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Hotels in Swindon in general

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    2 Reviews
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      14.11.2008 12:17
      Very helpful



      Good for food, over night stays and spending time with your family.

      I'm going to split this review into a four parts:
      Overnight Stays
      Leisure Club

      -Overnight Stays-

      I've stayed at the Swindon Marriott, as well as other Marriott's in the UK, quite a few times and the one thing that I will say for it is that it's consistent. You always know what you're getting with a Marriott hotel and it never disappoints.

      The basic hotel room contains the following:
      Double Bed
      Ensuite Bathroom with bathtub and shower
      Tea and coffee making facilities
      Trouser Press
      Mini bar

      You can get suites that have additional seating area's and extra televisions.

      Hotel guests have access to the leisure club, room service and you can have breakfast either brought to your room or in the restaurant.

      My review of staying over at the Swindon Marriott:
      I think that the Swindon Marriott is one of the best Marriotts to stay at. I always really enjoy staying at a Marriott hotel because the rooms are comfortable and have all of the little extra's that I like but I enjoy staying at the Swindon Marriott in particular.
      It's location is wonderful. It's quite convenient to get into the town centre and it's close to Swindon's old town which I always really enjoy looking around but more importantly the grounds are beautiful. Sitting in a room in the Marriott and looking out of the window it sometimes feels like you're in the middle of the country side. They have large grounds, surrounded by trees and you would never know that you were so close to a main road.
      The rooms at the Swindon Marriott are always cleaned to a high standard and I have always had really positive experiences with the cleaning staff who are really friendly and always eager to help you, whether you need a clean towel or you forgot your toothbrush they are always really helpful.
      Like in all hotels the mini bar is extremely over priced and not in my opinion worth paying for.
      The rooms are well maintained and modern. My only complaint is that I never seem to be able to get enough light in my room, but I think that is the same with all hotels, not just the Swindon Marriott.
      Overall I would highly recommend staying overnight at the Swindon Marriott. The rooms are comfortable and clean, the staff are pleasant and polite and the breakfast is always very tasty, regardless of if you have it in your bedroom or in the restaurant.

      -Leisure Club-
      I've been a member of the Swindon Marriott Leisure Club a number of times. The gym is very well equipped, even if not particularly large. Although the gym does get busy I always seem to be able to get on the equippment. I think that there's a good range of weight lifting equipment and cardio machines for such a small gym but it can't really compare to its competitors because it is such a small gym.
      There is also a swimming pool which is a little bit on the small side. The problem with the swimming pool is that it is small and if you go at the wrong time of day it will be filled with children. The leisure club is a good family deal and I would highly recommend it to those of you with children but if like me you just want to excercise and use the sauna then I would probably suggest joining a gym instead. If you go at the right time of day the pool is usually pretty empty but you should try and avoid any kind of water aerobics class but the pool is so small that you won't be able to swim in the tiny area that they leave you.
      The leisure club also has a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

      Located in the leisure club are a beauty salon and hairdressers which I have used and highly recommend. I'm going to review the hairdressers seperately because I had such a great experience there and it is actually seperate to the hotel, it's just on hotel grounds.

      The bar at the Swindon Marriott is very comfortable. There are tables that are located in little hidden area's if like me you like to have some privacy when you eat. Generally you will find the bar full of a mixture of people; business people staying at the hotel, families from the leisure club and local people.
      The bar is not cheap but it does do some really good food.
      The service is generally quite good and the employees are friendly and polite but it can be quite slow. Sometimes it takes a while to be served and when it's quiet in the bar there aren't always people standing behind it so sometimes you have to wait for them.
      You can sit in the bar and watch people in the swimming pool which is good if you have family in the pool and want to watch while enjoying a drink or something to eat but I personally don't like being in the pool knowing that people in the bar can see you.

      I visited the restaurant recently for their Sunday lunch and it was wonderful!
      They do a cavary with at least three different meats, a vegetarian options, lots of options for starters and deserts and of course vegetablse and potatoes to go with the meat.
      I was really impressed the amount of food and the range of food.
      The quality of the food was excellent.
      The service was good. There were always plenty of waiting staff around to clear plates and get you drinks. They were all very friendly and polite.

      As you can probably tell from my review, I really like the Swindon Marriott. I think the location is good, it's in good repair, the decor is nice, the service is good, the leisure club is great for families and staying there is always a pleasure.


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        30.08.2000 03:59
        Very helpful



        Located just outside Swindon in the village of Purton, The Pear Tree at Purton is a small hotel located in a converted rectory. Originally opened just over 10 years ago by a couple with impressive hotel industry credentials, the hotel has grown from initially being a restaurant to the current 18 rooms. The emphasis is firmly and squarely on lokking after the customer - not "customer service" or any other industry hype, but actually genuinely looking after the customer. After 3 solid months of staying in various hotels in and around Swindon, I can honestly say it's the only hotel where all of the staff were genuinely friendly, and genuinely pleased to help, all of the time. The small size of the hotel, and the uniquely helpful attitude of the staff set it apart from the rest, as do several other touches. Each room has it's own character, and is named after a person associated with the Pear Tree over it's history. The ethos of being different continues when you get to the room; a decanter of sherry, a bowl of fruit, a bottle of mineral water, biscuits and mints are all included in the room price, and there's no feeling that the hotel are trying to screw every last penny out of you. Yes, the hotel is not "cheap", but the price is the same as every other business hotel in the area, and the quality is far in excess of the others, in every regard. They even provide a copy of the Radio Times in each room, so you can plan your viewing (no pay-TV, but several satellite channels, including 2 movie channels - again, no extra charge). A review of the Pear Tree at Purton would not be complete without mentioning the restaurant. The food is simply superb, and far better even that "name" London Restaurants like the Conran Coast. A fixed price (notice a theme here?) menu offers a wide choice of contemporary British cuisine. Good food, solid, sensible food, but wildly imaginative too. In short, a hotel
        where you really can relax, where the staff genuinely care about *you* personally, and where the quality of everything is absolutely first rate. Am I raving about the place? Yes, but as I'm a fussy so-and-so, I'm confident you'll rave after a stay there. And no, I'm not on paybacks for this review!


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