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Radisson SAS Hotel (London Stansted Airport)

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4 Reviews

Address: Waltham Close / Essex / CM24 1PP / England

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    4 Reviews
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      29.09.2009 21:09



      The Radisson SAS hotel at Stansted is a luxury hotel which is just 2 minutes walk from the terminal!

      When I walked through the main doors into the Radisson SAS hotel at London Stansted airport, I felt like I was walking into a posh hotel in Dubai or somewhere like that. The first impression this hotel gave me was excellent with very good staff at the reception. Not only was the enterance 5 out of 5 but the room was too. Even walking into the room was fantastic and It was proper luxury. It still felt like a really posh hotel in Dubai until I looked out of the window. Right infront of me were about 10 planes really close that all said "RYANAIR" on the side, that came as no surprise as I knew Stansted had a crazy amount of Ryanair flights but how close I was too them was a big surprise. So the view out of the window was excellent aswell as the enterance and the room quality. The room had a luxury bathroom, a double bed, a sofa, a television, air-con and many more things. I have never been in a hotel as posh as that one. Also in the evening you can go for dinner in the restaurant and when you order a bottle of wine, a lady travels up the colourful and flashing wine tower turning upsidedown whilst getting the wine you have ordered. It looks better than any circus act. I will definitely 110% stay in this hotel again!


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      03.04.2009 23:26
      Very helpful



      It's not like you have much choice when you're staying at an airport

      Last year I travelled to Italy with some of my family and we flew from Stansted. Our flight was really early in the morning so we decided to stay in the Radisson SAS hotel the night before. There were nine of us in total in three rooms including two children.

      Being the only one of us living in London I was the first to arrive. Getting to the hotel was really easy for me, I just took the Stansted express and then followed the signposts to the hotel. It is really well signposted and I actually found the walk there to be quite pleasant. There were rabbits all over the grass and I got very excited. They were just so cute!

      Checking into the hotel was easy enough and pretty standard. I gave them my credit card to scan and they gave me the keys. However, they did give me the wrong room key so I ended up in the room of my aunt and uncle rather than my own but as we were a party and had booked together I don't think it was that big a deal. It would have been completely different if they'd given me the key to a strangers room.

      I found the staff to be friendly enough and there was no queue to check in. It took longer than I would have liked because they had to make sure that the room was clean and ready for me to go to which I thought should have been done before my arrival.

      -The Room-
      The room was nice enough but not fantastic.

      The room contained two single beds that I found very comfortable and an additional camp bed. There were extra pillows which was nice and plenty of blankets. We were able to control the temperature of our room and that increased our comfort.
      What really disappointed me was the extra bed. It was a tiny, child sized camp bed. We were having three people sleeping in the room so they had wheeled in an extra bed that was supposed to be able to sleep an adult but my feet hung off of the end and it was very uncomfortable. I've stayed in a lot of hotels and never have I been forced to sleep on a bed that uncomfortable and that small. In the end I shared a single bed with my sister because it was more comfortable than trying to sleep on the camp bed but obviously not ideal because the beds were singles and while she's tiny, I'm not.
      The cleanliness of the room was quite impressive and the presentation was good. When I first walked in I was really impressed. It was only when I spotted the extra bed that I began to feel disappointed with the room.
      The room included tea and coffee making facilities, a safe, television and of course an ensuite bathroom that was also very clean. It had some freebies like shampoo, conditioner, tea and cofee but not enough of the toiletries for all three of us. I think that if you're going to charge extra for an additional person to be in the room not only should you provide a decent bed you should also give extra toiletries so that everyone staying in the room can use them.
      There were enough towels for us all, but only just. I think it's nice to have extra towels in a hotel, particularly if you want to shower in the evening and the morning and don't like to use the same towel twice (OCD? Me? Never!).

      -Food and Drink-
      I liked the bar. It was right in the centre of the lobby area with bedrooms (including my own) looking over it so it did feel a little bit like you were on display but it was very comfortable and it served a good selection of food. Like with most hotels it was expensive and I paid around £10 for a plate of nacho's and a glass of coke. Although it was a lot to pay, the service was exceptional. The bar staff were friendly and polite, the service was quick and they did table service. The food took quite a long time to arrive but as there was free internet access on my laptop I didn't mind waiting.
      The most notable thing about this bar was the wine tower. They have a woman on a rope who climbs up and down it getting wine and doing some acrobatics. It's very entertaining!

