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May Cottage (Ambelside)

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5 star self-catering cottage in the Lake District accommodates up to 6 people.

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2009 20:23
      Very helpful




      My family and I recently spent a week in the Lake District. Usually we stay in hotels when we go away but my parents decided that it would be nice to stay in a house. I didn't book the cottage, my parents did but they have said that the booking process was very easy.

      May Cottage is located right in the middle of Ambleside. It literally takes five minutes to walk into the centre of Ambleside (and that's if you stop occasionally to take in the beautiful views). We drove to the cottage but spent the trip walking or using public transport. May Cottage is perfectly situated for walking or accessing public transport services.

      There was plenty of space for parking on the property, with space at the front of the cottage and at the back.

      -The Cottage-
      My first impression of the cottage was very good. It was so spacious and seemed so clean. We had high expectations because the cottage was rated as five stars and on the surface it seemed like it was very deserving of the five stars.

      The first room we entered was the kitchen and my first thought was that it was so big. During the week that we stayed there we had everything that we needed. We (and by we I mean my parents) frequently cooked and always found that the utensils that we needed were there. The kitchen includes all modern conveniences including things that I would consider to be extras like a dishwasher and coffee machine. The only real complaint that I have about the kitchen is that the washing machine is very noisy. The dining room and living room are both connected to the kitchen and it became impossible to watch television or even hold a conversation when the washing machine was on. Although that is my only complaint regarding the kitchen I do think there are things that could have been improved. The dish washer was accross the room from the sink and we like to rinse dishes before putting them in (they don't seem to wash properly if you don't) and the result was that we dripped water all over the floor.
      The kitchen was very clean. Usually the first thing my mum does when we arrive at a rented house is clean. You can imagine my suprise when after less than five minutes of being in the house I entered the kitchen to find my mum unpacking food without having cleaned the kitchen first. For a kitchen to meet my mum's cleanliness standards is pretty impressive!
      Like with all of the house there is plenty of storage space. The only place that didn't have a huge amount of storage was the freezer that is just a small box in the fridge but as we were only staying for a week that was not a problem.
      The dining room is basically part of the kitchen but is seperated from the kitchen area by a counter. It contains a table with very comfortable chairs.

      The living room is one of my favourite rooms in the cottage. It's very big, with two sofa's and an arm chair, all of them very comfortable (although a bit too low backed for my personal taste). The thing I liked about the living room was that it felt so much likie being at home. There were so many nice personal touches, like pictures and decorative items. To me a television is just a television (I've had the sameone for seven years and no intention of changing it) but I did think that the television was of a much better quality than the ones we usually have in hotels and there were more channels. I don't watch much television usually (I'm more of a dvd person) so on holiday it was nice to be able to sit in a comfortable living room with so much choice about what to watch.

      There are three bedrooms and each sleeps two people. I was fortunate to have a room to myself. I can't really comment on the other bedrooms, I didn't spend enough time in them but they all looked very nice. I fell in love with my room the minute I walked into it. It looked like a room fit for a princess and made me feel like one. The furniture was beautiful and the bed had a curtain type thing at the top that was completley impractical but looked great. There was a large wardrobe built into the wall that was probably big enough to sleep another person (okay, slight exageration).

      Unfortunately the room wasn't quite as great as it looked. First of all I had to unhook the curtain because it made it impossible for me to sleep in the bed. Then I had to sleep with no pillows or duvet because they were made of feather and I have a feather allergy (that's not their fault, I know). When I first entered the room and for the first night I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the room. You could smell the fabric softener on the sheets. But then I looked under the bedside table to plug in my phone charger and discovered that under all of the furniture was what looked like a month's worth of dust.

      The bed was quite comfortable and I slept very well every night, even without a pillow. My family didn't think the pillows were very comfortable though and we did have to go out halfway through the week and buy some new ones.

      The bathroom was what really let the house down. When we arrived the lock on the bathroom door was broken and there was mold all over the ceiling and one of the walls. My parents reported that the bathroom lock was broken and the caretaker came over the very same day (and it was a Sunday!) and fixed it. While he was there he noticed the mold and also cleaned that. I thought that this was very impressive, first that he fixed the lock on the same day it was reported and then he noticed the mold and cleaned it without being asked but I do think that this should have been done before we moved into the house.

      Overall the house is very warm, comfortable and cozy.

      Unfortunately due to the weather we were unable to take advantage of the patio.

      -Family Friendly?-
      Family friendliness would depend entirely on the age of your children. This property is certainly not suitable for families with young children. There are too many steps (you basically have to go up or down some steps for every room that you want to go into) for young children and the patio area is not enclosed so you couldn't allow your children to play out there without risking them running off. My sister is nine and she was perfectly content in the house. The television included Cbeebies and CBBC channel so that kept her entertained.

      This property is not accessible to wheelchair users.

      For information regarding cost please check their website http://www.lakelovers.co.uk/cs/properties/618

      We really enjoyed our stay in May Cottage. It was mostly comfortable and clean but it didn't quite meet the five star standards that we expected from a five star property. I would recommend this to anyone without young children.


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    5 star self-catering cottage accommodates up to 6 people.

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