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Bewleys Hotel Manchester Airport (Manchester)

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5 Reviews

Address: Outwood Lane / Manchester / M90 4HL / England

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    5 Reviews
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      07.02.2012 13:22
      Very helpful
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      HIghly recommended for a relaxing start to your holiday

      As we live nearly two hours drive from Manchester Airport we generally tend to find the drive down the M6/M62, finding of the carpark and commute to the airport quite a stressful situation, worrying about hold-ups on the motorway, not being able to find the carpark and generally viewing it a necessary, but evil, part of our holiday. And, when you take into account that you have to check in at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight time, the 2 hours it takes us to get there, the minimum of half an hour you have to allow for the carparking scenario and the extra hour you leave yourself in case of traffic or accidents that's well over 6 hours from start to finish. As we usually fly to either the USA or Canada we're also faced with at least one very long flight or two shorter ones, so just getting from home to our destination can end up taking 24 hours door to door and isn't really a very pleasant or relaxing start to the holiday we save up all year to go on!

      Enter Bewleys Hotel at Manchester Airport. To be honest, despite moaning and grumbling about the above scenario every time we went on holiday it had never even occurred to me to actually stay at the airport the night before our flight. I thought of that as something only the rich and famous would do and, even if I had thought about doing it, would probably have been put off by the potential cost of it, on top of what we're already paying for our holiday. But several years ago my parents had a ridiculously early morning flight and decided to book into Bewleys hotel the night before to save having to get up at 1am to get to the aiport in time! They raved about it and decided they were going to stay there every time they went away from then on and last year we decided we'd try it too.

      As we were flying to the States for Christmas we had a typical morning flight to New York leaving Manchester at 10.30am. If we'd been going there from home we would have had to get up at 4am to leave the house at 4.30 and, as it was the start of the terrible winter weather would probably have ended up leaving even earlier....just in case! BUT with staying at Bewleys we were up at 7am, delivered to the aiport terminal by 7.30am and felt much more awake, relaxed and refreshed than if we'd had to drive from home.

      We checked in to the hotel around 7pm the evening before our flight (after a couple of minutes of arguing with the sat nav due to the small and not very noticeable signs showing the way to the entrance, which is very easy to miss) and luckily managed to time our arrival so that the mini-bus full of people all wanting to check in simultaneously were a couple of minutes behind us!

      When we got to our room we were very pleasantly surprised. It was spacious and had everything you would need or expect from a hotel where anyone only ever stops for one night. There was a large tv, sitting area complete with sofa and coffee table, tea/coffee making facilities and the bathroom even had a bath rather than just a shower as many hotels seem to nowadays. Whilst it couldn't be described as luxurious it was absolutely more than adequate for a one night stay when, at the end of the day, all we really needed from it was a bed and a bathroom!

      After leaving our luggage in the room we ventured back downstairs and had a drink in the bar before eating in the hotel restuarant. Both areas were very nice; large, spacious, not crammed with tables and generally just pleasant spaces to be in. The staff were all friendly and helpful and the food was delicious. We had expected the restaurant to be overpriced, as it has a pretty captive audience unless you want to face the airport road system to try and find somewhere else to eat. But it was actually very reasonable and for two course and a drink for the two of us came to around £35.

      After dinner we continued our relaxing evening with a shower and watching tv and then got a relatively early night. The one negative thing we found was that the room was incredibly warm (despite it being -5 outside!) and we ended up having to open a window. We were reluctant to do this as we were literally under the flight path but we weren't at all bothered by plane noise.

      When our alarms went off the following morning we quickly packed the few things we'd needed the previous night and went down to the lobby for the shuttle to the terminal. These minibuses leave the hotel more or less every 5 or 10 minutes so you don't have to worry about your check in time or getting to the airport and they deliver your right to your terminal door. Whilst the restaurant at Bewleys does serve breakfast from 5am we decided that as we'd have plenty of time to kill in the airport after check in, we'd rather have the extra half hour in bed and get breakfast later. And within an hour of waking up we had checked in to our flight, handed our luggage over and were sat eating a delicious breakfast in Frankie and Benny's, relaxed, rested and looking forward to our holiday.

