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Hotel Ibis (Southampton Centre)

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2 Reviews
  • Free wifi
  • Not too great
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    2 Reviews
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      25.07.2014 20:20
      Very helpful


      • "Free wifi"


      • "Not too great"

      A just ok hotel

      About a month ago I went to Southampton to see Dirty Dancing the musical with my mum and anty and this meant we needed to find a hotel for the night. We booked quite late for us, only a month before arriving and although our first choice was the Novotel we couldn't as it was fully booked, therefore we chose the Ibis as it was basically in the same convenient location and it was only for a night anyway.

      I had not stayed in this chain of hotels before and wasn't sure what to expect so upon arrival I was very surprised to see it had only two stars considering it looked so nice inside. When we entered the Ibis it looked like a really lovely hotel and the downstairs bar and reception area made it look up to date and very modern. We arrived before check in time so the staff very kindly took our bags to the luggage room and off we went to go shopping.

      After spending most of the day in town we returned to the hotel around half past three to check in and this was very quick and easy. We had booked two rooms and although we said we were not bothered they did give us two rooms with a connecting door which was convenient for us.

      After checking in we collected our bags and got the lift to head up to our rooms. As the doors of the lifts opened upstairs I couldn't believe how different and cheap looking the upstairs of the hotel was. To get to our room we followed a faded red and green carpet with poppies down the centre and it looked awful and reminded me of the Wizard of Oz!!

      When I walked in my room I was surprised at how small it was and there wasn't much floor space other than enough room to walk around the bed. It was a clean room although there was a penny I picked up from under the bed which they must've missed as it wasn't mine, (it is now!!) The bed was a double bed and just for myself and I thought it was quite comfy to sleep in although my mum did say she didn't find the bed in her room very comfortable at all. At the end of the bed there was a flat screen television on the wall, personally I'm not keen on televisions at the ends of beds but it was a good working television anyway and it was good enough for the short time I was there. There was a large mirror outside the bathroom which was useful but nowhere near a table if you were to put on make up. Near the window there was a kettle and two cups with tea, coffee etc. but I don't tend to drink hot drinks when I am away so my mum pinched them for her room. They were placed on a large table in front of the window with a chair and a place for luggage which was nice to put clothes on but I didn't really use the table or chair. There wasn't a bin under the table like most hotels I have stayed in though and only one in the bathroom which was a little annoying so I just threw rubbish on the floor until I got up to go to the bathroom (I know, that is lazy, especially as it's only on the other side of the bed!)

      The bathroom was pretty basic but it was clean and good enough for its purposes. There was a bath / shower, toilet and sink and it was quite spacey inside. I had no problems with the shower however next door my anty was getting frustrated with the shower curtain which apparently kept getting in the way and as a result she had a massive puddle on the floor from pushing it away so many times. The bathroom had two towels, one smaller towel and a massive towel. This was fine for me but my mum came and took one of my towels as there wasn't really enough in her room for two people (especially when one is over the soaking wet floor!)

      One thing that did frustrate me about the room was the location of the plugs, my mobile was seriously low on battery and however much I wanted to have my phone on the bedside table it wasn't happening as the plug felt like miles away. I ended up putting it on the windowsill to charge and whenever I wanted to know the time at night I had to get up to go and see. That is not convenient. The one thing I really liked about the hotel is that there was free Wifi and not just for half an hour like some places, for a day. Whenever I go away I am always desperate to access the internet but I can never find free wifi so I was far too excited to find out that I could use the internet there. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching YouTube without having to worry about a penny, perfect.

      The following morning we checked out early to do some more shopping and I was pleasantly surprised not to be able to smell burnt toast in the lift (I hate that smell in the mornings!) We checked out and asked for our luggage to be stored whilst we went to the shops and was told that it would cost us £2 per piece of luggage as we were not technically staying in the hotel anymore. This really frustrated us and we couldn't believe they would actually charge for that reason when they don't if you ask before you check in. I have been to many hotels and not one of them has had the audacity to charge to keep bags after checking out.

      Overall I think this hotel is mediocre, there are good points and bad points about it but I don't know that I would choose to stay here again if there was a choice. The one thing I did think upon arrival though is, if this hotel is only two stars I dread to think what the budget ibis is like?!


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      30.03.2010 17:56
      Very helpful



      A normally reliable and economic hotel in the Accor Ibis chain

      I have been a big fan of Accor hotels and in particular the Ibis brand, for many years. When we visit France, which is never often enough for my liking, their hotels are the first ones we seek out, by virtue of their established quality and value for money.

