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Campanile Coventry North Hotel (England)

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Address: 4 Wigston Road / Walsgrave CV22SD Coventry / England / Telephone:+44 2476 622 311

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      23.05.2008 13:31
      Very helpful



      Fine providing you don't need a shower (there is a bath) and you must not require a plug!

      Going out with my new man meant we'd be staying in a hotel overnight. Sounds a bit naughty and whether it was or not is simply none of ya business! (lol) but it came about due the fact he had to stay in hotel overnight anyway and the fact we wanted some proper time together for once (again sounds a bit rude!) lol. So on our night out we went for a lovely meal and he'd booked us into this hotel. Me, I've seen it many times as I've been past it quite alot but I've never took any notice of it and hotels in Coventry is not something I frequent due to the fact I have a bed here already!

      Where It Is....

      Hotel Campanile
      4 Wigston road
      Telephone..... 02476622311
      Website.... WWW.Coventry@campanile-hotels.com

      Firstly lets talk about local amenities. The hotel itself does have a restaurant. Personally I didn't eat here and neither did Paul but it looked like a large restaurant but it was in darkness when we arrived (very late we'd been out). There is a photograph on the website and it looks quite self service, light, bright and airy.

      About The Restaurant....

      From 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.(and from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 am at the weekend), enjoy a buffet breakfast: tea, coffee, fresh fruit juice, cereal, pastry, cheese, eggs, breakfast meat, yogurt and fruit salad. There is also the famous English breakfast with eggs cooked how you like, bacon, sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms...

      At lunchtime you can enjoy fresh sandwiches. At dinner, daily specials. Also has generous hors d'oeuvre and dessert buffet.

      Also there is a licensed bar and the restaurant capacity is 40 people at any one time and has wheelchair access and toilet facilities and baby changing facilities as far as I'm aware. I would of course advise you to check this information out first.

      The restaurant is open 6.30am till 11pm weekdays and 8.00 till 11pm weekends, the above times I have listed are for the breakfast menu.

      Also in the local area a short walk away you have McDonald's (literally on the doorstep), a garage, Asda and a pub called The Mount Pleasant which is a busy, small local pub that does food at reasonable prices (I've eaten here a few times). Also near here, again you can walk but may prefer a bus, about half a mile away you have Tesco's, Frankie and Benny's, Mega Bowl, Showcase Cinema, Burger king and a few other places. From here there are regular buses that take you straight into town and you are literally on the 33 bus route (I use it lol).

      There are plenty of places to eat and drink on the road you are situated just off (Walsgrave Road) such as The Walsgrave that does Carveries at about £3.25 per person which is usually excellent and your not far from Kentucky Fried Chicken and another pub called the Rose and Crown (please read my other review on this pub) and there's also a Toby inn called the Bulls head and a brilliant Indian and a chip shop. It's close to University hospital (a short walk away and our main hospital in Coventry) and it's about £9.00 to get a cab to this hotel from town (I know I dated someone who lived behind the hotel a few months back lol).

      The hotel itself is a block with a big field at the front at which bunny rabbits live (I'll come on to that later!) and there's lots of free parking available. The building looks very modern and smart. Now I didn't have to go into reception so I can't report on that as it was the bf that booked it and paid online and he arrived before collecting me to settle in and get ready for our date and all he had to do was get the card key. He had no problems doing this and staff were polite and courteous and so the whole event was uneventful.

      So the building is quite large and has two levels with 47 rooms in total. We personally had a king sized room but I'm sure (you'd need to check) that there are single, twin and family rooms (though no information on this is on the website until you try booking rooms).

      Our room was up some stairs which were placed at the back of the blocks. There is a balcony that runs the whole length of the upstairs. All rooms are double glazed and getting in with a card key is not a problem! You are greeted (king-size room) by two rooms, a fairly large plain bedroom as soon as you walk in and a small bathroom with a lock on the door. The rooms are not huge but large enough for mini breaks etc.

      Now the bedroom has a bed that is a comfy as you'd possibly want with a huge duvet and a pillow each with white linen and the option of two more pillows and a nice blanket which are kept in the wardrobe. The bed was just so impressive and we slept like logs it was just wonderful! Next to the bed there are lamps each side and you both have switches to control each and little shelves to put ya cuppa on that don't protrude out too far (great for me cos I'm clumsy as hell).

      There is a long desk with a tv on it (about 20 inches) which has satellite and a telephone which you can use and can contact reception on and of course the room is wifi enabled and you do have a modem connection as well (subject to payment and arrangement with the hotel of course). There's a couple of high back dark wooden chairs as well and a bottle opener attached to the wall. We laughed about this because although we had one of those not anywhere (even having to search high and low) was there a plug socket...anywhere in either of our rooms.

      We found a shaver one in the bathroom but nowhere could you recharge your mobile or plug a hairdryer or hair straighteners! This is a major flaw in my opinion. Not for us particularly although Paul could have done with a plug socket to recharge his mobile into as he is a business man and was going straight to London the following day so it was a bit of a niggle to him.