      At £85 for the two of us for a night, it can seem to be quite a lot of money but, and this is a BIG BUT! You also get your carparking for that. That's right! The absolute best bit of Bewleys for us is being able to leave our car key with them when we check in to the hotel and not have to think about it until we land back again at the end of our holiday (you also have the facility of their complimentary mini-bus pick up from your terminal, depositing you back at the hotel to collect your car again). So, when you consider that parking at a nearby carpark would probably set you back around £50 for a two week holiday, you're really getting a stay in the hotel for about £35...bargain!!!

      I know this review sounds like it's just a narrative of the start to our holiday, but I thought this was the best way of describing the Bewleys experience and all of the benefits/comforts/facilities it provides us with.

      All in all I would highly recommend staying at Bewleys, particularly if you have an early morning flight from Manchester Airport. It gets your holiday off to a much nicer start and takes away all the stress and worry about missing your flight and, when you consider the parking for the duration of your holiday, it really is excellent value or money. And, yes, we've just booked another night here before our summer holiday this year...183 days and counting :)


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        01.02.2011 12:16
        Very helpful
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        As decent a choice as any for a stay overnight at Ringway

        With an early morning flight and no Manchester residence at the moment, I booked into Bewleys Hotel to get my latest adventure off to a good start. Like the Crown Plaza I reviewed a few months ago prior to my last, somewhat abortive expedition, it is located on the airport site. In fact, it is right next door to the Crown Plaza, close to the interconnected Terminals 1 and 3, and not far at all from Terminal 2. The website and confirmation email both had clear directions from the M56, and helpfully indicated that the final bit required a sharp left hand turn. There is a decent sized car park once you pass through the barrier, but it's not immediately obvious where to pull in for drop off.

        I entered through the automatic doors and was immediately greeted by one of the two free receptionists, the third already helping another guest. My reservation was found immediately, and I only had to sign rather than complete a registration form as they're prepared it for me. I was asked if I wanted to leave a credit card for incidentals, but not pressured to do so. I was offered a dinner reservation, and an airport transfer for the morning. Nice, easy, swift, pleasant. I was on my way to my room within 5 minutes of entering.

        The lifts are slightly further round the corner than I was expecting, but a ping alerted me to their location just as I was having a nosy at the leaflet rack. The hotel has 3 floors and my room was on the first. The key card opened the door first time, and I wheeled my case through. First impressions were of a compact but well equipped room.

        I had booked a room for 2 as they don't do single person rates. This gave me a double bed though the sofa in the room would also convert into an extra single from the look of it. The sofa was certainly comfortable, as was the matching armchair. The two had a table between them, which meant it would be easy to play a card game or have a picnic or room service tea for two. There's also a less comfy desk chair you could move over.

        The room was modern with a nice finish - slightly more upmarket than a Travelodge. The carpets were a plush burgundy, the warms a warm cream and the furniture all a pleasant beech. The massive mirror opposite the bed (ooh err) was especially attractive. There was a small slightly concealed wardrobe - the sort that's open enough that you're unlikely to forget things, but sufficiently covered so you don't have to stare at your clothes all night. The drawers, on the other hand, were all complete ones but they'd put little plaques on key ones so you knew where to find the tea and coffee, extra towels and so on. The drinks tray wasn't quite as good as it could have been - no hot chocolate, artificial sweeteners or biscuits - but there were plentiful supplies of tea, coffee and milk.

        The room seemed surprisingly dark and cold, or rather dim and cool. There was only one window - I thought there were two initially, but the thick curtain on the right was simply covering wall. I didn't have a view at all but I also didn't have any airline noise, which was more important to me. I shut the curtains as it was a wintery January night, but there isn't an overhead light in the room which contributed to the odd lighting. There are various lamps - two by the mirror, one on each side of the bed, a wall thing in the entrance bit and a free standing one in one corner - but none that bright. There is a slim radiator on one wall but though it was on and turned up, it wasn't emitting as much heat as I'd have expected, and I had to keep my thick jumper on.

        Although I had no airport noise, I could hear other guests moving about - the muffled sounds of my neighbours having a shower, getting up early, leaving the room. It wasn't too disturbing, and I couldn't hear voices or TV, but I did notice it on a few occasions.

