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Squirrel Lodge Guest House (Keswick)

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3 Reviews

Addres: 43 Eskin Street / Keswick-on-Derwentwater / Cumbria / CA12 4DG / England

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    3 Reviews
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      19.10.2009 10:47
      Very helpful



      Not at all bad, but possibly try to book some other B&Bs in area first

      Squirrel Lodge is a bed and breakfast in Eskin Street, in Keswick. Keswick is a delightful town situated in the heart of the Lake District and is an ideal base for exploring the area for activities such as walking and cycling. The town itself has a good number of restaurants, pubs and shops.

      The bed and breakfast is situated near to the town centre, just a few minutes walk away. It's easy to get to and the location of the bed and breakfast is very convenient. The biggest challenge can be finding car park spaces, but this is a problem for many of the establishments (and indeed locals) in the area, but we were able to find spaces not too far on each occasion.

      We stayed for three nights during the off-peak season, and Squirrel Lodge was generally full, although still had vacancies on a couple of nights. There are a range of rooms, twin, family rooms and single rooms, but you would be advised to book early, especially in the tourist season, as these can book up quickly.

      The welcome when we arrived was pleasant and we were shown to the room, which was up a few flights of stairs. I would have been a little concerned about trying to navigate down them in a fire, and there were no obvious fire or safety instructions in the room.

      The room was well decorated, felt clean and tidy, and had a small en-suite bathroom in the corner. This was all as expected, and there was a kettle with a good selection of drinks, good selection of towels and shower gels (although these were rather on the cheap side). The room was cleaned efficiently and neatly each day, and was always left tidy with all the consumables being refilled.

      Squirrel Lodge offers a free wi-fi service, which was very convenient and one of the reasons for booking. We had to locate details for this ourselves, but it was easy to do so. Unfortunately for reasons unknown to the B&B, the Internet didn't work for most of the second day of our stay, which was also noticed by other guests. This was a disappointment, although the problem was listened to and the staff did check that it had been fixed.

      Breakfasts were perfectly acceptable, with a choice of cereals (although these need to be better stocked as some ran out before other guests had had a chance to use them) and milk, a small selection of yoghurts and toast and jams.

      There was then a choice between a meaty cooked breakfast, a fishy breakfast or the vegetarian breakfast. These were a good choice and porridge was offered as well, and we were asked for our drinks order promptly each morning, and offered tea and coffee, which arrived promptly.

      The meaty breakfast was perfectly adequate, consisting of beans, mushrooms, two slices of bacon, one sausage and one egg. The food was of average quality, the sausage was cut off a larger sausage and could have been better.

      Unfortunately there was a little lack of attention as one of our party didn't like beans, and asked for them to be taken off, which was noted by the member of staff, but unfortunately, the meal still arrived with beans. Not a major factor, but it is disappointing to have remnants of a food item which someone doesn't like still on their plate!

      The staff and owners were always very polite and helpful, and although we didn't have many queries or problems, we felt that they would be helpful in resolving them if we did.

      One of the biggest disappointments was their changing of the price between booking and paying the deposit, and when we actually got there. The room price varies from 25 pounds to 35 pounds a night per person, which is very reasonable. We were however quoted 25 pounds each as we were off-peak, but were charged 29 pounds each.

      It wasn't a problem on this occasion to pay a little more for the room, but I have dropped the rating of what I would have given the guest house because of this. It seems fair to customers to be very clear about pricing, and don't advertise off-peak discounts and quote them on a room price, and then decide to charge the full price in any event.

      We didn't complain about the matter as we didn't want to sour the stay, but it would put me off going again, and trying to get a few pounds more by over-charging on a previously agreed price is disappointing. I'm sure it was unintentional, but it could have been avoided. Clearer pricing on their web-site might also help them in this regard.

      Overall, the stay was very reasonable, and I wouldn't suggest that anyone shouldn't stay here, as the accommodation was warm, friendly and the food was reasonable. The staff were helpful and we experienced no real problems with limited the enjoyability of the stay. However, from my experience, there are some other locations in Keswick which you might want to consider first.


