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Jury's Inn (Newcastle)

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4 Reviews

City: Newcastle-upon-Tyne / Address: Scotswood Road / County: Great Britain / Geographic coordinates: latitude: 54.96676, longitude: -1.62263 / Postal code: NE1 4AD / Airport Code: NCL

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    4 Reviews
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      06.04.2013 00:47
      Very helpful



      Little Gem, perfect for the arena, station and shops

      The Jury's Inn hotel Newcastle (not to be mistaken with the newer hotel on gateshead side of the Quay's)


      This is a decent sized hotel, it has 274 bed rooms ranging from double to family rooms. One plus point I have found in the past with this hotel is that they do offer several triple rooms, that are available to 3 adults sharing. All rooms have a bathroom complete with complimentary toiletries. Flat screen tv's which all have freeview on them. Tea and Coffee and a kettle. Wifi, not sure on current pricing but it's not cheap unfortunately. Air con for those really hot summer days lol. And a rarity in some hotels these days, a hairdryer! Gasp Horror lol.

      The hotel does not offer room service, however there is a decent restaurant and bar which now also sells costa coffee.

      The lobby of the hotel is really smart but the rooms are a little more generic and basic, however they are comfortable and clean. The beds are quite firm but I am yet to have a bad night sleep in one.


      I think the best thing about this hotel is it's location, it is visible from the station and take no more than 1-2 minutes to walk from the station. This is a big plus if you are on a budget and do not want to rely on taxi's.

      This hotel is also only minutes walk from the Newcastle Arena, so perfect if you are attending an event there.

      The main city centre is about a 5 minute walk to the main shopping streets.

      It is located in an area with several bar's and near the rail lines, however I am yet to have a night disturbed by noise from outside.


      Pricing at this hotel can really vary drastically so shop around , I have paid as little as £39 on a Sunday to over £100 when something is on at the arena.


      This hotel will let you check in early if they have the rooms ready and they will also have the option for late check out on a Sunday.

      Various pillows and bedding options available upon request.


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        06.03.2011 12:39
        Very helpful



        A decent hotel in a good location but far too noisy and wild for some.

        I go to Newcastle quite often for nights out as the nightlife where I live is pretty dismal and Newcastle is only an hour away. When going there my friends and I have in the past ordered a mini bus to take us home but I personally prefer to just book a hotel for the night and as Newcastle has a vast selection of hotels at reasonable prices finding a cheap room is never a problem.
        On a night out last year my friends and I booked some rooms at the Jurys Inn as we were told the location was great for both the ciy centre and for going out.

        When we arrived in Newcastle at the central station we took our printed out direction and went looking for the hotel. We just walked as on the map the hotel looked very close to the station. In reality it is literally only a 10 minute walk from the station to the door of the hotel.
        The location was absolutely fanastic and it is located just off the centre for life so is directly in the centre of the famous Geordie nightlife.
        One thing is that the hotel is located in a complex where you have to go through to a courtyard to get to the hotel. It isn't a problem and not difficult to find but if you aren't aware of this fact you might wander for a little while looking for the hotel.
        If you are coming by car then you should know the hotel doesn't have it's won car park but there is a large pay car park right next to it.

        The outside of the hotel gives a great first impression and the building is large and modern. The reception and communial areas of the hotel are nice and open planned and look modern and airy.
        Checking in was a bit of a disaster as they weren't ready for us and said our room wouldn't be ready for another hour or so even though we were checking in at 4 in the afternoon. This wasn't a big problem for us and they did store our bags for us whilst we went into town.
        When we returned the room was ready and we got our keys quickly and they also apologised for not having the room ready when we first arrived.

        We had ordered a triple room which was consisted of a double bed and a single bed so 2 of my friends had to share. Again this wasn't a problem for us personally but it might have been for some and it would have been nice to know in advance that the room didn't have three seperate beds.
        The decor was very bland and non offensive, it had absolutely no character but was spotlessly clean and had everything we expected in a budget hotel room.
        The bed's were actually better than we had expected and were very comfortable but like most hotels in this price range there was only one pillow per person which is just not enough.

