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Premier Inn in General

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35 Reviews
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    35 Reviews
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      03.08.2012 14:38



      Great priced clean rooms

      Have now stayed at a few in various parts of the country, we receive their £29 per room offers by email and just have a look to see where we fancy going next for a quick on or two nights stay.

      At £29 I initially thought they would be extremely basic and not very pleasing on the eye. In all the ones that we have used we have been sent sat nav directions ny email and text which is handy, we have been greeted warmly by reception staff (which is more than I can say for some hotels with a higher star rating) our rooms have always been ready on arrival (again rivaling some other hotels).

      We always find the rooms to be very clean, spacious, bathrooms are adequate, hairdryer, good strong power showers. Plenty of hanging/drawer space, comfortable bed, kids are happy with their pop up beds if they come along.

      Bedding is nice and clean, stain free. TV in room with basic channels.

      The only thing is having to go to a Brewers Fayre for breakfast but these are usually no further than across a car park.

      Overall ideal for quick getaways at a good price.


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      21.01.2012 10:48



      Highly recommend staying at any of them

      I have stayed at a fair few Premier Inn hotels all over the country, usually just for one or two nights.
      They are well located for access to city and town centres, and normally have their own free parking available (although some hotels, like the ones in parts of London) have a car park close by, but you have to pay.
      The rooms are very simple, but effective, with all of the amenities that you need - tea/coffee/biscuits, telly, hairdryer, etc. Decor is again quite basic but you are not going to spend hours and hours in the room, so it doesn't really matter what is on the walls!
      Never found any of them that were dirty - always clean and well turned out. Very friendly staff who are always willing to help (and I am always wanting extra pillows and tea!!) Everything has always been in good working order as well, no problems with remote controls or heating.
      They have sales on from time to time, which, if you register on their website, you will get an email to tell you when they are coming up. Rooms usually start from £29 a night, which is a bargain for two people staying overnight! There is usually a breakfast option which is extra, but that can be pricey at about £7 per person. Although, we have found that they are normally next to a McDonalds or something similar, so we tend to have our breakfast there.


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      28.05.2011 20:30
      Very helpful



      5/5 even with a couple of things to moan about.

      Although my girlfriend has moved down to Stoke now, when she used to travel down from Liverpool we would often stay at a hotel to get a bit of time to ourselves as I still live with my parents. Now, in Stoke accomodation options are pretty limited, with most people wanting to stay in a hotel for just one night whilst visiting Alton Towers. So, for a reasonably priced option which I knew was likely to be smart inside as it's a relatively new hotel I booked us into Premier Inn on the Trentham Estate using their online booking service.


      The booking process at Premier Inn appeared like it would be relatively simple, I entered the arrival and departure date and searched for prices. For a double room we paid £65 for the night which I didn't think was too bad. I selected this room rate and proceeded to enter my card details and was told that no money would be taken from my account until I checked in, however, the room rate was non- refundable and if I didn't take my room they would charge my card. When my payment was processing the transaction kept timing out, I tried three or four times and in the end decided to phone the freephone number. I was disappointed to get through to an automated service, which one every question didn't recognize what I'd said and eventually I got transferred to a real person. Everything was sorted very quickly over the phone, although I did have to pay a couple of pound extra as technically I didn't book over the internet but this didn't bother me too much, I was also ensured that I'd only made one booking and that every time the transaction timed out I wasn't booking another room.

      Getting to the Hotel

      The hotel is situated quite close to the M6, from M6(J15), take the exit on the roundabout for A500. Exit on the slip road signposted Trentham. At the roundabout take the third exit onto the A34 and follow the road for 1 mile. Premier Inn is located on right in Trentham Gardens.

      The hotel is ideally located for a few different places, Stoke City Brittania Stadium is 3.5 miles away and both Manchester and East Midlands Airports are withing 45 miles. Most importantly Alton Towers is only 16 miles away with very easy transport links from the hotel. The hotel itself is located on the Trentham Estate, which includes a large garden centre with log cabin shops along with beautifully designed gardens and lakeside walks. The Trentham Monkey Forest and Aerial Extreme are also on site, with many great activities for all the family.

      Checking Inn

      When arriving at the Premier Inn Trentham, you're greeted by a sweeping check in area come bar and a large, smart and modern bar area which had a few people sitting down for a drink when we arrived. At the check in desk a member of staff asked for the name of the booking and was very polite, as he checked over the details of the room, he looked at me and my girlfriend and said, "I've got you down for a double, I take it it's a twin you want?" to which we replied that we did want a double and he, looking shocked replied, "Double?". I did find this a little embarrassing as there was a queue behind us and the member of staff wasn't exactly quiet, not to mention unproffessional. After paying I signed a receipt and was told that Premier Inn have a good night's sleep or your money back guarantee, and assured me that if anything was needed in the night there would be someone on reception and that check out was at 12pm.

      We were asked if we wanted to book reservations for dinner, however, when we arrived the restaurant was packed there's a Frankie and Benny's 2 minutes walk away so we decided not to eat in. However, we did look at the menu in the room and it wasn't cheap and as we saw it being served it didn't look anything special however the restaurant area did look very clean, spacious and modern. We were also asked if we wanted breakfast which is an all you can eat buffet, as we're not big breakfast eaters we decided to decline as we thought the £7.99 price tag was a little steep, although two kids can eat free with every adult breakfast purchased. For £3.49 you can get a Costa Coffee and Coissant, but we also thought this was a little over- priced.

      The Room

      We were given a key card to our room, which was on the second floor, and after a couple of attempts with the machine we managed to get in, to turn the lights on you have to put the key in a little slot by the side of the door.

