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Hotel Waverley (Whitehaven)

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Address: 13-14 Tangier Street / Whitehaven / Cumbria / CA28 7UX / United Kingdom / Tel: 01946 694337

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2010 18:31
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      For a quick stop over night or 2 nights, this beats premier inn

      It was the last weekend of January. My mate was turning 30. He invited a number of us to Whitehaven, where he lives, to celebrate. Naturally with myself and other friends living in Telford this is a 4 hour drive, so we decided we would need a hotel for Saturday night, in order to rest before beginning the drive back Sunday afternoon.
      The closest hotel was a Premier Inn, unfortunately it was fully booked, so my friend set about finding another hotel with 2 twin rooms for the 4 of us. He came across he The Waverley Hotel (Whitehaven Ltd). The rooms were reasonably priced at £70 for a twin with en-suite (all of us being nearly 30 or just over we like the little luxuries of en-suite, although we are happy to share rooms to keep the price down. This place sounded perfect, after all £35 pound each for a bed and an en-suite bathroom, that's all we would need. Not only that we also had breakfast included, although we were pretty sure we wouldn't get it, after all we've never done a weekend away, where we would be up more than 15 mins before check out time (especially after a big night out on the Saturday). Checkout time at the Waverley is 11am, and breakfast finishes at 10am.
      After programming in the hotels address to the Sat Nav on Saturday lunch time we headed off. 4 hours later we reached Whitehaven and managed to navigate the one way system to find the hotel. It is set back from the main road on the right hand side, if you're not careful you can miss it. Right in front of the building is a car park for about 8 cars, 4 on each side. It is a little cramped on there and even though it was easy to park, if it was full it would be a nightmare to reverse out of. However I wasn't leaving until Sunday morning so I expected the majority of the vehicles to have left by the time I would be going.
      After parking and grabbing our bags we went into the hotel, from the outside it looks quite nice, more of a guest house though in the centre of Whitehaven. We went to reception to check in. We could see it was a warm, cosy type of place and a bar through in the other room (always a good start). Check in was easy, one person had to sign in and note down the car registration number, we got given our keys and told about breakfast. Each room key had 2 keys. The first was the same on all rings which was to get into the hotel at night. They lock the door late at night, and as we knew we would be out until some ungodly hour this meant we could easily get back in. It also ensure the hotel was kept secure from the night club leavers at around 2am. The second key was the room key, which obviously meant we had a nice secure room. Again this gave a homely, guest house feel to the hotel, without it being one of those credit card style keys.
      We dropped our bags off, then quickly went out. At 2:30ish am we came back, easily got into the hotel with the key, went to bed. Needing the toilet at some unknown hour of the morning with a bit of an alcohol affected stomach, I noticed the en-suite was actually quite nice. We are not talking about one of these vinyl covered floors, all very clinical, but more like a home bathroom. There was a thin pile carpet, good size bath, toilet and sink. None of the grease paper toilet paper that can be bought cheaply, but in fact a top quality thick toilet paper ( a little too thick for me and I like comfy toilet paper (read my Andrex review)). To me this really just made me feel comfy, and relaxed. The only complaint I had sharing a room with a friend, was the en-suite door was a sliding door with no lock, although naturally being sensible people we could tell that if the other wasn't in the room, they were likely in the loo.
      In the morning we got up, got ready and went down to check out, at about 11:05am. The person on reception (I guess the owner) was very pleasant, she was happy about our 2 other friends in the other room who would be about 15 more minutes (I have known some hotels be really rigid about check out times). She took payment and asked if we had made breakfast, when we said we hadn't she offered us bacon sarnies, and let us go through to the bar. This I thought was an absolutely fantastic touch. I wasn't expecting any breakfast, however to offer us bacon sarnies when we hadn't been up in time for breakfast, all included in the price, it just adds the above and beyond feeling to the service.
      Overall this hotel was really pleasant t stay at, it gave that homely feeling where the staff would do anything to help you out. I think this would be an ideal place to stay for a few days if touring that area of Cumbria, it certainly would be more friendly than a Premier Inn and to be fair the price is pretty good. From looking at the website they do family rooms as well as the typical doubles, twins and singles.


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