        As for extras they were lacking but there was a TV, some seats and tea and coffee making facilities which is all we really needed and as we had only paid £70 for the room we were more than happy with it.
        The bathroom didn't have a bath but the shower was new looking and the water pressure was fantastic and very important for the girls in our group the lighting was good for doing hair etc. There was plenty of towels and like the bedroom the bathroom was spotless.

        We stayed on a saturday night so I can only give my opinion of the hotel on this night and so please be aware it may be different during the week.
        Due to it's location the hotel was very popular with people like me who were in the city to party and it definately wasn't suitable for families or anyone looking for an early night.
        We arrived back at the hotel at around 3 in the morning and outisde the hotel were about 40 people out smoking who had all just got back in from a night out. I can imagine that a large group of drunk people might be intimidating to some people but to be fair there was no trouble or anything.

        The hotel employ bouncers to police the hotel and whilst I think they are a good idea in theory in practise they were just a little too aggressive for my liking.
        We had only received two keys when checking in and didn't think anything of it as we wouldn't be seperated during the night but when we returned back to the hotel the bouncers refused to let me in the hotel as they said that if I was staying I would have my own key. Fair enough but they refused to even go and ask someone at reception and were quite aggressive in their manner with me.
        My friend finally managed to find a member of staff and afterr much faffing with the system they came and told the bouncers that I could come in. No one apologised and I thought it was a bit unprofessional of them.

        There was also bouncers patrolling the hallways shouting at people to get back in their rooms from the hallways but most people seemed to be continuing their parties in their rooms and the noise went on all night with shouting and singing in the hallways and the rooms.
        I was quite shocked with just how noisy the hotel was and even though I had been drinking and enjoying myself by the time I got back to the hotel I was ready for bed but unfortunately we got hardly any sleep and I feel so sorry for any poor people who were staying in the hotel and hadn't been in Newcastle for a night out.

        In the morning when we checked out we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast which I can't remember the exact price but I think it was somehing like £12.50. It was a buffet style with a selection of hot and cold food. The food was okay but nothing special and just the usual hotel buffet spread. There was bacon,eggs, sausages and most of it was gresy and stodgy so don't be expecting a light breakfast.
        The staff were slow in replacing empty dishes and there just wasn't enough food for everyone as the room was packed and as soon as they put down a dish it was gone in seconds.

        I would definately stay in the Jurys inn again if I'm in Newcastle for a night out as it's location was great and I thought the rooms were good for the money we paid but I would definately avoid this hotel like the plague if I was looking for somewhere quiet as on a weekend night there is no way anyone staying here is going to be able to sleep.


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          23.02.2010 16:11
          Very helpful
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          A great hotel in Newcastle

          Me and my friends were looking for somewhere to stay in Newcastle, as we were planning a night out there. One of my friend´s from another group told me he could get me a good deal to stay at the Jurys Inn as he worked in our local one.

          So, he booked us into the Newcastle Jurys Inn, 3 triple rooms. Upon first impression of the hotel, I was pretty impressed. It was located in a very central location, a few minutes walk from the centre and a short taxi ride (although we could have actually walked, but had heels on) to the bars and clubs.

          Our rooms were spacious, clean and the hotel had a nice atmosphere. Inside our rooms, we had a satelite television (as expected in a modern hotel), a hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, nice big window with a good view, internet access, clean modern bathrooms and space! I dont usually find many hotel rooms lately that have alot of space. They are usually quite small, but this I considered was not only reasonably spaced but I would have described it as big.

          The beds were nicely made and my nights sleep that night was magical! It may have helped that I was drinking aswell, but I mean that the bed was really comfortable.

          We had a buffet breakfast included in our special price. The buffet included bread, toast, cereals, yoghurts, juices, tea, coffee, bacon, sausage, eggs jams and fruits. The buffet table was nicely presented and the food was delicious. We all filled up well during breakfast in prepation of our 5 hour journey back home.

          The hotel facilities include disable access, wifi internet, parking (off-site), restaurant and laundry service. This is kind of basic, but was certainly enough for one nights stay.