        The room boasted a large 'multi channel' TV which made me smile when I saw it in the description - when did you last find a mono-channel TV in a hotel? This one had the regular 5, plus Nickelodeon and Sky News, and was a healthy size so I could see it easily from the bed without my glasses on. Though I would have preferred it to be on one of the bedside tables, the digital radio alarm on the main desk was helpful for providing peace of mind that I'd be up in time for check in.

        The bed was a simple double (i.e. not queen), and came with just two pillows though with extras in one cupboard. It was rather bouncy and squishy, so nice to lie on but not too soft for a good night's sleep. The quilt was quite light and I found it moved around in the night - perhaps because it was a double one for a double bed, whereas I'm used to a Queen one on a double bed. I also discovered the sheets didn't quite fit the bed, the way they'd made it up. There was a thin line of mattress exposed under the pillows. Now the mattress looked nice and new, so it wasn't disgusting, and I suppose it makes it quicker for them to change the sheets having these rather than properly tucked in things (important in a hotel where almost none of the guests will be staying another night, so almost all sheets will need a daily change) but I hadn't expected it.

        The bathroom, carved out of one corner, was large enough for a bath with overhead shower, but not one you'd easily be able to get changed in. I though the towel supply was a bit short for a 2-person booking, but others were available in the cupboard. As part of their commitment to be green (they claim) or cheap (you could assume) toiletries are in wall mounted dispensers - a simple liquid soap by the sink and another in the shower. The bathroom was immaculately clean and looked brand new - not a single chip or dent or crack or manky grout, so full marks for that.

        I slept as well as can be expected with the excitement of a shopping trip in New York (or, fine, Newark airport) looming. Check out was simple, and the complimentary shuttle was already waiting. I think it might have been an earlier one (it was 6.15am, I'd booked for 6.30am) but they let me on, and off we went, over to my least favourite terminal picking up arrivals on the way. Unlike the Crown Plaza, Bewleys operate their own shuttle bus which should make them more flexible - there was a second parked up that I imagine they'd call into action at peak times.

        The hotel has a gym on site, and a restaurant serving breakfast from 5am which is a good bet since most people choose to stay here before an early flight. I thought about it but there wasn't enough info in the room literature to convince me to part with the required £9.50. For that sort of money I want something a little more vegetarian than a full Irish (their offering). Though a room service breakfast is available, there are no details of this on the room service menu so I had no clue what they would have on offer for that. Their evening menu is fancy but with prices to match, so I decided to eat in my room rather than head down to the Brasserie.

        If you're travelling on business, the hotel has a fax service and computers available in a mini business centre. I tried out their free wifi and it was fast and reliable. The hotel car park costs £1 an hour, up to a maximum charge of £6 per day. You can pay this at a machine, or have it added to your bill, useful if someone else is paying.

        I don't think there's much to choose between this and the Crown Plaza next door and I'd happily stay at either. For me it would come down to price, because for a pre-departure stay you just want somewhere close, safe and comfortable which both of these are. Recommended if it's the cheaper of the two when you're travelling.

        Their advertised rate is "rooms from £69". I booked directly with them and paid £50 for a room, and I think sometimes they go cheaper still. So Travelodge prices, but helpfully on an airport site, and a nice, clean, comfortable hotel to boot.


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          05.02.2010 15:24
          Very helpful



          Will be staying here again

          Last year I flew from Manchester Airport for the first time. The flight was very early, and as we were travelling to the airport by train, we had no choice but stay over night.

          We needed a hotel close to Manchester Airport station, and obviously very close to the airport too. We also did not want to be spending a fortune, we were leaving in the early hours so was not even spending a full night in the hotel, so obviously we did not want to be paying a lot of money.

          Those who have looked for hotels nearby will know that there are very, very few cheap hotels around the airport. However, whilst on the internet I came across this hotel, Bewleys Manchester Airport. Most websites were charging the same, £51 a night for a double room which is not bad compared to some of the others. I ended up paying just over £47, booking through Expedia after finding a promotional voucher. I also went through cashback site Quidco to get a little bit more money back.

