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Travelodge London Covent Garden

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    15 Reviews
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      26.09.2015 21:54
      Very helpful


      • Location


      • "Cost "

      Nice Hotel, good size for central London

      I have always avoided this hotel, I have always been worried that it would be really noisy due to its location however in February I could not get into my usual Travelodges and this one was available so I decided to give it a try.

      LOCATION ....

      The hotel is in a prime location off Drury Lane, this is in between Covent Garden and Holborn. Only a few easy minutes walk to either station and an easy walk to also Leicester Square.

      The Hotel ....

      The hotel is a little odd, it is actually split over two different buildings, the checkin and reception is in the building on the High Holborn side, I have not been in the other building so can not comment but this side was a mix between clean and tidy and very worn out. Staff were very helpful and assigned me a room fast.

      The Room ...

      The room was pretty much your standard Travelodge design with the double bed and basic room containing a dressing table with mirror, small coat rack with shelves, TV, tea and coffee and and en suite bath room.

      Everything was clean, nothing in the room was worn out and all in al it was very comfortable. I think the most notable thing was the size of the room was really decent for central London. I could have fitted another single bed in there and still not felt crowded.

      The other thing that I was pleased to note was that even from second floor the noise levels were not too bad. I did live in London for a few years so street noise is something I am used to but too much does keep me awake. I slept soundly no bother at all! Even nicer was I did not hear a cleaner nor guest which is something I have not been able to say of some of the other central Travelodges.

      Cost ....

      This hotel is not cheap, if you book well in advance you can sometimes get a night for around £50 but it goes as high as £200 a night in peak times. You can get 4 star hotels for that! I guess if you have a family room it works out cheap enough but as a solo traveller it's a little much.

      Summary ....

      Decent hotel, amazing location, can walk to most places in central London so saves on transport costs. Nice and clean in the room, just some of the communal areas needed doing up.


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      07.11.2012 15:51
      Very helpful



      Find somewhere else!

      I stayed in this Travel Lodge last weekend for 2 nights, a double room for the Friday and Saturday night costing around £70 per night. We had a large group so it seemed one of the only options with the availability we needed at a reasonable price for the area. The average price for this hotel seems to be nearer £100 per night.

      10 Drury Lane
      High Holborn
      WC2B 5RE

      The hotel is a couple of minutes walk of either Covent Garden, Holborn or Tottenham Court Road underground station.
      Also within a few minutes walk are the busy areas of Oxford Street and Leicester Square.
      If you are driving the hotel charges £18 per day for parking and you will also need to pay a congestion charge into London. This area of central London is very busy so unless you have to I would avoid driving and see the sights on foot or using the buses and undergrounds.

      There are 2 travel lodged located around the corner from each other, the other on the other side of High Holborn Road. If you have any walking difficulties at all I would strongly suggest asking for a room in the other one on a lower floor as there are some steps to climb up to reception, the lifts are slow and the many doors to go through in the hotel are heavy and annoying when you have luggage and need to root around for your card at every turn.

      We arrived not long after 2pm and were told (by a machine) that we couldn't check in until 3pm. Early check in is available for £10 a room which normally we would have done to drop the bags off but as we didn't have too long to wait we decided to wait in the bar. You can book early check in and late check out online in advance if you wish. 3pm came and I took the two booking print outs to a young girl who told me that 4 of the 7 rooms had been cancelled, the 2 bookings were under 2 different names and she had only bothered to read one of the pieces of paper. She then handed me the key cards without another word and off we went.
      I have stayed in a couple of travel lodges before and expected basic, this was what we got but they appeared clean enough so this wasn't a problem. There are no toiletries supplied which was also fine as we hadn't expected any. There was a small, disgusting kettle supplied with a couple of cups and some tea, coffee and sugar.
      There was a desk and chair in the room and a rail with 3 hangers on it. A couple of the other rooms had a wardrobe but again not with many hangers. The bathroom was clean and had in it a sink, toilet and shower. There was also a towel rail containing a single hand towel. One hand towel wouldn't be enough for me alone as it was so small, never mind for the 2 of us sharing a double. Another thing I didn't like was that there was a little piece of paper on the towel rail saying to put your dirty towels in the sink or shower and leave clean ones on the rail. This made me wonder if someone hadn't read this and put the towel back on the rail would this be replaced when they left.
      I asked a member of staff if it was possible to get more towels and he didn't reply, wandered off and came back with one more hand towel, without saying a word.
      The beds were extremely uncomfortable and came with one pillow on each side and one spare, the pillows were extremely flat so you'd definitely need the spare, unfortunately there was only one spare between two people and when I went to ask someone for another there was nobody in sight.
      When we woke up the following morning I have to say I didn't feel rested at all, I felt quite awful, I'd woke up several times during the night with springs poking into various areas of my body, had a pain in my neck from the one pillow and felt a bit bunged up from the heat and stuffiness in the room, the radiator wasn't actually on in the room so it must have been that we were on the seventh floor and the heat was rising from other rooms.

      On the second day none of the seven rooms' key cards were working, we went to ask the same rude girl we'd encountered on the first day, who simply took the cards, said nothing and pressed a few buttons before handing them back.
      You need the key cards to go through every single door and they only give you one per room which isn't ideal although one room of guests in our group managed to get a second key with a bit of arguing about it.
      I found the bar and restaurant to be reasonably priced for a hotel, that's when we could find someone to serve us. On the first day we waited 15 minutes, I would've gone elsewhere but it was the meeting place for the group. I asked for a Carling and was told they don't have it, they didn't have the next 3 things I asked for so I asked what they had and the bar man said whatever you can see. Considering the pumps were on the opposite side of the bar this didn't help so we got 2 bottles of cider for £6.
      The restaurant seemed reasonably priced but was so busy when we went for breakfast that we had to go elsewhere. A buffet breakfast costs £7.65 and kids can eat free. Snacks such as burgers, chips and pizza were also available during the day. I found the size of both the bar and restaurant inadequate for the number of rooms in the hotel and we decided to avoid it when possible.
      Also the toilets for the bar could only be accessed by a 5 minute walk requiring reading tiny unclear signs and more uses of a keycard.

