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The Banyers Hotel (Royston)

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2 Reviews

16 Melbourn Street, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 7BZ, Tel: 01763 242110

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    2 Reviews
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      07.01.2009 13:48



      Would not visit again, too much noise in family rooms, manager not helpful or concerned, overpriced

      I booked a family room at the Bayners of Royston between Christmas and New Year as my daughter had a hearing appointment nearby. We arrived at the hotel and within 20 minuites of arriving we asked to be moved as we noticed that the television downstairs seemed ridiculously loud in our room. I went downstairs and asked why the television seemed so loud and it seems that the family room is located directly above the bar. I noticed that the speakers for the television in the bar were acually placed in the ceiling which was our bedroom floor. I asked if we could be moved to a different room and the lady told me that the other family room was dirty and would need cleaning. She said she was the only person able to clean the room and as she was serving at the bar she would have to do it later. We said ok. Later she told us that the room was directly next door to our room and that the television would just be as loud. I asked if we could have two twin rooms instead at no extra cost to ourselves as it was not our fault that the sound was so loud. We needed to ensure that our daughter was ok for her hearing appointment in the morning but with the noise that was coming from the speakers it would be unlikely she would get much sleep. The lady went and spoke to the manager and he said that if we wanted to move we would need to pay extra, we said we would leave and asked them to give us our money back so we could book into another hotel. Even though we had only checked in 20 minuites earlier and had paid cash we were refused our money back. I asked if we could speak to the manager and she said he was having his evening meal. She said he had agreed that if we went out and came back at 10 o'clock he would turn the television down. Bearing in mind my daughter had an appointment in the morning we did not want her to be out so late but we did as he said and when we came back at about 10 o'clock they turned the television down. At 10:15 however they turned it back up again. The noise continued until quite late. The quaint church clock that chimes on the hour, every hour and the busy main road meant that we were up in in the middle of the night and I suggest if you want somewhere quit to stay you would be better off booking a hotel on the M1. By about 6:30am I had just managed to doze off until I was awoke at 7am by the television that they put on really loud again. Furious I jumped out of bed and went to the bar. There was one man eating his breakfast. At 4 o'clock in the morning looking in the car park the only car there other than ours was a car with the hotel name on so no doubt the man eating breakfast was staff. I asked if they would turn the television down again and they did but it was still like having the tv on in the bedroom and there was no way we could get back to sleep. We complained as we left again and was told that someone would telephone us but we never recieved a call. My daughter was extremely tired at her appointment. I can not understand firstly, why they would put family rooms above a bar, secondly why, they put speakers in the ceiling of the bar / floor of the family bedrooms and thirdly, when there was nobody else in the hotel apart from us we could not be moved foc. The manager never once came to speak to us regarding the issues we raised even though he was aware of the problem. I would not recommend any families to stay there and at the price they charge £120 per family room plus extra for breakfast I would expect more.


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      08.08.2008 21:43
      Very helpful
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      worth a visit

      The Banyers Hotel in Royston, Hertfordshire has recently had a major makeover. I've only been there a few times, a couple of which were friends and relatives parties I had been invited too - my parents went there after they got married as well (that was going on 20years ago though, before my time!) so that I guess is evidence that it is a nice place to visit, and that was before it had an extreme makeover!

      I have most definitely enjoyed every visit there - it's located in the very centre of Royston town, just outside the Town Park and opposite the Picturesque Church. It's about a ten minute walk to the train station, where you can catch a train in two directions, heading towards London Kings Cross (via Stevenage, and all other stops), or in the opposite direction, Cambridge.

      The Banyers is more commonly known as a bar and restaurant in Royston and most definitely has its locals. However it's a very warm and welcoming place for a visitor, that's people visiting Royston for business or families of five!

      The Banyers is a lovely place to visit whether you're alone or visiting with the whole family. They also cater for parties, and have a large function room which you can hire out for any occasion. The function room would easily hold up to a 100 people, so it's perfect for discos! There's also a private bar in situated in the function room, along with toilets. The function room also backs on to the beer garden, which is very well looked after, has a huge grassy area and also has a few things for the kids to play on. Along with the huge beer garden, there's also a terrace at the front of the hotel, which leads on to the reasonably sized car park.

      The restaurant is quite posh, especially after the new makeover. It serves really nice food that I've always found is of an excellent quality and is always served well. It can get a little pricy, but it's worth it! They serve anything really, from fish and chips to Full Sunday Roasts! Just to warn you though, telephone booking is sometimes a lot easier at it can take a while to get a table sometimes. On the drinks sides of things, you can order the same drinks at the restaurant or bar, whether it is coffee or tea you're craving for, a glass of coke, or one of the large selection of beers, wines and spirits.

      All the Hotel Rooms have a colour TV (what use would a B&W one be?!), and all have an En Suite apart from one out of 12 bedrooms - which have also all been redecorated! They've always been very clean, and even the well-known professional dart player Peter Manley stayed there - I met him and he thrashed my arse at darts, and he was throwing them backwards (it was okay though, he did it to everyone else too)!

      All the staff at The Banyers are very friendly, very helpful and very chatty (if you want them to be!). Overall I think The Banyers is one of the nicest pubs, restaurants and hotels in Royston, it's very clean, all the staff are excellent and it's smack bang in the middle of town. I've always had a really good time there, and it's probably the best place to stay if you're ever to visit Royston (Hertfordshire!)

      Here's a little more information if you need it:

      The Banyers Hotel
      16 Melbourn Street
      SG8 7BZ

      Tel: 01763 242110
      Fax: 01763 226103
      Email: info@Banyers-Hotel.co.uk


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