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The Grosvenor Hotel (London)

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3 Reviews

Address: 101 Buckingham Palace Road, London, UK / www.grosvenor-hotel-london.co.uk

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    3 Reviews
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      15.09.2012 21:31
      Very helpful



      A lovely hotel but a little pricey.

      ---Grosvenor hotel---

      My partner Allan recently convinced me to take a break out of our busy schedule so as to go be theatre geeks down in London. Wicked was calling and we needed somewhere to stay. Originally we had planned to stay two nights in a different hotel in the area (around Victoria). Unfortunately that went absolutely tits up as the first hotel was a nightmare, we checked out after one night and went wandering the streets searching for another place to stay for the last night of our trip. We ended up in the Grosvenor Hotel. I apologise now for the lack of any proper photos, I was too tired and grumpy to take any at this point!

      ---Who are these people? ---

      Grosvenor (not Grovesner as I keep wanting to say) Hotels belongs to the Guoman Hotels LTD who happen to have a few other very posh hotels dotted around London and also own the Thistle Hotel brand. They, in turn, are owned by another investment company based in Singapore. They are basically a luxury hotel company. I'd have to say they got it spot on. The hotel opened its doors in 1862, spurred on by the expanding railways. They have recently taken the 150 year old hotel and refurbished it to all its original splendour, emulating perfectly the grandeur of Victorian era London.

      ---Weekend at the Waldorf...well... the Grosvenor---

      Thankfully The Grosvenor Hotel was literally a minute's walk from our previous hotel. Situated at 101 Buckingham Palace Road in London, it is literally bang on top of Victoria station. This obviously makes it incredibly handy if you've been travelling all day. It's also a fantastic location for theatre goers as there are a good few big shows in the area. Wicked (the best thing I've seen on stage, just FYI) is literally a 2-3 minute walk from the hotel. It meant that we didn't have to worry about travel between the hotel and the theatre and as soon as we were out of the show we could pretty much dive into bed if we were so inclined.

      The entrance of the hotel is always a little crowded since it pretty much opens out onto the street with about four or five bus stops constantly filled with tourists and travellers which is a good thing and a bad thing. It does mean if you fancy getting the bus instead of the train, it's literally on the doorstep. Nothing like options. The downside is the hustle and bustle that you have to battle your way through. It is, however, very similar to almost everywhere else in London.

      A couple of meters along the street you'll find the entrance to Victoria station where you can also catch the tube or a train. There's almost no stress in getting to and from the station.

      ---Not Home, not alone---

      After battling our way through the people at the bus stops, wearily we climbed the stone steps, sidled past a man polishing the brass panels on the large doors and entered the hotel. Immediately you are greeted with a very calm, elegant but grand entrance. Marble floors, a giant staircase directly in front of you branching off to the left and the right. Somewhere up in the heights hangs a giant chandelier, though you probably won't even notice it unless you make a point of looking up. The place is big. Real big. There's a small concierge desk to your right and a bigger reception area just off to your left.

      Allan compared it to the hotel in home alone 2, though I'm certain they don't look all that similar other than the grandiose nature of the decoration and the fact they had those little baggage trolleys with the rounded steel bars and the bell hops pushing them along. Tim Curry definitely wasn't on the desk or indeed chasing small children into the elevator. This was a good sign. Needless to say, both of our spirits were lifted as soon as we entered. This looked like a hotel that knows how to do things!

      ---Grand Hotel---

      Check in took about five minutes. We got to the hotel about 9 in the morning fully expecting they wouldn't have any rooms ready. Instantly they proved us wrong, asking if we had any preferences for our room. We asked for the furthest away from the train station as we'd had a very bad experience in the previous hotel by hearing every train that came into the station. We were advised of the room cost at this point (£214 for a night, not including breakfast; my heart nearly stopped). After taking some ID and a payment method we were given two room keys, an explanation of how to get to our room and a small map the size of a business card to help us in case we got lost.

      Finding our room was a little confusing due to the size of the place and the fact we'd asked for, essentially, the highest, furthest away room they had. We had to take the elevator up to the fourth floor, get out, walk through a couple of corridors to get to the other wing of the hotel, get in another elevator where we rode to the top floor of the Wing Rooms and then some more corridors. Buttons in the elevators were marked with the right floors to get off on for the act of transferring wings and everything was fairly well signposted. Nothing terrible and I'm sure if we'd asked we could have been shown to our rooms and helped with our bags. Also we passed a few staff on the way doing various things, all of whom were very friendly and welcoming. Even the clearly knackered cleaner waved and said hello cheerily as we passed. If you were to get lost I'm sure they'd all be more than happy to help you find your way.

