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The Moorland Hotel (Plymouth, Devon)

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Address: Wotter / Shaugh Prior / Plymouth / Devon PL7 5HP

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2012 13:07
      Very helpful



      A hotel and steakhouse in a picturesque but remote area still requiring some TLC and refurbishment

      The Moorland Hotel (a 3 Star) really has named their hotel the correct name. It is in quite a remote moorland area full of sheep and ponies. It is very picturesque.

      My boyfriend and I chose The Moorland Hotel to stay in due to a groupon offer for £22.00 for both of us to stay for one night. It was a brilliant offer; however, it did not include breakfast or dinner so that is where the expense came in. The offer was to promote the refurbishment of the hotel.

      We left our house on the Sunday afternoon and the drive to The Moorland Hotel was very pleasant, we typed in the postcode into our satnav because as I said it is in a very remote area that you could not just find using signs.

      When we saw the building it looked quite distressed and tired from the road side but as we turned left into the driveway and into the car park the front of the hotel looked quite nice. The first thing I noticed was a stables there and areas for horses which I did not realise they catered for. You can bring your own horse and keep it in a stable overnight which is great for anybody wanting different areas to ride there horse in. There were signs up asking residents not to feed the horses, which is always wise I guess.

      Outside the hotel was a decking area with benches for drinking from the bar outside which looked very nice. The views from the decking area look out over Dartmoor.

      As we walked into the lobby area we saw a small windy staircase and a reception in front of us. There was also a door to the right of us where we could peer through a windowed door to see what was going on in the kitchen. To the left of us was a bar area which looked very cosy and a dining area and a miniature lounge area to watch television in where drinks could also be taken.
      As we approached the reception we could not see anybody, we stood there for a few more minutes and then I rang the bell. After about 10 minutes somebody appeared and gave us our room key and told us which floor we were on. She also took my card details to keep on record in case we wanted to charge anything to it like our food. I hoped this was not the start of a bad experience in the hotel. My expectations require somebody to be on reception constantly if it is a relatively busy hotel. However, my boyfriend thinks that I get wound up too easily by things like that so I left it and did not say anything.

      So we walked up two flights of stairs which looked like they could have done with a bit of a refurbishment, it was obvious to us that the whole hotel had not been lucky enough to be refurbished, just parts of it.

      Our Bedroom and Bathroom
      After opening a very heavy door into the hallway of the floor we were on, I found our room and had a tiny bit of trouble opening the door as did my boyfriend but we finally managed to open it with some brute force! Then as I walked into the room the bathroom was on the first door on the left which looked nicely refurbished with a modern sink and finish. The bathroom had a nice sized shower/bath, with a glass pane to prevent water from splashing out as opposed to those dingy shower curtains often found in hotels which tend to grow mould. The bathroom also had an adequate number of shelves, however there were no units in which to put my cosmetics bag on which was a little bit difficult I had to keep putting the toilet seat down to open up my cosmetics bag. I did have a bath which was lovely, it was a good size and the water was hot (which is always a plus!)

      Then after looking in the bathroom I heard my boyfriend say 'how many of us are sleeping here?' and I followed him into the bedroom to see that there was a double bed, a single bed and bunk beds. It must have been a family room and clearly we were just a couple and we had booked a double room. But this was not a problem, it was just rather weird being in such a large room with lots of beds. My boyfriend knew if we had an argument that he would be sleeping in a separate bed (lucky for him we did not).

      In the bedroom was one wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a tall mirror, two bedside tables with lamps (the one on my side of the bed seemed to be faulty - it was on one minute and off the next). There was also a fridge which had a tray on top of it with a kettle, cups and saucers, and a selection of teas and coffees, with milk, sugar and my favourite caramelised biscuits in individual wrappers.

      On our beds were nicely folded towels with a wrapped soap and a lime and lemongrass shower gel on (I like small touches like this).

      There was also a desk with a small mirror on the wall and a nice sized plasma television on the wall in front of our beds. We did have a small hitch with the television it seemed to freeze on a channel and we could not change channel. We rang down to reception who told us to turn the television off for a while and then try putting it on again. The receptionist said that another bedroom was having the same problem. And 10 minutes later it was working again.