          I like the atmosphere in this hotel. The staff were friendly, the hotel felt clean and our stay was thoroughly enjoyable.

          Overall, we all - 9 girls, thoroughly enjoyed our stay at this centrally located hotel and would certainly stay here again if we were to visit Newcastle again. It is just a few minutes walk to the centre, we got a special deal on the price (sorry price is confidencial), nice rooms, nice sleep, nice atmosphere. A totally charming hotel. I cant think of anything bad to say about this hotel. When coming back to this hotel after a night out, it was the perfect ending to a great night.


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            29.04.2009 10:22
            Very helpful



            A decent, averagely priced Newcastle city centre hotel

            Over recent years, there has been a massive decline in the amount of business travel I undertake. Even so, I now find myself in roughly the same places each month and this means that I continue to maintain a portfolio of favourite hotels, selected on the basis of service, quality and value for money. Don't get me wrong, if budget were no issue, then my list would be rather different, but as things currently stand I'm not normally looking to spend more than £100 for a room outside of London, if I can help it

            Jury's Inn in Newcastle is easily the best hotel in the city that consistently matches my budget. Situated on the western fringe of the city centre, the hotel is easily accessible from the city's road system and is also very convenient for the train station. There's nothing worse than travelling hundreds of miles to a destination, only to have to fart around with taxis at the other end, but Jury's is about 5-10 minutes' walking distance from the station, and easy to spot too. In terms of nightlife, the hotel is bang in the middle of the city's gay village, with a selection of pubs and clubs within staggering distance, but is also pretty well placed for the rest of the city's attractions, including bars, shops and theatres.

            The hotel does not have its own designated car parking, but for discounted rates, you can use the multi-storey car park next door. The hotel itself is located between two busy main roads, but somehow manages to feel rather like an oasis in the middle of things, and as you approach the main entrance from the front courtyard, you feel quite detached from the bustle of the city centre. The approach now features a number of coffee shops and bars and could almost be described as al fresco, were it not for the constant stream of taxis and cars going past.

            As a reasonably new building, it's good to see that space has been maximised in the entrance area, and as you come into the hotel you can't fail to be impressed by the vast modern reception area that greets you. Even at peak times, with hordes of business travellers all turning up at once, there is a real feeling of space, and there is always a good stream of receptionists to greet you and check you in. Checking in is always a straightforward process, particularly if you are a frequent visitor and all your personal details have been recorded previously. A couple of minutes' administration and you'll be brandishing your room key in anticipation of a good night's sleep (or whatever else it is that you have in mind.)

            The interior décor of the hotel is fairly easy on the eye, with a modern coating of warm, Mediterranean colours to welcome you. Although the building is fairly new some of the stairways have managed to make themselves look rather old and at times, you could be forgiven for thinking that the building has been re-fitted. The hotel is arranged across seven floors with a high number of rooms, but the layout of the building is such that they're all very easy to find. Room keys are of the plastic, credit card type and once you get into your room, you'll also need the card to activate the electricity in the room.

            The rooms are of a good standard, with simple, modern décor and fittings and fairly generous dimensions to boot. All rooms come with a double bed, television and telephone, with a small table and a built-in desk upon which you can get on with some work. A slight irritation for me is that there is no phone point next to the desk, which means that I generally have to set up my laptop on a side table or even on the bed. High-speed Internet access is available in the rooms, but you have to borrow a cable from reception and pay charges to take advantage of the service (Wireless internet is only available in the bar and reception area but it is free). The televisions are slightly larger than your average portable set, but only feature the basic terrestrial stations and a couple of uninteresting satellite stations. The beds are comfortable enough, with blankets and sheets rather than quilts. The rooms are all air-conditioned (an essential pre-requisite for me) and have the usual gadgets such as kettle, hair dryer and trouser press. I suppose the appeal for me is that the rooms are clean and new and you don't feel as though you're the 8000th person to sleep in the bed.

