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easyHotel Victoria (London)

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4 Reviews

Address: 36-40 Belgrave Road / Victoria / London / England

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    4 Reviews
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      20.10.2010 11:16
      Very helpful



      get wat you pay for

      The future may be bright but may not be orange.

      I went to London back in June and on a budget I thoguht i'd stay in a Easy hotel as it's only £49 a night bargin but after staying there I can see why it was that price!!

      The room.
      Like the airline , very very basic!! There was a bed in the coner , the window over looked someone else's room and there was a bathroom around the same size as the toilet in a plane. the walls where bright orange which was the only nicething about it.

      The staff where pretty friendly , reception area was small.
      like easyjet you have to pay for little extras. £5 for a tv remote control for 24 hours . If you wanted to get your room cleaned or fresh towels it was £1 extra a day and per towel. now I didn't mind paying for clean towels I mean you need a fresh towel each day but when I handed them over a scottish £10 note they turned there noise up at it , yeah like english notes are any different !!! but all the same I got free stuff .

      Location .
      I have stayed in 2 easyhotels , Victoria which is the nicer one, bit more spacious and then paddington which is in a great location very close to the station but it was really small.

      my thoughts?
      like the airline , stay clear!


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        19.03.2009 19:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Does the job!

        I stayed in this hotel for 2 nights in September 08. If you are not expecting much then you won't be disappointed. If your not wanting to spend much money to put your head down then i recommend it however i would say that it is probably more suited to younger people. I booked a standard room with a window. It was still tiny!.. 3 sides of the bed were touching the walls, there is very little space for luggage but if your not bothered about it being in the way then i wouldn't sorry too much, i had two fairly big cases and i coped! There is two hooks on the wall which is great for hanging coats/bags. Another thing to remember is that there is no bed side tables or anywhere to out your bits, i ended up puting my phone/deodorant magazines etc. on the windowsill! Of course if you book a room without a window then this might be a problem.
        The en suite bathroom is tiny, does feel like you are in an aircraft toilet but again does the job fine for a quick wash. The room and hotel in general was very clean and i am fussy so that says something! The small flat screen tv is greatly positioned on the wall and has a clock display which is good for checking the time throughout the night/morning. You do have to pay for the tv but i would recommend it. They give you a small remote to operate it which cuts off after the 24 hours in which you have hired it for. If you don't like sleeping with one pillow then i would suggest you pay for an extra pillow at reception, it is well worth it. At the end of the day it doesn't cost much considering you are paying very little for your room. In my opinion the bed and pillows were comfy and i slept very well.
        There is no lift so if you have poor mobility i would not advise this hotel. If you are claustrophobic i would also avoid it.
        There is a vending machine and hot drinks machine in reception in which you have to pay for. It is not cheap, i would recommend walking down the street a little outside of the hotel and you will come cross a corner shop. I bought drinks and snacks from there to take back to the hotel room. It is open really late which is good. The location is good as it is a 5 min walk to Victoria train station although there is not much around the hotel itself other than a couple of pubs. I did find a street nearby the hotel with a lot of restaurants on it so if you go for a walk on Belgrave road which the hotel is on and walk down some of the side streets you should come across some restaurants.
        The check out is in the morning but i paid to leave cases there in their back room and collect them later and had no problems at all.
        If you are looking for somewhere cheap to stay to put your head down i would recommend it, For a hotel in central London it is a bargain, more money for shopping !!!


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          30.10.2008 20:41
          Very helpful



          Exactly what I expected!!

          I stayed in this hotel last night so I thought now would be the pefect time to give it a review.

          **Backgund info**
          I wanted a cheap night in a hotel. I was just going to be sleeping there, didn't want anything fancy so took my chances here for £20! I was never expecting it to be a 5 star experience!

