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Hotel Citizen M (Glasgow)

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3 Reviews

Address: 60 Renfrew Street / Corner of Hope Street / Glasgow / Scotland / G2 3BW / Tel: +44 141 404 9485

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2011 23:20
      Very helpful
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      Definitely a memorable hotel experience for all the right reasons

      The hotel:

      Being from Glasgow I found the hotel very easy to find! It is about a 7 minute walk from central station, 4 minute walk from queen street station and 4 minute walk from buchanan bus station. It is on the same street as cineworld which is a hugely tall building and I'd imagine everyone you could ask would be able to direct you there. Although I knew where I was going I managed to walk past the entrance as the full building is black tinted glass the full length and breadth of the hotel. After finding the entrance (automatic doors) I entered to nothing but a lift or a red spiral staircase. Feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland I chose the staircase and proceeded with caution to the lobby.

      The lobby:

      On reaching the top of the stairs I was faced with touch screen computers designed for check-in. These were accompanied by a helpful member of staff who offers you assistance if necessary. The system was easy to use and an enjoyable novelty, added to by the fact that the room cards are designed to be kept and used for luggage tags. These can then be used on subsequent stays in any citizen M hotel, retaining information on your personal preferences. The lobby is broken down into different living areas designed for different activities such as relaxing or business meetings. There are computers available for customer use in these areas. The decor is totally modern and very trendy. On the same floor is the restaurant which I believe is mostly self-service and 'canteen' style dining although I didn't eat there.

      The room:

      The room is just as described on the citizen M website - a 'pod'. The room is tiny but perfectly designed and oh so much fun. I felt the same 'wow' factor in staying at a citizen M hotel I have felt when staying in a 5 star hotel, for a fraction of the price.

      The bed is absolutely huge and extremely comfortable. The bed is underneath a huge window which looks amazing and also has total black out blinds so light in the morning is not an issue. On one of the walls overlooking the bed there is a huge flat screen tv which is loaded with really up to date films (and a large number of adult movies) for free.

      The toilet and shower are hidden behind frosted plastic. The sink is in the room. I was a little worried about the toilet issue but the layout is so that if the person your with is in the bed and you are in the toilet then you are obscured by the plastic, the shower and then another door so they definitely cannot see you. If you are in the shower they can see your silhouette. I was with my boyfriend and found no issue with the toilet or shower (and I am not in a 'pee with the door open' relationship with him at all!). I would be comfortable staying there with a friend too. All the rooms only have double beds though and no space for extra beds.

      My favourite aspect of the room was the 'mood pad'. This controls all the functions of the room and I found quite easy to work. The best bit was the coloured lighting in the room. A dial comes up on the 'mood pad' of so many different colours and as you scroll through them the light in the room changes. I recommend standing under the waterfall shower (its a huge shower head) and getting whoever you're there with to scroll through the colours as you shower. It's magical.

      Although I loved it for a night I definitely would not stay there for more than two nights. The room is just too small for a long stay. Although in saying that there is excellent storage room. Another thing that may be an issue for some is that there are no tea and coffee making facilities in the room. There is no iron in the room but there is an ironing room which guests are welcome to use.

      Overall, I would say that this boutique hotel combines luxury with a hostel type atmosphere. Guests have a small but comfortable, trendy, advanced technology room and are encouraged to meet people in the 'living areas' and 'canteen'.

      Both me and my boyfriend loved it and I cannot wait to return.


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        27.06.2011 01:13
        Very helpful



        This was one of the best hotel experiences i have had and would 100% stay here again!

        Myself and my partner were going to Glasgow to see Take That and hadn't pre-booked any accomodation due to last minute changes to childcare. A family member had more rooms booked than she required so offered me one of her extra rooms, she was able to easily change the room into my name the day before arrival and I phoned the hotel to check I could pay with my card on arrival even though they had been reserved on her card which wasn't a problem.

        Arriving -

        The CitizenM hotel is within approx 10 minute walking distance of both main train stations and bus stations in Glasgow city centre. We asked for directions from a policeman and found it easily.