      Unfortunately I can't speak as highly of the restaurant that we ate in. There are four restaurants and we chose to eat in the Italian one (I can't remember what it was called). There was very little food on the menu that I liked, which is strange because I'm not a fussy eater. The choice was quite limited and what was there seemed to be needlessly fussy. I ordered some side dishes instead of a main because they were the only things on the menu that I liked the look of. When they arrived they weren't anything like how they were described on the menu and honestly didn't taste very good. They certainly didn't taste Italian.
      The service was pretty good though and the waitress was very good with the children.

      -Leisure Club-
      I tried to get an appointment to have my nails done and maybe a facial but was informed that you have to book in advance if you want an appointment so if you are going to this hotel and want to use the beauty salon make sure you book in advance.

      The gym was very modern but it didn't look much like a gym. It was like they had taken a lot of fitness machines and put them in a room that hadn't been designed to be a gym. The room was spacious and it didn't take away from my workout in anyway, it just seemed a little out of place.

      I found the swimming pool to be a little bit on the small side and very overcrowded. It's a big hotel so I expected a swimming pool that would cater for a lot of people. We still had fun in the pool and it had a really good family feel with lots of parents and their children as well as some teenagers. Of course that's not so good if you want to swim laps of the pool but as we were a family who just wanted to have fun swimming it was a positive thing. The changing room was clean and so was the area around the pool.

      I'm really torn about whether or not I liked this hotel. In terms of how it looks I loved it. It just has a really modern, spacious feel to it and the entire hotel is very clean and well maintained. Staff were friendly and went out of their way to help us.
      I've stayed at a Radisson SAS before at a different airport and compared to that one the bedroom in this one was a real disappointment.

      For information reagrding prices please visit their website: www.radissonsas.com


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        10.09.2008 11:20
        Very helpful



        Well worth a visit

        Stansted airport used to be like a second home to me. I worked in the joyless town of Haverhill about 20 miles away and I flew out of Stansted at least once a week for many years. It used to be a super little airport where you could turn up shortly before the flight, drop your car in the short-stay and fly off without any trouble, but as the airport has grown it's become a much less pleasant and convenient place to use. So when I discovered the best way to get to Bremen in Germany on the day I needed to go was a 6.30 am Ryanair flight out of Stansted, I decided I'd do it but only if I could stay at the airport.

        Since I last used Stansted, there's been one major improvement to the local hotel situation and that's the opening of the Radisson SAS. It's the only hotel that's in walking distance of the airport terminal - approximately 2-3 minutes under a covered walkway. Before this the nearest option was the Hilton which required a bus transfer. For a 6.30 am start, meaning a 5 am check in, I wanted to be right on the doorstep. I was surprised when I found that I could have the Radisson SAS for £99 even though I was booking only a couple of days in advance.

        When you arrive at the airport the Radisson is really well signposted. You follow signs to the short stay car park, drive past the car park to the roundabout at the end and then turn back to the hotel. I parked in the car park and wheeled my bags into the hotel. From the outside the hotel was a U-shaped grey block that fitted well with the architecture of the airport itself. Despite being a pretty horrible airport to use these days, I can't help but still admire Norman Foster's innovative use of light and space and I do think Stansted is an outstanding example of airport design.

        Outside the hotel there are flag poles, a very pretty fountain and the characteristic Radisson liveried Mini cars. Getting in took a while as the rotating door is one of the slowest I've ever seen. Stepping inside there are six or eight free-standing check in desks and a concierge desk to one side. The receptionist checked my details on the computer and I asked if it was possible to change my deal to a parking-included package. I'd seen that the day and a half I needed the car park for was going to cost me £50 but she changed my booking to parking inclusive for an extra £20, handed me a registration form for my car and a copy of the Radisson loyalty scheme paperwork, gave me my key and pointed me to the lifts.

        The hotel has a central atrium with a bar in the middle and several restaurants around the outside including a steak bar, an Italian and a Spanish restaurant. In the middle of the bar is a 50 foot wine tower with bottles stacked up behind glass. From other reviews I've read, I learned that they have 'angels' in harnesses who are hoisted up to get your wine but nothing like that happened whilst I was watching.