      Check out was at 11am. The reception area was again extremely busy and with only one staff member in sight we had to queue behind a lot of angry people who's cards weren't working. We left as soon as possible, were not thanked or asked if we'd enjoyed our stay.
      As you've probably guessed I wasn't impressed overall. I would normally have given a place like this 3 stars, but for the rudeness of the staff, poor organisation in reception, the bar and restaurant this one gets 2.
      There are not enough staff around for the size of the building and the people who can be found are less than helpful.
      The stay was hardly enjoyable and I wouldn't be happy about going back. I think I would use another travel lodge again if needed, just not this one. As far as this one is concerned I would much rather pay a little extra and get somewhere I could have a pleasant and comfortable nights sleep.

      If we'd picked up one of the £19 or £29 rooms they advertise I don't think I'd have said much but I think I will contact the hotel to tell them what a shambles this place is!


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      23.08.2010 01:33
      Very helpful




      Back in May I started looking for hotels in London as we had finally decided that we were going to stay for a few days in August. I eventually decided on the Travelodge in covent garden as it seemed central. Pricewise not too bad for central London. £469 for 5 nights for bed and breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children. You didn't have to pay for breakfast you could just book the room but we decided to go ahead with breakfast. As I booked online it was £6.50 per breakfast (£1 cheaper than normal). The children ate free.

      It was quite easy to book and the address that was given to me was Drury Lane no problems ...... or so I thought. I didn't give it anymore thought until nearer the time and checked back online where I found out building work was going on whilst we would be visiting, but at the time time it said this would happen in between 8 am and 5 pm, so it wouldn't be a problem to us.
      We found out a friend and her daughter had also booked into this hotel for 2 nights so we that would be good for our daughter.
      We had never stayed in a Travelodge before but expected them to be similar to Premier inns.

      The hotel is situated quite close to Euston train station so we decided to get a taxi, when I told them we were going to the Travelodge Covent Garden the taxi driver asked which one - erm I was only aware of one. He said Museum Street and I said no not that one (but couldn't remember where it was as the instructions were in my bag). I didn't want him to think we didn't know where we were going (my husband didn't know as i'd booked it). He then said Drury Lane and it rang a bell so off we went. I did then say I didn't realise there was another one and he said yes they are very close together (warning signs)
      We got dropped off took the case, rucksacks folded trolley and managed just to get the 3 year old up the steps (helped by our 11 year old). I then queued up and my hubby stayed with the luggage and tried to control the youngest, eventually I got to the desk gave my name etc. The lady on the desk then went on to the computer asked how many children we had (we had booked a family room stating 2 children). She then gave us the card to get through doors etc and our breakfast passes ........................... but then .................................. she told us the family rooms were based in the other hotel ... WHAT but said it was only 40 seconds walk and told me the directions which were just up the street. Marvelous why wasn't this mention in my confirmation e mail?
      So case big rucksack 2 small ones and trolley and family trapes back down the stairs - just what we needed and went to the other hotel. Luckily we knew the floor and room number we were on so didn't have to queue again.

      We get to our room and the double bed is made up and there is a couch just under the window, hmmm me thinks this is the childrens bed. So I have a look expecting it to pull out to a small double but no there was a matress bed that pulled out (this would be for the youngest) and the couch was the other bed. I wasn't impressed that I had to make them up but I did and then went and got more pillows from reception. There was a queue and somebody before me was complaining about the toilet and getting the room changed so I couldn't be bothered to comment about the unmade beds. - I think they just allocated upon arrival so no extra beds were made up.
      i think this because the friend that had booked the same hotel (just her and her daughter) complained about there room and was sent here too and got a family room with a couch.
      Check in is from 3pm unless you have paid £10 for early book in then you can book in from 12. Check out is 12 unless you pay for late book out which is 2pm. There is no luggage storage at this hotel.

      The room was clean which we hoped for and basic as we thought although it was down a notch from premier inns - smaller rooms only 2 cups in a family room, one hard back chair (there wouldn't have been room for anymore) and the bedside cabinet was just a shelf no cupboard or shelf.
      The en suite had a sink, toilet and bath with a shower over it and was clean.
      The hotel was pretty big it had 13 floors we were on the 10th.

      The breakfast was pretty standard with no added extra touches. You produced your passes and got allocated a table but the eating area was quite small for the size of the hotel so on the second morning people were being told they could go to the other hotel if they wanted we chose to wait.
      There was cereal in boxes to choose from the boxes were slightly bigger than the ones I buy so my daughter only ever ate half a box and the day I had cereal before toast I only ate half a box. They had rice krispies, cornflakes, coco pops, museli, crunchy nut thing and weetabix so quite a selectin but unlike the premier inn they didn't offer porridge. They also had muller yoghurts in rasberry and strawberry flavours. You could also have grapefruit or orange segments. The hot food was basic and not really vege friendly but we found this to be the case in all eating places it was limited. It was serve yourself to bacon, sausage (no vege ones), scrambled eggs, beans and tomatoes cut in half and cooked. (no mushrooms etc) They also had croissants and blueberry muffins and you made your own toast. Butter, marg, jam, honey and nutella were in little packs for you.
      The drinks they had (all self service) were orange juice, apple juice, water, tea and coffee.

      The food although basic was fine but what I didn't like was how fast they cleared plates away, if they saw your plate was empty they pounced; my youngest had some toast on a serviette as they had took her plate, and when a waitress came back she hid it under the table so she couldn't takeit off her. I used 2 cups for tea as they took the first one away - well sorry I wanted another. We then got used to just saying we hadn't finished.
      Although I can understand there was a lot of people staying they did this even when it wasn't busy and I am sorry not good customer servicce for me.
      The hotel had a bar and you could get a drink when you wanted but food was only served between 5pm and 10pm. The first night we decided to eat in the bar as football was on or so we thought. (more about that later) We chose to have a couple of pizzas and a couple of chips between the 4 of us, which was enoough as we weren't too hungry. Again there wasn't a lot for people that didn't eat meat we chose cheese and tomato pizza as the other two that were on the menu had meat on.
      The price wasn't too bad we had a bottle of wine and 2 soft drinks for the girls and it was about £35 (we was London don't forget).