        The initial area you walk into on entering the hotel is very different to any other hotel i have ever stayed in a large room with glass doors leading off at each side, into a members area. A wall papered with a sea of faces, a lift and a red spiral staircase and some modern seating, we initially waited for the lift but could hear sounds from the floor above, which made us think it was pretty nearby so took the stairs instead. This is the main communal area of the hotel. This also houses the canteen and 'living rooms' which are areas to relax or work in which look like living rooms with sofas and tv's, we didn't use these though

        Check in

        This hotel has a self service check in using touch screen computers, each of the computers were busy when we arrived but we only waited a few minutes before one came free, 2 staff members were on hand to help although the process was very easy to follow, you check in by your surname, email or booking reference due to the fact my niece has the same surname as me it asked me to use my booking reference instead, one of the members of staff (called ambassadors) found it on her form within seconds and read it out to me. I was able to choose between the two remaining floors 3 or 7 (we chose 3rd) as far as i remember the hotel has 8 floors and had the choice of adding breakfast at £6 each which added to the room cost of £59 made for a very reasonable overnight stay of £71. Check in is completed by holding a keycard against the console and the machine prints out your room number

        The room -
        Their are two lifts at the hotel, they could've probably been done with having a few more as although they state that they hold a max 13 persons i joked about this later whilst squeezing in with 6 other women, i didn't see any directions to stairs either. Upon leaving the lift the direction of the rooms are well sign posted.
        The rooms are opened by holding the keycard against a panel on the wall outside the room.
        The room is small, but perfectly formed! The huge bed takes up most of the room, it is wall to wall, i think i read it was 2metres sq, with only one way on and off, behind the bed is the huge window which is also wall to wall and right up to the ceiling, the mattress was very thick and the height of the bed is also huge, i'm just under 5ft and the height of the bed was just below my hip! 2 drawers under the bed held an extra duvet and a small safe. Their is a small bedside table with an iPod docking station and a light and a docking station that holds the electronic control which i will come back to.
        Above the bed is a flat screen tv and two switches to control the blinds and the lights, a telephone attached to the wall, their is a small desk with a stool next to the bed too.
        The toilet / shower is in what can only be described as a pod it is clouded glass and entered by a door on the side where their is a toilet, towel rail and bin and a curtain seperates it from the shower, shower gel / shampoo is provided one for day people and one for night owls!
        Outside of the pod in the main room is a sink with a mirror and lights and two shelves with spare toilet roll, tissues, towel and hairdryer, their is also a full length mirror and small hanging area with approx 4 coat hangers. The door has a turn lock and security chain.
        Next to the sink is a full length net curtain to seperate the room and a chair which had a cuddly toy character on it!

        Overall room experience -
        The bed: I had an amazing sleep in this bed it was so comfortable, the only issue was getting in and out of the bed trying not to disturb my sleeping fiance, the bed is huge though!!
        TV: the tv is controlled by the mood pad which is a touch screen electronic remote, their was a variety of channels and radio, i think it was all freeview. The tv also has lots of free movies of all genre (including adult!) we watched the comedy Little Fockers which was quite recent. It also has some audio music channels with for example 80's, lounge, rock and more.
        Window: the huge window can't be opened but the room temperature is also controlled by the electronic pad, the inside slatted blinds and large roller blind are also controlled by the pad
        Moods: the mood of the room can be changed, the pod changes through a variety of colours at one point during the film i accidently hit the love button which changed the lights to red and the tv changed to 'love' images which included playing cards, faces hearts and what can only be described as dodgy porn style music! it was more hilarious than romantic we didn't try the other 'moods'
        The shower: the shower was also very spacious with a rainfall shower from the roof and a conventional height adjustable shower, the controls were really simple to use and it was an amazing power shower, the shower area is only concealed from the rest of the room by the clouded glass so isn't the most private of showers and the door of the toilet / shower pod doesn't have a lock - my niece was in an accesible room and this had a more conventional bathroom with a wet room style shower / bathroom with walls and a locking door
        Arriving back to the hotel at around 1am an ambassador checked our name and room number with us on entry.

