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Premier Inn Manchester City Centre (Manchester)

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3 Reviews

Address: 112-114 Portland Street / Manchester M1 4WB / Tel: 0871 527 8746

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    3 Reviews
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      01.11.2013 16:39
      Very helpful



      5 stars

      We have recently stayed at this Premier Inn in the centre of Manchester and we are very pleased with it indeed and highly recommend it. Everything was really straight forward from booking it in the first place to checking in and then vacating. There was nothing that we could find to fault it and a very peaceful night's sleep we had too!


      You can book this hotel both online and by phone. I booked online and found it very easy to do so. I was concerned at first that I would somehow make a mistake with my booking as sometimes I do not trust myself when it comes to online booking forms but this one was straight forward and very clear so no problems occured! The website is easy to navigate and you can find your hotel by search by location and finding the one which is nearest to where you desire to go. If you put in the dates you require and number of people in your party it will show you what availability there is and how much it costs within a matter of seconds- very efficient! Once you have selected the Premier Inn you would like and filled in the details of party number and dates you go through to book. You do not need to fill in endless amounts of information about who is going to be attending and the information you do need to provide is very straight forward such as dates of arrival and credit card details. You pay immediately and can add an extra 'booking cancellation' on top so as to protect your booking if you need to cancel then it will be refunded which is a very good idea. Once you have booked you recieve a confirmation email which shows all your details and unique booking reference. I was suprised by how easy it was to do and how i didn't make any mistakes or feel confused by anything all!


      This Premier Inn is right in the heart of Manchester city centre so is ideal for shopping and sight-seeing. It is called the MEN arena Premier Inn but it isn't actually next to the arena but is about a 10 minute walk away so if you are going to a concert then it is within walking distance or a very short taxi ride if you don't fancy walking through the city in the dark. It is close to Victoria Station so if you are using public transport then it's very easy to find and if you are in the car then it's also easy as you follow signs to Victoria Station. There is a small amount of parking at the front of the hotel which can quickly fill up so you may not get a place. If you are not lucky enough to get a parking space then there is a large multistory very close by which we ended up parking in. It wasn't ideal as obviously it cost us money but it was close enough and we had been aware of the parking difficulties outside so it wasn't a big shock or surprise.


      When we arrived here we were given a warm welcome by the receptionists on the desk who were very smiley and ever so polite and friendly. I have stayed in several Premier Inns around the country and have found the staff to always be like this which is really nice. They told us about breakfast and checking out, made polite conversation and then directed us to our rooms. There was nothing particularly special about the hotel's corridors, they were pretty plain and boring but this is what you expect from a Premier Inn.

      Our room was a lovely large room with plenty of space to swing a cat should we wish to do so! It had two double beds which were king size so lots of room and comfort for when we slept! There was extra bedding in the rather large wardrobe should we need it. We had a large dressing table with plenty of space on it to spread out everything, a lovely large flat screen television, several chairs, bedside tables for both beds and an ensuite. In the ensuite there was a full size bath with a shower in it, basin and vanity unit with sink. What we noticed about the room was how very clean it was. The beds were perfectly made and the bathroom was sparkling. There was nothing we could fault at all about how clean it was and it was certainly more than comfortable! The windows were double glazed so when we went to bed at night we couldn't hear much from the city outside and the beds were more than comfortable to sleep in. We did have a comfortable night that's for sure- Lenny Henry is correct!


      You have breakfast at the on site restaurant which is the first time we have stayed in a premier Inn that has it's own restaurant. Usually they are in a pub on the same land so it was nice to just go downstairs to the restaurant instead of having to go outside! It is a self service buffet-style cooked breakfast. I like buffet style ones as i like to pick and choose what I want! There was a good selection and it didn't look like it had just been sitting there for hours going soggy and sad, instead it was all very fresh and hot and tasted fine! We certainly ate a lot and got our money's worth! The restaurant was quite a relaxed atmosphere even though it was quite busy and there were families around we were nice and relaxed and didn't feel as though we were rushed at all and could take our time helping ourselves as many times as we liked!


