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Lion Quays Waterside Resort (Shropshire)

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Address: Moreton, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 3ED

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2012 21:57
      Very helpful




      Hello!! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I certainly did! I went to the Lion Quays Waterside Resort in Shropshire for my Christmas Lunch and so I thought I would share my experience with you.

      For those of you who don't know, Lion Quays is a family-run and independent resort; consisting of a hotel, a spa and a restaurant. We went as non-residents to the restaurant; I know that this is a resort and whilst I didn't stay here, it is a very popular restaurant for non-residents and so I thought I would share my experience. There is also a spa and a gym and swimming pool (which non-residents can pay membership for).

      We decided back in the summer that we would go out for Christmas lunch. This was due to the fact that my sister had to work and was 'on call' and so as we wanted to spend Christmas with her even though she was working, we decided to go to a venue which wasn't too far away from her location. We had previously been to a wedding a few years ago and a 21st dinner party and had always enjoyed our experiences as Lion Quays and so that's the venue we decided on.

      We made our enquiries via email and booked via email. A deposit of £20 per person was required which we paid via sending a cheque in the post. We didn't actually receive a confirmation and so after a few weeks after sending we had to check whether the cheque had been received or not; it had. We were informed a couple of weeks before Christmas that we needed to pay the full amount as soon as possible (before we turned up on Christmas Day).

      As my sister was 'on call', we needed a table where there was a good mobile phone reception; we requested a table that was in a good 'phone reception' location. They fulfilled our request and we were sat at a lovely table in a cosy corner by the window, where there was plenty of phone signal.

      As we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted with a pleasant 'Merry Christmas' from a member of staff (working in the hotel industry myself, this is very important!). The waiter greeting everyone at the door was efficient and allowed and gave us the option of having a drink while we waited for a member of our party to arrive or sit at our table and wait for them. We decided to have a drink first, and then were shown to our table when we had all arrived.

      We were some of the first few guests to arrive (I think that there was only one other group of guests in the lounge.)

      The table was lovely; a table of 4 located in a cosy corner by a window. The table was decorated beautifully with expensive looking crackers and a Christmassy table cloth. There was a lovely cosy and Christmassy atmosphere and we felt really welcome and 'at home'.

      ~ * The Food * ~

      We were given menus; we had already had a look at the menu from when we had booked. I ordered a goats cheese tart to start with which was delicious and served hot, which I think made it much more tastier than had it been served cold; as it was slightly melted. This was served with a side of rocket salad and onion chutney; both sides complimented the tart really well. So far so good.

      Next up was a champagne sorbet; this was very refreshing and I liked the champagne flavour which was just a 'hint' and not too overpowering. As my starter had been full of flavour, the sorbet was good as it gave me a change to 'clean my pallet' before attempting the main course.

      Next up was the main course; I had opted for the vegetarian option which was a nut roast. I enjoyed this and was amazed at the amount of delicious flavours. I found the roast to be extremely more-ish. We were expecting a side dish of vegetables, however we didn't have any apart from the small pieces of veg decorating the plate. Those that had the traditional Christmas Dinner had a one or two pieces of veg, and so a nice big bowl of vegetables would have been nice - especially being Christmas and the price we had paid and all.

      Pudding time...and well it was Christmas...so there was only one answer; Christmas pudding of course! The pudding was very 'busy'; there was the pudding itself which was lovely; moist and had a lovely soft texture. Surrounding it was a warm brandy sauce. On the side was a brandy-snap basket with an extremely creamy vanilla ice cream, topped with a fresh strawberry.

      To finish off we had tea and coffee with some mini mince pies which finished off the meal very nicely.

      I was very impressed with the meal! It had all been served beautifully, tasted wonderful (plenty of different flavours and textures). The portions were perfect; just enough and I finished the meal satisfied; nicely full but not so full that I couldn't move.

      ~ * The Service * ~

      Our waiter was brilliant; very professional, friendly and polite. Our service was quick and a efficient and we were made to feel special.

      ~ * Value for Money * ~

      We paid £65 each for our 4 course meal (plus tea and coffee) and whilst I do think that £65 is a lot to pay for a meal; it was well worth it, every single penny of it! Even the crackers were worth it; out of the 4 crackers we had, 3 of them contained 3 'metal spirally' (!!) egg cups and so we had a set of them, and a box of mini dominoes - so that was good too!

      I would definitely recommend eating at the Lion Quays Resort.

      ~ * Other Points * ~

      The place was very clean; the toilets were spotless.

      Talking of toilets they are located at the back of the restaurant and then turn left (they are hiding), so ask if you are unsure.

      The restaurant is family friendly - there were a few children there.

      The restaurant is quite classy (not very, very posh!) but slightly posh so I would recommend dressing smart / casual.

      The bar is large; this is good because it means that if it is busy there is plenty of space to stand and be seen.

      Average cost of starters is £4-5. Main courses are quite expensive (but so worth it) at £15+ and deserts are around the £4-5. Great value for money!

      They are open all year round!

      Definitely recommended!

      Thanks for reading!
      January 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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