            The bathrooms have a certain "Butlins" feel to them, but they're quite adequate. The baths are rather shallow, but still suitable for a soak, and whilst the showers aren't the most powerful I've ever used, they are easy to use - something a frequent traveller would never take for granted. The bathrooms are always well-sized (translates as you can sit on the toilet without closing the door) and you also get proper bath towels (Travel Inn, please take note.) Notably, the standard of cleanliness throughout is consistently excellent - these rooms are always very clean.

            To keep costs down, the hotel has opted not to offer room service. This doesn't sit well with the lazy part of my nature, but in all honesty is really the way it should be. A recent visit to London incurred a cost of £7 just for a bowl of chips and a glass of orange juice brought to my room, so these days I tend to avoid such things. You can order food from the restaurant to eat in your room, but you have to go and collect it from downstairs and to be fair, the restaurant prices aren't cheap, so you'll probably find yourself eating out.

            The main restaurant is a fairly innocuous affair, with a combination of tables and a couple of long bars, complete with alarmingly high stools. The menu doesn't particularly specialise in one thing, opting instead to offer a range of favourite dishes. Dinner for two with drinks is likely to set you back around £30-£35, and whilst the food isn't bad, you can find better for much less simply by venturing out into the city. More often than not, lone business travellers use the restaurant and I've yet to eat in there and find the place particularly busy. The lack of atmosphere would put most people off, but if you're feeling lazy then it's not too bad. Breakfast is also served in the restaurant and tends to be more popular, with the usual hot and cold buffet. The hotel also has a small bar on the ground floor, which tends to be open into the early hours, albeit mainly for the benefit of the deluge of business travellers. It seems to be a popular "stopping-off" place to me, but there's a big screen for the footie and a jolly atmosphere most of the time.

            Service in the hotel tends to be good, with the staff opting for the more formal approach to their guests. The receptionists are courteous and efficient and some of the table staff members in the restaurant are very sweet. The barmen are a "canny" bunch as well, sharing the odd joke or two and mocking my affinity for girlie drinks at every opportunity. Once again, more regular visitors will probably feel a touch more familiarity but I've never really had cause to complain.

            Pricewise, I used to get a good corporate rate of £68 during the week, which sits well in comparison to Travel Inns or your average Travelodge. Standard prices start at around £80 (what I generally pay now) and availability is largely very good. The standard of accommodation is better than the usual motels and considering that the hotel is in the city centre, the price seems very competitive to me. A room in the Holiday Inn or Thistle will cost you quite a lot more, without really offering you that much more as standard. Check out www.jurys.co.uk for regular special offers, particularly at weekends, or some of the last minute web sites for midweek deals. Weekends are hen and stag infested though, so be warned.

            Whilst there is nothing about Jury's to get me (or anyone else) really excited, the overall package offers good value for money. Certainly, there is nothing much better in the city centre for the same budget. Jury's is certainly not the place for pampering or luxury, but for comfortable, affordable accommodation, this is definitely my Newcastle recommendation.



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            Location: walking distance from Newcastle-upon-Tyne Discovery Museum and Newcastle-upon-Tyne St. Mary's Cathedral, within proximity of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central Library and Central Arcade / Location: walking distance from Newcastle-upon-Tyne Discovery Museum and Newcastle-upon-Tyne St. Mary's Cathedral, within proximity of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central Library and Central Arcade / Number and type of rooms: 274 guestrooms featuring LCD televisions. Relax and take in city and river views from the privacy of your room. High-speed (wired) Internet access (surcharge) keeps you connected, and digital programming is available for your entertainment. Private bathrooms with shower/tub combinations feature complimentary toiletries and hair dryers / Rec, Spa, Premium Amenities: wireless Internet access (surcharge) and a television in the lobby / Dining: Satisfy your appetite at the hotel's restaurant, which serves breakfast and dinner, or grab a snack at a coffee shop/cafT. Quench your thirst with your favorite drink at a bar/lounge / Business, Other Amenities: currency exchange, complimentary newspapers in the lobby, and dry cleaning/laundry services. This hotel has 9 meeting rooms available for events. Parking (subject to charges) is conveniently located nearby.

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