      I was ok as I never had a shower or bath so I had no need to use a hairdryer or straighteners as I was going home by 7am anyway. (So if you are planning to use this hotel do make checks on this). There is a small kettle and a small shelf on the wall that has tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits on it and a couple of mugs and teaspoons all very neat and re stocked daily I assume. Again another problem is the two coffees, two teabags (in sachets) and like 4 cartons of milk were not enough and we used all the milk in a cup of tea each. Not enough at all and you'd have to go get more! There's a bin and at the end of the room and out of the way a decent sized wardrobe with hangers and plenty big enough to store your things (again not a hige space though).

      The bathroom is small but perfectly formed. All in white and very plain like the bedroom. The bath is half the size of a normal sized bath with shower over. A toilet, built in sink with a nice large shelf and a huge mirror over and on there a few freebies like a couple of bars of soap, a couple of shower caps and a small bottle of shampoo which were very nice though nothing special cos they know your going to pinch em and a couple of glasses.

      The only complaint out of Paul's mouth was about the shower. Prior to picking me up he'd got ready for our date at the hotel and the first thing he mentioned to me was the crap shower and when up the next morning and he used it he still whinged away. It was cold, sprayed not enough water out, the shower curtain didn't fit the bath etc etc. He wouldn't of coped with that for more than a day or so it would have drove him nuts and instead of him jumping out of bed he dawdled about cos he didn't want to have to deal with the shower. As I say I never used it but it doesn't take me a lot in the morning to get a grump on and that would really pee me off my day!

      I have looked at reviews on this hotel on other sites and it seems the biggest complaint from people is that if you get a room upstairs there is no shower pressure and the baths are far too small so it's not Paul whinging for the sake of it after all lol.


      The room was great really. The whole place was extremely clean but a slight smell of fags was ingrained into the room which made me feel it needed a slight revamp. The smell doesn't bother me as I'm a smoker although I smoked outside as Paul is a none smoker but the smell was very much there and there was an ashtray provided and Paul wasn't asked upon booking the room whether he wanted a smoking or none smoking room cos he would've booked none smoking cos it doesn't bother me. Luckily he's seeing me and it doesn't bother him though so again that's something to be very much aware of!

      The heating doesn't work properly and we were a bit cold but I think that was dozy bf rather than broken down heating! Men eh?! Instructions would have been nice though. Ok there wasn't enough tea and coffee etc provided but again I'm sure if you asked you'd get more without an issue and the shower made Paul upset and I'm sure if I'd of decided to have a shower there I'd be going mental even now cos I wouldn't have known there was no plug socket (I didn't have a shower because I'd realised there was no plug socket for my straighteners) and I'd of been in a real mess then.

      The place is incredibly quet and going out on the balcony and looking in the field there's a lovely family of 5 rabbits that are constantly there and it makes you feel like your in the country not just because of that but I mean your near a main road and you can't hear it and no ugly buildings are on display either. Again though we stayed midweek and the place wasn't fully booked and again, I read some reviews and apparently it can be incredibly noisy at weekends because of people running across the balcony outside your door and it's meant to be worse if you have a downstairs room because its a really loud thudding (we didn't experience this).

      Not only was it quiet but it's also dark, a real bonus for me! Close your curtains properly and it's pitch black and bliss. I couldn't see Paul at all and had to wake him up at one point and ask him if he had gone and left me to which I got chuntered at no shut up and go back to sleep woman lol.

      Do I recommend this place? For a stop over. Yes. It's economy but not in the conventional sense. It gives you everything you need (apart from a plug socket in our room anyway) and the bed is a wonderful saving grace. I couldn't cope here for more than a night personally without a plug and no heating but you'd have to enquire about these things hence me mentioning them to you so your aware of these issues but overall the rooms look really nice and it is very functional and the room is comfortable!


      Prices really do vary I've found anything from £35.00 per couple in twin rooms for the night midweek to £48.00 for the same type of room (still midweek) for the same amount of people. You can of course check the website for availability and prices based on your requirements. Children are welcome and breakfast or meals isn't included in the price. Children under 2 years of old travel free providing they are in same room as parents unless there are are more than 2 adults and one child in the same room. Not sure how that works but there we go lol.

      This is a great stop over place but be aware that as I have said I have looked at other reviews on this hotel online and it has had terrible reviews from rude staff to lack of anything for children to do and one of the main gripes is although in effect this is a French hotel the staff don't speak it but to each-other! I can't speak French and seems a bit petty to me its only a chain of budget hotels after all! lol. Also I have read reviews about how alot of women travelling alone feel intimidated to be alone here and that it's rather desolate. One female left in the middle of the night feeling someone was 'on the prowl' outside her room and couldn't contact staff. Again this is something that I have read and have had no experience of it but again it would question whether I would like to be here alone and I wonder what safety measures are in place for guests.


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