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Hotel George (Whitby)

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Address: Baxtergate / Whitby / North Yorkshire / YO21 1BN / Tel: 08432 893 947

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2011 14:45
      Very helpful



      A service spoilt by the rooms.

      Myself and my husband are lucky enough to get the chance to get away once or twice a year for a child free break, this due to very wonderful parents and a sister who has no problems moving into our house for said purpose, and yes we know how lucky we are!

      For the last couple of years we have visited York, but this year we decided we would go back to our beloved Whitby, but it seems that many others had the same idea for the same weekend, hence the reason we ended up staying in a B&B we wouldn't normally choose, but it's just somewhere to lay our heads right? Seems I have changed my views since the last time we stopped here!

      We decided (after a few phone calls, and coming to the conclusion "better the devil you know....."), that we would take the only room that was being offered at what we considered a reasonable price, and due to use having stayed there a few years previously we weren't unduly concerned about the room or area either.

      The George hotel and Rosie 'O' Grady bar, is situated very close to the harbour, making it reasonably central to most of the activities and amenities in the area, though in fairness the majority of the sight seeing/ drinking and dining areas are set along only a couple of roads anyway, so this is ideally located.

      This hotel would not be to everyone's tastes though, this is due in main part being attached to a late night nightclub, meaning hat the sound of people dancing and thumping music is still hearable well into the early hours of the morning, not something that ever bothered us last time, though a karaoke with a certain young lady murdering a Lady Gaga song at four am was not something I could ignore and sleep through!

      My experience -

      We arrived a good couple of hours before the two pm check in time, though after checking with the young man at the bar if we could get in our room any earlier he informed us we could, so now started the joy of trying to get our luggage from the centrally located car park at the back of the local Co-op, which unfortunately stood a good few streets away, you will be very lucky to find many places here that have nearby parking facilities, though this one of the few places that you also can't park by for the few minutes to dump the cases, so that was the first trial to overcome!

      Since we last stayed here the place has a so-called "million pound re-fit" (or something to that effect), with us even seeing them in the process of doing it, so were quietly optimistic at what we would find, with the first big thing being that they had actually had a reception desk made, the last time we came we had to stand at the bar during a football match to get our room keys, compete with luggage and a very tired best friend who came with her own bed set, not fun!

      The girl at reception was more than efficient and extremely friendly, and had us booked in within minutes of arriving and we were on our way.

      After going up the new staircase we were surprised to find that actually not at lot else seemed to have changed, there were still as many sets of stairs to go up, which even with them feeling a little dated décor wise, were always incredibly clean.

      Once we got to our room (and my 6ft 3" husband had nearly knocked himself unconscious on the deceptively low lying ceiling just outside of our room!), I was disappointed at the size of the room itself.

      As you walk in the bed is situated in the centre of the room (on it's raised area, this is I assume to stop the bed from moving and to stop random pieces of underwear getting stuck under it!), and seemed to take up the whole room.

      Not all the rooms in the hotel are en-suite, though thankfully I had bagged one for use, but even this was small, there was the obligatory sink and toilet, with a built in shower cube, though I was particularly dismayed to find that after dropping something on the floor in front of the sink, then bending down to pick it up, I inadvertently opened the bathroom door with my bum, my husband thought it was funny, I obviously didn't!

      On the upside of the reduced room space was the fact that everything was scrupulously clean, with there being fresh towels daily, and the tea and coffee facilities being replenished daily, and no expense spared with the things on offer, Nescafe and PG Tips, I do like the small luxuries!

      The décor of the room was again sparse and slightly dated, but again clean looking, with the only other big problem I had with the room was the window and view.

      The window just did not hand properly on the hinges, so I had to lift and slam to close the window enough to be able to lock it, on the other end was the fact you couldn't open the window very far, which was unfortunate due to it being quite warm the weekend we went away, coupe that with the small and stuffy room it was quite unpleasant at times.

      The view was more a view of another part of the building, with there being a nest of seagulls right outside of our window, and by god did you know they were there, couple that with a completely freaky looking owl someone had wedged into the corner of the guttering opposite our room, and it was more frightening than relaxing (the owl did make me jump after spotting it a day after we arrived, which again my husband found funny, but I didn't!).

      Food available consisted of a continental breakfast (which was included in the price of the room) but for a full English (which was included in the price of the room the last time we stayed there) is now an extra £5.00 per person, and has to be pre-ordered, needless to say we just didn't bother going down at all, so couldn't comment on the quality.

      Price wise we paid for what is deemed on the website as an "En-suite double" £240 for three nights bed and breakfast, there is a selection of other rooms available ranging from doubles, triples, family rooms and they do cater for hen and stag parties.

      For more information and prices visit - www.georgehotelwhitby.co.uk

      This is an ok hotel that would be ideal for a group of you, ie a hen do, where you are not that interested in anything other than drinking, but for a dirty weekend (which is what it was for me, ie no kids!) I would have liked a little more luxury.

      Thanks for reading x


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