      We were greeted by a very spacious, clean and modern bedroom. The furniture had open hanging space along with plenty of shelves, along with a desk and two small beside tables which were attached to the wall from the bed head. The bed was quite high, but this wasn't a problem for us, it was a king size and extremely comfortable. The bed head was a deep purple leather, which continued the subtle purple theme of the room to match the Premier Inn logo. The sheets were plain white and very clean with a simple deep purple Premier Inn runner along the bottom of the bed, there was also a purple tub chair in the room. We found the facilities in the room very good, there was a small kettle with tea and coffee etc, and about a 22 inch flat screen television attached to the wall on a bracket which had freeview television. There was also a phone which could be used to phone down to reception. The air conditioning in the room was much needed as the room was very hot when we first arrived, but it soon cooled down.

      The bathroom housed a large two person power shower with a seat and a toilet, the sink being in the main bedroom. Everything was very clean and modern, although I wear acrylic nails and found the flusher on the toilet very hard to push in. There was also a heated towel rail, although there was a label attached advising us that the towel rails were permanantly switched off as they became so hot. The shower was very powerful and was instantly hot, and was easily adjustable. The only downside to the bathroom was that the door was frosted glass and had no lock, this didn't bother us as a couple but if we were friends staying in a twin room it would be a different story as it isn't very private.

      The best bits about the room were the little touches which made it very user friendly. The furnishings were very high quality, there were nets at the curtains but also lovely heavy purple, green and gold curtains which were really high quality. The carpet had a stripe running through it and again was very high quality. At the sink there was a Carex soap dispenser on the wall, and in the shower there was Imperial Leather shampoo/ shower gel which is also a really nice touch. There was also a large mirror over the sink and a full length mirror by the wardrobe, both much appreciated. The lighting in the room was excellent, there was a spotlight above the door, which could be turned off by the bed where there were uplighters and reading lights on each side. There was also very effective lighting above both mirrors making both of the very good for applying make up, along with a lamp on the desk great for if you're doing some work in your room.

      Check Out

      On the morning we checked out we recieved a knock on the door and twenty past eleven, with a friendly member of staff reminding us that check out was at twelve which was good as although we were awake, I'm sure some people do sleep through. Check Out was very simple and just a case of handing the key card back over and telling the person on the desk the room number. We were asked if we'd had a good night's sleep and wished a good day.

      Overall, I would recommend Premier Inn to anybody, although it's seen as a budget chain of hotels I feel it's a lot more than this, we found everything to be of a high standard and wouldn't hesitate in booking with Premier Inn again. There is disabled rooms at the hotel as well as conference facilities, if you book well in advance you can get rooms at as low as £29 a night, very cheap indeed!


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        18.04.2011 13:07
        Very helpful



        Comfortable, clean, excellent breakfast!

        I have stayed in many hotels, in many different places;both the not so good and the great. Premier Inn is one of my favourites in the UK. I like the decor of their rooms, mainly purple colours; they are very clean and functional; you get the basics, tea and coffee facilities and a comfy double bed. The bathroom is decent with a good functional bath and shower. You get little soaps/shower gels etc . I've never had any problems re not getting enough pillows. On occasion, i have wanted a couple more and these have been provided should you request them. In saying that you don't always get enough towels and they are not very big, but upon request you will be provided with more.

        A short while ago i stayed at a Premier Inn in Weston-supermare East (Hutton Moor Road) with my 2 children. They each had their separate bed; i think they were made out of a sort of sofa bed, and one of them was more comfortable than the other. However, it was a better experience than some other more low budget hotels. Personally, think Premier inn is one of the best out of the low budget ones.

        I was impressed with this Premier Inn. You can get a bus straight into weston suoermare just up the road next to the leisure centre there. I was fortunate enough to get a great deal at only £29 a night. Now this is well worth the cost! You have to dig and search deep to get rooms at this price though and its a little misleading re the headlines about their £29 rooms. Often they are not available, or if you want to stay for about 3 nights; you may find one night is at £29 but the other two nights could be at about £65 per night.
        Personally i feel that £65 is a bit pricey considering this is supposed to be low budget. You may be lucky though and also get rooms for around £55. I would suggest you try to plan well in advance and be a flexible as you can; that way your more likley to find the deal you want.

        I have also stayed at The Hobbs Boat Premier Inn (just outside of Weston supermare) in the past. Its only around 4 years old and is set in a great location; countryside; the 112 bus stops right by it. This bus will either take you into Weston supermare, or going the other way takes you to Brean Sands and Burnham On Sea.

        The great thing about Premier Inn is also their 'good night guarantee' When i stayed at The Hobbs Boat Inn i was woken at about 5.30am by a delivery truck; i couldn't get back to sleep again. I complained at the front desk later that morning and without any problems was given a complete refund for that night.

        Breakfast; Breakfast is super!;You can eat as much, as you like for around £10 per adult and 2 children under 16 can eat for free, provided there is one paying adult. You can also get a take away breakfast but to be honest i wouldn't really recommend this; ( drink, a pastry, maybe a breakfast cereal bar and some fruit). Although it is only around £3.00.

        Most Premier Inns have a Beefeater restaurant attached to them. They are a bit pricey in my view, but a decent place to eat.

        All in all, premier inns are great for the single traveller, couples and families; highly recommend.


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        17.04.2011 22:36
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A Great Choice if you want a budget break and a good night sleep

        Well, I am just back from a two night stay at the Premier Inn on Southampton Road in Fareham which is near Portsmouth. My husband had some business in the area to which I decided to 'tag along' - I did not book the hotel until the day before - but I did not realise that this wouldn't get it me any cheaper where Premier Inns are concerned - I paid £131.00 for two nights. Now I have to be honest, normally with this type of thing I wait until a couple of days before and then book through laterooms - I can get cashback through an affiliate site, and usually get a bargain price - I have stayed at some really luxurious boutique hotels for the same price of £65 that I paid for this Premier Inn room. The name of the game though where this chain is concerned is to book early if you want a bargain as the billboards told me when I checked in - 'Rooms from £29 per night - when you book in advance' - Seems a bit of a kick in the teeth when you are checking in and have paid more than double that - but hey ho!

