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Premier Inn (London Beckton)

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Address: 1 Woolwich Manor Way / Beckton / London / E6 5NT

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2009 08:36
      Very helpful



      Bet it's full this week during G20!


      Having eaten at the Brewer's Fayre restaurant for lunch in this hotel, I had to stay some nights in the hotel itself when working late in Beckton, East London.

      I am aware that the G20 summit is taking place this week not so far from here, so I am intrigued with the prospect of Mr President spending few nights in the "genuine" urban landscape that is Beckton. There would be plenty of people interested in "Change you can believe in", and I am sure the credit crunch is having an effect round here.


      The hotel is located virtually next to the Beckton Docklands Light Railway (DLR) station and so has good transport links into Central London and Docklands, with the EXCEL centre also on this DLR route (get off at the Custom House stop and dodge the projectiles coming from anti-capitalist protesters). As Beckton is the DLR terminus on this route, it would be perfect for the presidential entourage of 200 to fill up a couple of trains on their way to the G20 summit. The police even obligingly have a airport style metal detector there some days for random stop and searches. Some gang found the road near the DLR station a perfect place to dump someone they had shot early one morning. He was found slumped in a car some months ago, but I believe he lived so it's not so bad. I can imagine it getting quite "tasty" with the trigger happy Secret Service guards vs the local hoodies; in fact I would pay to see that, I know who my money would be on.

      Across the road is an Asda and some shops, so facilities are nearby. I am sure the President would enjoy trying out the various fried wares Asda has to offer in their cafe. I would push him more towards the sandwiches myself. There are 2 buildings the rooms are in; the main area where the restaurant is and annexe across the car park, which is where my room was. I noted the car park was full of vans, and it can be very hard to book a room here at times, so clearly a choice for travellers finding themselves east of London city centre. But maybe not enough room for the bulletproof limos the leader of the free world might require. It's no tourist destination, that's for sure, as it's not the most salubrious of areas, despite all the leaflets for London attractions in the foyer of the annex. Mind you, none of them were in Beckton.

      The reception area is small area with a vending machine containing crisps and sweets. The reception desk sits in the left corner as you enter, with an LCD TV and 3 comfy chairs and a small table next to it, which is quite handy if like me you arrive early and have to wait for your room. I found the reception staff polite and helpful. They actually gave me the room key 10 minutes early & warned me the room might not be ready. They were right, but after some dawdling around I went back and at 2pm on the dot it was ready so fair enough. I am not sure what they policy is for bug sweeping and bomb checking the rooms; perhaps the cleaners would need a little more notice.


      As you'd expect with Premier Inn, the room was very purple. There was a purple speckled carpet which is a bit loud, with purple curtains and cream walls. A desk houses a kettle as well as some teas and coffees. 2 cups, 2 glass tumblers, 4 containers half fat UHT milk, 2 Twinings everyday teas, 2 Enco Really Smooth coffee sachets, 1 caramelised biscuit snack, 2 white, 2 demerara, 2 sweet n low sachets, 2 teaspoons are all in a little bowl. The bin was under the desk area. A wooden chair with, you guessed it, a purple fabric seat was with the desk. This was a bit hard but comfortable enough to work on.

      Entertainment is provided with a Phillips LCD TV (unusually, not a widescreen one) with all free Freeview channels available. You can tilt it round so this would be handy to move it depending on where you sit. The room phone is next to it. A small mirror on wall had an ornate lamp over it. The hairdryer next to phone was mounted on the wall with a round bracket. It had 2 settings so it seemed powerful enough. Another mirror was on the wall near to the window. The white ceiling had a couple of round lights.

      The wardrobe was just a rail with 6 hangers under a section of a drawer unit with 2 pillows on top. There were 4 shelves, 1 with a spare towel and an empty drawer. 2 open drawers next to the bed, 1 with a Gideons Bible. Near the window was a small table, with a comfy chair.

      The double bed was in fact 2 purple single beds pushed together, but with a comfortable double mattress and 2 pillows. The sheets were white apart from a purple sash at the end with "Premier Inn" written at the bottom right of it. There were 2 lamps on the corners of the wooden bed head, with a purple leather covering against the headboard. There was even sort art about the bed to continue the purple theme.

      I thought that the room was pretty clean and was impressed with the standard of cleanliness.


      The windowless bathroom had a lino floor, with wooden fittings on the sink, a soap dispenser on the basin and also a Lux soap dispenser in the shower. The extractor fan turned on when you turned the light on. There was a modern towel rail that you could turn on heating on for from a switch on the wall. The shower was one of those bath tap redirected efforts, which was OK; nothing special but it did the job. There was a bath towel and bath mat but they seemed to have forgotten a hand towel. A small bin sat under the wash basin.


      I have reviewed the restaurant itself in another review, for dinner. Breakfast is additional to the basic room rate, and you can pay for continental or full English breakfast, both being self service. I found there to be a lot of choices there, with the continental breakfast having a lot of cereals, breads and teas on offer. The full breakfast portion was served in a room round the side, and this had a good choice of meats, eggs, tomatoes, mushroom and even some vegetarian options, which I was pleased to see. This would be a good introduction for our transatlantic guests to British cuisine, at least the lower end of it.


      This is pretty good for short business stays and is well kept with a decent restaurant in the hotel. I can recommend this for the quality of the rooms and facilities. I'm not that taken with the area it's in, but I would say that it wasn't too noisy though, given the location of the hotel.

      I am not sure I can recommend it for Presidential visits, but I am sure President Obama would enjoy a decent nights sleep here.


      Premier Inn London Beckton,
      1 Woolwich Manor Way,
      E6 5NT.

      Telephone : 08701 977 029
      Fax : 020 7511 4214
      Website: http://www.premierinn.com


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