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        30.08.2009 11:37



        not child freindly , in fact not freindly at all !!!!!

        have just returned home from a 2 night break at squirrel lodge . for startered it wes we booked a family room which turned out to be 4 flights of stairs up!!!! so you can imagine how hard it was trying to get a 1 year old baby ,pushchair and all the usual stuff up it was like climbing a mountain . then the room , well lets just say it was in no way child freindly, there was a kettle on the bedside table , and the sash window went down to floor level , so obviously we could,t have it open . there was a leak in the toilet and although the plumber came and fixed it we were told to leave the soaking wet carpet pulled back from the toilet ,well as there was no door leading from th e bedroom to the bathroom it was a bit of a nightmare . we had to wedge the cot in the bathroom doorway to stop our little girl from crawling in .so people if you have little children avoid squirrel lodge at all costs . and even if you dont have kids i,d give this one a wide berth we wont be going back .


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        19.06.2009 01:02
        Very helpful



        There are many other, better bed and breakfasts in Keswick than this one

        I stayed at this Bed and Breakfast for 3 nights over the bank holiday weekend 22nd August - leaving on 25th August 2008.

        I have often stayed at several Bed and Breakfasts in Keswick over the past few years and all have been to a good or very good standard.

        I did look on my favourite travel website, Trip Advisor, to see if I could find a review on Squirrel Lodge before I went - but unfortunately there were none, and so I was not aware of what to expect. However, thinking this B&B would be similar to the most other's in Keswick, I did not anticipate any problems.

        Upon arrival the property looked reasonable from outside, with lots of attractive flowers and garden decorations. As I walked inside however, I was greeted by a slightly unpleasant odour - I'm still not sure what that was but it did not make for a good first impression. It reminded me of wet dog mixed with curry powder.

        The decor was shall we say, not good. The bedroom colour scheme was an embarrasment to modern society - instead of nice, fresh, neutral tones which would have made the room feel nice and airy (particuarly as it was a small room) the walls were a blue colour. The bed spread clashed completely as it was purple with a hideous zig zagged pattern on, and there was a chair with a blue checked cushion, whilst the bathroom was painted a bright turquoise colour! Those colours could have penetrated even the most hardwearing UV Sunglasses and I was concerned for my health.

        On the bed was a child like fluffy and matted purple heart shaped cushion. I know it's not big and it's not clever - but I couldn't help thinking, 'how many people have either slavered on that pillow or done indecent things with it?' In any respect, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. In my mind I had an image off the woman from Channel 5's 'Hotel Inspector' turning up at Squirrel Lodge and giving the owners a shake, shortly before shutting the place down for the sanity of their customers.

        What really annoyed me during my stay was the less than adequate service. During a 3 day stay you would expect our towels to have been changed at least once. However they were not. One day I even came back from a long walk in the hills to find that our towels had been hung back on the door and they were still soaking wet. At other B&B's they are usually changed every day. Particuarly if you place them in the shower to be changed like we did!

        Breakfast was also poor. You had to have breakfast between 8.30 -9 which I didn't feel was much of a time scale. There was no friendly greeting other than a begrudging 'hello' and 'what can I get you.' There was no interest taken in what people were getting up to that day or advice given on walks like in other B&B's I have been to - not even a question about how we were enjoying our stay. On the menu we were supposed to be given a choice about what type of tomatoes we would like - but we weren't even asked this - plum tomatoes were just routinely provided. Portion sizes were not that big and I couldn't even eat my cumberland sausage as it tasted brittle and awful. Toast was brought out as soon as you sat down with the result being that it went cold. Finally I had a dirty cup twice during breakfast - when this was pointed out we got no apology.

        I could not believe this place was rated 4 stars - more like 2 in my opinion! I looked in the guestbook one night - bizzarely all the enteries appeared to be positive (although there were not many entries!) - which I found suspicious. I hoped to leave a comment but on the way out the owner was 'conveniently' resting her hand on the book so I was not able to write in it!

        This place can only be improved with a cosmetic makeover inside - there is too much clutter everywhere and the decoration is horrible. At breakfast there was a dining chest, with what I can only describe as 'evil' looking dolls hanging off it, and there was even a goldfish bowl covered up with cards - the water had turned so green and grimy we did not realise there was a fish in it until the last day! Not pleasant to have to look at head on whilst eating your breakfast!

        The owners also need to improve the service so that people feel that they have spent there money well and are getting a more personal touch.


        The Location of this B&B is reasonable, being close to Keswick town centre.
        However, for me - I would not currently recommend this place and I would not go back. There are far better B&B's elsewhere in Keswick for similar prices.

        A similar review written by me is also on Trip Advisor.


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        A friendly bed and breakfast in the Lake District area.

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