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Boundary Hotel (Leeds)

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Address: Cardigan Road / Headingley / Leeds LS6 3AG / West Yorkshire / UK

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2008 10:03
      Very helpful



      I wont be staying there again!

      On a recent trip to Leeds to see my girlfriends graduation, we decided to stay in the Boundary Hotel which is about 5 minute car journey into the city centre. Rooms were reasonably priced; we got a single room and a "superior" double room (inc breakfast for both) for £120.

      The hotel itself is a 3 star hotel and is located near Headingley Cricket and Rugby Stadiums. From the outside it doesn't look like a great deal but it does has a small car park. The hotel has 16 rooms and each have free wi-fi access and each room has a TV with only the 5 basic channels.

      Once we went inside there was a small queue to check in so we had a little look round. There is a small bar area with 3 small tables in one room as well another room with a shabby sofa and a TV as well as a computer. There is a dining area which seemed to be fairly big but we did not investigate.

      When we checked in the lady at the desk was very polite and friendly. She quickly sorted us out, gave us our room keys, and pointed us in the right direction. This, unfortunately, is where the problems started. When we got to the first "superior" room we opened up the door and found that the room was a sauna. There was a huge radiator that was on at full strength. As soon as we walked into the room we felt the heat. The window was also open and that didn't seem to help too much. We quickly turned the radiator off but owing to its size, it didn't cool down for at least 2 hours. There was also a big radiator in the bathroom which made it unbearable to be in there for more than a minute really. Unfortunately the handle was broken on this one so we couldn't turn it off. We decided to go down to reception and complain. When we got there we were told that the hotel was fully booked so we didn't have a choice really, we took our stuff back to the room and unpacked. The other room we booked had a similar problem, but this time they put the bed right next to the radiator so when the radiator turned on the bed would get extremely warm.

      We arrived at the hotel at 9.30pm after being at work all day and having a long journey from London to get there. We were fairly hungry and decided to go to the bar to get some food. We were promptly told that there was no food being served owing to the fact that there was only 1 person running the whole hotel on her own. Instead we thought we'd just get something to nibble on like crisps. They had a couple of packs and that was about it. Drinks were just as bad. When we asked what white wine they had they showed us one bottle which wasn't even in the fridge. When we asked the same about juice, we were told they only had orange juice. As you can imagine, after a long day we weren't happy at any of this. We ended up getting a drink and had a seat. Soon after that we went to bed and realised the radiator was still not off but had cooled down to the point where you could put your hand on it.

      The next problem was that at 6am the radiator decided to turn back on at full whack and roast us! We eventually got up and had a cold shower as this was the only way to cool down. When we eventually made our way downstairs for breakfast, there was one person at the check in desk and another in the dining room looking after the breakfast. We spoke to the lady at the check in desk (the same one that checked us in but not the one who was left on her own) and she told us that they "recently just become aware of the heating problem in the room." This was complete rubbish as, 2 minutes later, the woman in the dining room asked us how we slept in the sauna. She wouldn't have called it that unless she knew how bad it was.

      We had breakfast which was one of the only good things about the hotel. There was a large selection of food to choose from which ranged from bacon and sausages to muesli. There was also free tea, coffee and orange juice.

      We soon checked out of the hotel and vowed never to return!

      The hotel itself was fairly average but after the nights sleep we got, we weren't happy in the morning and couldn't wait to leave. I cant recommend the hotel to anyone as we had such a bad experience. My advice is, if you need a hotel in Leeds, pick another hotel. There are so many around there that you cant get much worse than the Boundary Hotel.


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