          Getting to the hotel from the station is a little bit difficult. The roads around the airport are obviously really busy, and you end up having to walk a really long way around to get to the hotel. It was probably about a fifteen minute walk. I have since heard though that the hotel does provide free pickups from the station which I would definitely take advantage of if I was to stay again.

          When we eventually got the hotel, we showed our documents are were checked in quickly. The reception is large and nicely decorate. Whilst checking in we were asked if we required a place on the free shuttle bus to the airport. We were given a choice of times, and if I remember rightly these where every 15/30 minutes. We told the lady what time we wanted and were booked on to the bus with no problems. We were given our room number and off we went.

          The rooms are nothing special. They are clean though, which is the most important thing for me when staying away from home. Our room had a double bed and there was plenty of storage. The bed was very comfortable which is good, as it's important to get a good nights sleep ahead of travelling. We also had tea and coffee making facilities, a TV, hairdryer and ironing board. The bathrooms were nice and clean, a little bit on the small size but this was not a problem at all. They had an over bath shower, and plenty of towels. We had no issues with the room at all, and considering how close it is to the airport we did not hear any aircraft noise during our stay.

          Around a month before our stay I had emailed Bewleys to make a reservation at the Brasserie restaurant in the hotel. I read that it was best to this as sometime the restaurant does get very busy. This was a lovely way to get our holiday underway. The food was gorgeous, well cooked and there was a lot of choice. For a hotel it was also very reasonably priced. The service is great in the hotel, very friendly staff and we had only a short wait for our food. I would definitely recommend eating here!

          The next morning we went down to the reception to check out and wait for the shuttle bus. The bus left right on time. We got on the shuttle bus at 6.15 and were checked in and in departures at the airport tucking into breakfast by 6.45. Fantastic service.

          I am flying from Manchester again this Summer, and already know where I will be staying the night before my flight. You cannot fault anything about Bewleys hotel. It might not be luxurious like the Hilton or Radisson close by, but it is excellent value for money if all you are wanting is a good night's sleep and a nice meal before travelling.


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          10.06.2009 22:02
          Very helpful



          Excellent Hotel

          I am very fortunate to have travelled to many places, and with Manchester Airport being my nearest airport, I get the majority of my flights from here. When I first started travelling, I hated the whole rush about in the morning, get half way down the road, realise you've forgotten something, turn around, drive back home, then worry all the way to the airport that you might miss your flight and your entire holiday will be ruined. My husband and I therefore decided that to eradicate this problem and to enable us to relax even sooner before our vacations, that we would start staying in a hotel the night before, that way there was no rush, we would get to the hotel when we were ready and we could then relax knowing our suitcases were ready and packed for the morning and enjoy a relaxing meal and a few drinks in the evening.

          I originally came across this hotel whilst staying at the Manchester Airport Hilton hotel which is located behind this one. I had paid £130 for one night at the Hilton and to be honest it was nothing special and whilst walking over to terminal one in the morning, I noticed a big banner hung outside this hotel advertising all rooms as being £59. The hotel looked really clean and tidy on the outside so I made a note of the hotel name and decided I would have a good look at it on our return home for possible future stays. I had never heard of the Bewleys brand before so wasnt sure what to expect, so I was pleasantly suprised when I returned home and read some glowing reviews, viewed some lovely pictures and confirmed the low nightly rate. I decided that the next time we travelled, that we would definitely stay here. That was 5 years ago, and in that time I have now stayed at this hotel approximately ten times and have not been disappointed once.

          They have a huge carpark at the front of the hotel which is accessed using a ticketing system at the secure barrier. There is a daily charge for parking of £6 per night for hotel guests, which needs to be paid before leaving, however if you are just being dropped off, I believe there is a 15 minute grace time period on the ticket so that the driver can drive straight back out. I personally have always took advantage of the deals that they have combining the accomodation with parking and on average it has cost me around £99 for 1 nights accomodation and 15 days parking which is great value for money. I have also previously paid £79 for 8 days parking and a room which again is great value. In addition if you are short stay parking for example 7 nights or under, you can keep your car in the secure car park at the hotel. For stays over this then you need to take your car to the off site car park and catch the shuttle back to the hotel.