      In my opinion this is a fantastic Premier Inn. We have stayed in many around the country and have always liked what we have experienced. When you stay in a Premier Inn you do not expect anything spectacular or out of this world but you do expect a certain level of cleanliness, comfort and amenities which give you a very comfortable and pleasing stay. The room was extremely clean and had the facilities you need when you go away which was really very nice to see! There is nothing worse than staying in a hotel or B&B which you feel is grubby and in need of a good clean!

      The staff here are very polite and friendly, they do make you feel welcome which is lovely. It's nice because in this premier inn you do not have to check out until midday which is fantastic, many hotels want you out by 10am but with this one you get a whole extra two hours so that you can look around the shops in the morning after breakfast before having to leave! The location really is fantastic. It is right in the centre of Manchester so you have plenty of sights to see from the museums, the theatres, the shops to all of the events which are put on throughout the year. If you are going to see a show at the arena then it is rather close by so is a good place to stay. Despite being very central we didn't have any problems in terms of noise outside. Yes we could hear traffic and the odd few voices but it wasn't very loud and it didn't disturb our night's sleep. The central location means it's easy to get to in terms of public transport so it was very useful!

      The hotel cost us £55 for one night for the room which I think is very reasonable considering it's central location, the size of the rooms and the fact you can eat as much as you like at breakfast time! I really recommend this hotel if you are looking to stay in Manchester. If you would like somewhere in a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere then this perhaps isn't the place for you!


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        29.01.2013 07:42
        Very helpful



        The hotel has a good central location but it can get noisy on weekends

        I was in Manchester for a concert at the MEN Arena a few weeks ago and we
        decided to make the most of it and spend the night.
        Leaving it a bit late in the day to book meant that we didn't have the greatest or cheapest choices of places to stay but we did manage to find a room at the Premiere Inn which was selling for £80. As this was literally the cheapest room in central Manchester that we could find for this particular Saturday night we booked it straight away.

        ~~~~~~~~~~ Location ~~~~~~~~~~

        This particular Premier Inn was located in the city centre of Manchester on Portland Street which was a couple of minutes walking from Oxford Road train station. It was also conveniently located if you were coming from Piccadilly as this was only a 5 to 10 minute walk away from the hotel.
        The location was one of the things that appealed about this hotel as it was really central for the city centre. It wasn't the closest to the MEN Arena but it was an easy 15 minute walk to it. All the shops and the Arndale Centre were about 10 minutes away and the hotel is surrounded by loads of restaurants and bars.

        ~~~~~~~~~~ Check in ~~~~~~~~~~~

        As we arrived on a Saturday afternoon there were loads of people waiting to check in. The reception area of the hotel was a bit on the small side and it definitely felt a little cramped. There is only one small reception desk and there was only one receptionist on it checking people in so it could have taken ages to actually check in and get our room key but luckily they also had some self-service check in kiosks.

        There were three of these and the check in process was a simple one. It just involved keying in my details and then the computer finding our details. Once I had used my card to pay the computer printed off an invoice and dispatched our keys. I found the whole process much easier and speedier than queuing to check in with the receptionist.

        ~~~~~~~~~~ The Room ~~~~~~~~~~

        The room was pretty much as I was expecting from a Premier Inn. It wasn't fancy but it was clean and perfectly functional. For some reason the machine had allocated us a disabled room but other than the bathroom having some aides to help with going to the toilet and showering it resembled pretty much every other Premier Inn I've ever stayed at.
        The room had a double bed which was actually really comfortable. It also had four pillow two firmer ones and two softer ones so you could choose which one suited you better. There was the usual TV, desk area, mirror and wardrobe as well as a couple of seats. Tea and coffee making facilities were provided but were a bit on the stingy side with only one tea and coffee sachet each.
        The bathroom had a bath and a shower and there were two bath and hand towels each. The bathroom was clean but in need of updating and was starting to look a bit grubby around the seals etc.