      Now the annoying thing on the first night I asked if they would have the footy on in the bar and they said they would (reason we ate there), so we arranged for my nephew to come to watch it with us. Only at 7.50pm when we asked them to turn it over to the football the channel could not be found they only had the ones we had in our room, which wasn't sky sports. We found another hotel about 20minutes into kick off that had it on so not too bad.

      The hotel couldn't have been double glazed although it looked it as the noise from outside was terrible all night. It was round the corner from a night club.

      The location was excellent as it was very central for visiting lots of sights (you could walk to places and didn't always need the tube). We used the tube twice but we do tend to walk places. The room was clean, the breakfast ok so all in all it was a good choice but mainly because of its location.
      We would stay here again because of the price and location (some would disagree because of the noise).
      For us it was never going to be a relaxing holiday so it was fine and the girls especially the youngest sleeps through any noise (when she finally goes to sleep) ..


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        12.08.2010 01:16
        Very helpful



        Not one that I would recommend for a romantic night away

        Travelodge London Covent Garden is really a difficult place to review. On one hand it is a Travelodge and you should know what to expect when you book in there but on the other hand, this place isn't even that cheap at busy times.

        I stayed there at the end of May during pretty major looking building work, however apart from looking unsightly, it wasn't an issue as we stayed on a Saturday night and no work was being done there. We ended up at the Travelodge as we left it late and couldn't get a room anywhere local for less than £300 and this place was 'only' £160 for a double room including breakfast.

        The staff were helpful but in a vaguely disinterested way and seemed to just be rushing through everything and they clearly rushed through making up our room key as it didn't work. Not normally a major issue but not very good when you are staying in a different building across a main road from where the Reception is.

        The room itself was very large but also incredibly, incredibly basic. Aside from a (relatively comfortable) bed, a fitted wardrobe and a tiny desk, there was no other furniture in what was a very empty looking room. The bathroom was smaller but similarly basic. Most annoying though was that there was no air conditioning or fan in the room and this meant that at night there was a straight up choice between not being able to sleep because the room was sweltering hot or having the window open and not being able to sleep because of the constant noise from the main road.

        Breakfast in the morning was a redeeming feature though and I would recommend it if you stay there. It is a basic breakfast buffet with some cooked foods but it really does the job.

        In short, stay here if you have to stay near Covent Garden but if you can get somewhere else for a similar price, then do.


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        15.03.2010 09:36
        Very helpful



        No frills but fine for a short break

        This is a review of the hotel we stayed in for two nights whilst we stayed in London. Location wise, it was easy to find and we paid around £120 (with a bit of cash back) for two nights, breakfast and a late checkout (2pm) on our last day to save lugging the bags around London.

        **Checking in**
        when we arrived we had to queue for around 15 minutes to check ina nd get the room key. Once that was done, we found we were in the main building (some rooms are round the corner) and so went up in the lift to the fifth floor.

        **The room**
        The room was clean and not too small, with a double bed that was on wheels so travelled a bit(!) and was soft and squishy so we found that you both rolled into the middle but for two nights you can put up with it. (Think I am just too used to my home comforts).

        **The view***
        The window opened up a couple of inches and we had an interesting view of some flats but if you looked hard you could see Nelson and the London Eye.

        The bathroom was quite small but clean. You got two plastic water cups that I though looked a bit cheap. (water fountain style) and there was a bar of soap and no other toiletries. Towels wise you got a hand towel and two bath sheets plus a floor towel but I suppose you could have asked for more.

        ***Other features**
        There was a kettle and tea and coffee (four drinks worth) and one spare pillow, a flat screen TV with a few extra channels but not all of freeview.

        To be honest we had a lot planned so as long as it was clean, I was happy and it was.

        **All you can eat brekky**
        Breakfast was £7.50 for all you could eat and I was a bit disappointed with it. whilst there was plenty of choice, the cooked breakfast was definitely budget and consisted of tinned mushrooms (we saw a member of staff with the giant tin); tined tomatoes; scrambled eggs that tasted watery and not like eggs, sausage and bacon. There was a toaster and plenty of thin sliced bread; fruit was grapefruit or mandarin oranges (tinned); croissant or blueberry muffins but no jam, just honey or marmalade which I don't like. There was also a wide variety of mini boxed Cereals and a fridge with some yoghurts in it. Now I've written out all that I sound a bit hard to please... you could also have juice and tea and coffee.

        **Housekeeping service**
        We were back in the room on the second day when the housekeeping service called so we just swapped our towels and got some more tea and coffee which we were happy with. A housekeeper (senior) knocked on the door half an hour later to see if we were satisfied so I guess they check up on the rooms that don't get cleaned!

        You can order room service or eat tea in the restaurant but we didn't bother as we wanted to eat out. The prices seemed reasonable though at around the £7 - £8 mark.

        It was a bit basic, the bed a little uncomfortable but overall OK and whilst we have stayed in better hotels, we have also stayed in worse! Location-wise it was perfect, we could walk to the theatre where we went to see 'We will rock you' (see my previous review!).


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        11.03.2010 10:11
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great place to get your head down whilst visiting London

        After a recent weekend trip to London I decided to write about my experience of a stay in Covent Garden's Travel Lodge. We got a great deal for booking the rooms online, £19 a night. The hotel is approximately five minutes walk from Covent Garden tube station and it situated on the outskirts of Covent Garden. As we saw the big Travel Lodge sign we headed towards the reception area. The receptionist was helpful and although we arrived at the hotel a couple of hours before we were allowed to check in at 3pm, we were offered one of the two rooms we had booked to store our bags in for a £10 early fee. As there were 5 of us this only meant £2 each so we took them up on the offer so we could have a walk around the shops luggage free!