          The reception area is very large and often has around 4 members of staff on reception. They are always very welcoming and friendly and they are more than happy to take the time to answer any questions or queries you may have. You can also make a reservation for the restaurant whilst checking it and they also confirm your preference for a wake up call and a morning newspaper. If you are parking your car at the hotel, they will also provide you with a cardboard tag or hanger which needs to be displayed in your car and the reference from the tag is written on your booking form and you are required to leave your car registration number. In addition, if you are requiring a shuttle transfer in the morning then you need to purchase your tokens for this from reception, so it makes sense to do this when checking in, to save you having to go back and queue again later in the day. The last time I stayed this was £3 return per person. I have only used this service occasionally though, as terminal one and three are located literally just over the road so when I only have one suitcase, I am quite happy to walk. I do use the shuttle however to get to terminal 2. This service is relatively quiet in the early hours, however mid morning, buses do leave full and you may find yourself waiting for 2 or 3 buses to pass before you find one that you can squeeze onto.

          The rooms themselves are clean and large and the majority feature 2 double beds. There is wifi offered throughout the hotel at no additional charge and there are the usual hotel room amenities such as tea and coffee, telephone, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, trouser press, and Sky television. The decor is modern and fresh and the rooms we have stayed in have always been clean and in excellent condition. The ensuite bathrooms feature a nice sized bath, not too small, a nice powerful shower and heated towel rails, however I personally always switch these off when travelling with my children as they get way to hot for my liking. A number of towels are provided and should you require any more then a simple call to reception is all that is required and a hotel maid will bring further supplies to your room. Room service is also available and at reasonable rates too. It is very similar to the bar menu which items such as a Club Sandwich and Chunky Chips, which I have tried and it is absolutely delicious and at £6.95 I cannot fault it. With having young children aged 2 & 1, I often prefer to get room service as opposed to sitting in a busy restaurant as I find it much easier with the kids. If my partner and I are travelling as a couple though without the children then we do take advantage of the excellent restaurant facilities.

          I always reserve a table when dining in the restaurant as it can get very busy. The seating is comfortable, it is a relaxed atmosphere and the lighting makes it a really nice setting for an evening meal. For a hotel restaurant, I find there prices fantastic given the high quality of food and it is in fact one of my favourite restaurants. It is called the Brasserie and we have gone as far to travel to this restaurant on Valentines Day for a romantic meal even if we are not staying in the hotel. My husbands favourite is the Steak with a Peppercorn Sauce and every time we have eaten here there has never been anything left on the plate. The service is quick, but not too quick, in the sense that they give you some time between courses. I have found in other restaurants that as soon as you finish your starter, you main is with you in seconds. Whilst this may suit some, I personaly prefer to have approximately 10 - 15 minutes between courses to have a chat and enjoy a glass of wine, without feeling rushed. The staff are always very friendly and polite and they are also very knowledgable about the food. Another thing I particular like is that there menu clearly explains what is in the individual meals include such as nuts, or raw egg. I found this particularly helpful when I was pregnant and needing to avoid raw egg. I had been to other restaurants which when I asked staff whether a food had raw egg in it, I was just looked at blankly, so I found this to be of particular benefit to myself by having it clearly stated in the menu. The staff were also able to recommend wine suited to what you were eating. I generally tend to stick to what I know when it comes to wine, but if you are more adventurous and willing to try different types of wine, then again this is a great plus.

          Overall, I cannot fault this place, I love everything about it and I shall be staying here again this year. It is also a great base for people flying into Manchester as there are great road and train links near to the hotel to make it a great base for getting into the city centre. I would highly recommend this hotel to everyone whether a business traveller, couple, singles or a family.


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          13.05.2009 17:12
          Very helpful



          I would not hesitate to book here again it was an enjoyable and comfortable stay.


          I had a flight booked from Manchester to Rhodes three weeks ago but unfortunately the check in time was 5.30 am. I really needed to be refreshed on my arrival because it was a business trip so I decided to check into Bewleys Hotel the night before, I have on previous occasions driven from home to the airport and found it very tedious and stressful normally leaving me feeling like a washed up dish rag by the time I arrived at my destination.

          ***The Hotel***

          It is situated about three minutes walk from terminal 3 but also provides a 24 hour shuttle service to all the terminals.