        ~~~~~~~~~~ A good nights sleep? ~~~~~~~~~~

        Did I sleep well while staying at the Premier Inn on Portland Street? In a word no. Staying here was the exact same experience as within every other budget hotel that I've stayed in that is located within a city centre. All throughout the night there were drunk people coming back from nights out who seemed to forget every common courtesy that they might normally have. At one point there was a group of girls who seemed to be holding their own party in the corridor instead of taking it back in to their rooms. The hotel has security but not once did they appear to try and quieten people down. The soundproofing in the rooms was almost non-existent and we could hear absolutely everything. This went on from around about midnight until after 5 in the morning.

        I knew when booking the hotel that this would probably be the experience but it still amazes me when it happens every time. When I am staying at a hotel and have been for a night out I still try to come back and go to my room quietly so as to not disturb the other guests. I could just be bitter though as I was a little bit ill and couldn't drink that night.

        ~~~~~~~~~~ The staff ~~~~~~~~~~

        With only one exception the majority of the staff that we encountered were pleasant and professional. To be honest staff were a little thin on the ground and we only really interacted with them when we were leaving but the girls we did see were nice and friendly. When we checked out we asked to leave our bags until later on in the day so that we could go and have a wander round the city and do some shopping and they had a luggage room. The girl that took our bags chatted to us and asked all about our stay.
        The one exception that I mentioned happened when we returned to the hotel after the concert and were waiting for the lift to our room. The receptionist and the security guards were talking about some girl who was staying at the hotel and were slagging off her outfit and making fun of her. They did this blatantly when we were standing only a few feet away from them and I thought it was really unprofessional and rude and I actually wish now that I had said something at the time to them.

        ~~~~~~~~~~ Food ~~~~~~~~~~

        We didn't actually have breakfast as this was a chargeable extra but in our room there was a menu so they must have also had a restaurant. I'm not sure where this was actually located as normally at these places it is adjacent to the reception but here the reception area was far too small to also contain a restaurant so it must have been located elsewhere.
        As I said there are loads of cheaper places that surround the hotel to get a meal or breakfast and there are also several take aways close by including a 24 hour McDonalds.

        ~~~~~~~~~~ Recommendation ~~~~~~~~~~

        If you choose to stay at this particular Premier inn you know pretty much what you are going to be getting as it is so similar to the rest of them. The city centre location does make it ideal for seeing everything that Manchester has to offer but at the same time you have to remember that if you choose to stay here on a weekend then you are going to be sharing the hotel with a bunch of people who are there to party and you aren't going to get much in the way of sleep. It did offer decent value especially in comparison with the prices other hotels were asking for this particular night but to be honest I will probably try and book somewhere earlier so that I have a better chance of getting a better hotel cheaper and would only really stay here again if I didn't really have any other option.


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          10.08.2011 21:04
          Very helpful



          sales are good

          As we were off to Manchester I was looking for a cheap Premier Inn. I do like Premier Inn when they only cost £29 but with breakfast for us they cost £44.98 which for 4 of us is a good deal.

          I was on the look out because as soon as it was a definate for Paul Scholes testamonial we were going to book. Before it was definate they were all £29 per room around Old Trafford. As soon as it became a definate the Old Trafford Premier Inn went up to £113 or £119 per room per night (without breakfast). What a rip off.
          When I booked this hotel I had thought I was booking the one on Deansgate so when I checked the e mail receipt 2 days later I was shocked to find I had booked the one at Portland Street. (Although to this day I say I booked the Deansgate one). I phoned them up when I read the email and they said they would get someone from Guest Relations to phone me the next day.
          In the meantime we talked about where it was situated and decided to take the room and get the train there.
          The next day I recieved an email to say they had cancelled the room. (Then there were no rooms left at Deansgate - fab)

          On checking the rooms on Portland Street they had gone up to £69 - it just gets better. I phoned Guest Relations and they ended up booking the room and deducting the extra amount for me. RESULT.

