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Premier Inn (London Kings Cross St Pancras)

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4 Reviews

Address: 26- 30 York Way / King's Cross / London N1 9AA / England / Telephone: 0870 990 6414

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    4 Reviews
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      09.03.2010 19:42
      Very helpful



      good value for good hotel

      I do recommend this hotel but not if you are on a budget, I stayed there last year and I chose it as it is located right next to Kingscross Train and Tube station and it was convenient for me at the time.

      I paid £89 a night but I only stayed the one night but I found it a very nice hotel for the price but thought it was a little bit pricey as it was more than the amount I paid, I got my booking on a last minute deal and so had a reduced price.

      It has a bar and lounge and restaurant for a meal and it has a lift.

      The room I had was a double room but they do family rooms too, which sleep 4 people, usually 2 adults and 2 children, but I would imagine they can sleep up to 5 or even 6.

      My room was a double and there was plenty of space and it had a window overlooking the front of the hotel facing the street, it had tea and coffee facilities and a bathroom and in the bathroom there is a shower inside the bath.

      The staff were very friendly and informative and very polite.
      There is room to park a taxi outside for a pick up or drop off point but I am not sure if this hotel had a carpark as I arrived from the station.

      It was very clean and tidy and comfortable and although it was a little bit higher than at the time I intended to pay, it was well worth the money.

      I recommend this hotel if you are travelling to London.


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        08.03.2010 17:28
        Very helpful



        I would recommend the hotel for business OR personal trips as a great base to explore the capital

        A few months ago I was given the opportunity to attend a semi-compulsory training course through my employer for which I could select a location from Manchester, Glasgow or London. I selected London, because 1. it was furthest away and 2. my cousin lives in London and as I was going it alone, I thought some company on an evening would be nice. When I emailed the central booking agent for our department, she told me that all of the preferred accomodations were in Paddington, which meant 2/3 tube lines from Kings Cross Station and to the course in Barbican; I wasn't happy with this, my train was getting in to KGX at 8.30pm and I didn't want to be wandering the streets of London at that time looking for my accodomation, not a clue where I was heading. After a bit of negotiation, our booking agency agreed for me to stay at either a Premier Inn or a Travelodge. My cousin advised me against the Travelodge at Farringdon, so I opted for the Premier Inn.

        A few people I know told me how run down and poor the KGX area is, so I was truly expecting the worst. I was worrying about walking on my own to the hotel. However, once off the platform at the train station and taking a left out of the exit and turning immediately left again on to York Road, I could see the Premier Inn less than a minutes walk down the road, on the right hand side. A word of warning; on York Road the traffic is heavy and it is a main bus route, if you have a trolley case navigating your way across the road is pretty tricky, so take care! The road is well lit and lined with a few bars and cafes, it is not the scene from a Martina Cole novel which I imagined! When you arrive at the Premier Inn you will spot it from the subdued purple lighting which really makes it stand out on the street. If you miss the lighting, the entrance is nestled between a Costa and TWR (The Waiting Room). Through the double doors is a hive of activity. The reception desk is on your left, the public toilets/phone charge point/restaurant/grab and go breakfast bar are to the right and the comfortable waiting area and lifts to all floors are straight ahead.

        I checked in quite late, around ten to nine. I was given a first floor room which was located at the very end of the corridor. I enquired about room service but they do not offer it, however, the receptionist told me that the restaurant was serving until 21:45 and I would be welcome to join them for supper; they offered take away pizzas if I did need to eat in my room. I went up to my room I was a little bit disappointed to see that although my corridor should have needed key card access, this had not been activated and I was able to enter without the use of the card. I followed the well signed, subdued lighted corridor to my room; which I entered and inserted the key card to activate the lights. The first thing I check in a hotel is the cleanliness of not only the room, but the linens too. They were equally immaculate. I literally dumped my bags got changed and freshened up before popping down for something to eat. I waited quite a while to be seated in the restaurant, around 8 minutes, which I deem to be excessive when you are stood waiting. My host seated me on a small but ample table near the window, which was nice, as a lone traveller I did not want to be sat on an island table surrounded by groups of people. The restaurant was super busy, my host rattled off the specials, which I couldn't really hear and then handed me the menus and dashed off. I was pleasantly surprised by the menu. There was a good range of meat, fish, veggie dishes some healthy, some indulgent. I chose Drunken Duck Pate to start and Lamb Loin for my main course. I ordered a glass of soda water which arrived promptly and I settled down to wait for my meal. I had a few calls to make, but sadly the mobile reception was non-existant in the restaurant, so I had to go outside. The terraced area is also non-smoking, so I had to walk a way down the road which wasn't to my liking, however, not a problem at all.

