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Premier Inn (Belfast)

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3 Reviews

Hotel in the center of the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast / Address: 2-6 Waring Street, Belfast, BT1 2DX / Tel: 0870 423 6492

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    3 Reviews
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      17.07.2012 12:16
      Very helpful



      Great location, friendly staff, great price though no room service

      My review is for th eother Premier Inn on Alfred Street in Belfast as there is no section for ir nor a general Premier Inn section:

      We only stayed in this hotel for 2 nights before jetting off on our holidays and I have to stay as a wee stop over hotel its actually quite good. The main reason we chose this hotel to be quite honest is only because they had an offer on and the rooms were only £29 per night.

      I did not go to check in my partner did this and left the bags there but he said it was quick and easy and the desk staff we very nice, they also took my name as well and we were thinking that this was maybe in case he was just wanting to bring some random person back later that night or something lol who knows what goes through peoples heads?
      Well what can I say our room was very nice and clean in decorations of white and purple which I thought great but then purple is my fave colour so im biased on that one! There was an ample sized double bed which was super comfy, the view wasn't so good, but then what can you expect from a city centre hotel, there was a little desk area with chair and minimal storage for clothes, etc which we didn't mind as we were only there for 2 nights. One thing I found weird is that the toilet and shower are in a separate 'bathroom' (there was no bath) but the sink and huge vanity mirror were in the actual room beside the 'bathroom' door, were but very useful, it meant I could get my makeup and hair, etc sorted while my other half was in the shower or whatever and man are the showers HUGE....seriously the best hotel shower I have ever used, well pleased!! There were plenty of clean towels for us both and the shower actually had shower gel/shampoo dispensers in them which is great so you would never need to pack your own and the don't just use cheapo stuff they use Lux which is yummy and leave the sin nice and soft.

      The windows are a bit rubbish at keeping out noise, the vents were open on the first night so understandably with it being a weekend it was going to be noisy and kept us awake for a while so on the second night we shut the vents but this really made no difference to the noise which was quite annoying but once you got to sleep it was too bad that it would of woken you again.
      We never ate in the hotel so can comment on the food but can tell you that a regular continental breakfast was around £5 and a hot fry up breakfast was around £7.95 they were both all you can eat so that's not too bad a price and your tea/coffee was of course included.

      One thing I didn't like is that there is no room service, shock horror! I mean really we came back slightly drunk shall we say for our first nights stay only to be informed by the desk staff that they didn't have room service and as we had the drunken munchies were quite upset about this, but he was very helpful and supplied us with various fast food menus and let us use the reception phone to ring in our order, which was with us within 20 minutes....we went and waited in our room and the desk staff rang us to come get it when it arrived and we were able to eat it in our room with no complaints.
      We had also asked for a wake up call in the morning as we had loads to do around town and this was on time exactly which is great.

      The bar area is very nice, on our second night we had a meal somewhere local and then came back to the hotel for a few drinks before bed. I was a bit miffed that they seemed to have none of the drinks I wanted though lol no blueberry, raspberry or pomegranate Bacardi breezers, no rose west coast cooler , but the nice barman made me a rose wine spritzer though unsure of was actually very nice, so nice infact I had to have a few more just to make sure. The atmosphere in the bar is very relaxed and you don't have to be dressed up to the nines to drink there, they play music in the background and on weekends it's a bit more lively, all in all we had a great wee night there.
      One thing we thought was excellent about the hotel is that not only do you need your key card to get into the actual hotel at night you also needed it to go anywhere near the lifts to get to any of the rooms no matter if it was day or night and this is great and makes you feel totally safe whilst staying here.

      One thing we didn't like is that the hotel does not have a car park or any parking facilities of any kind, you would get a ticket if you parked your car out the front. We had to actually park in the Victoria Centre overnight which isn't so bad its like £3.50 for an overnight stay but this can get expensive because if you want a lie in your charge will start adding up as it starts charging £2 every hour after 8am or something so you have to make sure your up and out and back to your car before your faced with a big car parking bill....the car park is around 10 minutes walk away from the hotel which is quite annoying, especially in the rain!
      The hotel itself is in a great location, its only a 5 or 10 minute walk from the city centre where there are plenty of shops, restaurants, activities, etc, it is also near to lots of bus stops and around 10 minutes walk from the train station. The area feels quite safe as well.

      As this was not a holiday and just a stop over we didn't enquire into anything else that the hotel may offer but I would definitely recommend this to people looking for a weekend break or a wee stop over like ourselves because that's what its obviously for, its not a resort or holiday place its just somewhere to lay your head, have a few wee drinks and probably some nice food and when they have offers even better, our offer of £29 was excellent as the normal price for a room for a night is £59 so technically we got 2 nights for the price of 1 and saved ourselves a pound woohoo....I actually think that offer is still running with various locations from the Premier Inn Hotels just check out their website www.premierinn.com
      Thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all comments received.