      ---1408? Nah. ---

      We held our breath as we entered the room, desperate, praying that it was bigger than the box we had suffered in the previous night in the other hotel. I saw the grin creep across Allan's face as we entered and knew we were onto a winner. Most appealing of all was that it had a window! A WINDOW!!! Swoon!

      The room was a decent size and contained all the essentials. The main feature was a lovely large double bed with fluffy pillows and a side table on both sides of the bed, each with a lamp. An up to date television was set on the wall so it could be watched from the bed if you fancy it. It wasn't sent INTO the wall so you could still push any of the buttons on the side to turn off LED's etc. meaning no pesky lights when you are trying to sleep. The TV has the hotels own channel menu installed on it so it might not be familiar / easy to find a channel you want but it also isn't terribly difficult to work.

      A good sized desk and chair, which Allan may have wanted to steal as it was so comfortable, sat near the window. Next to this was another very comfy chair and a small coffee table which was mainly used to put our dirty washing on. Probably not its intended use but hey ho.

      The wardrobe was split into two; One half for hanging clothes which also housed an ironing board and iron, hair dryer and a Grosvenor branded umbrella (I had to convince Allan we'd have to pay for it if we slipped it into our bags). The other half housed a mini fridge with complimentary bottles of spring water, a kettle with tea, coffee, milk, sugar and biscotti. Also in this section was a safe for storing valuables in, which I can only assume came with instructions inside it as we didn't actually need it.

      There was an air con panel on the wall and the ventilation shaft was directly above the bed. As it wasn't an air con unit, the most noise it made was a very slight noise of moving air. A bit of a pain to figure out how to work it but most hotels don't tell you how to work their air-con anyway.

      Last but not least, there was a phone. You could use it to call out or to call within the hotel. Room service was 24 hours but having looked at the menu we decided it was maybe a little too rich for our blood. Still, a nice option if you want it!

      ---How was it for you? ---

      After the nightmare of the previous hotel, this bedroom was a godsend. The room was clean. No dust or dirt on anything. Despite being much closer to the train station than we previously were, we heard absolutely nothing in this room. No trains, no neighbours, no noisy air-con. The curtains had Velcro sticky bits attached so as to better keep out the light and they worked fantastically. The room was pitch black when the lights were out, even in the morning hardly any light crept in. The bed was great too; much comfier than the night before in a different hotel. Not quite as comfy as our bed at home but I don't think anything ever really is as good as your own bed. We woke up relaxed and refreshed.

      ---A night on the tiles---

      The bathroom was locked away behind a door within the room. I'd recommend keeping the door closed if you want the air con to cool the bedroom down as the heater didn't seem to have an off button. Like the bedroom it was spacious and well thought out. There was a bath and 2 showers so you could choose your preference, a large sink area with a huge well lit mirror to stare at your pretty face in. Towels were all neatly folded over the towel warmer/ radiator and the toilet had all the loo roll you could ask for. Everything was clean, neat, well lit, and warm. Very comfortable indeed! The normal mini toiletries were provided and even a small box with a shower cap in for people who don't fancy wetting their hair.

      The water pressure on the main shower above the bath was a little disappointing if I'm being honest. The water wasn't scorching either. Not that I like to give myself 3rd degree burns or anything, but I do like a little heat in my shower, especially after a horrible sticky day in London. I like to feel. The shower, while it did the job, wasn't the best shower I'd ever had. The second shower was, I think, supposed to be used to rinse while in the bath. It was a cylindrical head with a few jets coming from it. The water pressure was a lot better in this but it didn't have a place you could hook it on the wall. This meant having to hold onto the shower head instead of being able to relax under it. Again the water wasn't overly hot, but this is probably a good thing considering you had to hold this one.

      The bath was big enough for one, two at a tight push. I can't say if there was enough hot water to fill it as we didn't use it, but I would have imagined there would be.

      ---Posh Nosh---

      The hotel has its own restaurants called The Brasserie which serves more traditional British food and The Grand Imperial restaurant which serves Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine. Bit of a strange mix but I guess which we decided to try out before we went to see Wicked. We decided to go for The Brasserie, partly because it was the first one we saw, partly because I was convinced it was called The Brassiere.

      The menu had a decent selection. It was a touch on the pricey side about £15 for Allan's battered fish and chips and nearly a fiver for one alcoholic drink. I went with the sirloin steak which was about £19. The portions were pretty much perfect sizes for eating, meaning we weren't uncomfortably full and the plates were cleared. It did mean we literally got five chips each though. The food was, however, delicious.