        We were given the keys and told we were staying in the second building which was across the street and behind the main building. I didn't mind this at all as this building looked a lot newer and more modern. We got the lift up to the third floor and found our room. This was a room for 3 people and inside was a double bed and a double pull out sofa which when pulled out took over most of the room so we left it folded and just put the bedding on top. The room was clean and the bathroom was clean and spacious. We had a TV and kettle with some tea's and coffee's provided. There was also a large vanity mirror with a chair and surface area for getting ready. There were three girls in this room yet we felt we still all had enough room to get ready and were not treading on each others toes.

        The only thing bad about the room was that the window was broken, we opened it for some fresh air and it took 3 of us 5 minutes to get it shut again when we decided it would have to stay shut! Also the sofa bed was under the window which at night was very draughty and cold. The view from the window was the side of another building so not one to sit and look out of!

        In the room was two large bath towels but we bumped into the lady that was cleaning the rooms and she was more than happy to give us however many more we required which was nice as sometimes hotels can be funny about these things.

        Our two friends had a room a few stories higher and their room was also very similar it just had a better view and more natural light as they didn't have a building in the way.

        Overall we were very happy with the service we received at the Covent Garden Travel Lodge and I would consider staying there again for my next trip to London as it is in a great location to get to all the main sights of London. You can take a 10 minute walk to Leicester Square or Trafalgar Square from the hotel and the tube station is well within walking distance. There are also a range of nice restaurants and café's nearby and of course some great shops in Covent Garden. There is also a café and restaurant in the hotel but I cannot comment on this as we did not eat there.

        I'd recommend this hotel if you are after a basic place to get your head down whilst staying in London.


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          05.09.2009 22:09
          Very helpful



          a great place to stay for people on a budget.

          I stayed in the Covent Garden Travel lodge mid-week in a double room, costing me £80 for a two night stay, (£40 each night including breakfast) though i booked last minute so it may be possible to book cheaper.

          My first impression of the travel lodge was it was pretty big and needed a lick of paint on the outside! However when entering reception/main lobby it is very modern and sparkling clean!

          Checking in was simple, the staff were very friendly and full of usful information about the hotel and about London itself. They couldnt do enough for us and were very easy to approach when we needed directions to the Hard Rock cafe one evening.

          The room itself was very clean, with a comfy double bed, wardrobe, desk, big mirrors and a TV. There is also a little kettle, coffee and tea which was much appreciated after our long trip to get to london! The room was clean although a little basic but fufilled our needs completely during our stay. The bathroom was also very clean, with a toilet, sink, HUGE mirror and a bath/shower as well as a complementary soap! The towels were also replaced every day which was a bonus!

          We found the rooms very quiet, although it was mid-week and on the booking page, it warns it may get noisey dur to its location of near-by night clubs. When booking you are clearly told this, so we were surprised when we had two very peaceful nights sleep.

          Finally the restaurant! yum!! the food was quickly prepared, came to the table hot and was very tastey! Also it is pretty cheap, most food is under £8 and you get a big plateful!!
          Also the buffet breakfast in the morning was very good too, we had pre-booked breakfast online, so got it a couple of pound cheaper. Breakfast is served 7-10am and includes the usual cereal, toast, sausages, juice, tea cofee etc.

          Overall it was a very peacful, stressfree stay at the travel-lodge, i would definitley reccommed the one at convent gardens as it's cheap accommodation for budget-travelers!


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            18.07.2009 10:49
            Very helpful



            A few flaws but good value basic accommodation and perfect for a night or two in central London

            My training work takes me to all sorts of locations and recently I've been running some courses for a public sector client based in central London. Their expenses budget was fairly tight, which left me with the dilemma of where to stay.

            Having had some surprisingly good experiences with Travelodge in the past, I checked their website (www.travelodge.co.uk) and found the Covent Garden hotel which was just eight minutes walk from my client's offices - perfect!

            Travelodge are clearly geared-up for the business client: booking online was quick and simple, and I received a rapid email acknowledgement together with an invoice. When I booked in July 2009 the price for the room (you can specify a twin or double) was £99 per night plus £6 per person for the breakfast buffet. This compares well to other budget hotels in central London and heavily undercuts many other hotels whose prices are often two or three times as much.

            Parking & check-in:
            I arrived on foot so didn't need to park a car, but the hotel does have some 'first come, first served' parking spaces accessed from High Holborn and charged at £15 for 24 hours. If you're planning on arriving by car, you also need to remember that Covent Garden is within the London Congestion Charge Zone.

            There was a short queue to check-in, and the air conditioning in reception seemed to be struggling (so not a very pleasant wait on a warm July evening) but soon I was heading for my room. The hotel consists of a main building which includes reception and the 'café bar' and also an annex which is just a few metres away, across a small courtyard: I'd been allocated a room in the annex.

            The room:
            My first impressions of my room were mixed: about 3.5m x 4m, with a further narrow area to one side about 2.5m by 1m, and a modestly-sized shower room. The real problem with my room was that it had almost no natural light - just a tiny window (900mm wide by 300mm high) and even with all of the low-energy lighting switched on, it still felt quite dark and gloomy.

            There's a desk with two power sockets, and facilities for making tea and coffee but there's no internet socket or telephone in the room, and no wireless internet access either.

            The small shower-room had a large shower cubicle (but no bath) and everything seemed very clean and well maintained. There were no toiletries apart from a small shrink-wrapped bar of soap.

            In my room, the wall-mounted flat-panel TV was visible from the bed, but not when you're seated at the desk. There's a small hanging rail, but no proper wardrobe or drawers, and overall storage space is very limited. My room was air-conditioned and you can set the temperature you'd like. It was surprisingly quiet (especially given that this is a central London location), the bed was large enough and comfortable, and I slept very well.

            This Travelodge has a 'café bar' - essentially an informal restaurant. The menu is quite modest but if you're after a light evening meal and are too tired to head into town then maybe this will be all you want. At breakfast there was a good choice of hot and cold fare: toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, beans, cereal, fruit juice, tea, coffee, croissants and more, although the modestly-proportioned café bar can get quite busy.

            Breakfast is served from 7am-10pm (8am-11pm at weekends and on bank holidays), and evening meals from 5pm-10pm. The quality of the food was better than I'd expected for the price, and an added convenience is that you can pre-book and pay for your meals online when you make your reservation.

