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Ibis (London Euston)

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    8 Reviews
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      30.01.2014 20:33



      Perfect for a short stay in London

      My girlfriend and I were in London for the weekend last summer, and decided to stay here.
      We traveled to London by train, and this hotel is situated directly beside Euston Station, which was ideal.
      So we made the short walk across the wrote, and were greeted by very pleasant and helpful staff. Good manners always go along way with me, as it costs nothing to be pleasant.
      We were then given the keys to our room, and made our way up.
      First impressions of the room were exactly what you would expect, very basic, but very clean and tidy.
      Also I would add, that despite been situated beside a train station, the noise was very minimal overnight, and we both slept very well.
      The cost was very very reasonable aswell.
      Everything you need for a short stay.
      We also had a telly with multiple channels, which was an added bonus.
      The restaurant also looked nice, but we didn't eat there, so i therefore cannot comment on how the food was.
      All in all, it was a great stay, and the staff were brilliant. Would definately stay there again!!


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      26.12.2009 19:35
      Very helpful



      Standard chain hotel close to Euston and Kings Cross

      Although I am usually to be heard extolling the virtues of hostels and small private hotels, I have of late found myself increasingly turning to Accor hotels. Admittedly I do look at their cheaper chains first but I have managed to get myself some reasonable rates at some of their mid-priced hotels too. The same rooms can be available at several different rates and differ according to certain conditions. You'll get the best rate if you are prepared to pay fully in advance and risk losing your payment if you cancel.

      This is how we managed to pay a, not unreasonable, rate of £63 for a double room at Ibis Euston on a Saturday in late November. The standard rate advertised outside the hotel is £129 so this represents a good saving.

      Although we were traveling into and out of Kings Cross we were happy enough to stay at Euston as the hotel is right beside Euston mainline and tube stations and only a ten minute walk from Kings Cross/St. Pancras. There's a handy little short cut from the main station concourse onto Melton Street which saves you having to walk down to Euston Road and across the gardens to get into the station. Despite the proximity of the station it's a fairly quiet location which I found surprising.

      The hotel has a large airy foyer with one or two places to sit but it's really a large entrance area off which is the restaurant "La Table" (which we did not use during our stay). We had booked online and our confirmation email stated that check in was available from 12.00 noon. However we arrived at around 11.30 a.m. in the hope that we could either check in early or at least leave our luggage and check in later. Unfortunately there was only one person on the reception desk so we had to wait fifteen minutes while the receptionist took what seemed to be an unnecessarily long time to check in two couples. In fact she still hadn't finished when another member arrived and called us over to the desk. He told us that check in was not until 12 o'clock but when I pointed out that we had waited almost twenty minutes and wished only to leave our bags, he decided to let us check in.

      (Note - what seemed to be taking so long was that the couples were paying for their rooms with cash in which case the hotel requests an additional cash payment of £15 per day per room which is refunded at check out. If you intend to pay cash and don't have a credit card this might be useful to bear in mind as you cannot check in until you have paid this).

      We were disappointed to find that our room was at the end of the corridor closest to the lift which means that everyone on that corridor has to walk past your room to get to their own. However, someone has to have this room, this time was our turn.

      The room was fairly small but we had expected that; it was, however, perfectly fine for a one night stay. There was minimal furniture but enough space to hang a few clothes and to stow the bags away. The television was a flat screen which was on the wall right at the end of the bed. I found it a little intrusive being right at the end of the bed but there wasn't really anywhere else for it.

      The en suite bathroom was small but spotlessly clean; it had a small bath tub with a shower above it. There was no extractor fan and although the bathroom was not damp, it took a long time after a shower for the mirror to de-fog. There were two woefully inadequate towels, bigger than hand towels but hardly approaching the size of bath towels.

      Although there is a computer socket by the desk/dressing table, the lighting in that part of the room isn't particularly suited to doing any work. For those visitors without computers there is a keyboard and mouse provided in the room for use in conjunction with the internet which can be accessed through the television service (there is an additional charge for this).

      Tucked in the wardrobe there was a kettle and a drinks tray which comprised two tiny servings of UHT milk, a couple of teabags and four coffee sachets.

