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Grange City Hotel (London)

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2 Reviews

8-14 Cooper's Row / London / EC3N 2BQ / Tel: 020 7863 3700

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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2007 19:45
      Very helpful



      Lovely hotel, completely recommend

      A few months ago my family and I spent the weekend in London and where we stayed was The Grange City Hotel. This luxury 5* hotel could be one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at in London.

      The address of the Grange City Hotel is as follows:
      8-14 Cooper's Row, London, EC3N 2BQ

      Well this hotel is located in Tower Hill; it’s literally a five minute walk to the Tower of London which is pretty impressive. Situated right in the centre of London it is close to everything. Needing only a short trip on the Underground you can get to all of the wonderful sights, events and activities London has to offer. It is situated only 2 minutes from Tower Hill underground. In fact when you get out and turn one corner you can see the hotel.

      Walking inside of the hotel you can tell that it’s a pretty nice hotel, very modern, very well furnished and clean. There are comfortable chairs all around for waiting customers. The reception area is a large circular desk with lots of staff at hand to help you out with any needs. There are also large lifts with a golden exterior as the hotel does have about seven floors so I was grateful for these with my suitcase. The floors are all marble so they have a very elegant feel to them and make the hotel seem all the classier from the start. So from first impressions this hotel scores top marks in my books and comes across as a well presented, smart and classy hotel.

      The rooms

      Finding the room was easy and the hallway was very clean and modelled very nicely with tasteful pictures on the wall and good lighting. The rooms themselves were absolutely gorgeous. I received a room which had a queen sized bed, a desk, TV with cable, mini-bar, en-suite bathroom but unfortunately no view. That was the only downsize but other rooms on higher floors have sweeping views across London and even the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

      The rooms were lovely and furnished very well. Everything is very tasteful in this hotel from the carpets to the bedding. The bathroom was very clean which I always find a very important factor in any hotel I stay in. But this one was lovely with complimentary shampoo of course! The shower worked very well as I hate a hotel with a bad shower.

      The bathroom also provided a hairdresser which was a bit annoying as you had to keep holding the button for it to work but it was powerful enough and did the job. There was room service however I did not order any but the menu for it was very good and had a large variety of foods and drinks on it.

      The bed was extremely comfortable and with just me in it was plenty big enough to have a good stretch. I am known to be a bit of a bad sleeper and it usually takes me forever to get to sleep. But in this bed I fell straight to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I didn’t really want to get up in the morning because it was so comfortable. Five stars for the quality of sleep you can get.

      What I thought was some nice little add ons to the room that you don’t get in every hotel you go to was the fact there was so many. There was an iron and iron board which we found quite useful, a safe which I always find a reassuring item in a hotel room, a tea/coffee maker with cups, a Bose music system which plays brilliantly. Also not in every room there is the internet which has broadband. There was plenty of space to put your clothes as well as there was a chest of drawers and a cupboard with hangers. So overall I just loved the rooms and would give them top marks in everything.

      The hotel

      I was quite shocked to find out how much this hotel actually had to offer as from the outside it doesn’t look that big, but it has everything you could wish for. The bar called ‘Isis’ we visited on the Saturday night. Considering it was about half ten it was quite quiet, however we found this a positive thing as I hate overcrowded bars. Isis was a lovely bar and very modern. It was small but had a good feel to it as the lighting made it seem cosy and gave it a nice atmosphere. The seating was also very comfortable but the price of drinks was a bit extravagant, however they were fair in London’s pricing.

      Grange City also boasts a fitness centre, a swimming pool, laundry services, a business and conference centre, dry cleaning and virtual golf; however I couldn’t do this as we didn’t have the time.
      There was also a Japanese restaurant called Koto however we couldn’t get seating there as it was so busy but the food looked absolutely gorgeous, the fish looked very fresh and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.

      Breakfast was included when we visited the hotel and I must say this is probably one of the most amazing aspects of the hotel. We walked down to the room where we could have a breakfast and expected a small room with a small continental breakfast as I’ve come to expect from hotels. However what we received was quite a shock, we came to a massive room with what must have been hundreds of tables and chairs with dozens of people occupying them. We were seen to a table straight away and were told the breakfast was a buffet. So up we went and found tables full of fresh food. Included was everything you could want for breakfast, fruits, yoghurts, toast, croissants, cereal, sausages and many many more. Also available was tea, coffee and a whole table full of different juices. I seemed to have gone on for a bit now but honestly it really is the highlight of the hotel providing that much food that was extremely tasty and set you up for the day. Another top score from me!

