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Macdonald Holland House (Cardiff)

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5 Reviews

Macdonald Holland House / 24-26 Newport Road / Cardiff / CF24 0DD / Tel: 0870 1220020 / Fax: 02920 488894

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    5 Reviews
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      15.04.2009 00:17
      Very helpful




      When you walk into the Macdonalds Holland House Hotel in Cardiff you can't help but be in impressed. From the outside the hotel looks very grand and the lobby is equally as impressive. You go up to the room and that too looks impressive. Huge bathrooms, spacious bedrooms overlooking the city and lots of little extra's like cd players that you don't usually get in other hotels.
      So, why one star you may ask? The problem with this hotel is that on the surface everything looks great, but it's really not.

      -The Rooms-
      One of the things that I liked best about the room was that it was so big and the views were amazing. Every time I've stayed there I've been in a room that's high enough to see over the city and if I stand far enough back (I'm scared of heights) I really enjoy that. When the heights get to be too much for me I just close the curtains!

      The rooms are very luxurious. The beds are big and very comfortable but one of the problems that I had with this hotel was that when we booked a room for three people we were put in the same room that we booked for two . The sofa that they have in the bedrooms doubles as a bed, which is actually pretty comfortable, although I wouldn't recommend sleeping two people on it, even if they do say that it's a double. The problem isn't that the bed is a sofa bed, the problem is that the way the room is set out you can't watch the television on both beds at the same time. The television stand does swing around so that you can watch television from either bed but we all wanted to watch the television at the same time so ended up sleeping all three of us in the same bed. This wasn't a major issue because the beds are huge, more than big enough for the three of us. It's more of a little annoyance.

      The room also came with a CD player which I thought was a nice touch. This hotel is excellent for giving lots of extra's. If you go into the wardrobes and cupboards (all of them very generous in size) you will find a pull out tray with tea and coffee on, as well as mineral water and biscuits. The first time we stayed in the hotel there was also a used tea bag on the tray. That is not the kind of extra that I like in hotels, but is insignificant when you think about what we got in the bathroom...

      The bathroom, like the bedroom, was huge. Each time we stayed we had a bathroom with a seperate bath and shower. I personally think this is a bit of a waste of space but I admit when I first walked into the bathroom I was impressed by the extravagance of it all. The bath, like everything else, is big which I loved because I love sitting for ages in the bath and it's so much more pleasant when you can stretch your legs out.
      The bathroom also had a good selection of bath products. And the towels were nice and fluffy.
      So, what could possibly be wrong with the bathroom?
      Well, there was one little extra that they didn't advertise; a bag of faeces.
      It happened the last time we stayed in the hotel (and that will be the last time ever that we stay in the hotel). We were only staying for one night and being the slobs that we are hadn't put anything in the bin. It was an hour before checkout so we ran around tidying up the room. I know that there are people who get paid to do it but having worked as a room attendant myself I think it's important to leave the room in a decent state.
      I went into the bathroom and gathered up the empty shampoo bottles, opened the bin and noticed there was already something in there. I thought it was strange because I was sure that no one had thrown anything away so I investigated further. It was a bag and in the bag was something brown. Being the idiot that I am I pulled out the bag and...it stunk!
      After the initial shock of finding a bag of sh*t in the bathroom of our very expensive hotel I called the manager. I was expecting her to be very apologetic. She wasn't. She was very rude in my opinion. She came up to the room and started to question me. Why had I only just noticed the bag of faeces? The smell was so bad that surely we noticed it the night before? I explained to her that it only began to smell when I pulled the bag out and that we hadn't previously opened the bin. She acted as though she didn't believe me. I don't think I look like the kind of person who sh*ts in bags and then calls the hotel manager to inform them about it and we didn't have any babies or pets (that would be the most likely explanation in my opinion).
      In the end she gave us our meals for free but in my opinion that doesn't make up for the experience. Not only was it extremely unpleasant and embarassing for everyone involved, there are also a lot of health implications.

      -Restaurants and Food-
      I can't imagine that anyone will want read about food after that story but a hotel review wouldn't be completely without a review of the food.
      The food at this hotel was amazing.
      The breakfast was one of the best that I've ever had in any hotel. The selection of food was much better and more diverse than any that I've had at other hotels. I particularly liked the fruit. I know that fruit is pretty standard for breakfast buffets but there were so many different types of fruit and many of them I had not tried before. The staff serving the breakfast were helpful and attentive, every time we stayed they offered to make us eggs that weren't already part of the buffet.

      Dinner in the restaurant was also excellent. It was served by very polite and efficient staff and the food itself was lovely. I had the best steak and chips that I've ever tasted. The only complaint I have is that the portions were very small and left me feeling hungry.

      The restaurant and the bar were both very comfortable.

      -Prices and Other Useful Information-
      Macdonald's no longer have a hotel in Cardiff, the Holland House Hotel is now Mercure.

      For a twin room in a Macdonald's hotel you can expect to pay around £128 including breakfast.

      For a twin room in the Mercure Holland House Hotel you can expect to pay around £170 including breakfast and dinner.

