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Premier Inn (Manchester Trafford Centre South)

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4 Reviews

Address: Wilderspool Wood / Trafford Centre / Manchester M17 8WW / England

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    4 Reviews
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      22.03.2012 00:46
      Very helpful



      Would definatly reccomend

      I recently stayed in this Premier Inn after spending the day in Manchester catching up with some old friends and visiting the Trafford Centre and going out for dinner in the evening. I hadn't planned on staying here but it was getting late when I said by to my friends and was about to drive home but thought I'd stay overnight and do some 'solo' Trafford Centre shopping the follow day (you know when you want to visit some shops that you're friends don't).

      I ended up using the iPhone Premier Inn app on my phone to book my room. Luckily they had a room available for me, I made the booking at about 11.00pm and by 11.20pm I arrived at the Premier Inn near the Trafford Centre. They had a free car park too which was a bonus.

      Arriving quite late in the night, it was strange to see that the place was locked up and I had to tap on the window for the receptionist to let me in. However I was happily greeted by the gentleman on reception and the booking in process was quick and easy. I was given my room key and found my room for the night.

      The room was spacious with a double bed, shower, freeview TV and the usual necessities. I was offered the chance at reception to book breakfast but I politely declined.

      I had a decent nights sleep, didn't have to leave the room until mid day the following day. The room cost me £62 for the night which I think was reasonable. The only criticism I have to make is that I couldn't figure out how to turn the shower on. I have stayed in other Premier Inn's in the past but for some reason no matter how hard I tried, I just could not get water from the shower.

      Anyway, I would gladly stay here again and reccoment it.


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      06.02.2009 00:33
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Very good value for money

      We stayed here last week when we travelled to Manchester for a funeral and needed somewhere very last-minute. Rather than trawling through websites and looking for a hotel we decided just to go for the Premier Inn because despite the fact they are basic, because they are part of a national chain you know exactly what to expect. I am fussy with hotels because I am very picky about cleanliness (over luxury) and for a trip where we would be arriving late evening and leaving early morning quite honestly I would not want to fork out for an expensive city-centre hotel room...that money could be better used for a weekend away on a happier occasion.

      The room cost £54 and breakfast cost £7.85 each for a full breakfast. You could pay a couple of pounds less and just get a continental one but we preferred the option of a cooked breakfast. Up to two children eat breakfast for free with every paying adult which is a bonus although the breakfast clearly does bump the cost up a fair bit and when you look at the total cost you can certainly get special offers in better hotels for the same kind of price if you are going off-peak and have time to shop around.

      The hotel/motel is located just off the M60, directly opposite the marvel that is the Trafford Centre (which is where I spend the day before we checked in, hence our evening arrival!) which means that you have a huge range of cafes, restaurants, cinema, shopping and even a bowling alley across the riad. Ideal when you think about it. Manchester itself is a bit further away but because of the proximity to the Trafford Centre where there is a transport centre (for buses) public transport is always an option of you do not fancy taking the car. This is a rare option with a Premier Inn that is not in the centre - they usually tend to be inaccessible by any mode of transport other than car because they are normally located just off motorways.

      Parking is ample and the car park is free and well-lit. I had no worries about leaving the car overnight.

      I booked our family room with a cot online. The website was simple to use and all you need is a credit card to secure the booking which you can cancel for free up to 4pm on the day of arrival. This is very unusual with hotels and gives you an unrivalled degree of flexibility.

      Check-in was speedy and hassle-free. The woman on reception was very friendly and helpful, asked if we wanted breakfast and how we would like to pay then got us to quickly fill out and sign a registration form (basically just car registration details), took card payment and handed us the room key. No messing around, just what you want really.

      The room itself was very clean and smelt nice and fresh. The travel cot they provided was fairly old but perfectly adequate and they also gave us cellular blankets (in line with the SIDS advice from medical professionals, which is unusual in hotels) and even nappy bags. A very useful touch (although we had brought our own anyway).

      The child's bed was a sofa-bed but it was the same height as a normal bed and also the same length - to all intents and purposes it was a fully-functional single bed, and it was properly made up.

      There are lots of different lights and lamps in the room making it easy to get a workable light level after the children are in bed - light enough for the adults to see, but not too bright that the children are disturbed.

      The bathroom was also fine and there were ample clean towels. Lux shower gel was provided in a dispenser on the wall next to the shower/bath. There was an over-bath shower which was really powerful and the temperature on the bath and shower was very easy to change and control.

      The room was freshly decorated and furnished nicely with the trademark purple accents. Our bed was comfortable and the sheets were crisp.

      There was a tea and coffee making set with kettle provided and also a hairdryer. There was a dressing table and stool in front of a mirror and a full-size mirror elsewhere in the room.

      We had a restful night's sleep and heard no noise from the hotel or the motorway.

      I would definately stay in this Premier Inn and other Premier Inns in the future.


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        08.01.2009 21:15



        a great place to stay

        I recently stayed at this hotel in manchester for two nights. For a premier inn it was a little more expensive than I would have expected for the chain, but perhaps that is because this is a more popular branch. In any case, I was not disappointed.

        The staff were all very friendly and the checking in process was easy. The lobby was attractive and transport to and from the hotel was easy and swift. There was a bar with reasonably priced drinks although I didn't spend much time there. The restaurant had a basic but fine menu, perhaps a little pricey. There was also a large screen in there which football matches were being shown on.