      There was less noise from other guests than we'd expected during the night though we could hear the lifts whirring away into the early hours. At six o'clock the fire alarm went off which was unfortunate as I wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing as the room was so hot and I could find no way of making it cooler. The window opened only slightly and this provided virtually no relief. Fortunately the alarm stopped after about fifteen seconds so the panic was short-lived although I did put on some clothing in case it happened again.

      We'd chosen not to eat breakfast at the hotel but it was available and priced at £6.95 had we wished to. You can pay on the day if you haven't already done so. There are plenty of cafes in the area where you can eat breakfast more cheaply which is what we intended to do.

      As we had paid in advance all we needed to do was place our key card in the box beside the reception desk in order to check out. We might have left our bags in the luggage room until it was time to catch our train but we had very little to carry.

      Ibis Euston compares favourably with other branches of the chain I have stayed in. The rooms are basic but comfortable and I was impressed with the standard of cleanliness. It's a useful location for several mainline train stations and only a twenty minute walk from the west end if you prefer not to use the bus or underground. There's very little in the way of additional facilities but chances are if you're a tourist in London you aren't going to be in the hotel very much. There are two terminals in reception for internet access but there are internet cafes in the area which will be much cheaper.

      Highly recommended but not at the standard rate. My advice would be to take a look at the Accor website and see if you can take advantage of the prices there. In addition, booking through a cashback website such as Topcashback.co.uk will gain you a few Pounds back too.


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        22.11.2009 19:45
        Very helpful



        An OK hotel in a handy location.

        I had organised a long weekend to London, only to realise just two weeks before that I'd not booked a hotel! I'd taken to staying at Marylebone Travelodge on my trips down to central London, but they had only got single rooms available and I needed a twin. So I went on a search for a hotel... I wanted one not too far from a tube station, due to going to a musical show one evening and a concert the next evening, and I don't like walking the streets at night.

        I remembered that back in July I'd met some friends at their hotel... The Ibis London Euston St. Pancras. The hotel is just around the corner from London Euston mainline and underground stations, so seemed perfect.

        I booked the hotel through the Accor Hotels website (www.accor.com) as the hotel is part of the Accor group (and I got some cashback through Quidco), however Ibis also have their own website. I booked a room for two (the website didn't state whether it was a double or a twin) for £199 between us for two nights. Breakfast was offered at £6.95 each per morning extra, but we tend to go to Covent Garden for breakfast so we didn't take up their offer. I was emailed a copy of our reservation (which I printed out to take with me).

        We arrived at the hotel around midday (which is when check-in starts). There were 3 customers in the queue in front of us at the hotel reception and the first two seemed to be dealt with swiftly. However, they seemed to take ages to check us in and the woman who was being served by another member of staff.

        The first part of the check-in process went quite quickly (filling in a form - which I find pointless as they already have that information - and paying), but it was the member that we requested a twin room that the check-in process slowed to a snails pace. The reception staff seemed to be waiting for the twin rooms to become available (from the cleaning team - they must have cleaned all the doubles first or something).

        The staff member explained that he was waiting for twin rooms to become available and went about phoning the cleaning staff, then he kept clicking the computer mouse. A customer also phoned down to ask for help with connecting to the internet, so the staff member dealt with him and then continued to click the computer mouse (I can only assume he was refreshing his screen, waiting for the twin rooms to appear). While all this was happening, we stood waiting and the queue behind us grew longer. It bugged me slightly that the staff member didn't actually apologise for the wait, especially as we were waiting around 15 minutes. Finally, a twin room became available and we were handed 2 key cards for our room on the 3rd floor.

        We made our way to the lifts and up to the 3rd floor. As our room was room 305, I expected the room to be just 2 or 3 doors from the lifts. However, the room numbers seemed to work backwards and we had to walk a fair way down the corridor to find 305 (not that I'm complaining, because I hate being by the lifts as you hear people coming and going during the night).

        The key card to the room worked fine when I slid it through the lock (I've sometimes found that you need to slide the card through a couple of times at other hotels, as the locks can be quite picky!).

        When entering the room, I was surprised to find the room lights (including the bathroom light) had ben left on - not very energy saving!