        The Rooms are basic but have everything you would need, and the next morning when my husband went for a 3 hour meeting, I was quite happy in the room sat reading and watching TV - The Beds are very comfortable - I will give Lenny Henry that one - On the second morning, I was so comfortable in my bed - I didn't want to get up!
        My only complaint and it is a small one, is that there wasn't enough tea/coffee left in the room - only 4 sachets of milk, which was enough for two drinks, so when we had one after we arrived back in the room at tea-time - we didn't have any milk for a drink in the morning - Had I asked though, I am sure Reception would have put this right. The staff were friendly, welcoming and looked like they enjoyed their jobs!.

        There is a TGI Fridays on the same site as the Fareham Premier Inn, and this is where breakfast is served if you choose to have it. A Full English breakfast is £7.99 - We didn't go for this, instead we nipped down to Tesco Whiteley (which is about 1.5 miles down the road) and had their English Breakfast in the Tesco Cafe for £4 each including a drink.

        The Premier Inn Fareham is centrally located, as I have mentioned there is a Tesco on the doorstep, a TGI Fridays on site, Frankie and Benny's is 5 minutes away and if you fancy something different, nip down to Port Solent where you can sit by the marina and eat at any number of Restaurants. To sum up, i would definitely stay at Premier Inn again but I would be much happeri paying £29 per night than the £65 I actually paid!


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          05.01.2011 16:46
          Very helpful
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          A Premier stay!

          The week before Christmas we travelled to rugby to visit family. We decided with there being 5 of us 2 adults and 3 children it would be best to book a hotel. On shopping around we found we could not find anywhere that had rooms for a family of 5. Premier Inn had a special £29 a room per night promotion on so I decided to give them a call and ask if we brought a cot for our son who was 6 months old would it be ok for the 5 of us to stay. I spoke to a friendly women who said this would be fine they would even provide the cot but we decided on taking our own travel cot.

          We arrived around 8 pm on the said day and found a parking space very close to the entrance.The hotel itself was well sign posted so we found it easily just of the moterway.We parked up close to the entrance which was perfect as we had a few bags. The parking was free and as it had been snowing grit lay everywhere which was good as I tend to have a habit on ending up on my bum.

          We were welcomed by the receptionist she kindly took payment and gave us our room key. We went up to the floor needed in the lift and entered our room. Everything was perfect a lovely king size bed a single bed and a single mattress on the floor. Although the room was large we found it a bit of a struggle to find room for our travel cot but saying that the room was intended for 4 not 5. The beds were very comfy and the quality of the quilts and pillows were high everything needed for a perfect nights sleep.

          The room was spotless very clean, the room temperature was perfect but there was a thermostat in the room so we could adjust the heating as we pleased. Also there were the appropriate things need to make tea coffee etc on hand and also body wash shampoo in a dispenser in the bathroom. Clean fluffy towels were provided the whole room was very comfy. There were leaflets around explaining about a breakfast option either a standard breakfast in the joining building or an all you can eat and the children eat free per paying adult. We opted out of this as we could save money by eating at our relatives.

          The next morning we left for a busy day visiting relatives and again returned around 8pm. This time we were greeted by a rather rude receptionist. After being stopped and questioned on which room we were in she then proceeded to ask why there were 5 and not 4 of us. After checking we were then 'allowed' to proceed upstairs. The room had been tided bins emptied empty sugar milk pots taken away tidied but not too much as to be intruded.

          Again we settled the children down and decided on having a little drink so my partner went downstairs to get us drinks from the bar and also to meet one of our relatives at the front desk as we had forgotten our phone. When he returned to the bedroom he told me he had seen Sarah (sis in law) but that the receptionist was not happy as he had not taken the room key with him when going to the bar. We were not informed about this when we arrived so he had explained this and returned upstairs.

          On leaving we were met with smiling faces that checked we had enjoyed our stay and thanked us.Our overall stay was good the rooms were perfect most of the staff were very accommodating to our needs and we were greeted by a comfy clean room. For the price of£29 we were very pleased and even at paying full price we would have been happy. The one downside to the stay was that one receptionist that must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. When we decided to travel again premier Inn will be our first choice!


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            31.10.2010 00:36
            Very helpful



            Generally good hotels!

            Premier Inn's are my personal favourite budget priced hotel compared to Travelodge, Ibis. I prefer Holiday Inn Express though they are part of the (mid market limited service category - just down from Full service) - I digress!!! I have stayed in a few in the last 10 or so years, under their various brands! Oh and I forgot to mention, I am fussy with hotels!!! (Obviously for that reason I like my Hiltons and Marriott, however if I am paying and need somewhere for the night - can't have everything!!!)

            -------------------------ABOUT THE COMPANY----------------------------------------

            For those of you who are interested, just a little brief background about the company. They are part of Whitbread who own Costa Coffee, Brewers Fayre, Beefeater, Roadchef, Taybarns and Table Table. Thats why many Premier Inns are located next to these outlets. Premier Inn started trading in 1987 to rival Travelodge, they were named ''Travel Inn''. In 2004 Whitbread aquired another rival company ''Premier Lodge'' and the new company was named ''Premier Travel Inn'' from 2004. In 2007 Whitbread decided people confused PTI with Travelodge and removed the ''Travel'' from the brand to distinguish it! I also think Premier Travel Inn was abit of a long name don't you?!?