      The only down side of the restaurant was the service. We waited 25 minutes before the waiter approached us again asking in a surprised voice if we actually want food. When we said yes, he said he was sorry and that he was waiting on us telling him we wanted food. In this time I was constantly trying to get his attention and getting rather stressed as we had a show to go and see quite soon and I didn't want to be late. I also noticed that he didn't serve any of the other customers. Thankfully a shift change happened just after we ordered and more a much more diligent waitress took over and brought our food promptly and served the others who had been waiting.

      ---Any other facilities? ---

      The hotel also comes with its own cocktail bar which you'll see right in front of you at the top of the grand staircase in the entrance. We unfortunately didn't get a chance to get off our faces on margaritas, but it certainly looked lovely.

      If being a glutton is not your thing, you can choose the other path and go to gym. We stumbled across a small gym in our wing of the hotel, and I'm assuming that there might actually be more than one kicking about somewhere since the place is so large. It did have everything you really need in a gym, plus TV's and water coolers. The gym is accessed with your room key and is kept lovely and cool at all times.

      Rather fantastically they also have late check out options. We ended up calling them from our room and asking if we could check out a couple of hours later since our train home was a while away. It wasn't a problem and they didn't even charge anything for the pleasure. To add to that, when we went down to check out, the receptionist asked if we wanted to store any of our luggage or bags in their safe area. Great service!

      Last but not least if you are a total tech nut job you'll probably like being greeted with the I-pod docking station on the desk meaning those Apple-ites among you can play your own selection of choons all holiday long. On the downside if you want some wi-fi you will have to pay for the pleasure of having it.

      ---Check it out---

      Checking out was quick, easy and pleasant. They made sure they asked how the room was and then they processed our payment. I had assumed they had done this when we came in the morning before but it would seem that they don't actually take payment till you leave. I assume they just scan your card to start with in case you do a runner. This also implies to me that they would be much more willing to refund you if you didn't have a good stay but maybe that's just me making crazy assumptions.

      ---So, would you stay again? ---

      The room was lovely, the bathroom was fine, the hotel was beautiful. All that taken into consideration I would stay again. The only thing that puts me off is the price, but that, obviously, depends on how much money you have to spend. I'm currently skint, so even a pot noodle, a bottle of white lightning and sleeping on a park bench seems like a posh weekend away right now. The previous hotel was £192 for two nights compared to £214 for one night. Obviously the longer you stay the better deal you'll get, but again, its all down to money. You definitely get comfort for your money at least. Allan would gladly go back

      ===A quick look at my stay===

      Marks out of 5

      Bathroom: 4 stars. Everything was fine, but the shower was a touch lackadaisical.

      Bedroom: 5 stars. Perfect. Comfy, cosy, yay!

      Cleanliness: 5 stars. Perfect

      Location: 5 stars. Bang on top of Victoria station, right next to all the theatres, Great!

      Restaurant: 3 stars. Brought down only due to the waiter and the pricey food. What we got was lovely.

      Price: 3 stars. A little too rich for my blood and maybe a bit too much for what you get, but not far off the mark.

      Overall experience: 4 stars. It was a welcome end to our hotel saga and made up for the horrible experience in the last hotel. A touch on the pricey side but mostly worth it. Free wi-fi wouldn't go amiss I feel but overall fairly satisfying.

      ------Contact details: ------

      101 Buckingham Palace Road
      SW1W 0SJ

      Phone number
      0871 376 9038



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        15.09.2009 12:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Pay extra, hope to get better

        The Grosvenor Hotel in London's Victoria is an imposing building.
        Situated just round the corner from Victoria Station, it actually has a 'back entrance' direct into the station, which we discovered upon leaving the area. Oh well, entering by the front door was so much better anyway.

        Going up the outside steps, my other half was a little uneasy, thinking that this grand hotel couldn't be where we were meant to be. (But I mean, how many Grosvenor Hotels are there in Victoria??) So we made our way up the steps and through the revolving door.


        The entrance lobby (Area? Room? What do you call such a place?) was straight out of the glamorous elegant past. The stair case swept away, drawing your eyes upwards towards the distant ceilings. I say distant because high just doesn't come close to describing the height of these rooms.

        We approached reception (almost hidden to the left, I guess to not distract from the elegance of the lobby) where we were told we were in the correct building, and was promptly handed two card keys and directed to the lifts. Yes, I would've loved to have used those magnificent stairs, but dressed in combats and trainers I really would've felt out of place. And we were on the fifth floor.

