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Roomzzz 361 Aparthotel (Leeds)

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3 Reviews

Address: 361 Burley Road / Leeds / LS4 2SL / West Yorkshire / England / Tel: +44 (0) 113 233 0400

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    3 Reviews
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      13.09.2011 08:19
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to a normal hotel

      As this was the first time I've stayed in a Roomzzz "aparthotel" I must admit to being a little suspicious about the quality of the room before arrival. The website seemed to promise the equivalent of a reasonably sized modern living apartment with all the facilities one would include, close to the city centre at a price that other hotels, without such extras as a kitchen/cooking area, fridge, sofa and rotating TV for viewing on either the sofa or bed, were unable to even attempt to beat. To me, something didn't seem quite right that all this could be offered in a comfortable, well located and reasonably sized room at such a price.

      My fears were completely unfounded. Upon arrival I was greeted in a modern looking reception by a pleasant and polite receptionist who took my payment and handed my door key over before directing me to my room.

      Once I had reached my room I was amazed that it was exactly as described. Although I was only staying in one of the basic rooms l was greeted by the size of room that other hotels would happily charge a premium for. Upon investigation I discovered there was indeed a kitchen area with Oven, microwave, electric hobs, fridge and dishwasher all hidden away in a modern fashion leaving the utilities un-intrusive while unused.

      The bed was comfortable and as good as in any other room I have stayed in at locations I have paid a higher price for. The bathroom was a little small but was again, in a modern design and included a good, powerful and easy to adjust shower but no bath.

      The location of the hotel isn't in the most prosperous regions of Leeds city but I found it quiet enough to get a good nights sleep without any trouble and easy enough to walk into the city centre within 20 minutes or a 5 minute cab ride.

      After my nights stay I was directed by the woman at reception to a small area where a grab and go breakfast was available which consisted of a help yourself collection of pastries and fruit but was more than enough to keep me going for my return drive to Newcastle.

      I'd recommend Roomzzz to anyone looking for an alternative to a standard hotel room at a reasonable price and am only disappointed that having stayed for just one night I didn't get the opportunity to make use of the additional extras as I ate out on the evening and left first thing in the morning.


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      23.06.2010 11:21



      if you can get a good deal its worth a visit

      I decided to stay in this particular roomzzz as it was the closest to my university. I stayed on valentines day this year and was pleasantly surprised by how cheap it was, considering the ocassion as it was only £50 or thereabouts.

      The room had kitchen facilities that you could easily make a wide variety of meals in, a spacious living room area and a bedroom area all in a large open plan room set up. In the centre of the room is a large TV which can be turned 360 degrees meaning you can watch it on the sofas or on the bed.

      The bathroom didn't have a bath but it had a nice shower and in the bathroom was some supplies like dove handwash and lux shower gel which I thought was an excellent touch. The only disadvantage was that the vent in the bathroom made a ridiculous loud noise when you turned the light on and the noise carried on for a while after the light had been switched off.

      The apartments are a little bit out of town, its arounda 20-30 minute walk into the city centre but there are local shops right next door to the apartments and a bar underneath it.

      I don't drive but there were good car parking facilities there too.


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      19.01.2010 19:59
      Very helpful



      something a little bit different.

      Roomzzz have 3 different aparthotels in Leeds, they have Leeds City, Leeds Central and Leeds 361, this review is about the Leeds 361.

      Me, my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend wanted to go somewhere for New Year and we found here which looked really nice and was a good price for new year. We stayed for 2 nights. The hotel is 2.5miles away from Leeds Centre. We paid £235 for 2 nights, and this was on new years eve for a 2 bed suite. It worked out at roughly £58 each for 2 nights, when you compare this to travelodge, being £60 for one night, we felt we were getting a good deal.

      We booked online which was fairly simple and straightforward, the website is a good easy to use site, and we recieved a confirmation email straight away after we had booked it. As there were 4 of us, we booked the Maxima Suite, which has 2 double bedrooms.

      Leeds 361 is around a 10-15minute drive from Leeds town centre, we had a taxi on new years eve at 9pm to Leeds centre and it only cost £4, which we thought was excellent, on the way back however it was £11, but we still thought this was a good price for new years eve.