        Coming out of the lift there are no signs to indicate which way to go and I picked the wrong way and had more of a trek to my room than necessary. Opening the door I was really pleased with what I found. My room was one of their ocean-themed bedrooms, all done out in shades of blue and green. The room was quirky with lots of unusual features that showed a lot of thought had gone into the design. First thing I spotted was that the bed was set at an angle to the walls. The next odd thing was the funky chair - a bit like an upholstered deck chair - and then I noticed the multi-coloured carpet and the weird 'shark tooth' shaped mirror over the desk. The flat screen TV was wall mounted above a light wood 'cube' that contained the mini-bar (one of those automatically charging computerised ones) and below that there was a drawer that contained the room safe. Inside the wardrobe there was a trouser press and iron which I later found were totally unusable because the trouser press wouldn't stay closed and the ironing board kept collapsing. That however was the only thing I found that didn't work.

        The bathroom was light and bright with a shower over the bath and plenty of towels. The toiletries were not a brand I recognised but smelled lovely. The lighting around the vanity unit was bright and there was a shaving/make up mirror. Everything was spotlessly clean.

        I popped back to my car to fill in all the details for the concierge but there was nobody on the desk so I gave up and headed round to the airport to pick up some sandwiches for my dinner and some yoghurt for my breakfast. I then went back to hand over my car keys but the concierge still wasn't at his desk. The receptionist came over to help and was filling out the paperwork when the Italian concierge returned. When he realised I only needed the car park for 36 hours he couldn't apologise enough and said the receptionist really shouldn't have asked me to do the paperwork and he was really sorry to have wasted my time. He then gave me a pre-approved ticket for when I came back so all I would have to do was hand it in at the desk and get it activated for the security barrier.

        Hoorah for Radisson they have recognised the value of free internet access and seem to offer it in many of their hotels now which is always a nice bonus. I didn't have time to use it much - or to explore the rest of the hotel features and amenities - because I needed to be up at 4.30 the next morning. So I set my alarm, climbed up onto the high bed, snuggled down and then got out again to find all the light switches and turn out the lights. Back in bed I slept well but not for very long before waking up to pack up, catch a bit of middle-of-the-night Olympics coverage and head for the check-out.

        Check-out was quick and easy - thank goodness because any time wasted so early in the morning would have been annoying. I paid, got my receipt and headed out to the airport. I realised when I returned the next day to get my car that there's a 'grab and go' breakfast bag system which I'd missed out on - after all, you can't be expected to get everything straight in the wee small hours of the morning.

        I wish I'd had the opportunity to stay a bit longer and check the other facilities but I was overall very impressed with the hotel and would be more than happy to go back and stay there again.


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          10.09.2008 00:13
          Very helpful




          ****Radisson SAS Hotel London Stansted Airport****

          Earlier this year i stayed in this hotel and i thought it was great.

          **Location/Getting there**
          The location of this hotel is fantastic!! It is literally a two minute walk from the airport and as such is obviously the closest.Not sure how to get there by anything other than plane but i did notice that it had ample parking .If you wanted to stay in this hotel you could probably get the train to the airport and it is signposted from there.

          The first thought in my mind when i saw this hotel was WOW. The design of the building is really nice and i think (don't quote me on this) it has won awards.Staff in 4 star+ hotels are usually nice and this is no exception.On the way to the lifts you pass a wine tower-it is about 13 meters high and people (well staff) go up and down it by harness .I wouldn't want that job.

          Both times i have stayed in this hotel the rooms have been lovely and contain the normal-mini bar,en suite bathroom,room service etc

          The hotel has four places to eat and these are Italian Filini Restaurant, Spanish TaPaell'Ya Restaurant, the New York Grill & Bar and the Wine Tower Bar. I ate at the Italian one and my only problem with it is since my friend and i weren't that hungry we only wanted a pizza but they tried to get us to order more.We declined but they did try and persist.We stuck with the order we wanted and didn't even manage all of it.
          There is also a fitness area and spa but i was only there a short time so didn't have time to try it.

          Rooms start from £115.

          I would defiantly stay here again and think it would make a great place to stay if you wanted to visit the local area.


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