      (also on ciao)


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      05.05.2011 23:00
      Very helpful



      Great budget accommodation in centre of Belfast

      My heart sank as we turned onto Belfast's Waring Street and saw a group of 'hens' standing in the doorway of the city's Premier Inn (Cathedral Quarter). I suppose I should have expected it since we'd booked for a Friday night, the beginning of a long weekend, but the reality doesn't hit you until you see a bunch of cackling women in identical neon pink t-shirts (each one bearing an obscene message and the name of the hen whose apparent specialty that is), swigging alcopops throw a straw at nine in the morning. I suspected the place might be pretty noisy in sixteen hours time.

      Belfast's party area is quite spread out, there's no main bar and nightclub area so the only way you can really avoid being in the same place as a load of hens and stags is to spend a bit more and go upmarket. Of course, I generally prefer to spend less and take my chances if I am only staying one night so I was delighted to bag a room in advance for £29 for a Friday night.

      We had flown in from Newcastle, arriving at the main bus station at just after nine in the morning, and the leisurely stroll to the hotel took no more than ten minutes. Due to the city's one way system a taxi ride will take you all over the place so if you can manage your luggage walking is the best option. There are several car parks in the area around the hotel but I am unable to comment on the costs.

      Our paperwork advised that check in was not possible until after 2.00pm but we hoped we'd be able to leave our bags and come back later and so we joined a short queue at reception where there was only one staff member on duty. Had we been only able to leave our bags such a wait would have irritated me but as the receptionist was able to check us in and give us access to our room I was much less bothered. Full marks to the Premier Inn here for allowing you an early check in without imposing an additional charge. The receptionist asked if we'd like to book dinner or breakfast and when we declined said we could pay in situ if we wanted to change our minds.

      The building exterior is listed and very smart and stylish it is too, having at one time been a bank, and although the interior is typically Premier Inn (bland and boring but well maintained) it isn't too much of an offence against the building. The foyer was bright and airy with a good feeling of space. Once out of reception you had to use your room key swipe to access the corridors leading to the rooms and the lifts which was a reassuring security measure. One thing I hated was that loud music (courtesy of "Radio Local") was blaring in the reception area, reinforcing the idea that this is a 'party hotel'.

      Even at times when there seemed to be a lot of people around we never had to wait long for a lift which was fortunate as we had been given a room on the fifth floor, which we had been told was away from the bigger groups. When we arrived some of the chambermaids were busy on our floor but the two we passed both said hello in a very genuine and friendly way. This is certainly a hotel with staff who know how to smile.

      My initial feeling was that the room was small, particularly in comparison with the last couple of Premier Inns we've stayed in (the palatial, by contrast, Premier Inn at Manchester Airport being a good example) but we weren't planning to spend much time in the room and didn't have much in the way of luggage. Everything was in good repair, all lights were fully bulbed up and anything electrical such as the kettle and hairdryer was working a treat. The bed linen was crisp and spotless and the towels were not only wonderfully fluffy but larger than those in most other places I've stayed recently.

      The bathroom was also pristine and the shower turned out to be fast and powerful. The only let down here was that the shower gel/shampoo (nearly always to be avoided if it's a shampoo/bodywash combination product) was reminiscent of "Loo bloo" or some other harsh smelling industrial-strength bathroom cleaner; I'd brought my own, of course, but if I can save my own and use the hotel stuff I'll always try to, though on this occasion I drew the line. As has been the case with other Premier Inns I've stayed at over the last year or so, the washbasin is in the main room, rather than in the bathroom, something I've now grown to prefer.

      There's really not a great deal to say about this experience. There was a small amount of noise in the early hours though I think we benefited from being on a higher floor; during the day there was a reasonable amount of traffic but it became much quieter in the evening. The room was quite hot and it took a fair amount of fiddling with the control to adjust the temperature; the windows don't open but little vents in the window frames slide open to allow in some air.

      The hotel is best suited to leisure travellers and for short stays only. The rooms are smaller than the average Premier Inn rooms but we didn't find this problematic as, other than sleeping, we spent next to no time in the room. There is space to plug in a laptop and wi-fi access is available if required; additionally there are a couple of "pay as you go" computers in reception. The hotel bar and restaurant is modern and spacious and looks rather upmarket but we had come to sample the best of Belfast, not the best of Premier Inn.

      The hotel is located in an ideal position for Belfast's shops, bars and restaurants; the Cathedral Quarter has benefitted from a great deal of investment although it hasn't really met the original expectations that it would become an artists' district as the rental costs of studios have become too high. There are a number of top class restaurants and bistros close by and I highly recommend dropping in to the John Hewitt pub just a few doors down the street, a brilliant boozer with plenty of Irish charm and some great real ales.