            ------------------------WHERE ARE THEY-----------------------------------

            Well I hear you ask this question, as knowing what they used to be called or what facilities are in the room or how clean the bath is, is going to be no use to you if you haven't got one where you need!!! They started in the UK and more recently have started in Ireland, also new ventures in Dubai and India! With the same high standards (I have only stayed in the hotels in the UK but I am assuming the standards are the same)
            At the time of the review they have 578 hotels. The vast majority are in the UK and Ireland. In London they have around 20 hotels, many of those central, some out in other areas. There are also a large number in other major cities as Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh etc. Also many on major roads and motorways (like Travelodge)


            The Premier Inn website has recently had a revamp and I find it much better! It is very easy to navigate. The home page you can enter the hotel you want if you know, or city/area and dates. Very easy. There is also more info than before on the hotels including pictures which they never used to have. Also all information on general facilities at all Premier Inns etc are found.

            There is a feature ''My Premier Inn'' which was previously known as Premier Guest and you register for it, and basically save your details so when you need to make bookings in the future you have most information. Also you can manage bookings more easily.


            There are often many fab offers on such as £29 rooms. If not then rooms
            are usually around the £40-£80 mark. London usually a bit more and
            sometimes around £100 which is quite expensive but usually you can
            get the hotels cheaper than that. Book early and you get £29 rooms
            which is a fab bargain! And of course much cheaper and more
            consistent prices than some of the hotels that charge £200 for an hour!
            ---------------------------CHECKING IN/SERVICE----------------------

            I have found in most Premier Inns the staff are pleasant and helpful.
            Warm welcomes and nothing too much trouble. There is a couple of
            exceptions at some hotels I have stayed at and some staff but to be
            fair it is the same in all brands really! Most are
            pleasant and helpful as I say. Check in is usually the usual,
            swift and easy.

            Some hotels have launched self check in - like airport self check in
            machines but I have not stayed in one of these hotels yet. Not sure
            how they would work!

            Payment is usually taken during check in rather than after.

            ----------------------THE HOTELS--------------------------------------

            All Premier Inns follow a similar formula so you know what you are getting. Which is why I trust them. And they seem to have consistent high standards. All hotels boast a restaurant/bar/pub either next door or inside, unlike Travelodge where you may have one or not, which is a benefit of being owned by a company such as Whitbread! The only exception is motorway service stations which whilst having food and drink facilities - they are obviously unlicensed!


            The most important part! They are not the ritz, and are not the ultimate in luxury! However, they are modern, comfortable and clean. The decor is generally purple (their signature colour) with some yellows. It will not win any design awards, but it is pleasant and attractive enough. The facilities in the rooms are :

            -King size beds (hypnos, with fogarty pillows and duvets - if you don't mind!)
            -TV and radio (Freeview in MOST!)
            -Work desk with Wifi
            -Blackout curtains
            -Ensuite bathroom, with WC, sink, power showers and most rooms have baths
            -Imperial leather shower gel (I used to remember years ago all you used to get was a tiny bar of soap - they are going up in the world!!!)

            I will admit, last time I stayed in one, we didn't have Imperial Leather shower gel, it was Lux on the wall - but it was still nice enough! Again, better than Travelodge who give you nothing!

            You generally walk in, find the wardrobe at the side (which is usually an open wardrobe however I have had a wardrobe with doors once!) There is always a desk, bedside tables, tea and coffee making facilities (in UK and Ireland ones at least!)

            I always find the rooms clean, comfortable and cosy enough. More than adequate for the price and offer a nice sleep. Remember even though they are budget you are still entitled to a clean, comfortable, pleasantly fitted room - and fortunately in my experiences Premier Inn deliver, in some ways more than you expect.

            As for bed make up, they are usually double bed, or double bed and 1 sofa bed. Twin beds are often a double bed with a single large sofa (the sofa usually has a thick matress so is comfy enough!) Some hotels however seem to have two singles. Which I personally think is preferable! Family rooms sleep up to 4 I think as they also put a rollaway bed in which slides under the sofa!

            One word of warning though - smokers they are No Smoking
            in rooms. Which depending on whether you smoke or not, is either
            a good or bad thing really!

            -----------------FOOD AND DRINK--------------------------------------

            They have started doing food and drink packages in some hotels. Such as meal deals where you can book breakfast, lunch or dinner in the package. Again more than you expect from a budget hotel. You can view the menus on premierinn.com. Some have integral restaurants and bars which are like typical hotel restaurants. Pricey, however I do think the food in them is not that bad. Brewers Fayre can be abit hit and miss in my opinion. Most hotels I have stayed at have had the integral restaurants.

            The Premier Breakfasts are quite filling. I must admit I do not eat full English's but you can have all you can eat - sausage, bacon, beans, egg, mushrooms. There are also continental breakfasts with pastries, muffins, porridge, cereals, toast etc. Also tea/coffee/juice etc. The prices, again are not little cafe prices, and more pricey, however they are reasonable for a hotel and cheaper than most. And in my opinion are good value for money. If you just want to grab a coffee they have a grab and go which is a tea/coffee and croissant. I have not tried this option although for £2.95 not bad if you need to get that meeting/train!


            I stay on leisure, so do not really have any experiences of meetings etc. However on premierinn.com, they say over 100 of their hotels have meeting rooms. You can search for hotels with meeting rooms on premierinn.com. Also 15 hotels have ''Touchbase'' which the website describes as full business centres such as business lounges, costa coffee, selection of meeting rooms, full catering etc. So I guess they do cater for meetings, but I do not have any experience of this!

