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Park Inn (Peterborough)

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Address: Wentworth Street / Peterborough / PE1 1BA / England

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2009 13:56
      Very helpful



      A decent choice for those needing a hotel in Peterborough

      I had to go away with work again but, this time it didn't include any foreign travel! Instead it involved going into our main office for some training and as I live nowhere near our main office and normally work from home the company put me up in a hotel for the week. I had no idea what to expect as they were booking it all and only a day or so before I found out it would be the Park Inn Peterborough that I would be staying in for the week. As soon as I knew which hotel I was staying in I went online to check it out and thought it looked quite nice.

      The hotel is located on the main carriageway into the town centre and across the road from the Asda. I had no trouble finding it as my sat nav did all the work for me but, if you were driving there without one you may struggle to spot it until you are right on top of it as the sign is obscured from the road by bushes until you get a little further along! The hotel is just behind the Queens gate shopping centre and main high street so is perfect if you want stuff immediately on the doorstep of your hotel.

      First impressions:
      When I pulled into the car park I liked the fact that it was a barrier entrance as this meant it was more secure. The car park was fairly spacious with about 55-60 spaces as a rough count. It is completely free to park and so I pulled in a space and made my way inside the automatic doors to the reception. First impression of the reception area was good as it was nice and modern and the member of staff greeted me straight away. The room had been booked for myself and my colleague for the first two nights and then for the last three nights I would be on my own so I still needed to check in to get a key of my own. The receptionist was very quick at getting my key for me and also helped me with my gold points membership as work had typically booked my room in my maiden name and not my married name that I had signed up to the scheme with! She simply changed my name on the membership and was able to allocate my reservation to my membership so I could collect points. I was please she was so helpful about it and once I had signed for my key she explained where was breakfast was served and how to get to my room. Overall a very pleasant check in and top marks from me!

      The room:
      As I was sharing with somebody, my room was obviously a twin bedded one I. made my way to my room by the lift even though I was only on the first floor as I had my suitcase with me and my room was about a quarter of the way down the corridor. When I entered the room I was already expecting what it would look like since I had looked online but, it seemed much brighter than the online picture so this was a bonus. The bathroom was immediately to the right hand side as I walked in and on the same wall was a full length mirror. There was a suitcase stand on the left hand side with a couple of shelves beneath it. In the main area of the room the beds were in the alcove along with two side tables and on the left hand side of the room was a desk which had the tea and coffee making facilities on and also a flat screen TV attached to the wall. There was then another small side table and a tub chair next to this.
      The bathroom was nice too with the sink facing you as you walked in, the toilet to the right hand side and the shower across the whole of the left hand side wall. The bathroom had nice bright lights and the shower had good power so showering every morning was a treat as at home I only have a bath tub and it was nice to get a quick shower without having to wait on the bath being run! Toiletries were provided in a little miniature tubs and clean towels were on a rack above the toilet. The colour scheme of the whole room was pretty simple yet very effective with white and blue being the main two. The floor was carpet in a mid blue. It had a modern look and I was quite happy that this was where I would be spending the next five nights!

      Food and drink:
      The hotel has one main bar and restaurant which is located next to the reception desk. The breakfast is served here in the morning between 6.30am and 11.30am. I was pleased to find out that breakfast had been included in my stay and this consisted of a hot and cold buffet as well as a selection of cold items such as fruit, meats, cereals and there was also plenty to drink including tea and coffee along with a few different juices that were lovely and ice cold! When you came to breakfast you advised the server your room number and they would ask if you wanted tea or coffee. They would then bring that over whilst you helped yourself to food. The restaurant was very nice as it was very open and you didn't feel cramped even though at the time I was getting breakfast it was always pretty full. The staff were very friendly and this made breakfast quite pleasant. They were quite happy to bring over more tea and coffee should you want it.
      Now I didn't eat any other meals in the hotel just because I didn't see the point when there were plenty of places to get food outside of the hotel including an Asda right across the road! However I did see and advertisement for two steaks and a bottle of wine for £20. I am not sure what time it was between but, would have thought it would be an early diner menu. The bar is actually attached onto the reception but, a little further along and it was in an ideal spot for pre dinner drinks. In fact it did look fairly busy most evenings as I was coming in the hotel. The menu actually didn't look too bad for a hotel restaurant and a burger meal with fries and a salad was around £7. Drinks were also about average at £3.50 for a bottle or pint.

      Other facilities:
      The hotel do not have a huge range of facilities but, the main thing they do have is a selection of meeting rooms. All together they have 3 of various sizes and all are equipped with modern facilities. I am not sure of how good rates are but, I do know that this hotel is a prime choice for business travellers due to it's central location and with the meeting rooms on offer I can imagine they are used quite frequently too.
      I saw a notice up outside of the lifts mentioning beauty treatments - it seemed quite an extensive array of treatments on offer and when I tried to see if this was located within the hotel it did seem that way as the address was listed as the same as the hotel yet there didn't seem to be a sign anywhere to say whereabouts within the hotel! Also it is not mentioned on the site that this is a facility here so unless it is a fairly new beauty room I am not sure if it is actually an associated spa within a few minutes walk of the hotel rather than actually in it! I completely forgot to ask at reception so it may be worth finding out before you book if that is something that interests you.

      My room cost £330 for 5 nights which included breakfast as well. The first 2 nights I shared with a colleague and then I had the room to myself. I am not sure if this was a business rate or if they received a discount for booking a lot of rooms as there were various other colleagues all booked at the same time for different durations and dates and it did seem to be a little cheaper than was is quote online for that time of year. Of course it may be worth ringing first to see if there are any dates with special offers on. My room included breakfast although again, I am not sure if this would have been standard or something that would normally be added on at an extra charge per day.

      Overall opinion:
      I was pleased with the hotel in many ways from the décor and modern feel to the room and the lovely breakfast in the morning. I liked how central it was and it was very easy to get to the main shopping high street too which helped pass some of my free time! However the niggle I do have is that the air conditioning in the room is very loud and that is actually when it is not even on! Constantly it would sound as though it was trying to work even though I had kept it off because it was too loud! I managed to sleep fine but, during the evening before I went to sleep and had no TV on it was rather annoying! The other thing was being stuck in the hotel more than I would normally meant I heard a lot of people coming and going which of course the hotel cannot help on how noisy they are in the corridors but, the walls did seem a little thin in regards to when doors were shutting the wall shook! Again I only seemed to notice this more because I was in the room a lot but, it was another minor niggle!
      Other than that I can't fault the stay too much as it is a decent hotel that has a great location, very polite staff and a good breakfast to set me up for the day. I would recommend a stay here if ever needing a hotel in the Peterborough area.


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