      The decor in the bedroom could have been slightly updated which made me think that only the bathroom had been refurbished and not the bedroom. Additionally a room opposite us was clearly in the middle of a refurbishment from us walking past seeing people working on ladders in there. Luckily we heard no noise from the currently refurbished room though. This made me think that if our bedroom had not been refurbished that it was wrong of them to put us in a room that had not been yet when the groupon offer was to show customers how they had refurbished the hotel.

      Apparently according to the website the room should have an ironing board, iron and hair dryer which I do not remember seeing in the bedroom. I did look through some of the drawers and in the wardrobe too. So I think the bedroom we stayed in was missing these items (it was a good job we did not need them).

      Dogs and Cats
      Guests of the hotel are also allowed to bring dogs and cats to stay in their bedroom. My little westie would be fine in there but I would be worried that he would bark if we were watching television and I wonder if in a strange place he would be ok if we left him to have dinner and breakfast. However, allowing guests to bring dogs and cats did make me think that I would not be happy to stay in a room if previous guests had had dogs in the bedroom, especially if the guests allowed their dogs or cats to sleep on their bed or if the dog/cat had an accident in the room. Overall I think dogs and cats should not be allowed in the hotel. Additionally we had a dog in the room next door to us, we heard nothing from the dog the evening we stayed however, at about half past 8 when the guests left their room for breakfast the dog started barking constantly. Luckily we were not having a lie in or else I would have been a little annoyed. But still it was not very peaceful getting ready in the room with the dog constantly barking.

      Dinner in the Hotel's Steakhouse
      We were booked in for 7.30pm so we went to have a drink at 7.15pm in the bar which was very pleasant, the couches were very comfortable and it was a nice small, intimate area in the bar. There were some regulars in the bar and some guests of the hotel.

      We were given the menus in the bar for the steakhouse and they took our order in the bar. They asked us to go through to the restaurant when our meal was ready and was close to coming to the restaurant.

      The menu had a nice selection on it with starters like a thai style soup with crusty bread for £3.95 and a seafood risotto for £4.50. Mains included a range of steaks at different sizes, which was great that I could have a 6oz steak at £6.50 and my boyfriend could have the larger 12oz steak at £10.50. The steaks came with a choice of potatoes, peas and a choice of sauce. The desserts were lovely, I had sticky toffee pudding which I was told had just been made so had just come out of the oven, and my boyfriend had apple pie with clotted cream, desserts were priced at £4.50 each. There was also the choice of ice creams and sorbets.

      Overall the menu and the food in the restaurant was of an excellent standard and I really enjoyed it, the decor in the restaurant was nice with comfortable black leather chairs and a lovely flower on the table. It did have a nice feel to it. It was quite a large eating area which could host weddings and it has its own toilets. It does feel quite separate from the hotel although it is within the hotel.

      Our Nights Stay
      Well I can say that it was probably the most uncomfortable bed I have ever slept in and so would my boyfriend. The springs were almost sticking out of the mattress and I was not comfortable sleeping at all, I was constantly tossing and turning. Additionally the pillows were very uneven and bumpy. For that reason it would make me not want to stay in this hotel again. I know this sounds extreme but it was the most awful night's sleep and I like my sleep!

      Additionally in the morning as well as the dog barking in the bedroom next door there was a delivery of produce for the restaurant which was right outside out bedroom, it was very loud and that would also have woken me up if I was not up already.

      This cost £7.95 per person for a full English breakfast which I thought was a bit steep so we found breakfast nearby in Tavistock which was that for both of us. However, they do also provide a continental breakfast at slightly less.

      Things to pay for the next morning before we left
      For £22.00 for both my boyfriend and I for the night it was great however, the restaurant bill came to just over £40 which was a shock to both of us... that was clearly how they were making their money for the groupon offer. Additionally they wrote my main course on the receipt wrongly charging us for a larger steak than what I had which I pointed out to the lady so she reduced the receipt cost which we paid in cash.

      I saw some children in the hotel but there were definitely more couples than families with children there.

      Room Rates
      The normal rates for a double room are £55.00 which I would not stay there for. A single room costs £34.00 per night.

      For a special night they do have a king sized room with a Jacuzzi for £85.00 for the night.

      It was such a shame that there were a few large let downs. However, if the restaurant and bar were local to me I would certainly eat and drink there again because it was lovely.

      The Hotel Contact Details
      http://www.moorlandhotel.com (the website is very well presented and modern).

      Telephone number: 01752 839228

      Address: The Moorland Hotel, Wotter, Shaugh Prior, Plymouth, Devon, PL7 5HP


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