          The Premier Inn on Portland Street is in an ideal position for the centre of Manchester. It is a 10 minute walk from piccadilly train station and a 5 minute walk from Oxford Road train Station. The arndale centre is about a 15 - 20 minute walk away and Old Trafford Football Ground is 3 miles away.

          Booking in is from 2pm and we got there about 2.20pm. The hotel is quite noticable from the road but depending from which way you are approaching it you might not immediately notice the entrance.
          We walked in and check in was by machine although there were a few members of staff walking around to help out and one at at a little desk. When someone had finished at a machine I quickly approached it, sure I would know how to check in after all I had my confirmation number. It was easy enough to follow but what was annoying was the fact that I had to key in all the names of the people booking in with me. I got to the end of it and guess what, it came up with the price of £84.98 (the price before the deduction). I just knew that was going to happen so I grabbed one of the floor walkers to explain and was told I had to wait to be booked in at the desk. Good job I had printed the email off.

          Once booked in we went to our room. The hotel has about 280 rooms.
          You do not get a key for your room but a card (which is like a lot of hotels now a days), you have to use the card in the lift from reception.

          As we opened the door the bathroom was on the immediate left and had toilet, sink and bath with overhead shower. Above the sink was a mirror and to the left some shelves. On the right was a shaver point. Attached to the wall over the bath was some hair and body wash. The tiles in the bathroom were clean lookin which is always a plus for me.
          The room was quite spacious it had the double bed and the 2 singles (sofa beds). One was a normal height bed and one was just off the floor (which the youngest took). You always find the bits from the sofa bed left so we put these next to the youngests bed incase she fell out.
          Next to the double bed you had the 2 shelves and the wall lights. The was a big desk opposite the double bed with a TV which had free view on, it was quite small so probably a 26 inch at the most. There was also one chair. The wardrobe was on the right as you walked in the room.

          The room was big enough for us and we had lots of room the girls manage to have a good game of hide and seek in it.
          Now I am not sure what time breakfast was served but it was served up to 11.30 which I think is great (checkout is 12).
          2 children eat free with one paying adult. If you want vege sausages or porridge you have to ask for it and they will make it. The breakfast was great there was the usual sausage and bacon, and then mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs (scrambled and poached) heinz baked beans. There was also croissants,chocolate cakes (muffins) toast and crumpets. there were cereal to choose from and a range of fruit juices along with tea and coffee.

          The staff were helpful and as we arrived at the dining area asked if we had been before which I replied not to this one but had been to other Premier Inns, so we were allocated a table and told it was all you could eat just as at other ones.

          When we arrived we were told the bar wasn't open between 5pm and 7pm but as they serve basic evening meals this may be the time when the meal time is busy.
          When we arrived back from the match we did stop in the bar for quick drink and the bar person was nice enough and the bar seemed well stocked.

          The room was clean which is what you want in a hotel and it was spacious which is a huge plus for me with children. The bathroom was also clean and so were the tiles which is another plus. There were 6 pillows for the 4 of us which were just fine and 4 bath towels and 4 hand towels.

          As we went by train we didn't have to bother with the one way system or parking but the parking is about £13.50 for 24 hours at a nearby car park and that is discount price.
          I would stay here again as it is handy for places in Manchester but we wanted to book a 2nd night (went elsewhere) at quite short notice and it was £92 for a room. I do find that Premier Inns are good value if you get a sale but if you have to pay full price they can be quite expensive including breakfast depending where you stay. The room was basic but clean and that is all we want when we stay over anywhere. I have found when we have stayed in more expensive hotels you don't necessary get better.
          There was also a good night sleep guarantee - if you don't get one money back etc.


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