        We found our room easy enough, then promptly wished we hadn't.

        I had booked a mere Standard Double Room. Now, we've stayed in standard doubles in plenty of other hotels, which makes the Grosvenor Standard Double a broom cupboard.

        It was tiny. Through the door, and down a short hallway (past the bathroom), you find the bed round the corner. Squeezed in tight. A one foot gap one side, a two foot gap the other.

        Now that's not a problem. We only tended to sleep in it after all.

        The room had two windows, both opened, though on a chain. If only housekeeping had thought to leave the windows open for our arrival. It was warm and airless. We immediately opened the window (about two inches!!) and switched on the fan they had conveniently left in the room.

        There was an air-con unit in the room, but it wasn't connected to its vent hose, which in turn wasn't connected to the outside. It also wasn't connected to the electricity, so that was out.

        A flat screen TV was poised on an arm, just at the right height and position to wack your head on it if you tried to get out of bed at the wrong angle. (No I didn't, just) But then, I guess with a room this size, there was nowhere else to put it.

        Anyway, we changed and headed out to see Wicked (please read my review on the show), via the bar.


        Now we knew things were likely to be more expensive in London, and always are in hotels, but £12 for a small red wine and a vodka&coke surprised us both.
        You could choose to either sit in the spacious hallway, in the lounge that was showing the cricket, or the Harvard Bar.
        We opted for the bar, and it really is something.
        After sitting, we discovered that it was waiter served. Oh well. It's decorated like an old fashion 'mens' club. All mahogany panelling, leather seating, big fireplaces. It was amazing. Of course, with the distant ceilings, the room was actually airy and light.

        Needless to say though, we decided to go to the pub across the road after the show instead of returning to the hotel bar. Half the price, and had real ales for Mr MeganFF.

        After a pretty comfortable nights sleep, my other half decided to take a shower before we had to check out (noon I think). He failed. After a short investigation, we discovered the only cold water outlet in the bathroom was the bath tap (excl. loo, didn't stick my hand in there!!). Mr M turned the shower to its coldest setting, and it was still scolding. So he had a bath instead.

        We dressed and checked out. Nothing to pay as it had been prepaid, so no nasty surprises.

        For a four star hotel, I have to admit to being severely disappointed in the room. The hotel communal areas were gorgeous, but behind the door of the standard room 510, it certainly wasn't four star. The décor was scruffy, and it was too small. Plus the plumbing issue.

        If someone suggested going to see a show in Victoria, would I stay there again?
        I would find out how much extra the 'better' rooms were and then check them against other hotels in the area. Then decide. So maybe.

        For a single night stay, it didn't spoil our trip, but it certainly didn't enhance it


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          11.07.2009 22:19
          Very helpful
          1 Comment




          I'm a huge fan of London and have been on many occasions this year. This means i've been able to experience very different ranges of hotels. One I've recently tried is the Grosvenor in London.

          ===Getting to the hotel===

          We had absolutely no problem finding the hotel. We took the train from our hometown, to King's Cross in London. We only had to wait around ten minutes in a queue to get two underground tickets, which came to a very reasonable £6. We then took the underground to Victoria, which only took around 10 minutes and didn't require any changing of tube routes. My grandma, although having not stayed in this part of London before, had a very good idea of where the hotel was in relation to the underground. It wouldn't have been a problem even if she hadn't of known, as; as soon as we rose up from the underground stairs we were met by a large sign with a huge black arrow on it stating "The Grosvenor". We followed the sign and within literally a minute, we were outside the hotel.

          ===First impressions and checking in===

          The hotel, from the outside was utterly huge, and extremely beautiful. It reminded me very much of a palace, it was a creamy brown colour and looked incredibly posh. The front door was obvious to see. We were met at the door by an Italian (?) man who kindly offered to take our heaving suitcases up the front steps. We agreed, and followed up the three stairs, through the revolving door and into the main reception area of the hotel. I was utterly gobsmacked when my eyes first adjusted to the bright light. Right in front of us was a humungous, grand black piano. Behind the piano, was a set of grand, very posh looking stairs which lead up to what looked like a balcony above? The main reception area wasn't overly busy, with only two or three families and couples wandering about. The man kindly showed us to reception where we were greeted straight away. Checking in was a very simple process. We had to confirm our booking, show a source of identity, check our credit card details and such like. The man on reception had a very strong English accent and being Scottish, it was fairly difficult to actually understand him, however we eventually figured out that he was trying to tell us when breakfast was served, and asking whether we'd like one key or two, for our rooms. We told him one, and were given the key and pointed in the directions of the lifts. To get to the lifts we had to pass the piano, and on my way, I noticed that there were 3 computers - 2 in use- which I assume could be used for internet access at a small price.
          The lifts were very quick and seconds after requesting on to the 5th floor, where our room was, it arrived. There was plenty of space in the lift, and even with two heaving suitcases, I think that another 3 people could have fit.

