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Premier Inn (Carlisle)

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Address: Parkhouse Rd / Kingstown / Carlisle / Cumbria CA3 0HR / England

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2009 17:41
      Very helpful



      Wish I'd drive home and saved my back and money

      On my way back from Bournemouth we decided we would stop in here overnight as it's a 10 hour journey home and we had to stop in Birmingham to visit family.

      We were driving up on the M6 and you take turn off at junction 44. As you leave the motorway you can see the hotel about 30 seconds later. I would say the entrance is quite difficult to find as you have to go round to the back to get into car park as there is no front entrance.

      It is signposted but I wouldn't say very well and the sat nav doesn't take you the right way either. Once getting to the car park we pulled up at the side of the hotel which was quite a bit of a walk to the entrance.

      The hotel looks like offices from the layout on the outside and is long instead of being a high building. From what I could see there was three floors for the hotel unfortunately I am unable to tell you how many rooms there are altogether.

      Once we got to the entrance we had to buzz to get in which did take a couple of minutes. We got in and the reception was straight in front. Once getting to the desk the man on reception was very pleasant and helpful. Check in was very quick as it only took a couple of minutes to take our details and give us the key for the room.

      Behind us there was steps to go down, there was also a stair lift here so it has access for disabled customers. We were on the first floor so we walked up the flight of stairs and a long the very long corridor to our room.

      Like most other premier inns you use the swipe key to open the door to your room. When we walked in I got an over-powering smell like soemthing was off in the room, but when I looked I couldn't see anything.

      The room was also very hot and even when I turned the radiator off in the room it stayed on. I ended up opening the window for a while just to cool the room down and get rid of the smell.

      The room itself was very small, I was surprised how small it was compared to most of the other Premier Inns I've stayed at. There was no room to put a large suitcase so I wouldn't recommend staying here for anymore than a night. I had an overnight bag and actually struggled to find somewhere to leave it out of the way.

      Again like normal Premier Inns there was a small tv in front of the bed and a hair dryer in the drawer in front of the mirror. The room was white and purple in colour with the bed sheets to match this. After the small shock of the room I decided to lie on the bed to see how it felt. There is one way to describe it and that is rock hard. The bed was really high up and me being 5ft 5" I actually found it quite difficult to get onto the bed. After lying on the bed for about 10 minutes me and my partner were contemplating sleeping on the floor (if only there was enough room!) It was a very restless night sleep with the heat of the room (had to close window to keep noise of motorway out) and the bed being so hard.

      The bathroom - It's just like a regulat premier inn bathroom with a bath and a shower which is a bonus if you are staying for a few nights. The extractor fan in our bathroom didn't work so we were quite worried we'd set of the smoke alarm as it is known to happen in premier inns, they actually warn you to keep bathroom door closed after using the bath or shower.
      There was a note in the bathroom stating that if you have forgootton anything to go to reception and they have a supply of items there.

      Breakfast - We were told at check in that breakfast was served from 7am - 10am. We went down and you pass through reception to get to the restaurant area. They have your name on a sheet so they know what breakfast you have paid for and you have to wait to be seated.

      We got a seat and then went to help ourself to breakfast. We decided to just get a continental breakfast. It's laid out really nicely with loads to choose from. You have a range of cereals, muffins, fruit, bread for toast and croissants. As well as this you can have tea, coffee of fruit juices to drink.

      The breakfast was really nice with everything being really fresh and plenty to choose from. The staff were great and were always topping up the food so you didn't want for anything. When we had breakfast and left the staff went out of their way to say goodbye to you with a smile.

      Checkout - This was very quick as we had paid the night before so all we had to do was hand in our key. The receptionist asked us if we had a good night stay at the hotel and when we told her our issues she didn't seem bothered with the reply "Ok, Thanks, Bye."

      I was a bit taken aback by this as surely she should have apologised that we didn't enjoy it or made more of a remark but unfortunately not. This was a bit of a let down as I'm sure with the right customer service it may have made the whole experience that bit better for us.

      Overall my stay in this hotel was a big let down for the Premier Inn chain, they are usually great hotels to stay in at a great price. I think I'll stick to Express by Holiday Inn after this experience as I know what I get with them (and you do get a free continental breakfast with them too!) I kind of wish I just drove all the way home and saved my money....and my back!

      The stairwells and corridors could do with updating as I did feel like I was in a run down Motel that was very old fashioned.

      My partner did say to me he had stayed at the Premier Inn two junctions away several weeks before that and it was good but decided to give this one a try as he thought it may be better as it had a Bar and Restaurant in it instead of having to go to a pub next door.

      More Info about the hotel -


      Monday - Thursday From £60 per room per night
      Friday - Sunday From £57 per room per night

      Cooked Breakfast - £7.95
      Continental Breakfast - £5.95

      The have meeting rooms in the building as well that it says is big enough for a conference of up to 120 people and prices range from Day Delegate rates £32.50 and 24 hour rates £120.00.

      There is a bar next to the reception, I didn't use this as we arrived late and also had a long drive in the morning. It seemed to be quite busy when we arrived. It also looked very clean and the seats looked comfy.

      They have computers for internet access at a charge, these are also in the reception area. There is a vending machine for snacks if you need them which is situated next to the computers.

      For bookings or more info go to -

      website - www.premierinn.com
      or phone - 0870 850 6334

      Address - Parkhouse Road
      CA3 0HR


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