      The service

      The Grange City has a 24 hour porter and reception available for its customers so no matter what time there is always someone on hand to help. From the first person we came across at checking in to checking out everyone was absolutely superb. They were friendly, kind and had a brilliant sense of humour. We actually spent ten minutes chatting to a guy on reception about the play we had just seen. They all wore smart uniforms and always had a smile on their faces. So for the service that they give us while we were there I would say they were the best staff I have come across in a hotel in my life.


      Yes the most important factor to consider when booking a hotel. When we went earlier this year in June we quite luckily got a special offer and we got a double room each for £75 pound a night which in London is an absolute steal! However at normal times they do go up and a single room can start at about £150 going all the way up to paying for the penthouse for around £1200. Pretty expensive, but just think of the views!
      So the Grange City Hotel if you are lucky you can get a brilliant bargain and pay cheap for a wonderful five star hotel. However prices do go up but honestly for the service and the quality of the hotel I would probably say that it is worth the money.

      Overall Opinion

      So I should think it’s pretty obvious that I think this hotel is just wonderful in every single way. It is conveniently located, has brilliant views from some rooms, great rooms, great service and sometimes great prices. So I would completely recommend the Grange City Hotel with absolutely no hesitations. If you are ever in London and want a hotel to stay in, you can look no further.

      General Information

      Parking: There is on street parking but there is a local car park which is situated two minutes from the hotel.
      Check in time: After 14:00 Check out time: Before 11:00
      Directions: Get off at Tower Hill tube station, turn right and it’s a one minute walk.

      Thanks for reading


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        24.09.2007 14:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Wonderful Hotel

        We went for a big family trip to London recently and the Grange City Hotel had been recommended highly to us by other family members. When we got there we realised exactly why as it was a fantastic hotel and I would recommend it to everybody now that I have stayed there. I will attempt to get over to you how brilliant it is and by the end of the review you should want to stay there while you are in London.

        So when we arrived in London we found the Hotel very quickly as you simply get onto the tube and go to Tower Hill. When there you come out of the tube station you literally go to your left and you will see the Hotel. Trust me it is that easy and the Hotel looks great from the outside as it is big and a nice golden colour and the front doors are massive looking into a well decorated reception area.

        The address is as follows;

        8 – 14 Cooper’s Row
        EC3N 2BQ

        The reception is lovely warm colours and very inviting with an area in the middle full of people and tills ready to help. To the left there is always somebody sitting there to help if needed and at the back there is a great big screen telling you who the duty manager on duty is which I find very good.

        The rooms in the hotel are very spacious and the Hotel is huge so you can get lost finding the rooms but there is plenty of staff around to help if it is needed. The lifts are very impressive looking and all of the doors are a gorgeous wooden colour and everywhere just looks very nice.

        When you walk into a room they are huge. Me and my fiancé had a double and the bed was huge and the bathroom was huge and there was even a small area with a desk in around the corner so you could do some work if you needed to. There is also an area with table and chairs which are very comfortable and a massive window which let a lot of light into the room which I always like.

        The bed was very comfortable and the shower very warm. You even get some nice complimentary shower gel and shampoo which was very nice as we both used it.

        When you stay in this Hotel you do get breakfast the next day. It is a continental breakfast and you can pay to have a full English one if you prefer. The room where you have the food is really big and there is so much to choose from. Breads and pastries, fruit, yoghurts, cereals and nuts galore. I actually went up three times as it was that yummy but I was very full after that.

        We also had drinks in the Isis bar there on the Saturday night and considering it was London the prices were absolutely fine being about £3 for a drink and £4 for a glass of wine which is not that bad really. We also had a massive bowl of nuts which was only £1 and delicious.

        I suppose I should tell you the room prices now and I bet you are thinking it will be very expensive. Well I can tell you that our room cost £70 for the night which is absolutely great considering you are staying at a 5 star hotel!!! The prices do vary depending on time of year but that was in July so quite a peak time I can imagine.

        The last thing I want to stress about this Hotel is that the location in London is fantastic. It is right next to a tube station and the Tower of London is literally a five minute walk away. We found getting around London was fine and easy and we managed to see everything we had planned for the weekend.

        In conclusion I really want to say that everything about this Hotel was brilliant. The prices for food if you wanted to eat lunch or tea was a little high at over£9 a meal but that is what you expect when you visit the capital. Everything about the Hotel is great and it is truly a five star gem in the middle of the city. I have now decided that every time I ever return to London, this is where I will be staying as I can’t fault it.

        Trust me if you stay here you will not be disappointed.

        Thanks for reading.



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