            ------------------------BUSINESS ACCOUNT------------------------------

            Again I do not travel on business so do not have the above, however the website boasts ''Premier Inn Business Account''. It allows you to simplify business expenses and if basically for businesses to manage this. Again if you are a business you can go on premierinn.com - I travel on leisure so can't help you on this!

            --------------------------MY OPINION--------------------------------------

            In my personal opinion, whilst of course I prefer Intercontinental, Marriott and Hilton, if you are on a budget, Premier Inn are ideal! Especially they often have offers such as £29 a night! Lenny Henry
            also seems to think they are great!!!! They are clean, comfortable and
            have all the facilities you need really if on a budget. Some areas they
            do outshine other budgets in my opinion and they do earn the name
            brand name ''Premier Inn''!


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            29.08.2010 16:59
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A few tweaks could make this five stars!

            For several years now, we've stayed at many Travelodges around the country, but up until last week, hadn't tried a night at a Premier Inn. They seem to offer much the same, and there was little difference in price. This review relates specifically to the Premier Inn at the Longford Inn, Gloucester.


            There was ample parking available outside the Inn, though it doubles as the pub car park too; it was 5pm and already quite full, and whilst we had no problem finding a space, I can imagine that as the pub gets going after 6pm, there might be some difficulty in fitting everyone in.

            On entering the Premier Inn, we noticed that the vending machine had been out of order for two weeks; not a problem for us, but it seems unusual that something like this is left broken for so long. The girl on reception was fairly pleasant, though I wish that sometimes they'd stand up to welcome you instead of hiding behind their desk! There seemed to be some confusion because we'd booked two rooms, and they had to be paid for separately; a bit annoying, but not too much of a problem. Unfortunately the Inn's printers were down, so the receptionist was unable to print the receipt or vouchers for dinner and breakfast. The receptionist offered us newspapers in the morning which was a nice touch.

            **THE ROOM**

            The rooms are reasonably spacious, and well-equipped. Mine provided a kettle, mugs, tea and coffee, milk, wastepaper bin, television (with Freeview), desk with chair, clothes hanging space and bed. The bathroom had both a bath and over-bath shower, though I gather that not all rooms have the bath.

            The bed was made with just two pillows, though there was one extra one on the floor next to it. A pity that the pillows were the sort that were stuffed with those little cubes of foam. Apart from this the bed was excellent and very comfortable. It seems a shame to scrimp on the pillows when everything else is so good.

            The kettle worked fine, and there were two mugs and two glasses. I felt that we could have done with more than just two teabags and two coffee sachets, given that it was a double room.

            They could have saved some space by providing a flat-screen television, though the one there was adequate.

            **THE NIGHT**

            The bed was extremely comfortable, but the room was very hot. Luckily the window opened, but even so, to provide a heavy winter duvet in August seems excessive. I was slightly put off by the large rat trap outside the bedroom window, though I didn't see any furry friends.

            The Inn was reasonably quiet, though up until about 1am doors were opening and closing all over the place.


            As part of the package, a two-course evening meal and breakfast was included in the price of the room. I haven't reviewed the evening meal as it wasn't provided by the Premier Inn itself. Breakfast was served in pub on the other side of the car park from 7am. There was an excellent selection of both hot and cold foods and drinks available. Cooked breakfasts were made to order and you could choose from a variety of items including eggs (cooked as you wished), sausages, bacon, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. White, wholemeal and granary toast was available (make it yourself) and a selection of butters, spreads, jams and marmalades. Alternatively there were a variety of cereals, yoghurts and continental breakfast items. Tea, coffee and fruit juices were all provided, like everything else, on a help yourself to as much as you like basis.

            **OVERALL OPINION**

            Overall, I found the stay to be excellent, and far more comfortable than a Travelodge. The rooms were let down by the quality of the pillows, and they possibly need to reconsider what types of bedding they offer in summer. The breakfast was excellent with an enormous selection of items and a helpful, friendly service.


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              24.05.2010 23:59
              Very helpful



              Good no frills hotel for the night

              I have been to three different Premier Inn's and can say that I have had a decent experience each time. The Premier Inn offers rooms for as cheap as £20-£30 which I believe represents decent value.

              The room: As always clean and fresh with a kettle and refreshments, en-suite bathroom and shower as well toiletries. The rooms have bedside lamps, small portable tv and a travel hair dryer. All the basics you need.

              The TV had all of the usual channels 1-5 as well as the local and national radio stations. The rooms also had black-out curtains which aided in the fantastic nights sleep I've had at all three.

              The food: Food is usually provided by a beefeater resturant usually located in a separate building which can be a pain if it's raining but still it's there if you need it. The food was ok if not a bit pricey.

              For an additonal £6.50 you get breakfast and there is wide selection of prepared foods, juices and cereals and you can help yourself to as much or as little as you want.

              For a no frills cheap room for the night then I would definetly recommend the premier inn, they are usually stratigically placed next to sum form of transport link as well so there easy to get to and from. 4/5 from me.


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              19.04.2010 12:59
              Very helpful



              If you want a good stay for value for money, this hotel chain offers it.