            Overall the standard of service was very good. The staff were clearly busy, but also seemed efficient, friendly and helpful. I really did get the impression that they wanted me to enjoy my stay, and were interested to hear my comments and suggestions.

            Overall impression:
            Travelodge have positioned themselves carefully - and quite skilfully - towards the lower end of the business hotel market, and Covent Garden is no exception: with clean, simple, no-frills accommodation, good (enough) service and a good night's sleep, my experience was marred only by a poorly lit room and the absence of internet access.

            Although I was in London on business, it struck me that this would also have been a great option if I'd wanted to treat my wife to a show, and avoid the hassle of a late-night train journey home. The hotel is set in the very heart of London's 'theatre land', is close to Holborn underground station, the British Museum, The Royal Opera House, lots of great places to eat and so many other city attractions.

            Don't make the mistake of thinking that my four-star rating means that this is a four-star London hotel: but it probably is at least four-fifths of the way to providing everything you could reasonably expect from a hotel in this price bracket and at the centre of a major city.

            "Insider" tips...
            (1) The rooms in the main hotel building have bigger windows and proper bathrooms (instead of just a shower) and the helpful staff suggested that next time I could book online but then also 'phone and specifically ask for a room in the main building, not the annex. Apparently some of the best and quietest rooms are on the second floor.
            (2) The hotel is reached via a flight of steps from street level which may cause problems for some disabled people. That said, Travelodge claim that there is 'disabled access', but you might want to call them first to discuss your needs.
            (3) I booked via topcashback.co.uk and got 3.25% discount, making this even better value for money.


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              05.06.2009 15:38
              Very helpful



              Good hotel, good location - book early to ensure you get in

              My other half and I like to spend a long weekend or week in London on a regular basis to soak up the sights and sounds and culture of what is a superb city. Unfortunately once you get past the travel fees on the train, cost of meals etc then you may not even want to start thinking about accommodation.

              This is where Travelodge comes into their own. A large chain of simple, basic amenities that are reasonably priced. If you are hankering for excellent room service, masses of free toiletries and fluffy luxurious pillows and duvets then Travelodge is probably not for you.

              However, if your basic demands lead to clean amenities and close to everything then Travelodge Covent Garden is perfect. We have stayed here for three times now and find it is perfect for our needs. We have learnt the hard way in staying in some pretty luxurious places however when you only use it to sleep and get changed / showered you resent paying a premium price for a room you may look at for 15 minutes a day.


              This is located in the heart for Covent Garden with easy access to local Tube stations. We use Waterloo Station and walk across the bridge to Covent Garden however as it is on the mainline tubes (Leicester in particular) you could easily find your way via Tube. Although it is right in the heart of busy Covent Garden the noise doesn't impact too much on you when you sleep even on a Friday and Saturday night. Although we did have a problem with one room whereby the window didn't shut, we contacted Reception and they sent somebody up to work on the lock and it was fine.


              We tend to book online and so far (!) it has been a hassle free process and they have been fine. I always take a copy of the online confirmation just in case however that is for my benefit.

              If you book a few weeks or months in advance you can get some pretty good rates although it has to be said, this is obviously a popular hotel and you will never get the cheapie cheap deals you may get for other venues.

              Rooms / Décor

              To me, this building looks like old student accommodation for the London School of Economics which is at the back of the building. They are very plain, like 1960s style basic décor. However they are perfectly functional.

              Access to the rooms is not as difficult, there is a lift for each floor as well as stairs and I understand there is disabled access however I cannot advise where the entry point is.

              The only drawback is the plethora of stairs that greet you when you first arrive and having to drag your suitcases etc up there! Not a problem with us as we tend to use backpacks anyway however may be a shock to people beforehand if they have traditional style suitcases however a good idea would be to contact the hotel for specific directions for the lift!

              The rooms are a reasonable size - again you could get much smaller and pay a lot more money for a trendy boutique hotel in London so they are a good size considering this.

              The bed is ok - nothing great, quite soft and squidgy and probably not good long-term if you had a back problem. There are enough pillows (you make like to use the extra ones however as they are quite thin) and quilts and you can always request some more from Reception. The same with the towels, they are on the small size however they are happy to supply you with some additional ones. However when they change the towels over the next day, they only tend to replace the towels you get allocated per room and not the extra ones. Before the greenies jump on me, we have to change the towels daily as they are small and not very absorbent and seem to stay wet permanently!

              The bathroom is again fine - although the extractor fan didn't appear to work and hasn't in any of the rooms we have been in so far however this is not something relegated only to Travelodges.

              The décor is very basic with TV, tea making facilities, desk and spare chair and of course wardrobe or hanging space. All perfectly adequate and in reasonable condition.

              Some of the rooms have been painted and upgraded as we have had two different styles in the past year but they are apparently updating all of them in a very plain dark brown contemporary style. Simple and basic and perfectly fine.

              The rooms are cleaned daily and we have realised also that if you come across the cleaning staff during the day they are often fine to stock you up with teas, coffees etc - enough to see you through until the next day.

              Travelodge do not supply complimentary shampoos etc so if you like to take those thinking you are "getting your monies worth" then don't bother. This is one of the reasons that Travelodge are able to offer such reasonable prices in that they do not supply these branded items. If you do forget your toothbrush or the like they are available to purchase from the main desk.


              There is a restaurant / bar in the building and w used them for breakfast once or twice. To be honest for the price you paid for the breakfast, there are lots of café's etc around where you can easily pick up something to eat and for less money. The breakfast is average although there is a good selection of food. The only downside is the restaurant seating is not adequate for the number of people they have there. There are too few tables and chairs and you end of waiting for quite a long time. Breakfast always seems to be busy as well.

              There is also a vending machine available with all the basics yet, we tend to stock up in some of the mini supermarkets around or splash out at Harrods for some wine, snacks etc and indulge in our room after we have been out for the day!

              Love the tea making facilities although you could use the restaurant and order fancy coffees if you want to.