          ===The room===

          After the grandness, and impressiveness of the hotel, we were very excited to see our room. We were not disappointed. The room was utterly huge- even with lots of furniture and bits and pieces. We had booked a twin room; however there are also singles, doubles and family rooms available too. The two single beds were fairly big, and very comfy. There was a bedside table at each side of the beds as well as one in the middle which held a telephone and a lamp. The telephone could be used to call any other room, reception or for room service. As well as the two beds, there was a large wardrobe with plenty of coat hangers, a desk, and a huge 30 or so inch television, a dining table with 4 chairs around it, and a microwave and kettle.
          As with most hotels we had an en-suite as well. The bathroom was on the small side, however it was fitted with a lovely, clean bath, an overhead shower, a sink and a toilet. The facilities were in spanking clean condition, and the bath was a sparkling white shade. We didn't use the bath, but I did have a shower and I can truly say it was one of the best showers I have ever had! The water was beautifully hot and even after fifteen minutes the temperature was maintaining and it hadn't gone cold at all. We were also supplied with mini shampoo, conditioner and a type of shower gel. I didn't use these in the hotel, but I took them home, and they are still waiting to be used.
          There were coffee and tea utensils in one of the drawers which we sampled and they tasted okay. We were also given 3 mint chocolates on arrival in a small dish and they were gorgeous too!
          The television was also very handy and provided some entertainment on our morning of departure when we had nothing else to but wait on time to check out. There was a wide choice of channels including the regulars BBC-Channel 5 as well as some extras such as E4 and a few music channels. It did take us about an hour to figure out how to work the TV but this was only because we had failed to realise it wasn't plugged in.
          We didn't use the microwave at all but I assume it worked as everything else did too!
          Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the room, it was spacious and provided just about everything we needed!!

          ===Food and drinks===

          We were told on arrival that breakfast would be served between 6.30 and 10.30 from Monday to Saturday, and between 7.30 and 11.30 on Sundays. We went down for breakfast at around 8am each morning we were there, and it was incredibly busy. The first morning we had to queue up outside the breakfast room for around ten minutes which I found quite annoying. However, we were seated by 8.05 so we still had plenty of time. The second day we only had to wait around 2 or 3 minutes on getting a seat, so this wasn't too bad.
          When you first enter the breakfast room you are greeted by one of the staff. You then have to tell them your room number and then they circle it off on their clipboard. I thought this was quite a good idea as it is likely if they didn't, they'd end up with some random from the street, or some of the guests would end up going for four or give breakfasts! The breakfast room is very large, and very noisy too. The food selection is outstanding though. On three of the walls, there is a choice of hot breakfasts- including, bacon, sausage, square sausage, boiled egg, scrambled egg, mushrooms, baked beans etc. Then there are a choice of different fruits including melon and pineapple, along with a wide choice of yoghurts of different flavours including a strawberry and a vanilla and banana. You can also choose cereal if you wish, and there are also a lot to choose from- including branflakes, special K and cornflakes. Finally, you will come to the pastries, which smell delicious. In the pastry section you are offered muffins in different flavours, croissants, scones and doughnuts (for breakfast!?). There is also a round of toast with spreads on each table.

          On my first morning I was starving so I took advantage of the big breakfast. I had a bowl of branflakes with milk to start off with, which all I can say is, tasted like it should have done. I then had a slice of toast which wasn't overly nice. It was cold, and white bread, which wasn't tasty at all. After that I had a little of the hot breakfast- I tried a sausage which was delicious, some scrambled egg which was the best i'd ever tasted and a spoonful or two of beans which was again scrumptious. My first breakfast was a success and I couldn't wait until the next morning.
          The second morning I tried the weetabix which was just as weetabix should be. I then decided to try a croissant with jam, after the toast disaster the previous morning. It was gorgeous and had quite obviously just been freshly cooked. To finish off my second breakfast, I had some melon and pineapple with a serving of banana yoghurt. I was quite surprised at how fresh the fruit was! Overall breakfast was a success.