      Parking is available, although I don't know if it's free or not.
      Driving to this hotel can be quite tricky if you don't know Cardiff because of the one way system but the hotel is in easy walking distance of the bus and train stations (took me about twenty minutes but without any luggage).

      The location of the hotel is excellent, you can walk to the castle and to the main shopping centre in about ten minutes.

      Check in was quick and easy and there were plenty of lifts so we never had to wait a long time for one.

      Unfortunately I have never had a chance to use the leisure club or the beauty salon so I'm unable to comment on them.
      I know a lot of people will think that I'm being harsh in my rating of the hotel because apart from a few little annoyances the hotel was actually very good. However, finding faeces in the bin completely ruined the hotel for me. I consider it to be such a major thing that this hotel has gone from the four stars that I would have originally given it to 1 star. Cleanliness is the most important thing to me in a hotel or any accomodation and all of my experiences in this hotel suggest that the room attendants were quite lax in their cleaning. I can sleep on an uncomfortable bed if I have to, I don't mind ordering food from domino's if the hotel restaurant is bad but what I cannot abide is dirt and you don't get dirtier than a bag of sh*t.

      http://www. mercure .com/gb/ hotel-6622- mercure- holland-house- hotel-and-spa-cardiff /index. shtml

      http://www.macdonald hotels.co.uk/


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        15.09.2008 15:11
        Very helpful



        I want to go back!!!

        We don't often stay in hotels in this country but treated ourselves to a posh weekend in Cardiff about a year ago. We stayed in MacDonald Holland House, which is a four star hotel. It is quite close to Cardiff City Centre but probably a good 5 minute walk from the edge of the main shopping area.

        We were very lucky to be upgraded to a suite on one of the top floors (not due to any problems or complaints, just certain circumstances which I can't go into it. And no, we aren't celebrities or anything!) We had bought a package where breakfast and an evening meal were included.

        The hotel is kept spotlessly clean. The reception area, the restaurant, the corridors, lift and bedrooms are all immaculate. The fixtures and fittings are of a very high standard. It really is extremely luxurious. The bed was huge and really comfortable. Although we were on a main road, we could not hear traffic at all. There was an amazing sound system in the bedroom. We could listen to tv and music quite loudly and at a very high quality, but the rooms are well sound-proofed so we didn't hear any disturbance at all from adjoining rooms or from outside in the corridor. Hopefully nobody was disturbed by us either!

        The food in the restaurant was outstanding. Breakfast was a buffet that was tasty and plentiful with lots of choice. The evening meals were delicious and very posh. It felt like a real treat eating there.

        The swimming pool was warm and inviting, although a little small. There was a spa, which was great to unwind in.

        The staff were all very friendly and helpful.

        It is about £100 to £150 per night, depending on when you stay but you can get deals online sometimes.

        There is a secure underground car park that costs £8 per day (24 hours). I think this is a little bit rich when you are already paying a premium for the room but if you are staying for a weekend, it doesn't really add that much to the price.

        This was a truly exceptional hotel. I only wish it was somewhere we could afford to visit every weekend!

        For a look inside at the luxurious decor, visit www.mercure-uk.com


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        30.08.2008 18:33
        Very helpful



        This is a really wonderful hotel.

        I have stayed at the Macdonald Holland house about three times over the past few years. Recently though it has changed to the Mercure Holland House but apart from the name there really isn't any difference.
        The hotel is situated on Newport Rd in Cardiff city centre and as it is located towards the end of this road it's a great location for the city. If you were staying here you would be situated near the top end of Queen Street where Sainsbury's is located.
        The Hotel is a large 16-story building with a blue tint to the windows; it has 165 en suite rooms, leisure club spa meeting rooms and underground parking. As well as having even larger suites above the 14th floor.
        The hotel front has a large foyer, which is well lit and looks very impressive, especially at Christmas when they put up two very large trees on either side of the entrance.
        It's an ideal location for weddings and I have seen a few there but also you can book a whole floor with many rooms in order to have a Hen/stag night, but this is extremely costly.
        I have stayed in the standard rooms on the 7th floor and I thought the rooms were outstanding, with a fantastic view. The décor is modern but luxurious with brown tones. The beds are always large and the bathrooms are bright, marbled and very clean. There is a wooden wall unit which holds the tv and mini bar and looks impressive. If you stayed in a 14th floor room the view is a little further but I actually preferred the 7th floor view. I once paid the extra to stay in an executive room which was located on a corner of the 14th floor but this was a little unnerving due to the two main walls of glass looking over the city. So if you are not keen on heights you may want to request a lower floor. The other difference with the room was a little more space and a music player, which played into the bathroom as well. I don't think it was any better than a standard room so I wouldn't pay the extra again.
        My sister actually stayed in one of their suites and told me it was enormous. It was the size of three or four rooms and you had sofas and chairs and a living space but this room is very expensive.
        I have always managed to get a cheap rate on a Saturday night through various on line companies or even by calling the hotel direct so I would suggest shopping around.
        The breakfast buffet is very nicely decorated and a chef is present to cook any special requirements but mainly you just chose from the usual buffet - full English.

        Also if you stay ask for a view over the front of the building towards the city centre, as it is much better.