        The room I stayed in had twin beds of a nice size and were comfy. The duvet itself was soft and I wanted to take it home with me! There was a TV with freeview in the room and Coffee and tea services. The bathroom was also of a high standard and the shower was powerful. There was free shower gel in the shower too.

        It was a nice enjoyable stay and I would return. It's good value for money, and as always with premier inn, well located.


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        22.10.2008 23:31
        Very helpful



        The Manchester South Trafford Premier Travel Inn

        Being of the age where it seems everyone and I mean everyone is getting married around you I have been to more weddings than I care to mention this year. With these weddings there has been stag do's, taking in such cultural hotspots as Amsterdam, Cardiff, Newcastle and Brno (Czech Republic). All these places chosen for their museums, architecture, and many art galleries on offer. Lumped inbetween Cardiff and Amsterdam was a one night extravaganza in Manchester, not my choice of destination and obviously for legal reasons and for fear of breaking the unwritten Omerta of "what happens on the stag stays on the stag, I cannot divulge any events on the stag but having sought written permission from the groom-to-be and the best man I am able to share with you a review of the hotel I stayed in..... The Premier Inn Trafford Centre Manchester South.

        Regrettably and with the wonderful benefit of hindsight I would not have it left to the day of the stag to book a hotel room. Unable to book the Premier Inn City Centre G-Mex hotel where the majority of the party was staying me hurriedly booked what I thought was a nearby Premier but turned out to be a good 5 miles west of the city centre and in fact perched a stones throw away from the Trafford Centre. A very impressive and comprehensive shopping centre which I was forced to visit briefly as I did not bring the right shoes...apparently!


        I booked this hotel via phone. Telephone number 08701 977 307. Normally if time is permitting I would go through Premier Inn's website. I choose Premier Inn because on short functional trips where costs need to be kept down and convenience kept high, I like the 'know what you get' feel about a premier inn. The prices always reasonable and the rooms always clean and comfortable and the Trafford Centre Premier Inn was no different. Booking was easy and credit card details given over the phone in order to ensure reservation.


        The cost of the twin room for one Saturday night was £58 with no breakfast included. Breakfast costs were £7.50 for the full English eat as much as you're conscious would allow sort and for those feeling all continental, with their sweater around their necks, there was a continental breakfast buffet at £5.25.

        Getting there

        The hotel is just off Junction 10 of the M60. This is the main junction for the Trafford Centre and the result of which it was a bloomin' nightmare coming off at the junction taking a good twenty minutes to go half a mile.. all the while with the hotel in sight. It was very frustrating and readers be advised Saturdays and Sundays can be very busy indeed for traffic in the area. The hotel has sufficient parking and there were spaces available even at this peak time.


        The location of the hotel makes the hotel. For those intending to boost the ailing economy and spend your hard earned monies in the Trafford Centre you would love this hotel. A mere 5 mins walk and 2 minute drive you are dangerously close to around 300 shops and 25 restaraunts. A canal has been built to service the main canals of Manchester but sunset over Venice this is not. The area is very industrial and is dominated by the shopping centre but you are only 5 miles from the city centre and £8 in a cab.
        There is a Brewers Fayre bang next door for food and a petrol station a 2 minute walk away for other essentials.


        Assuringly enough the rooms were as i expected. Light comfortable and clean. Spacious enough in this day and age of modern hotels where space is at a premium but i wouldnt recommend trying to swing a cat in the room, primarily because there was not enough room and secondly that the RSPCA can get funny about these things. There was wi-fi avaialble and a selection of pay-per-tv channels. Sadly i never got round to ordering Honey I Blew The Kids, or Star Whores but maybe for another review another time.
        The beds were clean and comfortable, and the pillows soft and plentiful. The curtains blackled out the light and the windows kept the noise of the M60 outside indead of in.
        My only complaint leveled against the room is a pretty standard complaint against most modern hotels... the walls are too thin. Modern buildings do suffer from this and the Premier Inn Trafford Centre is no exception. And boy was this cursed at 6 in the morning trying to sleep in the room next to the worlds loudest snorer. At one stage even considered contacting Norris Mcwherter to confirm.


        Whilst trying to avoid the usual 'the staff are very freindly' line... they were!. The lady behind the desk ordered a taxi for me and was generally very amiable and polite. The cleaning ladies in the morning were it seemed not from round these parts but they done a good job in cleaning and were happy to let me take as many shower gels, from their trolleys, as i could greedily stuff into my pockets.


        Due to Mr SnoreMan in the room next door, sleep wasnt a premium and thus managed to miss breakfast. Therefore a review on the Full English is not available but generally the standard of food at the Premier Inn chain isnt too bad at all with a buffet systemn (i call it eat as much as you can) in operation.


        I think that the Trafford Centre Premier Inn is a good hotel. Superb for shopping, good road links and only 5 miles from all the action of Manchester City Centre, The hotel is clean, comfy and reasonably priced and if you are looking for something functional for shopping out of the city centre then look no further than the Premier Inn Trafford Centre Manchester South.

        Thanks for reading and this has been proof read by the stag to make sure i did not mention the 6 tranvestite prostitutes he took back to his hotel.


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