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Travel Lodge Dunchurch (Dunchurch, Warwickshire)

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Address: A45 London Road / Thurlaston / Dunchurch / Rugby CV23 9LG

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2012 15:54
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      A fantastic stay at a fantastic price

      Most of my family live in Rugby and as I grew up there and as there are 5 of us son to be 6 we decided it would be more convenient to stay in a hotel rather than at our families when we visited for this reason we have stayed at both the premier in and travel lodge a number of times in the area.

      There is free parking and although it states there are only 6 spaces allocated on a first come first serve basis when we arrived at the hotel they actually share their car park with a little chef and we were told that both customers for travel lodge and little chef have equal right to the spaces so there was no trouble finding parking.

      **The hotel**
      When you first pull up the building looks rather old and more of an independent hotel than anything related to travel lodge. It is not a pretty building and looks relatively small but it has lots of trees and greenery around it making it look more appealing.
      Upon entering the hotel you notice straight away it is very simple a little tired and could do with a lick of paint. It looks rather old and tired and out dated and I was rather surprised the travel lodge brand was not printed around much there was one sign on the desk and that was it.
      Both time we have been our family room has been located on the ground floor which is great as it means no trekking upstairs with a pushchair and luggage again as you walk through the hotel you cannot help but notice it is a little tired and could do with an update.

      **Checking in/out**
      We checked in at around 4pm and on the phone we were told we could do so any time after 2pm, As soon as we walked in a bell rang and within 1 minute a nice lady appeared ready to check our booking. There were no seats in the waiting area and although we did not need them if there had been a longer wait it would have been nice to have the option to sit down. As we had already paid in advance online there was no need to make payment so then she simply passed us the keys and directed us towards our room which was easy enough to find. Checking out was even easier all we had to do was drop the keys in a collection box and go although there was somebody waiting at reception who asked us if we had a nice stay and wished us a good trip home.

      **The room**
      The room was ok not fantastic but for budgets stay everything you would need it was light fresh and airy the whole back wall was full of windows to allow plenty of light in and the windows opened and closed easily my only worry is they open wide and the children's bed was right underneath it there seemed to be no lock for the windows but obviously the children were never left unattended so no way they could get near them without us noticing. It had a large king size bed in it that was actually really comfy my one complaint was it felt like it was on a slope which was rather annoying at first but actually provided a fantastic night sleep. The pillows were large, soft and really comfortable and all the bedding was clean and fresh although there was a quilt and 2 blankets over the top so we needed to remove the blankets as it was rather heavy to have all three lying on top of you.

      For the children was a sofa bed that folded out to provide a 2 level platform bed the main sofa as the higher level and then a cushioned mattress that lies on a base that pulls out from underneath the sofa. This is easy to put together simple enough and once made up actually really soft and comfy. One of our lights in our room failed to work there was a lamp provided on the same side of the bed so I suspect they knew it was broken before we entered and upon telling the staff they did not seem surprised and just said they would get it looked at. It was not fixed in our 3 night stay there but it did not cause a major problem and as it was on the side the children were sleeping we didn't plan to use that side light anyway.

      There was a TV and kettle and basics provided tea coffee spoons cups etc everything to have a nice cup of tea at the end of a long day. There were 4 cups provided and the tea and coffee were both good makes not value brands so actually made a decent cup of tea and there was plenty of it enough sachets of milk, sugar tea bags and coffee for around 12 cups on total. The television had free view with a remote provided but to be honest we were that tired at the end of the day we did not get much time to watch it. There is also a chair located underneath the TV unit so it can double up as a desk if needed and enough table space remaining on it after everything else was on there to make it usable.

      The thermostat was set at a good temperature but it was easily available on the wall to change as we wish but we did not need to as the room was perfect as it was. There were plenty of plug sockets located around so we could charge our phones and laptops and wifi was available at an extra cost of £6.45 for 24 hours although it also has a bt open zone from the little chef that we could use again we had hardly any time for using our laptops after our busy day of running around.There is an on suite bathroom that has a bath in it a large mirror with a wash basin underneath it and of course a toilet. It is a small yet functional room and there is a plug for shavers provided. The whole bathroom was ok apart from the sealing of the bath had mould growing in it not a lot but still noticeable and off putting from using the bath luckily we had relatives nearby that we were able to wash and shower at as although it was nothing major it was still off putting to put young children in a bath next to it. The whole room was clean and fresh enough the only downside being in the bathroom with the small amount of mould. It was also very spacious we had the double bed the children on their pull out beds and a travel cot in the room yet there was still space to move around freely so they are a good size.