              I've done a lot of travelling on the past year around the south of the UK, and have used both Premier Inn and Travelodge. Without a doubt this is the better of the two in terms of comfort and for value for money.
              The first thing you need to know is that it is a major Hotel chain with over 500 hotels around the country. In terms of location, Premier Inn is nearly always convenient, whether it is in the countryside on a main road, in the middle of a city or near useful transport links. In other words, the chain aims to provide convenience and value for money.
              The internet site it www.premierinn.com and you can use a postcode search to find a Hotel, or you can search out using the location search.
              Once you've found the Premier Inn suited to you, it's an easy matter of booking it and confirming it.
              I think all the rooms are of good size, and there is always a bathroom/shower room that has clean towels, shower gel. It's also nearly always possible to get toothbrushes and other things if you ask at the desk, whether they provide it themselves or whether they know where the nearest place is to buy from. There are always clean sheets, and there are spare pillows that are comfortable. There is always a good amount of wardrobe space as well, so whether you're staying for a weekend or a week, you know you can unpack and have enough room to find everything.
              Generally, they layout of the Premier Inn is well signposted and easy to navigate, so you can always find your way around.
              The restaurant always offers good quality food at a good price, and certainly I've never had any food that has been of bad quality. They have a good menu to choose from, and offer breakfast meals and continue through to dinner. At the hotels I've stayed at, there has always been a bar as well.
              I've always found the staff very helpful and friendly, so when you're checking in or out, or just need to find something out, they can help. They were very helpful with me when it came to finding out about taxis and transport links.
              Prices do vary, depending on the room you book and when you book. If you book in advance at an off-peak time, prices start form £29. Sometimes they have offers. The later you leave to book, the more the prices goes up. And if you're booking in a high peak time (school holidays, weekends, bank holidays etc), then the price does climb. However, even when the price does climb, you'll find that you still get very good value for money.
              If you are looking for a budget Hotel chain, and your choice is between this and Travelodge, then this is the better of to two. Overall, there is a more homely feel, the service is better and there is more comfort in the rooms. I always find that Travelodge is more industrial and bland.
              Good quality for little money.


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              19.03.2010 19:27
              Very helpful



              fabulous value for money

              I work away from home sometimes and have to stay in various hotels around the country , it can be up to 3 days sometimes and so it is important for me to have a comfortable stay . I have always found this chain of hotels to be clean and very comfortable and the staff always greet you with a smile and are very friendly as well as helpful.

              All the rooms are of good size and all have a bathroom, with towels, soap and shower gel, they have plenty of room in the their wardrobes and extra pillows if needed.

              This chain of hotels is of good standard and can be booked online www.premierinn.com.

              Prices can vary from only £29 per room for one night on special offers that are booked in advance, and have to be booked 21 days before arrival. All of the hotels have a restaurant onsite. All of them serve freshly prepared breakfasts and lunch, dinner and snacks. Although motorway service hotels do not have a bar facility. Under 16 eat breakfast for free. Most of them have car parks but some of them have a charge and that depends on which one you stay at as they all vary. The website indicates which have them and what the charge if any would be.

              They have disabled rooms that are situated on the ground floor for easy access and they have disabled bays in the car parks. They have family rooms as well as double or twin. In a family room you can get a cot on request at time of booking.

              There are over 500 Premier Inn hotels located all over the UK & Ireland.

              I recommend this chain of hotels for you to try as they are affordable as you pay per room not per person and so it is a saving. So a family of 4 can quite cheaply stay for one night for the price of £29 if it is on an offer, so look out for these offers and save yourself some more money.

              This is an excellent chain of hotels and absolutely good value for money and extremely comfortable.

              I rate it a 5 star.


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              11.02.2010 00:47
              Very helpful



              A good chain of simple hotels, no frills yet good quality.

              I stayed at the Premier Inn at South Mimms in Hertfordshire. I was there for a conference, and this hotel is probably a good choice for keeping you focused because there is nothing else in the area to distract you! It's quite obvious that this particular hotel is used primarily for business. Rooms were £59 per night in the week and £29 per night at weekends (you would not want to spend a romantic weekend in South Mimms), and the hotel is located within the grounds of a motorway service station at the junction of the A1 and M25.

              During my stay I did not leave the hotel. One member of our party ventured out to the truck stop for some paracetamol the morning after we arrived and hit the bar, but that's as far as we got. We were there for two nights, and most of our time was spent in the seminar rooms, which were neat and clean, and had ample coffee and tea provision. The only criticism of these facilities was that there were not enough seats and tables for all of our group, despite this being booked in advance. However, staff were happy to help us find extra chairs from unused conference rooms.

              Lunch was provided for all people at the conference by the hotel, as part of the delegate fee (for the conference, not part of the room price). It was pretty bog-standard fare, sandwiches one day, jacket potatoes the next. It was self-service, in the normal restaurant / bar area. Breakfast and dinner were not included in the room price, and were ordered from the restaurant area. Breakfast was self-service, with a large range of items, including full English breakfast, yogurts, cereal, fruit and tea and coffee.

              Dinner was chosen from the restaurant menu, which was varied but limited to about a dozen dishes. The food was good quality, but not top gourmet grub. That having been said, the price was fair, about £10 a head. Following dinner we adjourned to the hotel bar, which had a good selection of beers, wines, lagers and spirits. The atmosphere was good, and it has comfy armchairs and large TVs. The bar wasn't quite big enough to cater for all of the people in our party, and closed at just 12 o'clock (probably a good thing else we would have had very sore heads in the morning!).

              My room had a double bed, TV, and en-suite bathroom. It was clean and tidy, and this hotel has a policy of locating single female guests in rooms at first floor level rather than ground floor. The room was quiet despite the proximity to the motorway, and overlooked the secure car park (not the best view, but a reassuring one at least).

              This particular hotel had a small gym and internet access, which you paid for as an extra on top of the room price.

              My stay at Premier Inn was pleasant, no-frills, worth the money, and was ideal for its purpose (short business trip). I probably wouldn't choose a Premier Inn for a holiday hotel, except perhaps for a city break. The hotels are very generic, with obvious branded items throughout the building. It can seem a little character-less, but that's not the reason I chose to stay there. As a simple, functional hotel chain, it works very well.


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              22.12.2009 09:41
              Very helpful



              A good clean quality and consistent stay oh and did I mention the crap coffee??

              Premier inn.