          I actually travelled by train to the airport and on arrival I located the free phone in the main concourse to contact the shuttle service, they picked me up within five minutes which impressed me no end.

          It is a large hotel and offers double, twin and family size accommodation, they also have several wheelchair adapted rooms and a very rare touch today smoking and non smoking.

          I personally always like to have a non smoking room even though I do enjoy the odd puff because I have found that in other hotels the smoking floors are normally really smelly and fusty but it is still nice to be given the option.

          This hotel is geared up for travellers using the airport and offers parking facilities at reasonable rates.

          35.00 Up to eight days.
          45.00 Up to 15 days.
          These charges are for off site parking, you leave your car and they take it away to a parking pound and then return it to the hotel on the day of your return.


          On arrival I checked in at reception, this was a highly glossed long desk and there were three receptionists behind it all dressed in immaculate uniforms.

          I had to give them my debit card details even though I had already paid for the room when I booked but this is normal practice in most hotels nowadays.

          I was asked if I need an early wake up call and if I would like them to prepare me a light breakfast; I just opted for the call because I had three hours of hanging around after check in for my flight so plenty of time to grab a bite to eat later.

          The reception area was large and spacious with leather chairs and sofas placed around highly polished coffee tables and it led into a large bar area with a brasserie restaurant off that. I was really impressed; it all looked so plush and relaxing.

          My room was on the third floor and a lift swiftly took me in about ten seconds flat. I noticed that all the carpets along the corridors were a plush red and gold colour they certainly gave the place a warm feeling and pictures scattered every few yards gave it that final classy touch.


          On entering the room using the swipe card the first thing that hit me was the actual size of it, there were pine coloured cupboards far more than needed for an over night stay, a trouser press, a long dresser with a huge square mirror above it, two king size beds covered in pure white duvets, a huge sofa with a coffee table opposite the television and finished off with a floor to ceiling window.

          I was really impressed and it does take a lot to bowl me over like that, I was beginning to wish that I had booked in for more than one night.
          Tea and coffee facilities a hair drier and internet access added the final comfort touch.

          The bathroom was fully tiled and bright with a heated towel rail, bath shower and a loo that sported a very posh lid, I don't know why I remember that detail but it just made the bathroom that little bit more luxurious.

          ***Restaurant and bars***

          The Brasserie restaurant offers a la carte in the evenings and the main bar has a snack menu served until 11.30 at night.

          I had a quick glimpse at the Brasserie menu, it all looked nice but a bit expensive so being on my own I opted for the bar menu.
          I had a bowl of vegetable soup with a hot crispy roll and then a salad sandwich which arrived with chips and about three different dips, this was all washed down with a large glass of house white and cost me under ten pounds.

          I could have had room service from the same menu for 3.50 more but I was happier to sit in the luxury of the bar and read a complimentary newspaper.


          I ate a great meal in the evening and slept like a log in one of the huge beds, I must add here that when I actually got into bed I snuggled down under a feather filled quilt and pillows. Pure luxury and then the phone rang and broke the lovely dream I was having about winning the lottery. It was my early call from reception so I mumbled a gurgled thank you and threw the covers back.

          I tried the shower and this really woke me up so after two cups of coffee I made my way to reception.

          The shuttle bus arrived again within five minutes, yes I know I could have walked it in two minutes but I am lazy and it was raining. Before I knew it I was at terminal three and ready to check in with ten minutes to spare.

          ***Location and Booking details***

          Outwood Lane
          Manchester Airport
          M90 4HL

          You can book direct with the hotel by phone but I went to their booking site and found this very easy and quick.

          Tel. +44(0)161 498 0333


          At the moment they are offering rooms from 59.00 per night or one night and up to 15 nights parking 99.00.
          I did notice on their web site that they offer special rates occasionally so it is worth going to this first.

          ***Overall view***

          This hotel is ideal for staying in if you have an early flight or even to stay in after a late flight home.
          It is comfortable, extremely plush, and the staff cannot do enough to ensure that your stay is enjoyable.

          I chose it because it was so near to the airport and because of the price and I can honestly say I got far more than I ever expected.
          I give this hotel 11 out of 10. A most enjoyable stay I just wish that I had booked two nights.


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