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Express by Holiday Inn (London Greenwich)

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2 Reviews

Address: Bugsby Way / Greenwich / London / SE10 0GD / Tel: +44 (0) 208 269 5000

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    2 Reviews
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      10.12.2011 00:16
      Very helpful



      An ok hotel which is close to the o2 venue

      As me and my partner were off to see a show at the London Indigo o2 Arena we were looking for hotels near the venue. We came across one which is only a 10 minute walk from our designated tube station and the closet one we found to the venue.

      Holiday Inn London - Bugsby Way:

      _"The Holiday Inn Express London Greenwich hotel is contemporary and was extensively refurbished in 2008. Our facilities include air conditioning, licensed bar and coffee lounge, free WiFi in our Great Room lounge, car parking (£5 per night) and we serve evening meals."_

      - www.expressgreenwich.co.uk

      My Findings:

      After getting off that horrid London Underground tube I couldn't wait to get into the hotel. It was absolutely freezing outside and the wind felt like knives hitting your face. So for quickness I put the address into my phone and it directed us there. From the tube it took around 15 minutes to walk to the hotel.

      You can see the hotel from the tube station and we just couldn't wait to get there, the hotel reception is located on the first floor so you either need to take the lift for walk up one flight of stairs. The main entrance was on the messy side with leafs all over the floor. But with people coming in and out of the hotel being very windy I guess this couldn't be helped.

      We arrived at the hotel around 14:30 however check in wasn't until 15:00. Since it was really cold though I thought I'd ask if an early check in was available, since that most hotels tend to allow it if the room is ready. I asked them but they told us that their system was being updated and no one would be able to check in until 15:00, which is odd as that's a very specific time to be able to predict when the update would be finished. Any updates in our hotel is always done during early hours of the morning so it has minimal impact on guests checking in or out.

      So we sat at the bar and enjoyed a few drinks while we were waiting, 15:00 came we went back to the reception desk so we could check in however again we were told that the system was still updating and they would call us when the update was finished. Personally this rather aggravated me as from working in a hotel if that was the case they should have a back up printed list of 'guest arrivals' in order to book guests into their room on time.

      Finally at 15:45 were able to be checked into our rooms there was no apology for our wait, but when we were going to our room the cleaners were just leaving that section of the corridor so in my opinion I doubt if there was any issues with the system what so ever they were just running behind with their cleaning, hence our wait.

      The Room - (215):

      Like with a lot of hotels nowadays instead of keys you have a key card which opens the room doors, we opened the door and were just grateful to be inside! Now I am rather picky when it comes to the room standard, as when I'm at work I check 71 rooms so I know exactly where to look!

      When looking at the bed yes it looked pleasing on the eye and very comfortable, however when pulling the duvet back there were some black hairs on the bed sheet. Which personally made me question if they changed the bed sheet after the previous occupant? The rest of the sheet was clean and did smell fresh so I removed the hairs myself. One thing I did like is that we were given 2 soft pillows and 2 firm pillows which were very nice and comfortable.

      Now as for the rest of the room - there were coffee stains on the ceiling, the carpet was badly stained, top of the kettle lid was dusty, chewing gum stuck to the bedside board, crisps under the sofa bed and the air conditioning unit in the room didn't work. The jack lock on the window didn't look all that secure but the window was clean and we have a good view over London.

      In the room you have a place where you can hang your clothes; it's an open style wardrobe with some fixed hangers. There was also a dry cleaning bag, if you required that service.

      The facilities:

      For a hotel in London I was thinking it would be very modern but the hair dryer and kettle were extremely dated. The kettle was rather loud when in use and there were only enough condiments to make one cup of tea or coffee each. Hair dryer I found a little awkward to use as you had to hold the button in all the time when using it. The one thing that was up to date in the room was the television, a nice good size flat screen in which each channel was clear with good sound quality.

      The bathroom:

      Again this was a little on the dated side of things, but on the whole it was an okay size for a double room. It wouldn't have been any good for a family room though. The bathroom has one door which doubled for the toilet door also which I'm guessing had to be done for space reasons. When you used it at a toilet door though there was a gap in which you could see into the room and you could see in from the room itself. Now if you were staying with a colleague or a friend I would personally find this rather embarrassing.

      Due to saving nowadays days a lot of hotels do not leave free toiletries in the room anymore, but you are supplied with a fixed hand wash and a fixed shower and hair gel in the shower. This is okay for some, however there was a sign stating you can get toiletries from reception if needed.

      The breakfast:

      I guess as breakfast was free with the room it was pretty much okay, although quite generic. For the meat eaters it was no full English hot food wise, it was only scrambled eggs and sausages available. There were also hot croissants, mini muffins, fruits, yogurt, cereal and a selection of hot and cold drinks. You could also eat as much as you wanted, so Joe went up several times! He did say that the sausages tasted like the microwavable ones and the eggs were quite bland though.

      I had one round of brown toast with beans and scrambled egg, and in my opinion the egg was pretty much tasteless. Even my orange juice tasted watered down, but after all it was free.
      The breakfast area I was very pleased when it came to the cleanliness, everything was in sections, nicely presented and easily accessible.