          There was a lounge, where you could order snacks and drinks. The snacks available included toasted baguettes and cakes. On our last morning we came down here at around eleven o clock, and ordered a drink and a scone which we shared. It was a good job that we'd only ordered one scone as it was huge! We were given 5 jams to choose from, but only two butters which I thought odd.

          Room service was available but we didn't choose to use this. Instead, on our first night we decided to have tea downstairs in the dining room. We went down at around 4.50 and were seated by 5.10pm. We had a show to see at 7.30pm so we were relieved when we were seated quickly. It was quite busy on arrival, but when we left and 6pm it was much more busy and there was a small queue beginning to form at the door. The menu was just as extensive as the breakfast one. You could choose from various dishes including pasta and burgers. I choose a burger which came served with chips and veg. The burger was gorgeous and the chips were similar to burger kings- which was good as I love them! My grandma chose a meal of pasta in a mushroom and white wine sauce. She said she really enjoyed it but it was extremely filling. The dessert menu was big as well but as we were so full up we decided just to share a dessert. We choose the apple crumble and we were very glad we did- it was scrumptious. It was not only served with a rich vanilla ice cream, but a large jug of single cream came on the side. After our dinner we were stuffed, and could have done with a lie down on our comfy beds upstairs!!

          Overall I was greatly impressed with the food and drink and i'd definitely recommend it!

          ===The staff and service===

          The only one thing that I can complain about staff wise was a few incidents that happened in the breakfast room on our first morning. We were given seats very near to the cutlery and plate trolley, and the staff seemed to congregate here. At one point, there were around 6 people waiting at the door for a seat, yet around 5 of the staff stood here talking and laughing.
          Another time on that morning, there were two members of staff at the trolley who were clearly arguing. It made us feel quite uncomfortable, and even once we'd given them a few dirty looks, they didn't get the message, and they continued to argue and cuss under their breaths.
          Other than this though ,the staff were of great help and provided everything we needed.
          Room cleaning is once a day and they always knocked before they entered. As with most hotels you are provided with a "do not disturb" sign which can be hung over your door handle outside if you don't want them to come in. We used this when I was in the shower and we were luckily not disturbed.

          ===Other facilities===

          Although the hotel is 4*, it doesn't actually have anything like a swimming pool- not that we'd have had time to use the pool anyway! As I mentioned before however, there are computers downstairs which can be used at a price, and there is Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel as well.
          One thing that I found quite weird about the hotel is, that in the main lobby area, there are cabinets which sell jewellery. The jewellery is beautiful but very expensive, and the prices near the £10,000 mark. Needless to say, we didn't purchase any.
          The hotel has a wide range of leaflets and maps telling of what is on in the area, what shows there are to see, information about the tube stations, and so on. The staff are also happy to help you with any directions or places you are inquiring about. Overall, the facilities at the Grosvenor are fairly limited, but the ones they do have are of a high quality.

          ===What is near the Grosvenor?===

          To me the most outstanding thing about the hotel, is that is right opposite the Apollo Victoria Theatre which is home to my favourite musical ever- Wicked. (Review to come soon...). For me this was a plus point as we were going to see it and it meant we could leave our hotel at say 7.20 and still make it in time for the 7.30 show. (We didn't do this though..we were there way too early!...what can I say? I was excited!!!). The Victoria Palace Theatre home to Billy Elliot is also only a two minute walk from the hotel, which is great. I'd recommend both these musicals.
          Buckingham Palace is a short walk away too which is a great place to visit and there are often events going on at or around the palace. The hotel is also within walking distance of the London Eye, Covent Garden, and St Jame's park.

          ===Checking out===

          Well this was incredibly easy- all we had to do was hand our key in!!!

          ===Who would I recommend the hotel too?===

          I have to say, I think the hotel is slightly too posh for families with young children to stay in. It could cause a bit of intimidation and the kids would HAVE to stay under control. I think its perfect for older people, aged 17+...although i'm 15 and I still really enjoyed it. It could be perfect for a honeymoon as well or people on business who want a luxury place to stay. It's also handy if you need a tube station nearby as the Victoria underground is exactly next door!
          The hotel is not cheap though. I can't say the exact price as I didn't pay, however i'm sure you could find this online.
          You should also note that there is quick access to the hotel from the underground station which is handy if you are loaded with cases.



          Rooms - 8/10
          Service 8/10
          Food 9/10
          Location- 8/10
          Price 6/10
          Overall 8/0

          SweetTooth 93
          also on ciao


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