        Eating / Drinking -

        The hotel has what it calls a canteen which is open 24hrs and has a large range of drinks (don't think alcohol is 24hrs) the food was ready meal type and quite small for the price, almost £8 for a chicken stroganoff but their was quite a good variety and a large selection of sushi dishes. The hotel is well located to be able to eat out
        We paid for breakfast on arrival this was a hot buffet breakfast including sausages, scrambled egg, muffin, bacon, beans, potato scone, black pudding which was really tasty and also got a tea and orange juice. Their are no tea making facilities in the room. I didn't see any vending type machines either but we bought soft drinks whilst out and brought back to the hotel

        Check out
        I had overheard people at breakfast saying they didn't think they had to physically check out but i remember that on arrival the 2 options on the touch screen was check in or check out so i did, i don't know if their was consequences if you didn't, it told me what i had paid for and asked if i had agreed then asked permision to email my invoice to me. The keycards can be kept as luggage tags


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        04.11.2010 19:46
        Very helpful




        Although this year seems to have flown by at the speed of light, this hasn't stopped me from fitting in a few holidays and weekend getaways! My most recent getaway was simply a one night stay in Glasgow with my boyfriend last month. I'd purchased tickets for us to go see Brandon Flowers but as we live in Aberdeen, we needed a place to stay for the night. After seeing that the CitizenM Hotel was the top place to stay in Glasgow in the month of October, we booked it straight away. I guess it was foolish of us to book it without checking out the hotel website or reading any reviews, but it certainly paid off!

        Before continuing with the review, I would like to add that I took a peek at the hotel website before we went on our trip, so I did have a fair idea of what to expect. I won't tell you my initial reaction to the website though, as this is a review on the hotel itself and not their website.

        The CitizenM Hotel is actually Scotland's first high tech hotel, with the only other two hotels of it's kind being in Amsterdam. CitizenM aim to open up a hotel in every major city in the world, but for now only have 3 hotels open. I will only be reviewing the Glasgow hotel, but I am told that they are all the same.

        Finding the hotel
        We initially had a little bit of trouble finding the hotel due to the maps on our iphones being completely different from one another so we had no idea which one was right, but after phoning the hotel, they gave us directions from Buchanan Bus Station directly to the hotel - staying on the phone with us the whole way. The hotel was actually only a 2 minute walk from the bus station and was on the same road as Cineworld.

        First Impressions
        Like I mentioned before, I checked out the website before arriving so had a fair idea of what to expect, but actually being in the building blew all expectations out of the water. Instead of walking into the reception upon entering like you would with most hotels, you simply walk into the hotel lobby. This contains a grand circular staircase and a few lifts up to the higher floors (this is an 8 floor hotel). The decor is beautiful and modern without being tacky, and we were both very impressed. If the lobby was anything to go by, then this would certainly be a beautiful hotel. We took the stairs up to the main area of the hotel and were rendered speechless. The staircase takes you up into an open plan area which contains all of the main facilities in the hotel (I'll talk about these a little later) and the reception. Now all there was to do was check in!

        Checking In
        Unlike any other hotel I'd ever stayed in, this is a self check in hotel. The reception area offers 6 computers with very easy to follow instructions on screen. By checking in this way, you get to choose which floor of the hotel you stay on and what kind of view you'd like - obviously this is subject to availability but there seemed to be a good choice of rooms on offer. We choose a room on the 7th floor which we were told had the best view by the staff that were there to help with any questions we may have had. After choosing our room, we simply confirmed who we were and the computer printed out our keycard.
        The keycards also double up as luggage tags, so you don't have to give them back at the end of your stay. Not only this but the card remembers all of the settings you've used in the room you stay in, so that if you stay in another CitizenM hotel you can used the very same card and your settings will stay the same!

        The Hotel Room
        This is where it really gets interesting. Due to this being a high tech hotel which also falls under the budget category, the rooms are very small. Again, I expected this due to looking at the website but had I not had a peek beforehand, I'd probably have been shocked.

        The room is roughly 7ft wide which sounds absolutely tiny but was actually very comfortable to stay in.