        The room wasn't overly big, in fact it was a bit smaller than I expected (I'd say it was a bit smaller than the average Travelodge room). The room had 2 single beds (quite narrow ones, too), each with it's own little side table. There was also a narrow desk, together with a desk chair and what I can only describe as a piece of wood with a cushion on (I had to put the cushion on this myself as it was leant against the wall). Next to the desk was a small cubby area (I'd describe it as a cross between a cupboard - but with no doors - and a shelving unit), this contained a spare pillow (as there was only 1 on each bed), some hangers, an internet keyboard and a tea/coffee tray with a kettle. We struggled to find a plug for the kettle, before we realised the sockets were hidden behind the curtain! There was also a flat-screen TV and some menu & info leaflets.

        One thing I noticed was missing was a bin. There was one in the bathroom, but there wasn't one in the room. We left our rubbish (M&S fruit cartons, drink bottles and a Burger King bag) on the desk and when we came in after the cleaners had been in we found they'd taken all the rubbish except the Burger King bag!

        As the bedroom was a bit on the small side, I expected the bathroom to be too, but it was of average size for a budget hotel bathroom. It contained the usual toilet, bath/shower and sink. The bath had liquid soap on the wall, but the sink had one of those tiny bars of soap in a wrapper. Having used it the one day, we found it had been replaced the next despite us stopping there another night, so I thought that was a bit of a waste... I think liquid soap would have been better. The sink's plug wasn't fitted (though it was one that normally stays in the ink), instead it was left sat next to the sink. One think I didn't particularly like about the bathroom was the amount of times the lights flickered before coming on. They flickered (brightly) for at least 5 seconds. So anyone suffering from epilepsy - beware!

        The TV reception was appalling (I would have thought they'd have digital) - I wouldn't normally complain about the TV signal, but I wasn't feeling well when I got to London, so spent the afternoon in the hotel room.

        The overall temperature of the hotel seemed quite warm (a bit too warm), but thankfully each bedroom has a temperature control so we managed to cool the room down.

        As the hotel is situated in central London a bit of street noise is expected, however the street is relatively quite. The only noticable sound (apart from a woman with a loud voice talking in the early hours one morning!) was the rumble of the mainline trains... It wasn't overly loud and it certainly didn't stop me sleeping.

        The hotel also has a bar and restaurant (La Table Rouge). The restaurant menu in the room stated a number of dishes including a number 'Fresh from the Grill' (Chef's Mixed Grill - £14.95, Beef Rib-eye - £15.95, etc) and 'The Buffet' (including soups & salads, main courses and desserts - from £6.75). We didn't eat at the hotel, but one evening I did see a couple take a pizza up to their room. We did meet up with my cousin and spent a couple of hours in the hotel bar... Unfortunately, we spent 5 - 10 minutes waiting to be served! It's not that the bar was busy, far from it! There was us and another couple waiting, but there was nobody at the bar. Finally, a staff member came through the door behind the bar, but he just kept walking and didn't acknowledge us. Then a few minutes later another staff member appeared and this time came behind that bar... Again, this staff member didn't acknowledge us but instead did a couple of little jobs before turning around to serve us... Also, we'd asked for an Apple & Mango J2O (which is orange in colour), but instead we were served Apple & Melon J2O (which is green!). Hardly good customer service!

        A small area in reception was dedicated to internet access. There were 3 computers and it cost £1 for 20 minutes (with several methods of payment), the connection speed was reasonable.

        When it came to checking out, there was a queue at reception (at 8.45am on a Sunday morning). We didn't have time to hang around so we walked up to the desk and gave the keycards to one of the receptionists, which they seemed fine with.

        Apparently, Ibis hotels have a thing where if you have a problem and it's there fault and it's not fixed within 15 minutes then your stay is free... which all in all is a great thing! Though I doubt our 15 minute wait at the check-in desk counts!

        So would I stay at the Ibis London Euston again? Despite the problems mentioned, I would say yes. It's in an ideal location and in a good price bracket for central London. The problems we had were little things I can put up with. The hotel looks modern and over all it's clean & tidy, so it's good enough for me.

        (Blimey, I've just realised how long this review is. Well done for reading, if you got this far!).


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          17.06.2009 14:26
          Very helpful



          Its not luxury but its not grotty either - go on, give it a chance!

          After a recent business trip which included an overnight stay at the Ibis Euston, I felt inspired to write a review.
          A lot of people can turn their nose up when you mention Ibis, because its a budget hotel I suppose people not familiar with the chain, could expect budget surroundings and service. I want to write this review to say that I was very pleasantly surprised.

