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Hotel The Lord Hill (Shrewsbury)

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Location: Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 6AX

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2011 19:53
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      Don't stay here!!

      I actually wrote this review ages ago, but forgot to put it up!

      Last summer, as some of you may know, I went on a cruise holiday. Because the nearest pick-up point for us (for the feeder coach to take us to the port in Southampton) was Telford (around 70 miles away), and was leaving early in the morning, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to stay the night in a hotel which was close (or at least closer to the pick-up point than if we would have had to set off on the journey on the morning, which would risk missing the ship. So we decided to stay at a hotel.

      We had originally wanted to stay at The Shrewsbury Hotel which is a kind of 'Wetherspoons', although it was fully booked, and as we were doing a bit of last minute booking, we struggled to found somewhere. Eventually we did find a place to stay for the night; The Lord Hill Hotel.

      The Lord Hill Hotel is a hotel situated in the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury. The hotel is located within approximately fifteen minutes from the town centre.

      Before visiting, I had heard of this hotel (and apparently it was very posh), although I had never actually been there. So, I was expecting a very posh hotel. I was really looking forward to staying the night there, especially as I would be going on my cruise the next day!

      Upon arrival, we were greeted by a strange looking building. Ok, I will rephrase that; it wasn't so much that it looked strange, just not what I had expected from a posh hotel; I had expected something a bit more grander.

      We arrived at about 7 o' clock in the evening. I remember dragging our suitcases from the town, and because we had been dropped off by a family member, who had to go back for more family members, we brought all of the cases with us, and so two of us had about four cases which wasn't very easy.

      There was a wedding going on at the time when we arrived (I think it was the 'inbetween' bit of the wedding breakfast and wedding party, as they seemed to be hanging around. Because we had to walk and push our way through the crowd, I felt as though we were gate crashing the wedding.

      We then sat in the hotel lounge whilst we waited for the other members to arrive. Once everyone had arrived we went to the reception to check in. Check in was ok and the receptionist was proffessional and helpful, although we had requested rooms close together, we weren't given this, and it was too late to change as there was no other rooms. Also, when one of the members of our group had rang up to book, the receptionist wasn't very nice, and when we requested if we could have a room for three (double bed and a sofa bed - like you get in every other hotel) the receptionist said 'you can't have 3 people in a room' really horribly!

      I was a bit confused when the receptionist said, 'Your rooms are across the car park'. So off we went across the car park, although we were a little bit confused as we had to go outside and it seemed as though we were going away from the hotel, rather than towards our room in the hotel. So, we went back to ask again, and were informed that we would be staying in 'The Lodge'.

      So we had been given the impression that we would be staying in this 'grand' (apparently...) hotel, when in fact we were staying in a lodge. It looked more like staff accommodation than the grand hotel it was boasting about.

      Slightly disappointed, I didn't let this put me off too much as I was by this point extremely excited that in the morning I was going on holiday!

      The hotel itself has 12 rooms in the hotel, and 24 in the lodge, although they would have you believe that the hotel has thirty six bedrooms! Each bedroom has ; an ensuite bathroom, freeview tv, tea and coffee facilities ,hairdryer and direct dial telephone (very handy especially if there are a group of you staying!)

      When we walked into the lodge, there were old tatty sofas in like a porch. There were also some 'room service' trays which had been left there (which looked as though they had been there a long time).

      Now that we had found our lodge, we had to find our rooms. The corridors were very very narrow (not just a little bit narrow, but very narrow) and they didn't look inviting at all. If you had met someone in the corridor, I think that you would have had to reverse, as there was no room to turn round let alone pass someone in the corridor. The corridors were very long and narrow and were not decorated. I felt really claustraphobic.

      As I was walking down these long corridors trying to find my room, all I could think about was how it reminded me of a ship (it's narrow corridors, and there were pipes and things which just reminded me of the lower class part of the Titanic, in the movie the Titanic). And as I myself was going on a ship for two weeks, all I could think about was 'I really hope that the ship is not like this, otherwise I am going to be really claustrophobic - thank goodness the ship was fantastic and not at all like this hote. The ship was much more granderl).

