: 112 - 114 Bridge Street / Worksop / Nottinghamshire / S80 1HT / Telephone: 01909 477925

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      17.03.2008 16:07
      Very helpful



      Not the best hotel out there

      We stayed in the Best Western Lion Hotel for one night on 19th Jan 2008 as we were attending my Aunt & Uncles 50th wedding anniversary party in the nearby Shireoaks Inn. The reason we chose to stay at the Lion was mainly down to its proximity to the Shireoaks (just round the corner) and because we had stayed at Best Westerns in the past and found them to be very agreeable. Also the same day as we got the invite to the party we received an offer from Best Western in the post for up to 50% off stays in January and February. We decided to upgrade to an executive room (wasn't my decision) and this cost us £73 including breakfast instead of £53 for the standard room with the offer. We booked online via the Best Western website.

      Hotel Information
      The Lion Hotel is a 3 star hotel with 46 rooms and on site parking located in the centre of Worksop. It has a bar and a restaurant and 24 hour room service. The hotel is completely non smoking, pets are allowed and there is a lift. Check in is from 2pm and a single room costs between £60 and £90, and a Double/Twin room costs between £70 and £100. Rooms seem to be £10 cheaper on Fri-Sun nights than Mon-Thur nights.

      The Lion Hotel is located in Worksop town centre where the pedestrianised high street (Bridge Street) meets Potter Street, opposite the market. The Lion's car park is located at the rear of the hotel and can be accessed via Lead Hill. The car park isn't very big, but is in two sections. If all else fails and you can't find a space there is always the pay and display car park over the road, although parking is only free between 6pm and 8am Mon - Sat and all day Sunday.

      For those of you who don't know where Worksop is, it is a town in Nottinghamshire located on the A57 pretty much halfway between the A1 and M1, and would be a handy base for exploring the Sherwood Forest.

      We arrived in Worksop just after 5pm on Saturday after a 4 hour trip up from Essex with my mother in the back of the car. She then manage to take us the wrong way through Worksop to my other Aunts where she was staying, so needless to say by the time we got to the hotel I was rather stressed. Therefore I am not sure of the best way to get to the hotel from the A1, best to look on multimap if you decide to stay here. The main entrance to the hotel seems to be via the car park at the rear. The reception isn't particularly big and the hotel is on many levels. I think we had to go down a couple of steps to get to the level the desk was on. There are ramps but from the look of the layout of the hotel I wouldn't recommend it for people with mobility problems or those is wheelchairs or with pushchairs. Check-in was quick and easy, and the girl on the desk was very nice and helpful. We were in room 210, which was on the first floor overlooking one of the car parks.
      The Room

      First impressions of the room were a bit mixed. I was expecting an executive room and therefore I thought the room would be rather swish compared to the standard hotel rooms that I am used to. At checkout we discovered we had been given a standard room, but we were in such a rush to get ready when we arrived we didn't have time to question it then. As we walked in the door to the room the bathroom was directly in front of us, with a wardrobe on the left and the main bedroom to the right. The room was large and fairly spacious, clean and quite modern looking, no floral prints to be seen. The bed was two singles pushed and zipped together. The website had said that the executive room had two Queen size beds, and as neither myself or my Fiancé really knew what this meant we just assumed they must have meant singles. On entering the room the first thing I noticed was that the carpet wasn't laid properly as there was a big ripple in it, which didn't look very safe. Also the blue carpet was tinged with pink, which I can only assume was fluff from the red carpets in the halls, it didn't look very attractive. The room had a standard 14" TV in one corner on a shelf (I was expecting some flat screen thing), below that on two more shelves were the tea and coffee making stuff and biscuits. By this were the desk and chair, above it was a mirror and the hairdryer, with a full length mirror on the wall by the door. Next to the bed were two bedside tables, one of which had a desk fan on it (no air con then), the other had a clock radio. By the window was another chair.
      The Bathroom

      The bathroom was huge, twice the size of mine at home, but was in desperate need of a facelift. The bathroom was spotlessly clean but all of the sealant round the bath and sink didn't look very fresh and looked like a novice had done it. The bathroom had a sink with a mirror above it, toilet, bath with shower, heated towel rail and a bidet. I mean really, a bidet in Worksop, whatever next! The towels were really nice and soft, not like some towels you get in most hotels. We got three towels each, two hand towels, two normal sized bath towels and two enormous bath sheets, so for once I was not struggling to wrap a hand towel round my hair when I got out of the shower. The shower was a bit pants, the head must have been clogged up with lime scale as the water didn't come out of it very well. Also the twisty dial cover for the shower control kept falling off every time you tried to change the temperature or turn the shower on or off. There was plenty of hot water and the temperature of the water did not fluctuate whilst showering. There was a rubber none slip bath mat thingy to put in the bath whilst showering, which I have only ever seen in this region of the country and find hugely disgusting. There are no rails in the shower for you to hold on to which I found a bit odd as I had assumed these were a health and safety requirement, also there were no shelves or hooks to put your toiletries on. There was a shower screen rather than curtain which was a good thing but it didn't do much to contain the water to the shower area. The bathroom had no windows and the only method of ventilation was an extractor fan in the ceiling, but there was no sign of damp or mould.