          ** Location **
          This is pretty centrally located, closest tube is Victoria, it is also very close to Victoria coach station and Victoria overground station. From all 3 it is about a 5 - 10 minute walk. Around the hotel there isn't too much going on, there are 2 pubs that are quite close. In Victoria station there is a lot more going on, restaurants, shopping etc which is open until quite late. The street where this hotel is located is Belgrave Road. It is well lit at night at the whole of this road is hotel after hotel!

          ** First impressions**
          It all looked pretty modern from the outside. The building looks very small to be a hotel! The reception was clean and bright howver the staff didn't strike me as 'bright'. I said to the lady on the desk ' I have a room booked' - I had to say it 4 more times in a different way for her to understand what I meant..
          I got given a swipe card and told my room number and had a short form to fill out.

          **The hotel**
          The hotel has 3 floors, no lift and the stairway is narrow - this wasn't a problem for me though! My room was on the top floor and I probably needed the exercise anyway! May be a problem for older people or if you have a lot of baggage.
          All the rooms are opened by a swipe card which added to the modern feel of the hotel. There are no 'general' facilities at this hotel, no restaurant, bar nothing so don't go looking for any!!

          **The room**
          I requested a small room with no window. That was what I got! It was seriously tiny, my double bed was surrounded by 3 and a half walls with about a metre left to get on/off bed. This led to a corridor which was about 2 metres long by 1 metre wide. This was the bedroom. 2 hooks on the wall and a LCD television up on the wall was everything. Off the little corridor was my ensuite, of course being that this corridor was the only place for bags, it made opening the door a little difficult!
          The bathroom was tiny, a shower, loo and sink crammed into the space of an airline toilet. It was manageable but a little tricky to manouvre!

          **Extra details**
          Now, having read the other review it states you have to pay for clean sheets. I think what the reviewer means is that if you want maid service there is an extra charge! I certainly expect clean sheets wherever I go and would have kicked up a fuss if there wasn't. The room was very clean!
          The television is an extra cost - £5 for 24 hours. It's a strange system, they give you a brand new remote which is about 6 cm long with only an on/off button and volume and channel up and down buttons. You get to take this home with you and it can apparently work with any phillips TV!!
          The pillows - are horrendous. They are flat as anything and if you want extra - you have to pay! I don't know how you could solve this but if staying more than one night i'd be tempted to buy some from Primark and then throw them away!
          The rooms without windows do have fresh air into them from vents which believe also act as air con and heating.
          One last detail to note - whenever I stay in a hotel, I shut the door and expect no one to be able to get in whilst i'm in there. This isn't the case here, you need to lock the door from the inside - I slept in there with the door unlocked!!

          Check out was easy literally just a case of handing the card back at reception.

          If you want a cheap hotel just to crash in for the night in a central location - this is good.
          If you want to stay more than 2 nights, seriously, look elsewhere as it will drive you mad here!!

          Last thing to note - TFL are closing the Victoria line early (at 10.30) on most nights now up until Christmas. If you book this because of the good transport links - check out what the tubes are doing before you book!


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            29.09.2008 17:22
            Very helpful




            **** EasyHotel Victoria (London)****

            On a recent trip to London i needed somewhere cheap to stay and this was perfect.

            **Location/Getting there**
            As the name suggests this is located in London and is a 5-10 minute walk from Victoria Train Station, Victoria Bus and Coach Station and Victoria Underground station.
            The address is
            36-40 Belgrave Road
            SW1V 1RG
            United Kingdom
            email: info@londonvictoria.easyHotel.com

            The staff are very helpful however you can't book in until after 3pm.

            The hotel as you can imagine is very basic.Each room can hold up to 2 people and would say that these hotels are not very good for familles as they do not have any storage space.Each room does have a bathroom ,these are very small and cheaply done.Another thing to mention is if you don't like the colour orange don't book a stay here as the rooms are bright orange.There is a tv but you need to pay for this,you also don't get clean sheets unless you pay extra for that.

            Rooms from 50 quid a night.

            This hotel is very close to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.


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