              I could not comment on whether this hotel is good for families as we always stay as just us, a couple. Although given the number of families that do tend to stay there I could assume that they offer a range of facilities that are suitable.

              Overall, this is a great hotel for a London trip. The issues are minor and for the price you pay and the location you would struggle to find something better or similar.


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                18.05.2009 23:34



                Book in advance to get good deals

                I went here for some meeting and thought it was a very clean but still cheap hotel. I travel across UK for various meetings and stay in Travelodge only. I book the rooms well in advance and they usually have £19 room offers. They once even had an offer for £9.
                Covent Garden Travelodge is situated in central London and is well accessible by London underground services. It is very close to the British museum and the Covent garden market. Oxford street is hardly a few yards from here. There was a café in the building but there are many other choices just outside the hotel. There are two travelodges just opposite each other- Covent Garden and Holborn and very confusing. They do have an onsite underground parking but looks very unsafe. Its daily rate is I think £18 but its convenient and safer to park in the adjacent NCP. Although it charged £24/ day, if you show the Travelodge receipt you can claim back £12.


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                17.04.2009 21:04
                Very helpful



                A cheap and easy place to stay.

                I rather like Travelodges.
                They are usually clean, always have tea making facilities, the baths are always deep (very important for a tall lass like myself), and there is always a bible in a drawer (no for reading. I just like the tradition).

                I stayed in Covent Garden Travelodge in London, on Tuesday night.
                We booked online, very easily and efficiently, and were emailed detailed directions, which were very helpful, including a postcode to put into the GPS.
                Me and my family had booked two twin rooms, one for my Dad and little brother, and one for myself.

                Getting There.
                Getting there didn't proove too difficult, as the directions given to us by the Travelodge were clear and concise. Unfortunately, there were a couple of closed roads, which seriously prolonged our journey.

                The Travelodge is on a road in Covent Garden, called Drury Lane, and the tall building is visible from quite a way a way, which is handy when completely lost. There are actually two travelodges within very short distance from one another. I'm still not sure whether they are just two separate buildings sharing the same name, or whether they are completely separate. My family actually booked in at the second Travelodge, but our rooms were in the first one. A little confusing, but not a cause of any major drama.

                We were directed to a car park, off High Holborn, by the email that the travelodge sent us.
                We were under the impression that the car park was part of the travelodge, but its actually an NCP car park. This is also rather easy to get to. You go up Drury Lane, past the first travelodge, straight over the crossroad, just past the second travelodge, and then the NCP car park is directly on the left, up a ramp.
                The Travelodge provides a discount for the car park, and we ended up paying £12.00 from about 5 in the afternoon on Tuesday, until 10 o clock the next morning, which was rather decent for a central London car park.
                Beware though, we had a few problems at the car park.
                As we entered, the sign that told you to take your ticket, was a little confusing. It showed pictures of debit and credit cards, and told you how to pay. This is obviously intended for people leaving the car park, so there was no purpose to it being advertised on the entrance barrier.
                My poor old Dad ended up getting a bit confused, and rather than pressing the button for the ticket, he put his credit card in the slot. The machine promptly swallowed his credit card, leaving us completely stuck. We couldn't get our card out, and no one else could get into the car park.
                The NCP car park had real life attendants though (not just someone on the end of the phone) who helped us very quickly, and very patiently, getting our card back, and giving us a ticket.

                Checking in the the Travelodge.
                This took forever.
                Like I said, we checked in to the travelodge closer the the NCP car park, directly over the road from the other one. We had a lot of bags, so were all a bit upset when we were eventually told we were not staying in the building we had checked into.
                There was a very large queue, and it seemed to take the receptionist a very long time to deal with each family.
                When it was our turn to check in, the receptionist had a few of our details wrong, for example, she thought we were staying for four nights, when we were actually only staying for one. There was also a bit of a communication barrier, as the girl only spoke very stilted English. We checked in in the end though, were given our room key cards, and directed over to the other building.

                Our Travelodge.
                It was a very short walk (a couple of minutes) to our travelodge, but unfortunately, the walk involved a lot of stone steps. I was dragging a little carry case on wheels, which was entirely possible to wheel up the stairs.
                There might have been a ramp somewhere, but I didn't see it. I can only assume that customers in wheelchairs, or with mobility problems, would be directed to the Travelodge with easier access.
                Once inside the travelodge, we noticed a restaurant on the right of the main entrance, and a reception directly in front.
                To the left of us were the doors that lead to the stairs and lifts to get to the rooms.
                Another sore point were the Lifts.
                There were two lifts available in the travelodge (we were on the fourth floor). One of the lifts only provided access to the basement and first floor. The other lift was active, but incredibly slow, and sometimes didn't turn up for about ten minutes.The lift was also very small, so sometimes, only half of the people waiting to get in the lift, could actually fit in there.

                The Rooms.
                My room, upon first inspection, was clean, rather large, and comfortable. There were two twin beds (even though I only needed the one), which were very comfy, and the bed linen was very clean.
                There was an en suite bathroom with a bath and shower, two plastic glasses in the bathroom for water.
                The main room had a desk with a mirror, a table with a tv, overhead lights, and two little reading lights.
                When I initially tried to turn the reading lights on (they were attached to the wall, on the headboard of the bed) they spluttered, and died.
                Halfway through the night, the plastic casing around one of the lights dropped off, and fell on my head.
                In my Dads room, the lights had singed black burn marks into the wall....which was a little worrying.
                The windows in my room didn't seem to open, which was a bit annoying, but considering I was on a rather high floor, and the windows were tall floor to ceiling jobbies, I wasn't too bothered. I would rather be safe than ventilated.
                I slept well, and didn't hear any outside noise, which is quite remarkable for central London.

                Breakfast was an extra £7.50 for all you could eat, and was served between 7 and 10. I believe the times vary on bank holidays.
                We went down to breakfast at 9. The restaurant was fairly crowded, but we still managed to find comfortable seats.
                It was a self service kind of deal. There was toast, cereals, jams and juices available, as well as bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes available. You could eat as much as you wanted, no extra costs, and everything was actually rather good, although it did have a feel of school dinners.

