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Elmwood Hotel (London)

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Address: 19-20 Argyle Square / London WC1 8AS

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2012 21:08
      Very helpful



      If you're really desperate for a place to stay and a low price then this hotel 'will do'

      My partner successfully secured a job interview in London's, Kings Cross. Coming from sleepy Somerset we knew a bit of forward planning would be required to ensure we'd successfully land at our destination with as little hiccups as possible. In light of the fact we didn't want anything going wrong, we decided to travel up the night before.

      The hotel search began... Trawling websites and finally using my iPad application 'Booking.com'. We came across only two hotels which fell into our budget (under £100). We knew it wouldn't be perfect but agreed it was just a place to lay our heads for the night.

      Elmwood Hotel didn't have five out of five stars scoring only an average of 6.4 and having two stars it was only inevitable we would find negative reviews. These reviews mentioned issues such as it was noisy, small rooms and how unhelpful the staff were.

      --- Our experience ---
      When we eventually found our hotel, after a long tiring journey (finishing work and travelling to London). We arrived at the hotel about 9:30pm we walked in and the receptionist asked us what we wanted. We explained we'd booked a room, he asked the name we told him. Then he grunted looked at the computer printed off a form for us to fill in and asked to pay for the room. For some reason I did stupidly think we had done that as I had already given my card details online!

      So you've guessed it the receptionist was rather rude and unhelpful. We had to find our own way to our room which ended up being down a very narrow stair case and corridor. It was quite a rabbits warren to be honest.

      The room was 'small' we expected it to be so and therefore wasn't too disappointed. It had a double bed. Units either side of the bed. A wardrobe and there was also a unit where the TV sat. The furniture as warned by my boyfriend who had a near accident was not bolted down and even the lightest of touches caused what felt like the units to topple. So I kept clear of everything and left my clothes in my bag as we were only staying the night it wasn't too much of a problem.

      The room looked clean but the bedding didn't smell it. A snob I maybe and perhaps my preconceptions got the better of me but I decided to sleep on top of the blanket provided. However to be honest I don't know if it was because we'd had a long day but I slept better in that bed than I had at home for weeks. I could not quite believe it!

      We didn't have the breakfast as the presentation for the interview took priority... but from what I recall they served between 7:30 and 9:30.

      --- Overall ---
      In respect to location Elmwood Hotel is literally located across the road from Kings Cross and Euston Road. For one night and after a very long day it was worth the £70.00 we paid for the one room with an en suite shower and toilet. It was unnerving looking for the hotel as there seemed to be a lot of people just hanging about, sitting on steps; it made us feel very uneasy and vulnerable. Even in our hotel room we could hear a lot of noise going on but I guess that's just being in London and to be expected.

      The receptionist when we booked in was rather unhelpful however the receptionist when we signed out was very polite and thanked us as we left. So at the end of day it really depends on who serves you to what service you receive although there should be in my opinion a certain standard set.

      I asked my partner if he would stay again and he instantly said no. I however probably would if it meant saving money and for only one night. It wasn't 'awful' but where we're from we get a lot more for our money and so perhaps our expectations are slightly higher than they should be.

      The location of the room would have been no good to any one with mobility problems and the stair cases and corridors were rather narrow so I would imagine wheelchair users would struggle too oh and with the fact there is no lift either.

      I wouldn't say never stay there but if I were you I'd see what else in the area is around for a similar price and if you're only staying the night I'm sure you'll survive just like we did

      It was all worth it in the end as my partner got the job - so it looks like London will be seeing a lot more of him if he likes it or not!!



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