        After around 15 minutes, my starter was served. Not only was there a good sized portion of pate, but there was also plenty of salad, toast and caramelised red onion. I finished quickly and I sat waiting for around 30 minutes for my next course; it was worth the wait, the lamb was cooked beautifully and tasted incredible. Then I had cheese and biscuits for dessert and a coffee. The total of the meal was £25; considering the fact I was in London and our evening budget is £30 through work per person and obviously I had 3 courses and 2 drinks, I thought this was pretty competitive. Particularly because of the quality. Aside from the slow service I was delighted.

        I ventured back up to my room and took a proper look around. I found a Premier Inn booklet, which explained how I should expect to get a 'good night's sleep'... they have some great ideas in there, including handing room keys and numbers to female guests discreetly; I can't imagine this could work in their very busy and noisy reception. Also where possible, they specify they will not situate lone female travellers on the ground floor (check!) or at the end of corridors - in my case this must not have been an option for them, although I don't think every room on my floor was taken. My door did have a deadlock though and I felt quite safe in there. The hotel has a big focus on quiet in the corridors and I must admit, I had a great night of sleep. As for the rest of the room it was pretty compact, limited space for manoevre around the bed, but a large size well-lit desk and a tiny bathroom with a ¾ size bath and power shower over the bath. No bathmat was provided, so I chose to bathe rather than shower as I was fearful of slipping. There were two large towels (bath sheet size) and two hand towels. This was fine for a single person, but had I shared the room, the hand towels were insufficient to wrap wet hair in, so I had to use the two bath sheets. One thing to note here about Premier Inns in general, they do not supply toilettries. They do have hand soap and shower gel in built in dispensers, but if you need anything else (shower cap, shampoo, etc) then you have to buy it from reception. The bed was comfortable and clean and there was a small storage heater for my use in case I got cold, which I didn't, as the air con worked well and kept the room at an even temperature and best of all, was virtually silent. I noticed a couple of people on here asking about whether the room was quiet as central London Hotels usually face busy roads, well luckily with this one, that is not the case, they face back streets and whilst this doesn't make for pleasant window views, it is super quiet in the rooms on a night!

        Breakfast is served between 6.30 and 10am and consists of a help yourself all you can eat buffet. Breakfast consists of bacon, egg (fried or scrambled - poached on request), sausages (the best I've ever tasted!), mushrooms and tomatoes, toast, preserves, croissants, cereal, fruit, yoghurt, tea, coffee, fruit juices; you can also order porridge from your server. The breakfast is nice and you get a morning paper too, again perfect when travelling alone.

        I left the hotel for the training course and was pleased to only have to walk a short distance back to KGX to the tube station which connects to most of the main lines. When I returned to my hotel that evening I met my cousin for drinks in TWR, we had a glass of wine each (plenty of offers on like buy two glasses, get the rest of the bottle free @ £9 not too bad for London and Wolf Blass wine too!) then we went to the Premier Inn's restaurant for our evening meal. We both had Surf, Turf and Chicken - it was again gorgeous, well cooked and well priced food, but again we waited a while. The staff in the restaurant are so friendly, but they are also rushed off their feet so sometimes they quite simply can't make enough time for everyone. I think they worked hard though and deserved plenty of credit for serving the number of covers they did.

        After the meal I turned in for the night, again to a pleasant night of sleep. In the morning my check out was quick and painless and the staff popped my luggage in to a store room for me, for which I was given a little collection ticket. I returned to the hotel to collect my luggage and the gentleman who was manning the reception was chatty and carried my bag to the door for me. He also made me aware of the express check in / check out 'ATM' like machines at the front of the Premier Inn reception for my next stay. It was all very civil, polite and useful. I felt like the staff had really taken care of me.

        Best points were definitely the location, accessibility (fine for wheelchair users, special rooms with greater space), reception, comfort, staff, food in the restaurant, breakfast, meal times, cleanliness
        Worst points (if you can call them that) were security, speed of the restaurant and some good ideas which just aren't always practical

        I will definitely be returning in April for my next training course, and I would recommend the hotel for personal trips too as a great base to explore the capital.


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          17.06.2009 20:41
          Very helpful



          not the best premiere in i have stayed at

          i recently stayed at the premier inn at lobley hill jn newcastle upon tyne.
          now despite this premier inn being near the top of their popularity index i was to say the least very dissapointed,
          after a long drive and battling with traffic along the m1 a1 we arrived , at an industrial estate , my significant other looked at me , and said here ? are you sure ?
          the immiediate surroundings of this premier inn are to say the least uninspiring, literaly on the edge of an industrial estate ,
          the inn itself although modern in appearance is shackled by a dismal concrete corridor to a local pub, unfortunately this is where you have breakfast if youve chosen this option. more of that later,
          we decided we would give it a try as we intended moving on the next day anyway.
          the room itself was the standard purple premier inn fayre, and in truth it was modern clean and bright , with good quality solid fittings. tv, and the bathroom was modern and clean,
          we stayed the night and had a good sleep , there was no neighbour noise to speak of, sometimes a problem in modern hotels.
          one complaint though the room was boiling , so we needed the window open all night , which meant we could clearly hear the roar of traffic on the nearby a1, 100 yards away,
          on to breakfast , you need to pay extra for breakfast , and its not cheap.
          i think it was appx £7 each for full english, the produce wasnt great to be honest, it was all a bit flabby and greasy , and often served tepid,
          we left our comments, paid and left the hotel,
          we moved on from here to our new base , and put this down to experience.


