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Hotel Hilton Stansted Airport (London)

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2 Reviews

Address: Round Coppice Road / Stansted CM24 1SF / United Kingdom

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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2012 14:19
      Very helpful



      Convenient and comfortable hotel

      I recently flew to Austria from Stansted Airport and as I am currently living about 4 hours drive from London I decided to stay at the Hilton Stansted for one night so that I would be able to get to the airport in time.

      When looking for a Stansted Airport hotel I compared a few prices online and they mostly seemed to be roughly similar. The two cheapest ones I found were Travelodge and the Hilton. I chose the Hilton because they have a swimming pool which I could use while hanging around there in the afternoon and evening before my flight. I paid £65.40 for a double room and breakfast.

      === Location and Airport Proximity===

      The hotel is extremely conveniently located for Stansted Airport. The address is Round Coppice Road
      London Stansted Airport, Stansted, England CM24 1SF and it was very easy to find it as it was basically the first thing we saw when following the signs into Stansted. We also put the postcode into the sat nav and had no problems at all.

      There is a large car park there, and you can have one hour of parking for free. This was sufficient for me to be dropped off. If you want long stay parking while you're on holiday then I assume there is a charge for this but as I didn't use it I can't say how much.

      It is very close to the airport and the hotel offers a shuttle bus, which leaves twice every hour. To reach the airport building it only took about 5 to 10 minutes at the most. There is a separate small charge of £2 to use this shuttle bus. I didn't really mind paying this as £2 is not really going to break the bank but I did hear a couple of people moaning that they had to pay it! The bus has plenty of space for suitcases and luggage as they obviously realise that everyone will have stuff with them.

      Despite being so close to the airport, I did not really hear any airport noises or overhead planes or anything while I was in the hotel. I wasn't disturbed in the slightest and I only really thought about this when I was leaving and waiting for the bus, when I saw a low flying plane overhead and it occured to me that I had not even heard anything!

      === Reception and Service ===

      Check in is supposed to be from 3 pm according to the information I got when I booked, but I ended up getting there over an hour earlier as I had been given a lift to the hotel. The receptionist allowed me to check in straight away as she found a room available, so I was pleased with that. The service was friendly and polite.

      In the evening I rang reception from the phone in the room just to check when the check out time was, and the person I spoke to was also extremely polite and gave me the info immediately.

      There was a survey about the stay in the room which I filled in as I thought I might as well, since I didn't really have anything better to do, and I was surprised to get a personal email back a few days later thanking me for my feedback and telling me that one of my answers (about a bedside lamp being broken) would be passed on. I thought this was good customer service and was more than I had expected!

      === Bedroom ===

      The room was pretty much what I was expecting. I would say it was quite a standard hotel room, being fairly spacious but without having anything fancy in it. The room was very clean and neat, with crisp white bedding.

      One thing I did really appreciate was that there was a fairly large desk area, as sometimes hotels only have small side tables and nowhere to work or write. I had to do some work to prepare English lessons for my classes that I would be teaching for two weeks at a summer camp, so I appreciated having some desk space to spread papers out and work without feeling too cramped.

      There was a TV mounted onto the wall which provided free TV channels as well as pay per view entertainment. I only watched the free TV and this was fine, but there was a slightly long winded menu to go through to get it.

      There are menus in the room providing information on food which is available to order to the room, most of it for 24 hours a day. Some of the prices were a bit expensive for what the food was, but there was a good choice and most of it looked quite nice. I didn't order anything from it. There was also a bottle of mineral water on the table, but this was labelled as being £3.95. Free teas (a few varieties), coffee, hot drinks making facilities and biscuits were in the room as I was satisfied with that.

      Other facilities provided in the room were a hair drier, which was okay but very small and not really powerful, an alarm clock (which I didn't use as I had my phone), a landline, Bible, notebook and pen...

      === Bathroom ===

      The bathroom was also quite typical - nice, clean and fresh but nothing really out of the ordinary.

      I had a shower over the bath as well as a large wash basin. The shower was fairly powerful and the temperature was easy to control.

      There were plenty of fresh white towels and information stating that towels left on the floor will be removed and cleaned, whereas if they are hung up you are assumed to want to use them again, as with a lot of hotels to save water.