      The room was located pretty much above the hotel kitchen, which was annoying as you could hear the fan/vent from the kitchen if the window was open. The room was boiling, even with the radiator turned off. I turned the radiator off as soon as we got into the room as it was so stuffy and opened the windows to cool it down. When we left to go out for the evening the room was an acceptable temperature, but on returning to the room 4 hours later it was stifling again. Bear in mind it was January,not very warm outside and it was raining. The windows got opened wide again whilst we got ready for bed, and then having cooled the room down again I put the windows on the latch so that they were about a centimetre open and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night (I say woke up, not sure I actually went to sleep) boiling hot and dripping in sweat (disgusting I know). The room was boiling again so the windows got flung open, something I had not wanted to do as you could hear the extractor fan from the kitchen when the windows were open, but there was no other way of getting some sleep. The curtains barely covered the windows so the room was very light. The beds are another matter, the mattresses must be rather old as they had developed a hollow where people had slept in them over the years, so lying in bed you are stuck in the centre of the mattress. The mattress isn't that comfortable either, so all in all it was not a very good nights sleep.

      Breakfast was served in Savannahs Restaurant which can apparently seat 40, though I'm not sure they could fit this many in for breakfast. The room felt a bit small for the size of the hotel, I guess you have to hope if the hotel was full that not everyone went down to breakfast at the same time. Breakfast is served between 7:00 to 9:30am Monday to Saturday and 8:00 to 10:00am on Sunday. As usual we went down half an hour before it ended, and when we got there the room was empty, but everyone else must have had the same idea as us as after we arrived 5 more couples turned up. As breakfasts in hotels go it was on the basic side but had everything I wanted. You had a selection of cereals (unfortunately not in packs but loose in bowls and rather a limited selection), a selection of fruit juices, dried fruit, some form of croissant type pasty and your standard cooked breakfast hot section. There might have been more but not being a lover of the cooked breakfast I only partook in the fried egg on bread, but I noticed they also had bacon, baked beans, and sausages. As the hotel wasn't particularly full there wasn't mounds of food waiting and getting overcooked in the hot plate, but as soon as we (and then a few more couples) arrived they seemed to cook more fresh hot stuff, which everyone seemed to be waiting for. The staff were attentive, helpful and polite, upon entering the restaurant we were shown to a table and asked it we wanted tea or coffee and if we wanted toast. I ordered toast which was a little on the burnt side but was still edible. Other tables toast didn't seem as well done so I think it is pot luck really. My Fiancé had the cooked breakfast and was very happy with it. No complaints about breakfast at all, very enjoyable.

      On the website it said the rooms have free Wi-Fi so I took along my Ipod touch thinking I could check the traffic before the journey home. I managed to get it to connect without too much problem but it took forever to load any pages. I have used the touch at home on my wireless broadband and have had no problems with speed so it must be the hotels Wi-Fi that is slow. After 15 minutes I gave up trying to get the AA or multimap to load the pages that I wanted. So if you are staying in Worksop on business and need to connect to the internet, maybe think about staying somewhere else or it will take you all night just to read your emails.

      By this point I was completely convinced we had been given the wrong room, and there was no way in hell I was paying extra to stay in a standard room. At checkout (which is at 10:30am although on my printout from Best Western it said 11:00am) we asked what the difference between standard and executive rooms was and the lady explained executive rooms had recently been refurbished and were more modern, bigger, had a separate shower and bath, flat screen TV etc. We then asked what type our room was and she confirmed that is was a standard room. We then explained we had booked and paid for an executive room and showed her my printout of the confirmation email of our reservation, and without any fuss she offered us a refund of the extra we had paid. It seems that all that had come through from the Best Western website to the hotel was that we had booked a double room, so there seems to be a problem with the internet booking system. She also said she would report the error so it could be looked into and they could fix the problem.

      On the basis that it is a 3 star hotel and we had a standard room I am neither happy nor unhappy with our stay. The standard hotel rooms are tired looking and in need of an overhaul, but are clean and have everything you need. On the plus side the staff were friendly and helpful, breakfast was satisfying, you get lots of huge soft fluffy towels and for us the location was perfect. On the down side the carpet was badly fitted and potentially dangerous, bed was hard and uncomfortable, the room was boiling, the shower wasn't brilliant, the layout is not great for those with mobility problems and they cocked up with our room (not hotels fault). Overall I would give it a 3/5, it's not bad but not brilliant either. If for any reason you need to stay in Worksop it is a decent hotel, but I'm sure there are better hotels if you want a weekend away, for example to visit Sherwood Forest. Either that or upgrade to an executive suite.
      More Information
      Address: 112-114 Bridge Street, Worksop, S80 1HT
      Tel: 01909 477925

      Thanks for reading, also on ciao as rd52169 where photos can be found.


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