        I have stayed in many hotels in Cardiff including the Hilton and this one was by far the best it should be a 5 star not just a 4, in my opinion.


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          22.08.2008 11:21
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          lovelly hotel, one of my favs

          The macdonald holland house is now called the mecure, but the actual hotel is exactly the same.

          My partner booked the holland house as a surprise a few years ago, im not a fan of hotels generally, however when we arrived outside, i was impressed. Its a tall building, very futurist looking, and lots of lights and very pretty. At christmas time, they put very large christmas trees outside, and it looks beautiful.

          Inside is even better, its a massive lobby, with marble floors, the toilets on the lobby are amazing. The ladies, has music playing, a massive sofa in the middle, its pink and is clean and spotless.

          Thd hotel staff are very friendly, and if you have a car, they have an underground car park, which is safe, and you can access it from inside the hotel. It does cost around £13 to stay in the carpark for your stay however.

          The rooms are amazing, they are big, modern, have a desk and huge bed. They are very plush looking, and some rooms have great views over cardiff.

          The bathrooms are also very plush, and you really do feel like thr queen.

          Breakfast was a buffet style, but was delicious, with plenty of choice.

          From the hotel you are a 3-5minutes walk down a road into the town centre itself, so very handy location.

          This is my favourite hotel by far, its about £130 a night, which isnt bad considering its so plush.



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            15.12.2005 12:44
            Very helpful



            A four star hotel within close walking distance to Cardiff City centre

            In September 2005 my wife and I went to see the Stereophonics play in Cardiff and, wanting to be able to take some time to look around Cardiff (recommended to all), we decided to book a hotel for a Friday and Saturday night. After a quick Internet search we settled on MacDonald Holland House, a four star hotel close to Cardiff City Centre.

            We were quoted £98 for the Friday and £126 for the Saturday for a Superior Room with breakfast included. The Superior room is in fact the starting room, if you want a little more luxury you can choose from a Club Room, a Kings Suite or even the Presidential Suite. There are 160 rooms in total.

            The Hotel was very easy to find, taking Junction 29 off the M4 if coming from the East (as we were) or Junction 33 from the West, and is very close to the City Centre on the Newport Road. We arrived at about 9.30pm and were warmly welcomed. Our car was quickly whisked away to the underground car park, at a cost of £8 per 24 hours.

            The lobby of the hotel was spotless and designed to impress. We were greeted warmly by the reception desk staff only to be told we had arrived on the wrong day. Knowing this was wrong we persisted and were given a room without much fuss. A fair bit of toing and froing later and it turned out someone with the same name had booked in through a third party and I’d been booked in with a name that wasn’t quite mine. They were very apologetic and offered us a bottle of wine as compensation which we accepted.

            Our room was lovely; very spacious, tidy and clean, with great views towards Newport and the hills to the North. We had a very comfortable queen sized bed along with chairs and a table to rest at and standard facilities such as a TV, trouser press, tea maker and hairdryer. Wardrobe space was adequate and there was a safe if required. Pluses for me were an iron and ironing board (for some unexplained reason I always need to iron something, so when there isn’t one the offending hotel takes a rapid step down in my estimation), a good sounding CD system which we put to good use after a reckless hour in Virgin and a blissful shower that should be standard in all hotels. In addition there was a well stocked and somewhat unusually reasonably priced mini bar, though we still managed to avoid the temptation.

            We were situated right next to the lift system but didn’t hear it or any other residents at all. Occasionally traffic could be heard but it certainly didn’t affect our sleeping.

            The bar, next to the restaurant, is large and in my view somewhat impersonal. We didn’t use it so I can’t comment further, however we did walk through it to get to the restaurant. This was also a little on the impersonal side with tables too close together but the food and service were excellent, especially for dinner, which we had on Friday night at a cost of about £30 per head with wine.

            The hotel has a leisure club with a well equipped gym and swimming pool but sadly we came unprepared and had to forego exercise. My wife consoled her self by booking some of the available pampering instead (a massage and pedicure which cost about £60). There are business facilities, internet availability (you buy cards from the front desk) and, if you’re in the market, full conference facilities.

            Check out was quick and easy. We were left an express check out option but as the desk was clear we thanked the staff, were apologised to again, and left happy.

            The hotel is a short 10 minute walk from Queen’s Street which is where you’ll find many of Cardiff’s largest and best known shops.

            I recommend this hotel full heartedly and will definitely use it again myself.
            For more information: www.hollandhousehotel.co.uk


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            Cardiff's new luxury hotel, Macdonald Holland House is situated in a prime location within minutes of the shopping district and the Millennium stadium, blending urban sophistication and ultra modern styling with exceptional levels of luxury and service. This premier hotel offers superb accommodation, a fantastic restaurant and bar and luxurious leisure club and spa. Whatever the occasion, the ambience is relaxed and inviting - the perfect metropolitan retreat. The Macdonald Holland House Hotel has one the largest meeting and banqueting facilities in Cardiff and enjoys a special reputation for comfortable accommodation and a choice of prestigious meeting rooms ideal for a full range of corporate events, from an exclusive board meeting to a conference or product launch.

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