      This was again a simple process, the only thing you need to be aware of is that you check in at Leeds Central, then you have to drive down to Leeds 361, (so it might be a bit far to walk if you come by train etc). It is a straight drive to Leeds 361, and you will come to it on your left.
      You can only pay by cash for your stay at check in if you have a credit card. You can alternatively pay by credit/debit card which is what we did.
      At check-in they give you a code which you type in when you get to the hotel to lift up the barriers to get onto the car park, and also for the gates getting back into the hotel.

      Car Park
      It is a good sized car park and has security on it. There are some spaces outside and then they have an underground car park which has more spaces. We had no problems with this car park and found it to be secure.

      The Apartment
      As I have said we booked the Maxima Suite, which is a 2 double bedroom apartment. You access the room by using a swipe card (we were given two which was great).

      One double bedroom is the first room on your left and this is the en-suite bathroom. This contains, toilet, sink, shower. The other double bedroom is further down the corridor, it is next to the bathroom and also the living room.
      The rooms are a fair size, not to big, not to small, and there is good wardrobe space. What the bedrooms lack is a mirror!! Although when you leave this room and continue down the corridor there is a full length mirror here. Both rooms containeda a double bed which was very comfy, and they provided extra pillows and blankets as well. There is temperature controls and a small radiator so you shouldnt have any problems here. Both rooms also contain a window which opens fully, although the view isnt much to talk about! Just wasteland on one side and then some houses on the other. From the bedroom windows you can see the car park.
      The walls must be very thick as we couldnt hear each other at all through the walls, although from the second double bedroom you can hear the TV in the main room.

      Walking further down the corridoor, the next door you come to on your left is the bathroom, this was a good sized bathroom, nice and bright, with a bath and shower overhead. They provided hand wash (dove) and shower gel, in dispensers. What needs to be mentioned here is that there is only so much hot water and it has to heat itself up again, so just be ware when taking showers and try to leave a space in between, or the water will go cold on you like it did on us!

      Main Room
      -Kitchen Area
      This is at the far side of the room, there is a large fridge freezer, a dishwasher, cooker, microwave, toaster, saucepans, wok, other kitchen utensils etc. They have have plates, cups, glasses (4 of each), and cutlery. (If you want to know anything else they have or not, please just ask me). What we found was that the kitchen equipment needed more adding to it, more pots and pans etc would be very useful. We cooked gammon and had to fry it, because we had used the oven plate to cook our chips on. So more utensils would be useful here. The equipment is modern and easy to use, they provided us with 1 dishwasher tablet, more would have been nice, but I guess you have to take your own. Everthing worked which is also a bonus.
      One thing we definately found at worked was the smoke alarms. When frying there was a lot of smoke created and we couldnt get the balcony doors to open. I think this might just have been the room we were in becuase we noticed other peoples doors being open. We had to dismantle the smoke alarms until we had finished cooking. There is one in the kitchen and one in the hallway.
      There is a glass 4 people table in the room, with 4 comfy white dining chairs.

      Living Area
      There is a 3 peice creme sofa, which was comfy. Although as there were 4 of us, it would have been nice to have another sofa, although it was big enough to squeeze four people on. There is a small glass coffee table in front of the sofa which was on a rug. The apartment had heated laminate flooring throughout, apart from the bedrooms and bathroom.
      Next to the sofa was a desk with draws, a lamp, and a desk swivel chair. This is where you gained your free internet access, which we had no problems with and worked well for us. There is also a telephone in the room. On this telephone it already has the number for a taxi firm, and you just press a button and it takes you straight through to the taxi firm. And they were a good reliable firm. There is balcony doors, but no balcony, just the rail making it safe. Opposite the desk is a large flat screen TV on a stand, the quality was good, and it had the usual freeview channels.

      Checkout is at 11am, and you check out at Leeds Central, which was again a very simple and quick process.

      We really enjoyed our stay here and would definately stay here again. I think it is a great alternative to a hotel especially for groups like us, as we were able to see each other more instead of just being stuck in different hotel rooms. We also enjoyed cooking tea and breakfast, although we all still live at home, so maybe the novelty would wear off if we had to do it every night! It is close to the university in Leeds, so I know it is popular with relatives of people who attend the university. Also I think it is popular with groups as we saw a group of lads arriving the same time as us. We didn't hear any noise from other apartments.
      I wouldn't recommend the apartments if you are looking for a romantic weekend in a luxury hotel, as I think there are better ones in Leeds for something like this.


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