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          02.09.2008 19:01
          Very helpful



          A no-frills budget London hotel in a fantastic location

          In May, Mr Cheetarah and myself needed a hotel for a night in London as a stopover between flying into Heathrow and getting the Eurostar from St Pancras International. After extensive research (am I odd that I enjoy the planning stage of a holiday?) I picked the King's Cross St Pancras Premier Travel Inn for our 1 night stay.

          Everything was booked online 2 months in advance, with a confirmation email promptly received and the promise of a text reminder of our booking as well. On a room-only basis, our Sunday night stay cost £90 for a double. We elected to skip the breakfast at the hotel (a £7.50 pp all-you-can-eat buffet) in favour of one of the cafes in St Pancras International.

          We had been advised that our room would be available from 2pm which we thought would be perfect timing for our arrival before we were to head back out for the rest of the day. As we maybe should expect though, it didn't quite work to plan.... We actually got through Heathrow Terminal 5 and onto the tube much quicker than anticipated and so arrived King's Cross just after 12 noon. As you come out of King's Cross onto Euston Road, you turn left and walk 150m to York Way. Turning left here, the hotel is 150m on your right. Even with suitcases and pedestrian crossings, this can easily be done in 5 minutes, meaning we arrived earlier than expected. The polite receptionist advised us that unfortunately we were still a little too early to check in, however they would ensure a room was available for us within half an hour. We headed into the adjoining Costa café for a much-needed cold drink (it would later turn out that we were in London on the hottest day of the year so far!) before a smooth check-in procedure enable us to go to our room.

          The hotel is set out around a central atrium area (which encloses the reception and lifts to all floors) with rooms either looking out onto the atrium or the surrounding streets. We were allocated an atrium (or "courtyard" as the hotel calls them) room on the 2nd floor. These rooms do not have opening windows and so you are entirely reliant on the air conditioning. This was switched on for our arrival - we were thankful for the lovely cool room - and it remained on for the duration of our stay (the lowest level was quiet enough for sleeping through). The advantage of these rooms is that there is no risk of potential street noise (even on a Sunday afternoon/evening the area was fairly busy with cars, buses and taxis).

          The room itself was clean and bright, furnished with accents of the Premier Travel Inn colours of purple and gold. Our double room had a king-size bed with 2 pillows (2 extra in the wardrobe, and more can be provided on request); bedside units; a desk/dressing table with chair; open wardrobe with hanging rail, hangers and shelves; flat-screen tv; telephone; hairdryer; trouser press. Tea and coffee making facilities were provided and extra tea and coffee arrived fairly promptly after being requested via room service.
          The en-suite bathroom had a (reasonably powerful fixed-head) shower over the bath, and combination shampoo/shower-gel was provided together with liquid handwash, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels, and a bath mat. There wasn't much room in the bathroom for storage of toiletries. Additional toiletries in travel-sized packs were available for a small charge. As we only stayed for one night, I can't comment on the housekeeping service.

          There is no in-room safe, however the reception does offer a valuable-storage facility, as well as a luggage facility on the day of your departure should you wish to continue exploring without your suitcases before travelling later in the day.

          The hotel requests that room keys (swipe-entry cards) are left at reception when you go out of the hotel and the reception is staffed throughout the night. We found the reception staff to be pleasant and friendly at all times.

          A comfortable night's sleep was followed by a quick check-out and we took advantage of one of the main benefits of this hotel. Retracing your steps to King's Cross, you are then a maximum of 5 minutes walk from St Pancras International. For those who haven't quite kept up with the maths (!) this means the hotel is within an easy 10 minute walk from the Eurostar station.

          The location of this hotel has to be its biggest selling point. Even if you aren't going on the Eurostar and just staying within London, the proximity to the King's Cross St Pancras tube station (with at least half a dozen lines) means travel within the city is incredibly easy.

          We weren't looking for anything beyond a clean and comfortable bed for the night, and this hotel certainly delivered. In fact it exceeded my expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again when visiting London.

          Extra info
          As at summer 2008, current internet rates for a double room are £110 per room per night Mon-Thu, £90 per room per night Fri-Sun. These are on a room-only basis, with a buffet breakfast available at £7.50 per person per day.
          Car parking is available in the nearby NCP car park (£22 for 24hrs) - the hotel is not in the congestion zone.
          Internet access is available.
          Check-in: 2pm
          Check-out: 12 noon

          Address: 26-30 York Way, King's Cross, London, N1 9AA
          Telephone: 0870 990 6414
          Fax: 0870 990 6415
          Web: http://www.premierinn.com/pti/home.do


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