      Toiletries were also provided, including a shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face soap and shower gel. Oddly they didn't actually provide a hand soap, so I had to wash my hands using either the shower gel or face soap (which was a solid bar). The toiletries are all from Peter Thomas Roth, as he was commissioned to design some products especially for all Hilton Hotels about a year or so ago. I wasn't keen on the shampoo as it left my hair really dry and frizzy. I didn't use the conditioner as I had my own Aussie one with me so I gave it away. The shower gel was really nice and smelled gorgeously refreshing. It had little beads in it which pop when rubbed into the skin. The face soap and body lotion were quite nice too.

      There was hardly any toilet paper in my room - the end of the roll had been folded into a point so clearly someone had checked it, but hadn't thought to give another roll even though it was nearly empty! There were also tissues in a dispenser on the wall and I used quite a few of these as I had a cold. The tissus were 1 ply and quite rough, so after using a few they really irritated my skin.

      === General Hotel Facilities ===

      WIFI Internet is available in the reception, but to use it in your room you have to buy a data package. I did not use this as I didn't have my laptop with me but I did think it would have been nice to have free WIFI in the room! Still, at least with it being freely available in the lobby that is better than nothing.

      The hotel has a gym and swimming pool. I used the pool in the afternoon. There is one "large" pool as well as a jacuzzi and a smaller pool area for young children. There is also a sauna. I put inverted commas around the large, as the pool was much smaller than I had hoped for! I wasn't expecting an Olympic sized pool, but this one was a little bit disappointing as it was shallow everywhere, so wherever I was in the pool I was able to stand up. The length of it was also pretty short, so it was a case of swimming a few lengths and then nearly needing to turn around again, giving the feeling of a big fish swimming in a little goldfish bowl! Still, I did appreciate the fact that they had a pool at all as at least it gave me something to do. It was not massively busy, but a few people did come in while I was in there. Due to the small size, the pool feels very cramped once you have 4 or 5 people in it.

      I was disappointed and really surprised to see that the changing rooms for the pool were completely open and communal. I haven't encountered changing rooms like that for years! All pools and gyms I go to have cubicles, which is what I regard as the norm. I am not really comfortable with communal nudity in a changing room, and considering this is a pool at an airport which is obviously going to have people from different countries and cultures I think they should be more understanding of the fact that different people are going to have very different attitudes to getting changed in public and they should provide some cubicles. I did get changed there as I didn't have much choice. Lockers are provided and you need a coin for this (can't remember the amount but I think a £1 coin).

      === Breakfast ===

      The breakfast is served from very early in the morning for those with early flights and goes on until much later in the morning. It is not included in the room price, so when you reach the dining room someone will check your room number.

      It is a typical buffet style but there is a small level of service, such as a waiter will ask if you want tea, coffee, juice etc and bring some over. The buffet includes the usual full English cooked breakfast, including vegetarian options along with the usual bacon and sausages. There are hash browns, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, various eggs etc. You can also get pancakes cooked freshly for you. At the cold part there is plenty of cereal, pastries, fruit, toast, bread rolls, muffins and the usual items. You can top up your own fresh juice as much as you want too. I liked everything that I tried from the breakfast and I definitely think it was worth paying for it, as I think I added about £6 to my bill to get the breakfast and I definitely got my value for money when you consider a coffee, juice and a pastry in the airport at the likes of Costa would cost that much if not more, and at the breakfast buffet I ate more to fill myself up because I would miss lunch.

      === Overall ===

      It is not exactly a luxury hotel but if you are flying from Stansted Airport and you need somewhere to stay then I would have no problem in recommending this.

      The service, rooms, food and facilities and good and I was pretty much satisfied with everything. The main annoyances were that the pool is so shallow and the changing room is communal, but at least the hotel had swimming which is more than the other airport hotels at Stansted could offer.


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      03.10.2009 12:54
      Very helpful



      A brilliant choice if you want good quality and price and a brilliant start or end to your holiday!

      This hotel is fantastic. I have never been in a hotel better (apart from the Radisson SAS hotel at Stansted). This hotel is really moden and looks extremely nice from the inside and outside. It's in a very good location, you can see the planes take-off out of the window, but they are not too close so you can't sleep at night. Busses run regualy to the terminal building at Stansted from right outside the front doors of the hotel and only take 10 minutes. I have stayed a night in the Hilton Hotel at Stansted twice and both times were excellent, the room was very clean and tidy on arrival both times and one of the best things about this hotel is that you can never get bored here, partly because of the swimming pool. The breakfasts are very good quality and the breakfast room in this hotel is not cramped at all. This hotel ticks all the boxes. I highly recommend this hotel if you want good quality and price and a brilliant start or end to your holiday!


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