              Recently I have stayed in two premier inns one in Dover and one in Christchurch.

              Premier inns are a chain of hotel accommodation similar to travel lodge and holiday inn. They are dotted all around the country at convenient locations.

              Comparing the two inns I must say there was a consistency which is usual of the brand the main thing being that the rooms provided were very similar, they were sparsely furnished but functional and most importantly of all they were very clean.
              The room contains an open wardrobe area, a desk type cabinet with a chair and tea and coffee making facilities and in one the television. The other inn had a flat screen television on the wall.

              The bathroom is plain white tiled with an overhead shower in the bath. Towels are provided in the bathroom and dove shower cream is available from a dispenser. There are a selection of bedrooms which include twin bedded rooms, a double rooms, family rooms and rooms available with disabled facilities. It is quite reminiscent of modern halls of residence at university. There were two arm chairs in the room.

              The bed was a double in one room and twins in the other and I must admit were very comfortable indeed. The beds were covered with a duvet which was white and a purple runner sheet ran across the foot of the bed. The bed had two pillows and spare ones available in the wardrobe area. The curtains were black out curtains which prevented any light entering the room.


              Both hotels were situated on very busy roads. The Dover hotel was right beside the busy A2 at the top of Jubilee way on the approach to the ferry terminal and there was no undue noise at all. The restaurant was not contained within the same building but involved a five minute walk past the petrol station to get there. The Christchurch hotel was attached to a very busy and popular beefeater restaurant come pub type place and I can honestly say we never heard a thing once inside the hotel.

              Good nights sleep promise.

              Premier inns offer you a promise of a good nights sleep and if you do not have a good sleep they will refund you the cost of your stay. On both occasions they did live up to their promise as I can honestly say I slept on both occasions the whole night without waking up once which is very unusual for me as I tend to get up in the night to have a hot drink. So on both occasions I did not need to take them up on their offer so I can't say if they would have maintained that promise but it is written not only on their website but also on the information inside the room.

              Reception staff.

              On both occasions the staff were very welcoming, cheerful and very informative. They both offered information about the stay and the restaurants that were attached to the hotel. They also offered information about the local facilities and places of interest. They were in both places very professional and I thought extremely polite.
              In both reception areas there was a tourist information stand offering all kinds of leaflets showing the surrounding attractions and things to do. There were vending machines selling snacks and drinks which would be quite handy for some people I guess. Check in was a breeze and payments were deducted on checking in. Check out was even easier as you just dropped the key off in the box provided.

              The restaurants.

              The premier inns offer a full breakfast for £7.50 which I thought was very good value. It included a full English breakfast cooked to your needs. There were a wide selection of individually boxed Kellogs cereals muesli and granola which I thought was great. Fresh fruit, fruit juices and yoghurts were also available and for the carbohydrate lover there was a selection of white, brown and multi grained breads, croissants and a selection of individual mini muffins, jams and marmalades.

              On the beverage front this was my biggest disappointment. In both rooms they advertised Costa coffee available in the restaurant at breakfast. I was really pleased about that alone as normally I just grab a cup of coffee in the morning and I only like a decent quality coffee which is a must for me at the start of the day. In fact I can go as far as saying I was looking forward to having a decent coffee for breakfast and even said thank goodness they are serving decent coffee.

              Well believe you me this coffee was absolutely vile. I can honestly say it was like dishwater. It was coloured flavoured water there was absolutely no taste to it whatsoever. Whoever thought of advertising this coffee in their rooms I could quite honestly have strung them up. I asked the waiting staff if there was any decent coffee available which I would have been prepared to pay for but no there was not. For me this seriously let them down. I asked the staff to try the coffee as it was absolutely disgusting and I did not expect it to taste as bad as it did. They really let themselves down in this respect. I was bitterly disappointed about this. Sad aren't I.
              There was a good selection of teas available for tea addicts including fruit teas and breakfast teas which were in little sachets so you could make it to your own taste.

              Web site.

              Their website is fairly simple to use. You pick the location where you wish to stay and a selection of their nearest inns is offered to you. They list the facilities available at the inn. They also advertise offers from time to time ranging from £29 upwards and the current Christmas campaign is a BOGNF, buy one get Nan free which means that you could take your Nan with you for free. Not available at all hotels though. I must admit I did not get the £29 offer on either occasion but paid £59 per room.

              The only off putting thing about it is Lenny Henry as their advertising person with his face emblazoned on the home page. Wouldn't you just like to smack that smug face of his? Premier inns have a theme colour which is purple and this colour is in use not only throughout their website but also throughout their rooms. I find it as a very nice colour.

              The website is fairly easy and straightforward to navigate. Booking on line is easy and secure and payment is not taken out until the day you actually stay.

              They have also gone international and have hotels in Europe Dubai and have just opened their first one in India with several more planned soon. India is notorious for expensive accommodation and if they do take off there and maintain the same standards it will be great it is a familiar brand with good standards.

              Their web site can be found at the following address:


              Would I recommend staying in a Premier Inn?

              Yes absolutely based on its comfort levels, the cleanliness of the place and their convenient locations and the consistency in standards throughout their chain. I can quite honestly say I would definitely recommend this hotel chain to anyone needing a reasonably priced hotel with consistent standards.

              The only downside for me was the COFFEE please get that right Premier Inn and you have a loyal customer here for life!


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                15.12.2009 22:09
                Very helpful



                I think that once you have stayed at this hotel you will be visiting again and again.

                The Premier Inn I am reviewing today is the one that is situated in Dundee and is in an area called Kingsway West and is not far from a retail park by the same name. Now before I visited this Premier Inn for the first time in November the only advertisements I had seen was Lenny Henry on TV and in newspapers saying that they are a great hotel to stay at with affordable prices from as little as £29 per night.