      The Bar:

      The bar was very expensive a j2o costing £2.70 where most places it is only 99p! But the prices were heighted pretty much everywhere we went around London. The service area was a little messy not so much unclean just a lot of items left out which staff could have put away, making the area look more welcoming on the guest eye.

      The bar area was mixed into the lounge and waiting quarters, there were a mix of chairs and sofa so you have a good choice on where you wanted to sit. We sat on the lounge seats which were padded and comfortable. On the hold was presentable and nice to relax.

      Price and Availability:

      As with hotels the price is always subject to change due to the numbers and time of each. We paid £89 for our room which included a free buffet breakfast for both of us. So for where the hotel was located in a prime location the price was actually pretty decent.


      I personally would stay here again only as it is so close to the o2 arena. However the hotel staff seemed to be fed up and really looked like they didn't want to be there. The room was on the unclean side; the breakfast was ok but didn't really cater for special dietary needs. I would recommend this hotel for the ease of getting to venues but would say to them to check there rooms first.

      Check out was 12pm which all we needed to do was hand the key card back to reception then off we went.

      I'm really in the middle when it comes to this hotel so I would give it two and half stars out of five.

      Thanks for reading

      Additional Information:

      As we arrived on foot we didn't have any need for using the car pack provided but if you did need this service there was a per day charge.

      For directions please see - http://www.expressgreenwich.co.uk/

      Email: info@expressgreenwich.co.uk

      General Manager: Sub Iyer

      Deputy Manager: Francois Mvelle

      Holiday Inn Express London Greenwich A102 (M)
      Bugsby Way
      SE10 0GD

      Tel: +44 (0) 208 269 5000

      Fax: +44 (0) 208 269 5069


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        17.04.2010 10:02
        Very helpful



        Paying for location

        Last month my husband celebrated his birthday and to his great delight (or perhaps mine), I procured tickets to the X-factor live show in the O2 arena in London. I have not been there before but as I did not want to either drive home or even worse utilise public transport afterwards, a hotel within walking distance was required. My research revealed just the one, The Holiday Inn Express.

        I booked the hotel months in advance and the rate obtained was £150, or so I thought. As the day approached, I read the booking documents again and despite this being a confirmed booking that needed to be cancelled with notice, I realised that the rate was subject to change on the day! Perhaps this is normal for Holiday Inn Express establishments but I have never stayed in one before and I found this a highly unusual arrangement. Indeed I was quite alarmed as I thought that plenty of people attending the concert would have the same idea as me and hence push the price up. I realised I did not have much of a choice by this time though so we went along as planned.

        We drove down from Hertfordshire on Saturday afternoon, it was a rather unpleasant drive once we arrived in London but the hotel was not difficult to find and had plenty of parking spaces available. Hotel guests pay £5 a day for parking.

        Stepping inside and first impressions were favourable. The lobby area was bright, new-looking and the décor modern in shades of coffee, truffle and cream. There was a large seating and bar area which looked very comfortable, although I did not see anybody making use of it during our stay and neither did we.

        There was nobody else waiting to check in when we arrived and after completing the formalities at reception desk we headed up to our allocated room. The public areas we passed through seemed to be well maintained and in good condition and I was so far impressed. As we walked down our corridor on the seventh floor, the spacing between doors indicated to me that the room was not going to be of palatial proportions and indeed it was not.

        I must admit it was the smell and not the size of the room that first struck me upon opening the door though. Not a musty smell, more like poor drains. Not overpowering and we decided that opening the windows for a little while would deal with the issue. We had a good look around wondering if the smell was indicative of more serious maintenance and cleaning issues, but we found no evidence and so decided it was not worth making any kind of fuss about.

        The room was pretty small and the furnishings extremely basic. The bed was low, too soft and not very large. The desk was made out of cheap wood and the TV an old fashioned 14 inch portable. The seating was a sofa bed, so for the budget conscious I assume it is ok for more than two people to occupy the room. The walls were quite thin and before we went out we did hear noise which was a little intrusive but thankfully when we retired for the evening my neighbours were quiet.

        We managed to kill an hour or so, before walking down to the O2 arena, which was perhaps 20 minutes walking, although I didn't make a point of timing this accurately. After the show we wandered back and went straight up to the room.

        I had quite an uncomfortable night, the bed was soft and I kept rolling into the middle as well. The duvet was flimsy and the pillows overstuffed with no discernable difference between the labelled hard and soft pillows. I was quite cold most of the night as the heating / air conditioning unit did not work too well on heat.

        In the morning, I decided against breakfast and just had some coffee from the in-room supplies (don't think there were any biscuits), my husband decided to go down for something to eat. He came back unimpressed; the hot breakfast buffet only offered scrambled eggs and sausages, the cold buffet some cereal and yoghurts. At least it was included in the room rate.

        This was not a hotel I wanted to spend any more time in than absolutely necessary, so there was no leisurely lie in for us. We were on our way by 8am. The hotel was clean, functional and certainly very handy for the O2 arena. The staff were pleasant, polite and friendly. But at £180, which was the amount I ended up being billed, it was ridiculously over-priced.


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