      As the hotel is located just off a main dual carriageway and there is only a small restaurant standing between the hotel and the road I was a little worried about noise while we were trying to sleep. We were in a room right at the front of the hotel each and every time we have stayed there but it was peaceful and quiet there was no noise from the road and in fact no noise from the restaurant or service station that are located just outside. The whole room was nice and peaceful and although on the last day there was the sound of little feet running around in the room above us even this was not too loud to disrupt sleep. The curtains could be drawn to block out any light from getting in the room meaning you can sleep peacefully.

      **The staff**
      What we did notice is there was no bedding available for the children there was no mention of bringing our own and although we did have our own towels we never thought we would need to bring quilts and pillows so we went to reception. They seemed a little taken back as to why there was no bedding provided considering it was booked out as a family room and told us they would bring it to our room it took a full 25 minutes and still no bedding had arrived and we needed to head out so we went back to reception where they promised it would be sorted within 5 minutes. 5 minutes later we had a knock at the door with 1 double quilt so we then had to explain it was for 2 children and they returned quickly with 2 single quilts and we were then able to make the beds up.

      On all occasions of coming into contact with the staff they were pleasant polite and always asking if everything was ok when we asked them for anything they were happy to help out even if it was a little slow in it being resolved.

      There is not an onsite restaurant but the little chef is a stone's throw away with us having eaten in there before I was not too keen but we needed some food so we gave it a go. We ordered some food to take away sausage beans and mash for us all and took it back to the room to eat. It was revolting we had 1 bite of it and threw it all away a waste of £20 in all but it was actually the worst food I have ever tasted in my life. We then went to the front desk and got a takeaway number and menu that delivered and they had some at the desk so I guess from experience they knew no one wanted to eat from little chef. This food was a little better but still not too good so we made sure we planned to eat elsewhere for the rest of the stay.

      **Other bits**
      There are no toiletries provided although there was clean fluffy towels in our room but in the reception of the hotel there was a vending machine and along with chocolate water and crisps they had toothbrushes, toothpaste and even combs available to buy which although we did not need to purchase them we thought was handy just in case you were careless and forgot to take them along. They were not overly priced but as Sainsbury's is only a 5 minute drive away I would advise you to go there for stocking up on snacks and toiletries if you needed anything.

      Also they do clean the rooms each day even if you are staying more than one day which is great as it means you get fresh towels if needed, clean cups bins emptied etc. They came in and cleaned our room each day while we were out and although someone had obviously been in to clean up they did it in a way that was not intruding even though all our stuff was in there which I think is great.

      Also there is a large wardrobe/ storage piece of furniture in the room but in the entrance to it so it does not take up any of the space in the room nor does it block access in and out. This had shelves for storing clothes coat hangers in the area designed as a wardrobe and at the bottom of this unit there was a large gap where you could leave the suitcases so they were not in your way. Cleverly thought out and very useful for when there are 5 people in one room allowing more space while being practical to the amount of luggage that may be needed.

      Although it states only 2 adults and 2 children per family room we checked with them before hand and they were happy to let the 5 of us stay as my youngest was still able to stay in a travel cot so no need for them to add an extra bed. They do provide travel cots on request although you need to take your own bedding we took our own as my son would be more comfortable in one that he was familiar with.

      Also they offered late check ins by phone although the desk does not seem to be manned 24 hours as when my partner went out for a cigarette late at night there was no one at the reception, also one of the night I stayed there I went on my hen night and coming back at 3 in the morning I did not want to wake the children so I tried phoning the front desk to gain entrance but no one answered so I had to call my hubby to come and let me in the front door. This however will not affect everyone and I am sure if you book a late book in with them in advance they would be able to accommodate it better.

      **The price and getting there**
      We booked ahead in there sale both times and got the rooms for the brilliant price of £15 per night one stay and £25 for 3 nights stay another so it is really a budget stay. Regular room prices are around £46 for a family room but to be honest even booking ahead by 3 or 4 days the rooms only cost around £29 so the further you can book ahead the better. There are 2 travel lodges in rugby one is located in the middle of the town centre and so easy to get to but the one we choose to stay at is located just off the motor way so fine to get to by car but if you were using public transport it would be rather difficult. It is close to dunchurch, only a 10 minute drive to rugby town centre and a 15 minute drive to Daventry which is perfect as it is in the middle of all the places we needed to go.

      A45 London Road
      CV23 9LG
      United Kingdom
      Tel: 0871 984 6099 *
      Fax: 01788 522307

      Over all we enjoyed are stay it is not perfect it is not top 5 * hotel with lots of extras but clean spacious and very comfy providing a good night sleep on a budget. We now continue to use travel lodge as each stay has proved trouble free and comfortable and at a fantastic price too. I possible always book ahead as you get the best rates and also they send you vouchers once a month if you have ever booked online with them which is usually to the tune of £15 off which would make the stay even cheaper.


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