      This hotel had everything we wanted and we got it at a bargain price. The bed lived up to the Premier Inn claims, soft without being squidgy and very, very comfortable. The pillows were just right, but there were extra ones if we'd have needed them. In spite of my fears of a noisy night, it was actually very quiet and for the first time in ages I slept past six a.m. Perhaps I should move in?


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        27.01.2010 11:51
        Very helpful



        great value for money

        Premier Inn Belfast City Centre Waring Street

        When on a shopping trip to Belfast my husband and I decided to stay in the Premier Inn, which is situated on Waring Street. This was because I am pregnant I wanted somewhere which was close walking distance to the shops so I would find it easy to get about.

        I have to admit that it was a perfect choice as it is only a few minutes away from Victoria Square and the main street, which has Castle Court shopping centre on it. I didn't have to walk very far at all to get to any of these places. So it was very handy and made my stay easier.

        We parked in the Encore car park, which is nearby and only costs £6 to park for a whole day. I felt that this was very good value as some car parks in Belfast charge you £1 or £2 and hour. It was only a 5-minute walk away from the hotel as well so this was handy when carrying your luggage.

        When arriving in the hotel the reception dealt with us very quickly and got us checked into our room very promptly. You have to check out at by 12.00 noon and you need to make sure you leave your room key at reception.

        The reception is open 24 hours a day and will help you with any enquiries. If you have a phone in your room you can ring down to them.

        They will provide you with extra bed linen and towels, bath mat, iron and ironing board and if you want extra complimentary refreshments. The staff on the reception was efficient and easy to deal with.

        If you have forgotten something there is washbag essentials sold for makes and females. You can purchase these at reception if you wish.

        In certain rooms there are telephones provided (we had one in our room) and you also had Internet access via wireless technology (WiFi) or a telephone modem point. We didn't have a laptop so didn't use this facility.

        The main room is not huge but it is big enough. The one thing I disliked was that the sink was in the main room with a soap dispenser. It also has a shaving point here with a bright light above the mirror. What I didn't like the most was that if you turned on the toilet light the light above the sink also came on (which is in the main room) and therefore annoys anyone else who is trying to sleep.

        Within the room there is a long length mirror and a small kettle which you can make tea or coffee (milk and sugar is included). Beside this underneath the table is a hairdryer but you need to watch, as it's easy to burn your hair with it as your hair can get caught in the spokes very easily. A small bin is provided for your rubbish

        There is an open wardrobe and you can hang your clothes here if you wish but it also has shelves. All in all there is lots of space to store your belongings. A television has been put into the wardrobe to save space and it is easy to watch from your bed comfortably. It is a small flat screen television.

        If you need to do office work or even if you need a large table one is in the room. On this desk there is a telephone and a very bright lamp if you need a bright light. A hardback chair is beside the desk for you to sit in.

        There is a soft chair in the room as well beside the bed as well as a window, which is to the ground. Above the desk is a purple canvas with purple flowers on it.

        In the room there is a large bed with a leatherback. Beside the bed there are two lamps that are attached to the wall. Plus if you need it there is a small space to put your belongings on.

        The mattress is hard and the bed has a large comfortable duvet. I have very sensitive skin and the starch from the sheets did make me slightly itchy.

        One problem we experienced was that at night time we were woken a few times by noisy people outside the hotel and then the people beside our room was also noisy. This happens most places and really wasn't a big problem for us as it didn't last long and I got back to sleep very easily.

        The bathroom in our room had a large shower and you could sit down in it. It was reasonably clean but it was starting to get a little bit grubby. In the shower there was s very small corner shelf for you to put any toiletries on. The hotel provides you with Lux combined shampoo and shower gel.

        In the bathroom also there was a white pedal bin and sanitary bags available. Towel rails was in the bathroom and if you wanted to get new ones you needed to put the dirty towels into the shower.

        I didn't like the way if you turned the bathroom light on there was a light in the main room that also went on automatically and it was rather bright.

        While we were staying at this hotel we decided to get breakfast. It cost £2.95 for a baked croissant and coffee or tea. It cost £5.25 for a continental breakfast which included breakfast cereal, juice, tea, toast and fruit. It cost £7.75 for a Premier breakfast which has the same as the continental but you also got a cooked breakfast which included sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, baked beans and potato bread.

        I had the continental breakfast and I have to say it was worth the money as you could have as much as you wanted. My husband had the Premier breakfast and it also was eat as much as you liked and her thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast.

        We also had a meal in the 4 Corners restaurant and I really enjoyed it as well. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. They accommodated me as I wasn't feeling very well and I got to eat a sandwich even though only a dinner menu was available. I felt this was very nice of them and thought the service was first class.

        Overall I think this hotel is very nice for a breakaway as it is very central and the staff are very nice to deal with. As we had booked in advance the room only cost £29 per night which is brilliant value for the standard of the rooms and the service we got. I liked how close the hotel was to the shops as it meant I could walk to them easily. I would recommend this hotel to anyone and would definitely stay here again.


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