                This seems for me like a decent offer but I had never used Premier Inn before so I wanted to check some other hotels in the are to see what was most suitable and convenient. I looked on the internet and found that there were some Travelodge`s in the kind of area but the Kingsway West Premier Inn looked most suitable and this was for accomodation for after me and my mum had been to visit my little boy for the first time.

                Regarding the history of Premier Inn it used to be called Premier Lodge and it was rebranded when Whitbread aquired ownership of the chain of hotels and they were first established in 1987 and their head office is in Luton, England they have more than 590 hotels within the UK and was set up to compete with Travelodge.

                I registered online easily so I could book my first room with Premier Inn and it was a painless process just filled in your details and they asked for credit card details but would only bill you once you arrived at the hotel. I suppose if you fail to turn up or do not say if you will not be staying at the hotel then they can still charge you. Once registered I did a search for a room for two adults with a double bed which I thought meant two double beds and got sent an email confirming the booking.

                The weekend arrived for me and my mum to go visit my son for the first time and the Sat Nav was programmed in to go to the hotel it took us over six hours to get there as it was our first trip in the car to Dundee and there were various hold ups, then the Sat Nav did not recognise certain roundabouts which was helpful.

                We arrived mid to late afternoon on the Saturday and arrived at our destination and there where we had parked was a Beefeater and that was the place where we would have any meals we consumed. We wandered over to The Premier Inn and was greeted very politely and friendly by the receptionist and did the routine things to book in paid for our accomodation and confirmed out breakfast and various other details and the price came to £64 which I found rather reasonable.

                We were handed our documents and key and then made our way to the second floor where our room was and entered to find much to our own dismay and fault a double bed and then a couch so I let my mum take the double bed while I would suffer and freeze to death on the couch but it was only for one night so I do not like to complain too much.

                The room was a decent size and had the essentials like a wardrobe and coat hangers, a desk with various items like a kettle and cups and condiments and there was a TV and a decent sized mirror on the wall, a mirror near the desk and the bathroom was a nice size too. Once we had got settled in we made our way to my little boy`s mums house and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening there before heading back to the hotel.

                We arrived back at the hotel safely and it was quite late so after a bit of a chill out and I went on my laptop using the hotel Wi-Fi which was £9 which I found expensive and could do without in the future me and my mum settled in for the night. After a pleasant nights sleep me and my mum got showered and changed and then head for the Beefeater for some breakfast.

                We had a standard full english breakfast which consisted of sausage, bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms and baked beans and also had a round of toast and a croissant and some fruit juice and it was a nice way to start the day. Once we had finished our breakfast we made sure we had got everything and then went to reception to book out and hand over our key.

                Once we had arrived home I emptied my bag to find that I had left my mobile phone charger at the hotel so my mum contacted the hotel and they kindly sent the charger by first class post to my house and as a thank you me and my mum sent a thank you card and some stamps to cover the postage as I really needed my charger.

                Me and my mum booked again to stay in the same Premier Inn for the weekend that has just passed to go and see my little boy and his family before christmas and take and receive some presents. We were unable to book online this time as we had forgotten our password and the forgot password option was not very good.

                So my mum called The Premier Inn instead and booked me and her a room and this time we booked a room with twin beds and this was confirmed over the phone and then we waited for our trip to Dundee again. It did not take as long to travel this time even though there was fog and roadworks and we as before arrived at The Premier Inn and parked in front of The Beefeater again, then made our way to the hotel reception.

                We were again greeted by a warm welcome and a happy and smiling face and confirmed our booking with asking to have breakfast again and paid then got our documents and key and we was on the first floor this time which pleased my mum as she is not very mobile. On entering the room it was just like the room we had the previous time except there was a double bed and then the couch was a single bed so my mum took the double bed and I took the single bed which was much better than what I had last time.

                We once again settled in and then headed over to see my little boy and his mum and family and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with them. We left their house and made our way back to the hotel and we chilled out for a bit and then drifted off to sleep and even though there was a party going on in The Beefheater we did not hear a peep.

                After a pleasants night sleep like before me and my mum awoke had a shower and then made our way to The Beefeater. We again had a croissant for myself and porridge for my mum a round of toast and this time had two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two eggs, one tomato, mushrooms and baked beans and my mum had coffee and I had fruit juice.

                Once we had this delicious breakfast we headed back to the hotel this time double double checked we had everything then headed to reception booked out handed over our room key and bidded a fond farewell to the receptionist and made our way home.

                I have to say I am very impressed with Premier Inn their staff are very friendly and the rooms and clean and tidy and a decent size and you feel like you have had a decents night sleep and a good meal and there is not much I can fault with them really and in the future would be prepared to stay in the same hotel or in other Premier Inn`s within the UK.

                You can find out further information about The Premier Inn from the links below :-


                If you have stayed in a Premier Inn before I hope this review encorages you to stay there again and if you have never stayed there then I hope this review encourages you to give them a try and see what I am raving about.

                As always thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed reading it and it is helpful for you.

                Rob :)


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                02.12.2009 20:01
                Very helpful



                A very good hotel

                I spent one very comfortable night in the premier inn just off the M25 at south mimms.
                It cost me £59 not including any extras such as breakfast. On arrival I was able to park my car easily in a secure free car park. Once I had checked in I had a very clean, spacious room, that had plenty of clean towels and extra pillows. I was also impressed by the fact that there was free television use in every room which included free view, which is not a service that some of these types of hotels offer.
                I found the hotel quiet at night which was very important to me as I was due to take an exam the next day.
                I had a very good nights sleep and found the staff very helpful and welcoming, overall I left with a very good impression on the hotel chain and would defiantly stay there again.


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