          The check in was swift and the staff courteous and articulate. The lobby area was smart and clean, as was the corridor when I exited the lift at my floor.

          I have stayed in a few different Ibis hotels round England and the decor seems standard throughout - white clean linen on the beds, neutral decor, flat screen tvs and a clean and modern white bathroom. Airconditioning is installed in each room, and there is also a radio and telephone present too.

          As far as I'm concerned, if I book a budget hotel, I dont expect luxury but I do expect cleanliness and comfort and you really cant fault the Ibis on these two factors.

          There was a comfortable double bed in the room, some hanging space for clothes and tea and coffee making facilities. Towels are provided. The rooms aren't exactly huge but they are adequate for 1-2 people.

          In the morning, I had breakfast which was a self service affair and had fair range of foodstuffs: hot drinks and fruit juices, cereals, yoghurts, fruit, cheeses, toast and croissants, and a slightly limited hot breakfast but there all the same - no hash browns or mushrooms :(

          Check out was at 12.00 and again was speedy with a quick check out option available (you drop your keycard in a deposit box).

          Hotel facilities included a bar, restaurant, free wifi and public computers which you pay for by the hour. There is indoor parking available too.

          That wraps up the good points which I'm pleased to say far outweigh any negatives.
          However being in such close proximity to the station, it can get noisy when the train announcers start up first thing in the morning.
          I would also prefer a hairdryer in each room, although you can borrow one from reception (refundable deposit of £10), its still inconvenient.
          Finally, I think some basics in the bathroom would have been nice - nothing too fancy but a shampoo and conditioner would have been a nice touch. Currently they just provide a small bar of soap and some shower gel.

          But its fine, in fact more than that for the price. I paid £99.00 per room and had a comfortable stay in a clean room. Cant ask for fairer from a budget hotel!

          Im including a list of facilities now, this is not to bulk up my review but so you can see at a glance what to expect from your stay:

          RJ 11 OUTLET
          RJ 45 OUTLET
          220/240 V AC
          RADIO IN ROOM


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          15.08.2003 19:41



          • "Poor service"

          Ibis - London Euston - Advantages: Clean - Disadvantages: Noisy - Underground trains, Cold/stale food, Poor service


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          28.09.2002 01:55
          Very helpful



