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Premier Inn (Brentwood, Essex)

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Address: 169 Kings Road / Brentwood CM14 4EF / Essex

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2012 08:14
      Very helpful




      As my sister, two cousins and myself were travelling down to Brentwood for a night out at the now probably very famous Sugarhut night club which is featured on the only way is Essex we needed to book a hotel for the night as we were doing a 500 mile round trip over the course of less than 48 hours. To be honest when it comes to staying in a hotel my first point of call is usually a Travelodge or Premier Inn as they are reasonable and usually in a good location. On this occasion we booked the Premier Inn in Brentwood to act as our base whilst we were in Essex.


      I booked two twin rooms online via the Premier Inn website were we paid £53 for each room which I thought was very reasonable for a hotel so close to where we wanted to be. As the room was booked on a flexible rate it meant we did not need to pay for it until we checked in to the room and we had until 1pm on the day of arrival to cancel the hotel rooms should we need to which I think is a bonus just in case something were to crop up.

      ==Where is it?==

      The Premier Inn Brentwood is ideally located if you are staying in Brentwood I have to say because it is literally a five minute drive away from the M1 and the A12. It is located very near to the railway station in Brentwood too should you be catching a train in and so it is very easy to find we found. The hotel is tall and so is visible from the street as you are driving in which makes it nice and easy to spot in the distance too.

      What is great about this hotel is that it is located just a ten minute walk from the Brentwood High Street where many shops, bars and restaurants are. As it happens we got a taxi to the Sugarhut as we were all in heels but the five minute drive only cost us just short of five pounds which we thought was reasonable, especially as the price didn't rise when we were coming back at around 2am in the morning.

      There is car parking spaces for those with a disabled badge right outside the hotel but for other cars there is a car park to the side of the hotel. We found that the road up to this was a bit knackered really and it was also a really tight corner to get around to get up the ramp to park. What was nice though was our room actually over looked the car park and so we could keep our eye on the car!

      ==Check in==

      As we were walking up to the hotel from the car park my sister managed to trip over her own feet and tried to carry on as if nobody had seen but my cousin behind her was almost on the floor laughing and so was stopped by the few steps to the hotel. There is also a flat walk way for those who may struggle with steps. As it looked like my sister and cousin were struggling with their bags a member of staff named Jimmy came out and asked did they need any help which I thought was a really nice touch.

      The hotel lobby was clean and looked fresh and modern. Staff were around helping people check in or with anything else they needed and we were given a great first impression.

      When we got in to the hotel it was Jimmy who was actually dealing with us and we had arrived at around five past two. Check in is allowed from two o' clock but Jimmy explained he wanted to give us rooms together and they weren't quite ready and so Jimmy asked could he get up a complimentary drink from the bar which we accepted. We were given a drink of our choice and seated in a comfortable lounge area until our rooms were ready just ten minutes later.

      We paid cash for our room which was fine but you are also able to pay by card and there are three machines in the lobby which offer a quick check in option should you wish to do this. We were given rooms 312 and 314 which were on the third floor and we were able to get the lift to gain access to our floor.

      ==The rooms==

      We were thoroughly impressed when we headed down the corridor to our rooms as not only were our rooms at the end of the corridor but they were in their own little private section if you will which meant we were able to close the main door yet prop open the two bedroom doors and come as we pleased between each others rooms as we were getting ready. We all really appreciated the thought that had gone in to giving us those particular rooms.

      What was also excellent was the fact that the rooms we had requested were twin rooms but we had actually been given family rooms complete with a double bed and a single bed. I quickly called shot gun on the double but my sister didn't mind as she sleeps in a single bed at home anyway!

      The rooms were just fabulous they really were. Apart from one mark on our carpet they were immaculate throughout really. We were given a wardrobe space complete with hangers, shelves and a mirror for all our bits and pieces as well as small bedside tables and a large desk and chair in the main part of the room. We found there was adequate space for both of our things and our massive amounts of make up and things to make us pretty and the mirrors were great too as we had a full length one near the desk and a smaller illuminated one in the wardrobe which was great for doing our hair as the straighteners plugged in there. Our only mini issue in our room was our lamp on the desk didn't work but we didn't bother reporting it as we didn't really need it as the light was adequate in the room. Extra pillows were provided which both my sister and I took advantage of as we both sleep with two pillows at home and you are given one on the bed.

      The bathroom again was great for our needs and we had a bath with a shower over the top as well as a toilet and sink obviously. There was a huge mirror over the sink and toilet area which again was great for when we were getting ready. The bathroom was clean and tidy and was great for us whilst we were there. There are enough towels provided for a couple of baths and they are of reasonable size....not quite as big as the bath sheets I have at home but big enough to cover your modesty! Towels are replaced daily but as we only stayed one night this wasn't something we needed.

      You are given a 21" television in the room but I have to say it does look much smaller! Freeview channels are provided but to be honest we just stuck the one music channel on we could find as we were getting ready and then didn't use it again afterwards!

      The double bed did feel harder than the single bed I have to say but I still slept ok. I don't sleep well when I sleep anywhere other than my own bed but my sister slept really well in the single bed. What was wonderful was we didn't hear any noise at all throughout the night be it from traffic or from other guests and this carried on through to the next morning. The thick purple curtains did a great job of keeping out the sunlight too thus enabling us to have a bit of a lie in the next morning.

      The room featured a thermostat on the wall which was digital and so when we arrived we felt the room although only set at 20 degrees was a bit hot as the sun was shining when we arrived in Essex. We set the thermostat to be warmer when we returned from our night out so the room would be warm when we arrived back and I had to get out of bed at some silly time to lower it as it did get really hot in there!

      Check out is at 12pm which I think is a reasonable time to have to check out really and the process is easily done by simply handing in your key card.


      Being that this is a Premier Inn we were of course offered breakfast which is served in the Thyme restaurant in the hotel. This costs £8.25 and so we decided not to go for it as we were planning on staying in our beds as long as possible before filling up on a large lunch before the long journey home again. You can also pre book to eat at the hotel restaurant for dinner but we chose not to do this so I cannot comment on the restaurant as a whole other than to say when we sat having our drinks before our room was ready that it looked clean and well presented.

      A vending machine in the lobby is available although it seemed to be defective when we were trying to use it!

      Wifi is also available and your first thirty minutes are free. This wasn't passed on by the staff but I was made aware of this by completing a satisfaction survey.

      ==Last thoughts==

      We would all certainly stay in this hotel again. The small touches from the Jimmy who dealt with us added to the experience of staying here. He actually even remembered our room numbers when calling us a cab to go out for the night which impressed us! For the price which we paid individually for the rooms we had a brilliant stay in a comfortable and clean hotel with staff who know their job well. As such we would certainly all recommend it.

      Brentwood House, 169 Kings Road, Brentwood,
      Essex CM14 4EF

      Thank you for reading my review!


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