        The window makes up one whole wall of the room and the bed is directly against the window (don't worry, there is a large headboard type panel so that you don't roll against the blinds in the middle of the night). The bed makes up one third of the room, touching the walls at either side. This only leaves one end of the large, luxurious bed to climb in and out of - and it certainly was a climb! The mattress itself was 1.5ft deep, with the base being around 2.5ft high - there were extra towels, pillows and duvets stored in the base of the bed, alongside a safe for all of your valuables.

        The television was a plasma screen tv mounted on the wall above one end of the bed. This came equipped with over 50 tv channels, 15 radio stations and 160 movies which were all 100% free to watch/listen to. Here's the problem; around 100 of the movies were all cheesy pornos! The rest were all fairly new movies, but we certainly got the impression that this was a hotel for very horny people after seeing the size of the bed and then 100 pornographic movies on screen!

        The horny couples impression was then made even stronger when we started playing with the Phillips MoodPad. This controls the lighting, music, atmosphere, windows, temperature, tv and wake up calls in the room. My boyfriend played around with it for a while and found out that there were 4 pre-made settings; romance, party, business and relax. He instantly chose the romance setting, but we instantly regretted that! All of the lights turned red, the tv started showing images of cartoon love hearts with silly expressions on their faces and generic cheesy porno music started playing. We found the whole romance setting absolutely hilarious and ended up just turning the music and tv off and then leaving the lights on a pretty purple colour.

        This brings me to the bathroom area of the hotel. It is ridiculously hard to describe without showing you any photos, but it is simply a clouded glass cubicle in the room with a toilet and shower in it. The sink is outside of this cubicle. There is a curtain in the room which can be used to split the room in two so that there is a bit more privacy for changing, but this only comes up to the shower wall, instead of covering the whole area. We then found out that although the glass of the shower is clouded, you can see absolutely everything if the person showering stands close enough to the glass. That's fine for my boyfriend and I, but could you imagine if I had been with a friend or dare I say a parent?!

        Despite the very obvious sexual feel of the room and the size of it, we were more than happy to stay there. The rain shower was fantastic and the bed was huge, that was all we needed for a one night stay.

        I would like to mention the wake up call feature on the MoodPad. It doesn't matter which of the 4 wake up calls you choose, you will be woken up by what I can only describe as the sounds of a comedy fight scene from a movie. The lights also come on as soon as the wake up call does, which is a lot less than pleasant as there is a spotlight right above the bed!

        I think it's important to point out that each room only sleeps 2 people.

        Hotel Facilities
        This hotel doesn't have a swimming pool, spa or gym, but it does have some very unique features to it. Instead of having a small seating area in the reception, it has what CitizenM like to call living rooms. These are all open plan and are decorated like a very modern home. There are iMac computers available to use and books to read - I don't have much to say on this area of the hotel as we didn't spend any time there.
        There is also a cocktail bar which doubles up as a canteen during the day. Sadly there is no restaurant in the hotel, so the only food you'll be able to get from the hotel are the kinds of things you'd find in the To Go section at M&S, although there is a cooked breakfast available in the morning. This will cost £5 for as much as you fit onto your plate.

        The cocktail bar was great, we luckily managed to get all of our cocktails for 50% off because my boyfriend happened to know the barman - he really can go anywhere and find someone he knows, haha - but the cocktails weren't expensive even at full price. They were all made fresh infront of you and the service from the bar staff was excellent!

        We didn't really have many questions to ask the staff, but any questions we did have were answered fully and in a very friendly manner. The staff seemed to not only be happy to help with any queries, but they also seemed to really enjoy their job, which is always pleasant to be around!

        As this a high tech, budget hotel our stay only cost us £60 for the night. I think this is fabulous value for 2 people and would definitely stay there again! The prices in the canteen were a little steep for certain things (£2.50 bottle of vitamin water anyone?), but still weren't too expensive.
        It is also important to add that you pay for this hotel as you check in, instead of paying when you check out. To my knowledge, this is non-refundable and is the only downside of the hotel.

        My overall experience of this hotel was incredible and I can't wait to stay there again (February can't come soon enough!). Just remember to stay there with a partner instead of a family member or platonic friend, otherwise you may have a very awkward stay!

        Thank you for reading. Also, a quick thanks to anyone who has read or rated my previous reviews, you helped pay for the Brandon Flowers tickets :).


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