                Travelodge prices vary from city to city, and depending on what time of year you stay, or popularity of the place you are staying.
                The two rooms, for one night, with three guests in total (although this is irrelevant) cost £219.47, including three breakfasts. I know you can get rooms at Travelodges for far cheaper than this, in less busy areas.

                Overall, Travelodges always do their job competently. The rooms were clean, the furnishings neat and comfortable, the price affordable (although, a little less so in central London). The service was fine, and apart from a few annoyances, like the lifts, the stay was enjoyable.
                I would definitely recommend Travelodge to people looking for somewhere clean and comfy to lay their head, but if you want somewhere with a bit more individuality and character, I would advise you to look elsewhere.
                Im only giving the Covent Garden Travelodge a 3 out of 5, but its a perfectly nice place to stay. The few bits and bobs (like the faulty lights and the lifts) just let it down.

                Where to Book.


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                  28.03.2009 13:56
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Perfect for a night's stay in central London

                  I am a student studying in Glasgow but I often go to London, about once a month, with my partner. In the last 2 months we have stayed in this hotel twice due to its fantastic location and price!

                  Travelodge is known for its great deals and they often do special offers. We managed to get this hotel for £29 each time, both times for a Friday evening. An absolute bargain for central London!! The price can vary greatly however, so you are best keeping an eye on their website. www.travelodge.co.uk

                  The location is fantastic too. Less than a 5 minute walk from Covent Garden tube and about the same distance in the opposite direction to Oxford Street. We were in London to see musicals both times. The hotel is next door to Hairspray and along the road from Oliver making it a great hotel if you are going to see either of these fantastic musicals - I'd recommend both!!

                  For such a cheap price you might be wondered about the standard of the room. I can assure you the rooms as always clean and quiet. Although there are no "extras" such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc these can be purchased from a vending machine in the downstairs lobbey. Hairdryers and irons can also be obtained from reception free of charge.

                  There is a bar and a restaurnat downstairs although I have never used either of these. I have had a look at the menus though and they seem very reaonably priced.

                  I will definately be staying here again and would thoroughly recommend it for a night's stay. In central London all you are really looking for is a place to sleep after all as there is so much to do!!


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                    27.02.2009 21:02
                    Very helpful



                    Stay in the High Holborn site for better quality

                    There are already two excellent reviews on the Covent Garden Travelodge and I don't want to waste readers' time covering the same ground, but I do have some experiences that may add to the pool of knowledge.
                    Firstly, the Travelodge consists of two separate buildings: One is on High Holborn and the other is on Drury Lane. They are very close to one another indeed, but having stayed in both of them I've noticed a big difference between them, in that the High Holborn one is more modern and in much better condition than the Drury Lane one, so much that I rate the former a long way ahead of the latter.
                    Secondly, we discovered in the course of a recent stay that while there is a Travelodge Car Park which costs £15 for 24 hours, Travelodge have negotiated a discount with National Car Parks so that Travelodge customers staying in the NCP car park adjacent to the High Holborn site (entrance on Museum Street) pay only £12 for 24 hours, with a big reduction in the NCP hourly rate for extra odd hours over the 24. To qualify for this, customers have to present the card they receive from the NCP machine upon entry at Travelodge reception for a bar code to be added to it and then the automatic NCP payment machine makes the correct adjustment to the price. The NCP car park is well lit, it had staff on duty every time I went in it and while the full price, in excess of £30 a day is eye-wateringly steep to those of us from the provinces, the reduced £12 rate seemed brilliant.
                    Thirdly, we found the Travelodge breakfast to be hopeless. It was expensive at £7.50, there was a long and slow-moving queue to be seated (we waited half an hour) and the food when we eventually got that far seemed more school canteen than hotel. To be fair on Travelodge, when we complained they gave us a full refund on the breakfast. Anyway, one morning of that was enough and the next morning we ventured to one of the coffee shops which abound on Drury Lane just by the hotel. There, we were well fed for literally half the Travelodge price. Having stayed three times now at the Covent Garden Travelodge we have tried the Piccolo coffee bar and the Verona coffee shop and we liked them both. Both seem to be run by Italians who have completely mastered the art of the English breakfast, while providing fast and friendly service. Top job!
                    As for the rest - standard Travelodge, except to remind folk that if you keep watching the Travelodge site and look far enough ahead, you can sometimes get a real bargain and £29 a night rooms are frequently available. At that price, plus £12 for parking and £7 for breakfast for two in one of the nearby cafés you can't go wrong - and there's no congestion charge at the weekend!


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                      11.12.2008 15:32
                      Very helpful



                      Good budget hotel, not the ritz but ok for a night or two.

                      My other half and I were invited to a friend's wedding in London. We looked at the suggested hotels on the invite, but being on and around Charring Cross, although they looked wonderful, boy did you pay for it! We settled instead on the Travelodge at Covent Garden.

                      We booked the room online with no problems; the website is easy enough to navigate and was user friendly. One possible quibble is that the room photo seemed to be a generic one (though I admit that there may have been a room in the hotel that looked like the picture). Having selected the date and the room options we wanted we were presented with two prices; we could either book and pay for the room outright, but the room would be non refundable should we have to cancel (which was £59) or we could have a flexible booking which would allow us to cancel upto a short period before our stay (this option would cost us c. £125 - I'm afraid I can't exactly remember the cost). We went for the non refundable option. We also paid £10 for an early check in (12 noon instead of 3pm). So all in the room cost us £69, not including breakfast.

                      The day of our stay arrived and we rocked up to the hotel at about 1pm. The hotel is a short walk (couple of streets) from Covent Garden tube. Although we didn't go to Holborn tube, on the map it appeared to be equally situated from both tube stations. We were met by a mean flight of steps... not ideal when you have cases to carry, but we were expecting them having seen the photos online. When we got to the reception there was a huge queue. There was only one receptionist on whilst we were there and she seemed to take an age to check anyone in... this was not helped by the fact that many of the people ahead of us were paying their early check in fee on the spot which was very frustrating because I had prepaid and we needed to get to our room quickly so we could get changed and off to the wedding. We couldn't even use the express check in machines because annoyingly they were out of order. Finally though we managed to check in. We were given the option of having 1 or 2 room keys but as we would be together the whole time there seemed little point in getting 2. We finished checking in around 1:30pm - 30 mins was a little steep to have to wait but with only one girl on reception and a big queue it was to be expected.

