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Travelodge Liverpool Docks (Liverpool)

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Brunswick Dock / Sefton Street / Liverpool L3 4BN / Merseyside

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2012 17:20
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      Stick to Premier Inn - great rooms and a money back guarantee for a bad night's sleep!

      A couple of weeks ago I stayed at the Travelodge at Liverpool Docks with my partner. We love Liverpool but don't get up there very often so we decided to make a weekend of it and fit lots in. We booked Travelodge as it was quite late notice and most other hotels were over £100, including Premier Inn which is my favourite of the budget hotels. We found this one at £59.95 so were happy to give it a try for one night. After a very disappointing football match and result, we got in the car and headed to the hotel to check in so we could leave our bags and go out for dinner and drinks.

      === Our "welcome" ===

      The hotel was easy enough to find as we knew it was at the bottom tip of the docks. We had our new sat-nav on and it took us right to the car park of the Travelodge which was at the Brunswick Business Park on the docks. The car park had plenty of room which is something that always worries me in big cities so we parked up and headed to reception. Unfortunately getting into reception was the hard part; the door was locked and we couldn't get in. We knocked on the door to try and get someone's attention, assuming that the receptionist had just popped round the corner and left her desk temporarily. Noone came so we rang the bell hoping that it would attract attention so that we could get out of the freezing cold. It had started to snow and we're just not used to the northern temperatures! We could clearly see that the phone on reception had been removed so we assumed that the receptionist had just popped away to deal with someone and was on her way back any second. Ten minutes passed of us pressing the bells, walking along to try and look through a window and knocking and shouting and we were about to go and sit in the car for a while until we saw some sign of life. Suddenly a side door opens and a cleaner walks out with bags of rubbish. Finally someone to speak to! She was really apologetic and told us that the receptionist hadn't turned up for work that morning and that no one had realised the door was locked. Anyway, we were finally let in and she managed to find her supervisor who was able to allocate us a room and key to get in. Unfortunately even this part was flawed as she forgot to tell us our room number, it wasn't written on the card, so we had to go back and get her to look it up for us!

      === Was the room any better? ===

      We arrived at our room at the end of a corridor next to a big fire escape leading to the outside. I'm glad I wasn't there by myself! Now I know I booked a Travelodge which are not known for being the nicest of hotels and I wasn't expecting much, but this room was particularly dark and grim! It was small and very basic with just a bed, little side tables, a desk and a small flatscreen TV with freeview. It was nice to be able to stick E4 on while we were getting ready to go out! I had a quick look out of the window to see if we had a view of the docks but no such luck, we could only see the car park!

      The en suite again was very small and far from the Premier Inn modern and clean bathroom, this one was horrible! It has obviously been cleaned but there were bits of black around the shower which looked like old mould and the sticker to say "hot water" had peeled off. I felt like pulling it off all the way! There was one hand towel and one bath towel between us and no bath mat which is a big no no in such a small space with a shower which is almost touching the floor! The sink, toilet, toilet roll supplies were all fine and functional but nothing impressive either.

      The one big complaint I have about the room was that the electric radiator did not work. It had a clear on/off button that didn't work even though I checked the wires to make sure nothing was unplugged. Anyway, I wasn't worried because I always get warm in bed after about 5 minutes from the duvet Not in this bed! The duvet was so ridiculously thin - I can't even imagine that it was 1 tog! It might have been suitable for a summer night in Spain but not for winter in Liverpool! I had been out drinking and should have been out for the count within minutes but instead was awake the whole night putting more and more clothes on. I would have got up and complained but we had already been told there was no one on reception from 10.00 p.m. until 6.00 a.m.

      === The facilities ====

      There were none. They didn't even serve a breakfast although after my stay I wouldn't have wanted it.

      === Overall ===

      You might wonder why I didn't mention any of these things to the receptionist and even ask for a different room. Well, the reason is that I didn't see anyone working on reception the whole time I was at the hotel! I walked past at least six times on entering and leaving the building throughout our stay and did not encounter a single member of staff after the cleaner on arrival. I wanted to say something when I checked out around 10.30 a.m. but instead had to leave my keycard in a slot on the desk.

      I realise that Travelodge is a budget hotel but over the years I have been pleased with the standards and have been happy to stay in the hotels. I am not someone who would normally complain, but the second I walked away from Travelodge Liverpool Docks I knew I had to write this review as a warning as the whole episode was a complete disaster. I am really annoyed that I paid £58.45 for such an unsatisfactory stay. I have actually sent a letter to the branch and to Head Office so I'll update this review if I hear anything back!


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