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Etap Hotel (Manchester)

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    2 Reviews
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      20.10.2014 02:34
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      • cheap


      • "other kind of cheap"
      • dirty

      Cheap and nasty

      I have stayed here a few times but not because I wanted to, more because it was cheap and the friends I was with were students.

      The Etap chain is owned by IBIS hotels and are now branded in the UK as IBIS basic's, I personally feel this is a bad move because some people are not understanding the difference and it is huge! The Etaps are more like a hostel style room than a hotel room.

      All of the rooms are identical, you get a double bed which is on a solid base and has a very thin mattress then above that is a single bunk bed which goes the opposite direction to the double so it covers the entire head area of the double bed making it a little claustrophobic. To top that they never make the top bunk which I hate.

      The carpets are so cheap its like walking on cement and are often filthy.

      Inside the room is beyond basic, there are no tea and coffee making facilities nor a dresser to get ready at, or a chair to sit on and even worse there is no mirror to get ready at! Forget trying to straighten your hair as a female! The only plug is for the TV and the only mirror is by the sink at the other side of the room with the bed between you. Unless you pack an cable to reach it's not happening!

      The bathroom is non existent! you get a sink which is in the room as is the shower pod so you can't be shy and the toilet is a tiny cubicle within the room that is so small your knees can touch the door when you shut it! Now shall I mention the toilet paper? It's so thin it's insane. Also if you want a remote for the TV you have a £10 deposit to do so! The walls are beyond thin so don't expect to sleep sadly!

      If you want a hot drink you have to go to reception and pay for one!

      Reception is well cheap and plastic but the breakfast is passible for the cost. It's very basic with just cereals, toast and some pastries as well as unlimited hot and cold drinks, sadly these are also very cheap and taste awful!

      This hotel is located at the salford quays and is right next to one of the tram stops so very easy to get to, taxis are also fairly cheap. There is also a tesco metro 3 mins walk and the Lowry theatre and shopping centre are 10 mins walk away.

      The last issue I had with this hotel is beware booking single nights because they can not book you in on first night, you have to wait till 12 the following day to check back in. We did not once and they removed our items from the room even through they knew we were staying and checking back in. Was disgusting!


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        18.11.2010 20:48
        Very helpful



        Budget hotel just outside the centre of Manchester

        This year my little sis got married. A time for celebration for any family, but even more so for us as she was 35, it was her first marriage and about time too!

        To be organised of course was the most important part of any wedding, the hen night!
        My mum and sister had visited us in Manchester earlier in the year and myself and daughter had taken them to Canal Street in the heart of the Gay Village which they'd loved. What better place for a hen weekend then Manchesters Canal Street on Gay Pride Weekend!

        First up was the hotel, only something cheap and cheerful was needed, it only to get dressed up in and sleep in after all. Preferably close to Canal Street as possible, which left out most hotels in Central Manchester. Its unusual to get under £80 a night and with it being Gay Pride weekend, even the Premier Inns were inflating their prices above that.
        In the end the Etap Hotel was chosen, 12 minutes and 5 tram stops to Piccadilly Gardens, it was a mere £40 a night.
        And that's per room which is excellent, its also perfect for a stag or hen weekend as it fits 3 people to a room. And for a bonus a buffet breakfast is included.

        Booking is easy, you either call the hotel direct, the central booking line or online. And doing it online was extremely easy, just a couple of clicks, card details (needed to reserve the room), and its done.

        Getting there is easy, its on the main tram lines, not overly expensive for a taxi from more Central Manchester, and easy to get to with a sat nav. As you get closer you'll see a lovely modern building looking quite swish, all dark reds and lots of glass, well its not that one, that's the Radisson, the Etap is right next to it and does bear far more resemblance to a Premier Inn!
        There is a car park which costs £4.50 for 24 hours stay, but its small and I would imagine on busy days it would be difficult to get in. There's very little parking around the hotel, but Etap apparently have an overflow secure car park several minutes walk away which costs £7 for 24 hours.

        Inside its your usual minimalist looking hotel which appears to have kept Ikea in business for several years, 2 sofas pot plant, table, and then what appears to look like a café at the back, lots of white tables with white chairs on a tiled floor. The main desk seems to double as a bar with a selection of bottled drinks and beers, nowhere to relax and drink the beer though! There are also two rather large vending machines full of unhealthy rubbish for when you stagger in at 2am and fancy some munchies!