      When we eventually found our room (I was sharing with my sister), while it looked a pleasant little room and quite cosy. It did look a bit tatty, compared to the grand hotel room I was expecting. However, I told myself, at least it is only the one night.

      The walls were very thin- you could hear the people talking in the rooms next door/above/below, although luckily this was earlier on in the evening, and did not stop us from sleeping.

      There was a good supply of teas/coffes/ and hot chocolate which I was happy about. Although we weren't given much milk and so I had used up all the milk in just one cup of tea which was annoying. (I know I sound really picky now!! I'm normally very easily pleased!)

      We had a hair-dryer which was quite old and tatty and looked as though it might break at any time.

      It seemed to me as though they perhaps updated the hotel and transfered all the old and tatty stuff to the lodge!

      We didn't know what to do for dinner. We looked at the menu but it looked a bit pricey and there wasn't really much of a choice on there (we are fussy! hehe!) - around £12-20 for a main course and around £5 for a desert. We wouldn't have minded if we were out for a meal, but as we would be out every night eating 'posh nosh' for the next two weeks, we did not think that it was worth forking a lot of money. So, after some discussion, me and my sister decided to go to the 'as-much-as-you-can-eat buffet which was much cheaper and tasty!

      When we returned to the hotel at around 10pm, the wedding party was going on, and so the hotel was still very much alive. So we went to the lounge which despite being able to hear the wedding music, was quite quiet, and so we had a couple of pleasant drinks in there. Staff here were very pleasant too.

      We had a window (now I like my fresh air) and so this was an important factor for me especially as it was a hot summer's evening. Unfortunately, the window only opened a tiny bit due to safety reasons, although after some though, I realised that it would open wider, but first you had to 'unhook' the chain which proved to be a difficult task, but I got there in the end.

      The beds (we had a twin room, so two single beds) were old looking and not very comfy, which was annoying. (The next night however, I had the best night's sleep ever as my bed on the ship was absolutely fantastic, the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in!). The beds in this room were the kind of 'old hard beds' that you don't seem to get these days.

      The bathroom was ok, but I found a couple of hairs in the bath (now I am not one of these people who goes looking for complaints, but these just couldn't be missed), which put me off a little, as it made me wonder had the bath actually been cleaned since the previous people. There was shampoo and soap provided. The sink are was nice and large, and the lighting was good too.

      I was disappointed that we had been put in the lodge, especially as we had paid around £50, and so had expected a much nicer room, and not a place where you had to breathe in while you squoze down the narrow corridor to get out.
      I would not recommend this lodge at all and would have much rather have been in the hotel itself. If you book this hotel, make sure you check that you are actually staying in the hotel and not in the 'shoddy part of the hotel'.

      We didn't have any meals there, although there were vending machines in the lodge, although the things in them were priced very expensively, and so I didn't want to waste my holiday spending money, on something costing £3-4 here which would probably cost less than a £1 elsewhere. A huge rip off!

      I think that the price paid was very poor value for money, especially as it is the same price to stay in the hotel!

      By the time I woke up the next morning, I could not wait to leave this so-called-hotel! Oh yes, and the room-service trays that we saw on the way in were still there when we left, along with more dirty trays!!Although, having worked in a hotel myself, I can't really blame the cleaners/housekeepers as 1) they were probably busy and 2)things like these are usually management's fault for not organising their staff efficiently (I'm not saying that was the problem...but it's a possibility)

      Although we didn't need to use the car park, as we didn't have a car, the car park was very big with plenty of parking spaces.

      I would not recommend this hotel! I wouldn't have minded so much if we had paid around £20, but to think that we were paying the same price as a room in the hotel (£50), I expected a lot more!!

      I will definately not be returning!

      Thanks for reading!
      March 31st 2011
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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