          I'm a big fan of Ibis hotels and stay in them for both business and pleasure. I had, however, read a bad opinion of the London Euston branch, so when I found myself needing to stay in Euston the other night it was with slight trepidation that I booked the Ibis. I was hoping that my several excellent experiences of the Ibis chain would hold out against the one bad experience I'd read about. LOCATION The Ibis London Euston is in Cardington Street, literally at the side of Euston Station. Weary travelers can depart their train and be at their hotel in one minute. Once in Cardington Street you can't miss the Ibis - it is a bright, stylish, continental looking building in an otherwise unprepossessing grey road. Unlike many London hotels, the Ibis Euston has a car park at the rear, and if drivers follow signs to Euston Station they will find it easily enough. RECEPTION & CHECK-IN The Ibis reception is, as the outside appearance of the hotel suggests, bright, breezy, contemporary and stylish. As you walk through the door there is the open plan bar and restaurant to your left, and reception straight ahead. It is a very busy hotel, but guests are dealt with very efficiently and I only waited a minute or two before the queue I was in had disappeared and one of the three receptionists on duty was ready to check me in. Check in consists of filling in a simple form and telling the receptionist whether or not you want breakfast. If you do, you are given a ticket to present at the restaurant the next morning. You are then given your card-key and directions to your room and wished a nice stay. The receptionist who dealt with me was very polite, very cheerful and couldn't have been more helpful. My room was on the fourth floor, which I reached by a lovely, smooth high-tech lift. THE ROOMS The hotel has 380 rooms, 8 of which are adapted for
          disabled people. They are designated either smoking or non-smoking. On first entering my room I was struck by the smell. It was gorgeous. Furniture polish and flowers sprang to mind. The décor was lovely, with the walls in white and apricot and the soft furnishings a jade green. I had a double bed, built-in wardrobe, chair, desk-cum-shelf, set of shelves, bedside tables and lots of lights which gave varying degrees of intensity. There was a telephone, extra phone points for hooking your laptop to the net, plenty of power points, tea and coffee making facilities and television. Everything was absolutely spotless, and a little card on my bed told me which member of staff had cleaned and checked my room. In one corner of my room was a curved wall, behind which was housed the shower room. The room was small but not too small, with a very stylish sink, a clinically clean toilet and a large powerful shower. Plenty of fluffy white towels were provided. The general ambience was quite minimalist without being cold, and the style was reminiscent of Swedish/Dutch contemporary - like a more expensive and robust Ikea. Not everyone's idea of a perfect hotel, but definitely mine. The bed, incidentally, was firm and very comfortable and I had a lovely night's sleep. And despite the hotel being right next to Euston station, I didn't hear one train. SERVICE STANDARDS Ibis pride themselves on customer service, and they have never let me down. In your room, in fact, prominently displayed, is their 15 minute guarantee of satisfaction. Basically, they promise that if there is anything wrong with your room and they fail to put it right to your complete satisfaction within 15 minutes, then you get your stay for free. I had no complaints whatsoever, but in another Ibis when I did find something wrong, the staff could not do enough to help me and sorted out my prob
          lem in no time at all. FACILITIES The hotel has one bar and one restaurant. Both are open plan in design and situated on the ground floor. Both are brightly, simply and stylishly furnished. Prices are very reasonable, with a 2 course dinner at under ten pounds and the bar charging London pub prices. Main meals are served until 10.30 p.m., but snacks are available 24 hours a day. There are also vending machines dotted around selling soft drinks and chocolate/crisps etc. I had breakfast in the restaurant, which cost me £4.95. For this I got to help myself to a massive selection of continental fare including fruits, cereals, breads, pastries, cooked cold meats, yogurts, teas, coffees, juices and more. You can have as much as you like and it is all fresh and tasty. Other facilities include a laundry service, an ironing room, message-taking and more. I don't know about child-care facilities, but I believe these are available at some Ibis hotels. CLIENTELE The Ibis Euston attracts a real mixed bag of travelers who are staying in London on both business and pleasure, and attracts single travelers, couples and families. In fact, there is no charge for children under 12 if they sleep in the same room as their parents. Children also get breakfast half price. RATES At the Ibis, you pay per room and not per person, so of course it works out half the price if you're with a partner. My company paid £79.95 for my one night stay, plus £4.95 for my breakfast. I consider this excellent value for such a pleasant, convenient and well-equipped hotel in London. (Other Ibis hotels in London are at Greenwich, Docklands and Wembley). Prices are cheaper at weekends, and if you use the Ibis chain often it's worth getting a membership card as you get 10% discount on everything. Rates at Ibis hotels elsewhere in the country are significantly cheaper than the
          ones in London. OVERALL The Ibis did not let me down. It was everything I've come to expect from this excellent chain and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the Ibis London Euston to anyone. The place is stylish and spotless, it caters for you 24 hours a day, it provides you with everything you need, and the staff treat you with more respect than you often find in much, much more expensive places. I will certainly be staying there again.


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            06.11.2000 01:56
            Very helpful



            I used to use the Ibis a lot because it's right next to Euston Station. Unfortunately, I found it went downhill. I suspect that the cause is the usual London one of lack of trained staff. Last time I stayed there the room was not clean. I looked under the bottom sheet, under the mattress, and under the bed, and found lots of unpleasant things, some of them sticky and some of them rubbery. The restaurant food and service were poor. At the buffet breakfast they had temporarily run out of certain items, like glasses and bread. Nobody was rushing to bring fresh supplies. At dinner, the food was sub-motorway cafe: tough meat and indifferent vegetables. I will admit that most hotels in London are poor value. For example, at the Radisson you pay over a hundred pounds for a broom cupboard. The Ibis is cheaper than that and the rooms are bigger. However, the Ibis needs to smarten up on standards. Perhaps they get too many coach parties and nobody has time to complain.


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            24.06.2000 04:50
            Not Helpful
            1 Comment



            Want a bargain hotel in London? Look no further than the one next to Euston station. Right round the corner there is a newish Ibis Hotel. I did not stay there as our Company booked me in another one more or less next to it. It was twice the price and really quite worn out. So if you are looking at a new hotel, go to the IBIS, it's close to Euston so you can get on the underground with no trouble.


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