        Booking in was swift and efficient as well, the staff were extremely pleasant. As seems to be the norm nowadays the vast majority had English as their 2nd language, but their English was perfect and most spoke several other languages as well as indicated by a flag on their name badge.

        There are 2 lifts which thankfully both worked as there are seven floors.
        Oh my, you are going to get a shock when you see the rooms if you haven't seen them on the website. If theres 3 of you then you are definitely going to argue over who gets the bunk bed! Beds come in twin or double and the bunk bed goes over the heads of the others, if you haven't slept on one in a long while it's a very scary experience! You feel really high up, it feels extremely massive and you have the sense of being about to fall out all night waking up your fellow drunken revellers below!

        The rooms are very small, there is no drink making facilities, however there is a small flat screen tv attached to the wall, oh and 2 plastic cups set out on the small corner sink. Thankfully the toilet is separate, I know girls quite often go to the loos in twos, but not when sober! There is also a walk-in shower which gives a good burst of hot water, but the door has a gap at top and bottom, and the handle is just a rather large hole in the door.
        May I suggest that all the occupants of the room know each other quite well before sharing a room as they will be getting quite intimate!
        It was extremely clean though, no stray hairs anywhere! And the toilet and shower were spotless if a little stingy on the cheap loo rolls!

        And its luck of the draw what room you get, one side overlooks the main road which always has traffic on it, and we had one group complain massively about a plastic bottle they heard bouncing down the road all night! Another overlooks the tram line which can get quite noisy with a tram ever 12 minutes starting at 6am, the other overlooks the car park with people coming and going all night and the last looks straight at another building, so don't go expecting beautiful views!
        The on bad thing I have to say is the temperature, although there was aircon in every room it was useless, it was miserable weather even so the heat became horrible at times, combine this with the fact that open windows let all the noise in made it a little difficult to sleep, well that wasn't what made it difficult to sleep, but more on that later!

        I didn't have any breakfast, after a Friday night at the Printworks nothing could be stomached! So I went and asked my mum! She described it as very nice, it was the usual continental fare, bread to make toast, jams, marmalades, several different types of marmalade, cheese, and drinks such as tea, coffee, orange and apple juice. In her usual words 'nice, but nothing to write home about', oh well I'm writing about it here!
        One thing I did notice as I did actually manage to make it downstairs was that there were quite a few tables full of dishes waiting to be cleared away, maybe this was due to the fact that it was towards the end of breakfast time (10am) and the staff were taking it a bit easy.

        Now I must do words of warning to some people who are thinking that this sounds like rather a nice hotel, it is, but it's noisy and the walls aren't particularly thick! Like us threes always lots of stag and hen parties every weekend and bunches of boys and girls drunk and away for the weekend are going to make noise! I do feel a certain amount of pity for any guests there for a quiet weekend on our nights there! We were all on one corridor bunched together and every single door was open with girls dashing from room to room with lots of feather boas around and complaints about make-up going on and 'how do you get these false eyelashes on', even the people we were sharing the corridor with had their doors open and were coming and going, it really was one big party atmosphere!
        When we came back from Canal Street the noise continued for most of the night with people coming back at all times. And from what I've been told whilst our night was excessive the Etap has a reputation for being noisy. Oh and the management pretty much leaving people to their own devices as long as they aren't breaking anything.

        It was, I have to say, and amazing weekend, and being waken up by a rather high pitched squeal of 'Oh my god, its looks like a drag queens been murdered out here' was the highlight. To this day I'll never know how the feathers from my boa managed to make it to up the other end of the corridor! The corridor outside was strewn with various feather, false eyelashes and other Gay Pride related attire!

        Booking out was again swift, with no problems, the staff were just as pleasant with the bleary eyed party goers who could barely see to put their pin numbers in to pay, thankfully check-out was 12 o clock!

        After reading various reviews I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the Etap, polite staff and clean bedrooms count a lot towards a good stay. If organising another night out for friends in Manchester I would certainly use them again, but would be very careful about who was in the party, after all, I cant see Great-Aunt Beryl climbing up those steps to the bunk beds!


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