                      We were on the 3rd floor of the main hotel (there appeared to be a seperate annex next door also). The room was located along the usual rat runs that these hotels are made up of. We had to dodge round cleaners and cleaning carts/hoovers but as we were checking in early this I suppose you can't complain and to their credit the cleaners were quick to move obstacles out of our way when they saw us coming.

                      The room itself was rather on the small side, I have stayed in a couple of different travelodges in my time and this had the least generous floorspace. The bedroom itself wasn't too much of an issue but the bathroom was a let down size-wise. I confess I am not the smallest person in the world but even my husband had a squeeze to get past the sink to get to the toilet. You also had to close the door to get to the shower (not a huge issue but it did prevent us communicating whilst the other showered). The shower also suffered from a severe lack of pressure but I think that is a common problem in these big hotels. The room on the whole was clean, if a little battered. There was a tiny kettle and a selection on tea, coffee, milk and sugar (no biscuits though which would have been a nice touch). The tv had a small range of channels but to be fair you don't stay at a hotel to watch tv anyway so not a great problem there. There was a desk and chair and open wardrobe to stow your case and hang up clothes.

                      We got changed and headed out. We didn't want to be late and left with time to spare and it is a good job we did as one lift was out of order and the other remaining lift was occupied by cleaners moving dirty laundry around. Again I appreciate that we were on an early check in and the cleaning happens around that time but it was frustrating that the one working lift was being monopolised by staff. We must have been waiting 10 mins for it finally stop on our floor and it be empty. We would have used the stairs if there were any (we saw no signs for them).

                      We returned back at the hotel after the wedding. The room was nice and quiet, there was some traffic noise but nothing problematic and the bed, if a little soft was comfortable nonetheless. We both had a good nights sleep.

                      I can't comment about the breakfast as we didn't have it but it was £7.50 per person for a buffet breakfast. We decided that this was a little steep and headed into the city to find a cheaper alternative.

                      The hotel wasn't perfect but you don't book into a travelodge for out and out luxury. It would have been nice if there had been more staff on reception (or if one of the express check in machines had been working) but we may have just been unlucky arriving at a time when reception was swamped (when we left the hotel for the wedding the reception was clear). It would also have been better if there were more working lifts or stairs accessible. At the end of the day we wanted somewhere to stow our stuff, get ready for the wedding in and somewhere to have a good nights sleep in, all within easy reach of the wedding. In all those requirements it ticked the boxes, all the rest would just have been icing on the cake.

                      In conclusion, if you are looking for a budget hotel for a night or two then this is it. I would probably use the hotel again but only for one or maybe two nights, the Ritz it ain't!


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                        06.11.2008 20:12
                        Very helpful



                        A good base if exploring London

                        Having won a couple of train tickets to London in a local newspaper competition, I then needed to book somewhere to stay. I wanted to be as close to the city centre as possible, but without the huge costs.

                        I've stayed at a number of Travelodge hotels in the past, including a couple in London, so I checked out the Travelodge website. A number of Travelodge hotels were available in London city centre, but I decided to choose Covent Garden Travelodge due to it's location.

                        To stop at Covent Garden Travelodge on a Thursday night during October half-term cost me £99. I also paid an extra £10 for early check-in (from midday instead of from 3pm) and then another £10 for 24 hour WiFi internet access. So that'a £119 in total. More than I'd normally pay, but I got the location and facilties I needed.

                        The hotel is a couple of streets away from Covent Garden underground station, but isn't far from Holborn underground station either.

                        We accessed the hotel via a large number of steps, but there must be a more accessible entrance to the hotel as there was a mini lift for wheelchairs from the reception area down the few steps to the bar area.

                        The reception staff were friendly and we were checked-in swiftly. I didn't need my debit/credit card as I'd already paid online. We were only given one room card between 2 of us (sharing a twin room), but that didn't matter too much. However, the man served before me was offered 2 room cards, so it's a bit hit & miss.

                        Our room was on the 2nd floor of the hotel and was easily found. I believe the hotel is split into two parts, but our room was in the main part.

                        The room was decorated in Travelodge's blue & white style. We had 2 single beds with a bedside cabinet between them. Also in the room was a set of drawers with an LCD TV on top, a desk and chair, a place to put our bags, a wardrobe, a heater and a shelve holding a kettle and tea/coffee.

                        The bathroom was clean (although there was water marks below the taps) and had the usual bath/shower, toilet and skink. Oh and a very small bar of Travelodge soap!

                        The lighting in the room could have been better. There was no main light, just 2 bedside lamps and 2 inset lights (of which only 1 was working).

                        After a longer afternoon in the city, we decided to have our evening meal at the hotel. We ordered fish & chips and steak & ale pie, onlt the steak & ale pie was "finished" so a cheese burger & chips was ordered instead. While waiting for our food, I was about to pour my J20 into the glass provided when I saw the state of the glass and changed my mind, I drank straight from the bottle instead! They were probably only water marks, but there was enough to put me off.

                        My first thoughts when the meal arrived were that the plate for my fish & chips was a bit on the small side (it looked more like a kids place, but oval). My second thought was that the cuttlery was water marked too, so I gave them the once over with my paper serviette before using them. The food was OK, nothing special but then it's only Travelodge. The bar had a large screen TV showing BBC News 24, but unfortunately it was the Ross-Russ Radio 2 scandal over and over and over.

                        Despite being a city centre hotel, there wasn't a great deal of noise during the night (which surpised me). It was only around 6.30 - 7am that was awaken by noise (the dustbin men!). It's always a plus for me to get a good night's sleep!

                        Anyway, overall the hotel was fine. It's certainly an ideal base for exploring the centre of London. Not somewhere you'd be looking to spend a geat deal of time, but a good place to sleep.


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