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Days Inn Hotel (Hounslow Heathrow East)

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Address: 8-10 Lampton Road / Hounslow / TW31JL / Tel: +44-0208-5381230

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2010 23:33
      Very helpful



      Not perfect for my London needs, but quite satisfying!

      As some of you know, I live in Germany and regulary go on holiday in London for some shopping and just getting back to my beloved England! :)
      This time, I once again went with a travel group by coach. This group always organizes everything and take a hotel according to where they can get the best deal. Usually, their hotel was "Custom House" in the Docklands, but this time we were put into the "Days Hotel" in Hounslow.
      As the price was included in my holiday, I can not tell you how much I paid for the room and can only give information provided on the website regarding the prices, but I will tell you all about the quality of the rooms.

      As we arrived, the coach drove behind the building and we took our luggage into the lobby. My first impression was a good one - everything looked clean and modern and the people at the reception looked friendly and were very quick and handing out key cards to us.
      I had a booked a double bedroom for my friend and me and we were a little confused when the little envelope containing our keycard said a completely different name. When I asked the receptionist about it, he was very confused and didn't understand me although I was trying to be friendly and understandably. My English is almost accent-free, but he was Indian and obviously didn't speak English too well. I gave up after they kept repeating that this is the room I was entitled to, so we took the escalator up to the fourth floor and went into our room.

      The room
      Our room was one pleasant surprise! It was clean, with three (!) windows (two big ones and a small one hidden behind the curtain). The bed was large, comfortable and with a big enough blanket. We had tea and coffee making facilities, a flat screen television (that really amazed me!), a hair dryer, a telephone and a place to hang clothes. Each side of the bed had a little drawer, too. The television had four or five channels, which was enough since we weren't planning to spend our holiday in London by watching TV.
      The tray with the kettle carried two cups, coffee and tea sachets as well as sugar and splenda.
      There was something for air conditioning, but we couldn't figure out how to use it.
      But in the end, we didn't need to - we just left the nice, big windows open over night as we felt secure on the 4th floor.
      The bathroom was the biggest surprise! It was very pretty and clean.

      The shower
      was a working power shower and you had plenty of space to move. There were five towels - two big ones and three small ones! We were very happy about that, too, because I sometimes find hotel rooms lacking of enough towels.
      There was enough toilet paper and complimentary shampoo, shower gel and a piece of soap.
      The room was carpeted, but the bathroom had some kind of washable surface.
      There was enough space to move around and to put our suitcases down.

      The breakfast
      We got our breakfast in special group rooms, so I don't know if this is relevant for you if you are booking it on your own.
      We could go and get some from 7.30 to 9.30. There were four big tables with plates at every seat. The plates were already prepared with a very nice, tasty croissant, a little bun (some plates had a white one, others a whole grain one), a little container with butter, a yoghurt and a piece of ham. Although the croissant and the bun both were alright, I was a bit upset about these plates.
      On most of the plates, either the bun or the croissant were sitting on the ham. I am a vegetarian and I accept others eating meat, but I am grossed out by being supposed to eat something that has been sitting on a piece of meat. Why could they not put the ham on the buffet table in the room? The yoghurt we got on the first and second day contained gelatine, which is also made from dead animals, but I won't winge about this as this is in a lot of foot and something few people pay attention to. But the thing with the ham doesn't *have* to be that way. I can't be the only vegetarianwho has ever staid at this hotel!
      The long table with the buffet goodies contained muesli, Frosties, cornflakes, milk, orange juice, apple juice, coffee and hot water for tea. There was also a little basket with different kinds of jam and I also saw a bowl with cocktail fruit in it.
      Altogether, the breakfast was good for a continental breakfast, but the croissant always being placed on a piece of ham made me a little sad.

      The hotel is situated in a somewhat rough area of London. There are boarded up houses and at night we could hear people singing and playing guitar outside. We didn't mind that, but I just want to point out that it is pretty urban and there is stuff going on outside at night.
      Close by there is a big Asda that is open 24 hours and there are little convenience stores on the way to the tube. There is also a chip shop and a Pizza place.

      Transportation links
      The transportation links are quite good - Hounslow Central is only 20 metres away.
      The Piccadilly line will take you to Piccadilly Circus - if you are fine with riding the tube for half an hour. Of course, we had to bear with it as we had no other choice, but it was surely a long way, so we spent the day in London carrying our bags. If we had gone back to the hotel to leave them in our rooms in between, we would have lost at least an hour!
      So, being so close to the Undegrounr station was brillaint - but needing to much time to get to Central London and back again was not.

      The hotel's website is http://www.daysinn.com/ where you can search for the Hounslow one.
      There, you get more information on what service they offer, what's in the rooms and what is nearby (restaurants, atractions etc.).

      Since I went with a travel group that organized everything, I do not know how much I paid. But the website gives away the standard rates!
      A non-smoking double bedroom is 60 pounds a night.
      A non-smoking double bedroom with a workzone is 65 pounds a night.
      A room with a double bed and an additional pull-out single bed is 65 pounds as well.

      Altogether, I was satisfied with the Days Hotel in Hounslow. I was very happy about the cleanliness of our room and of course the flatscreen tv was very posh. We had enough towels, pillows and blankets.
      But there were some things I didn't like - the thing about the breakfast really took some joy away and when we opened our windows, we couldn't get them closed again. The staff did not speak good English which I think is essential if you work in such a service position. The position of the hotel was not perfect, but that's not the hotel's fault but the fault of my travel group.

      I give the Days Hotel in Hounslow three stars as our stay was not perfect but satisfactory.


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