      Being a French company, it is understandable that their presence in the UK is not as extensive as it is in France but the number of their hotels is expanding, and not just under the Ibis brand but also under the others, such as Novotel, Mercure and Etap. In Southampton, where my daughter is temporarily based due to her attending Southampton University, Accor has three hotel brands on a single site close to the West Quay shopping mall and the new IKEA.

      So far, when we have been visiting, we have stayed at the Ibis. Although we live less than an hour away, if we are celebrating an event at a local restaurant for instance, a drive home afterwards is probably not a good idea. The most recent stay though, gave some cause for concern that maybe standards are slipping a bit, at least at this hotel.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about drastic problems suddenly emerging. Our room on the third floor was as comfortable, well-maintained and spotlessly clean as ever; if there had been problems in this respect my reactions would have been considerably different. I'm certainly not prepared to put up with slovenly attention to maintaining bedrooms in a presentable and acceptable state. In that respect there can be no such criticism here.

      Although different from hotel to hotel in the detail, in general Ibis hotel rooms adhere to a corporate standard of colour and style. Ibis does not believe in drawers or wardrobe doors it seems. Although there is adequate storage for your clothes, at least for a short stay, all this is on open shelves and hanging spaces. At least it is pretty clear that it would be difficult to leave anything behind by accident.

      The bathrooms here are of a decent size and all seem to feature a bath with a proper shower over the end for those who, like me, prefer showers to baths. Perhaps the towels are not a big and fluffy as you get in the more luxurious brands of hotel but they do the job.

      However, should you want to watch a bit of TV in your room, this is an area where this hotel falls down. An LCD flat screen TV is fixed to the wall at the end of the bed but it isn't a widescreen TV, just a standard old 4:3 type, so black bands top and bottom of the screen reduce the actual area devoted to the broadcast picture.

      OK, so maybe we can put up with that. What is unacceptable, however, is the quality of the picture displayed. It always seems to be broken up, shadowy or snowy and, when you report this to Reception, they are forever blaming the weather affecting the aerial! This has been going on for as long as we have been using this hotel and still nothing is done about it! How much does it cost to fix an aerial? Not that the range of programmes available is that extensive anyway!

      The floors in the hotel are served by a single lift and this jolts disturbingly when arriving at any floor! It's always been like this so, whether it's an unfixable problem is questionable. I'm sure it's not unsafe but I would just rather prefer a smooth ride!

      Nevertheless, we got a good night's sleep, undisturbed by the traffic noise from the main dockside road although admittedly, we did have the windows shut! Awakening not too early in the morning we started the day with a cup of tea from the supplied in-room refreshment making facilities, before venturing down to breakfast.

      Here, though, was the major disappointment of our visit. The breakfast area alongside the bar was full of tables covered with the detritus of previous guests, still not cleared away. If that wasn't bad enough, there was a general lack of clean cutlery and crockery and shortages of actual breakfast items as well. Copies of the morning's papers were left on deserted tables.

      The problem seemed to be a complete lack of adequate numbers of employees to attend to ensuring that the breakfast area was kept clean, well supplied and available for guests. In fact, there seemed to be just one poor guy trying to do everything. Just trying to track him down was a problem. We resorted to trying to get Reception to get it sorted.

      We have stayed here a few times and this was, admittedly, the first time that things were quite clearly not as they should be so I have to assume that, for whatever reason, the hotel was, during our visit, simply understaffed.

      The last thing that annoyed me was, as we were leaving, we were charged £3 for overnight stay in the hotel's own private car park. This is the first time we have ever been charged for parking at this hotel and I really can't see any justification for it other than that they are adopting the "Ryanair" approach of charging for each and every extra! Luckily we weren't charged for using the loo!

      As always, Accor like to get feedback on your visit and I received an email from an outside organisation inviting me to complete their survey. Unfortunately their website-based system was screwed up and so I resorted instead to writing directly to Accor itself. I sent them a detailed report on the problems we had found, not seriously expecting them to pay any attention but, to their credit, I got a reply very quickly, from their Customer Relations organisation.

      Acknowledging our concerns and apologising for the inconvenience we had experienced, they offered us a free stay at the hotel when convenient to us, and promised to look into these issues and to address them. I like it when an organisation pays attention to criticism and takes it as an opportunity to improve itself rather than ignore or, worse, reject criticism out-of-hand with ridiculous excuses. It's for reasons like this that I continue to use Accor despite these relatively infrequent hiccough.

      The stay, for the two of us, cost £65.90 for the two of us, including breakfast, which, in normal circumstances, I would consider good value for money.


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