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Hotel Albert Cottage (Isle of Wight)

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Address: York Avenue / East Cowes / Isle of Wight / PO32 6BD / Tel: +44 (0)1983 299309

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2010 22:03
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      Albert Cottage is set in the town of East Cowes, gateway to the Isle of Wight. Many will know East Cowes as home to Queen Victoria and Albert Cottage is set just outside Osborne House. It has recently been converted into a conference centre, hotel and restaurant. Its an expensive eatery and we were very nicely invited to spend the evening there in the company of my girlfriend's family.

      One of the most irritating elements of our stay was the over enthusiastic, but downright boring manger who kept sitting down with our group and talking about the cottage's history. Yawn. She also kept peering her head around the corner of the door to check on us and almost pushed us into the dining room because 'the chef was ready'. What about us?!

      The food was miniscule, but very tasty. Two very small potatoes does not constitute a dinner. We went to bed on a very empty stomach and hoped for better in the morning. The breakfast was better, but again the waiter/chef kept poking his head into the room and seeing if we were enjoying his food. We had to keep asking for more toast as 2 slices between six of us just didn't cut the mustard!

      The rooms were very spacious and probably the saving grace of Albert Cottage. It's not a massive place, and there only really about five or six rooms in total. The place was also very hot and it made you very sleepy.

      Annoyingly, I wouldn't recommend Albert Cottage. I say annoyingly because I used to be a resident of East Cowes and I back any business that wants to set up shop there. If you do want to go there, I suggest you understand and realise that it isn't 'party capital' of the Isle of Wight at all. Its like a creaky old house with a strange old woman living there who wants to check o you every five minutes.

      It may have been that we chose to stay there when they were on down-time, but that wasn't the case. A local factory was having its awards evening down the other end of the corridor, but while they seemed to be having fun, up the other end of the 'Cottage' things were a decidedly much bleaker.

      Albert Cottage might be popular with American tourists, but I know when I've been had.


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