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Travelodge Manchester Central Hotel

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12 Reviews
  • brilliant location
  • usually quiet
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    12 Reviews
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      20.10.2014 02:07
      Very helpful


      • "usually quiet "
      • "brilliant location"


      Good location, great sleep, lovely staff

      I have used this hotel for years, more than I can remember to be honest because growing up I was always at Manchester Arena and now it has more theatres and is not bad for me to get to.

      This hotel was very run down but as of I think it was around April for this hotel is now sporting a very nice overhaul. This is one of the hotels they have done a good job with.

      The hotel is situated on Blackfriars street and over looks the river on one side, it is literally 1 minutes walk to the main shopping area and about 3 to the Arndale shopping centre yet the street it is on is pretty quiet and I yet to have had a sleep bothered by outside noise even with open windows.

      This hotel now sports the lavish new beds as well as the new look curtains, however they have not bothered to change the carpets in the rooms and some are patched up. Still they have new shower curtains, the bathrooms have been refreshed and the rooms given a fresh coat of paint.

      The bar area has been given a total make over, with a new carpet and eating area. I have eaten there a few times and the staff have always done what they can to help me, one night when I was fancying a chip butty they even gave me some bread to make one with when they do not sell it.

      I think one of the things I like most about this hotel is that no matter how large it is I have never been bothered by people making a noise nor cleaners on the morning cleaning other rooms so the rooms must be fairly well sound proofed unlike many of the newer built ones.

      Sadly they have not updated the televisions in all of these rooms and there are still a number of televisions who I can not believe are still running, you remember the kind with the huge backs on them. They also have many remotes that are so dirty and really should be thrown out.

      Regarding size all of the rooms at this hotel are a nice spacious size and have decent sized windows for fresh light. I have never been in a badly cleaned room either.

      This hotel has retained the baths in all rooms rather than some showers.


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      23.01.2013 15:55
      Very helpful



      Fine if only for one night

      Around five years ago I persuaded my anty to help me plan a trip to see the Dancing On Ice tour. This was our first time planning it ourselves as my mum usually does that but we wanted to surprise her for her birthday.

      After deciding which dates were most convenient for us we chose to go to Manchester, where we had never been before. I am so glad we chose to go to Manchester as I love it their and now go back regularly for shopping and shows.

      We decided to stay at the Travelodge Manchester Central as it was close to where we needed to go. When we arrived at Manchester airport we took a taxi to the hotel which usually costs around £20. This taxi went to the wrong Travelodge which apparently they get confused about a lot but the staff at the desk kindly came and explained this to the taxi driver and he took us to the right one straight away.

      When we arrived at the Travelodge we checked in and left our bags in the hotel whilst we went to the shops as our room wasn't ready yet. When we returned, our room was a basic room with a bathroom, beds and a tv and little else but that was what we paid for. We had a triple room which had one double bed and a sofa bed. The tv had freeview channels and there was a kettle, three cups and tea and coffee.

      The bathroom was small but still with room to move and had a bath and shower which was sometimes hard to keep at the right temperature.

      Within a five minute walk is the high street and Arndale Centre with loads of shops and restaurants and the MEN arena (what we needed).

      When we were ready to go to the MEN that evening we asked the lady at the desk for directions. She was very helpful and printed a map off for us and wrote on directions. We had this ready to use but we soon noticed we could follow the crowds of people going in the same direction.

      After leaving the MEN arena that evening we had difficulties getting back to the hotel as we left with the crowds and ended up out a different door than we went in. We got back eventually though.

      As the hotel is in the city centre it is quite noisy at night and throughout the night we could hear clubs, sirens, cars and people.

      The following morning when we left the room for breakfast we could smell burnt toast but as we got to the breakfast room it was fine and all laid out ready for you to help yourself.

      The staff kindly ordered a taxi for the airport.

      On our last trip to Manchester when we stayed in this same hotel we arrived just after ten and asked to check in. This particular member of staff would not let us check in as the check in time was midday. As she wouldn't take our suitcases either, we sat in the reception for two hours.

      At twelve o clock exactly she checked us in. She claimed she couldn't check us in earlier as there were no rooms ready. Those cleaners must have been super speedy to clean the entire building in less than two hours. There would have been a room somewhere but she chose to be awkward.

      We still use this for short stays but prefer other cheap brand hotels instead.


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        06.06.2012 13:29



        Ok if you get it for a cheap price

        Well firstly i will say how i travel the length of the country for work and i have stayed in more Travelodges than i care to remember. Nothing compares to my horrid experience in Preston Central, however i wasnt very pleased with this one. The positives however were the fact that it was so central, just about a 10 minute walk to the main shopping centre (sorry i have forgotton its name) where you can pick up clothes, food etc. Very handy. The negatives were when i finally found it, after struggling with the one way system for an hour, was the price of the car park! If you are staying more than one night please do not bring a car if you can help it, the ticket officers seemed to love it down there. It was extremely noisy, but not from the exterior. People staying in the Travelodge seemed to have no care for anyone else but themselves. It was busy however. Another negative is the lifts, the doors only opened when they wanted. My final negative about this place is its always a high cost, more than any other central usually - even London - and the inside needs a massive revamp. It was so old, grimey and cold that i actually didnt spend much time here at all and hopefully never will. All in all if you get it for a cheap price, staying one night while you party hard then thats probably a great hotel for you, however if you are staying on business or with a family its probably best to avoid.


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        25.09.2011 12:13
        Very helpful



        Travelodge Manchester Central Hotel

        My partner and I had been invited to a wedding in Wales and as I am living in Scotland and my partner in The Netherlands we thought we thought that it would be easiest to meet in Manchester and then drive down to Wales the following morning for the wedding.
        We had originally booked a different hotel but after having some trouble with them we decided to cancel it and book somewhere else.
        As it was only for one night and we were paying a small fortune to stay in Wales the next night we decided to book in to the Travelodge Manchester Central. I had received an email from Travelodge a few days prior to us booking it that said they were having a sale on and rooms were available for £15. Of course when I went to the website to book there were no sale rooms to be found and I had to pay £58 for our double room which still isn't so bad for a hotel room in the city centre I suppose.

        The Manchester Travelodge Central is located on Blackfirars Street which is just off Deansgate. Anyone familiar with Manchester will have no problems finding it but even for those people who don't have a clue it is pretty easy to find. It is about a ten minute walk from Piccadilly train station and you just need to walk in a straight line through the city centre shopping district and it is just a couple of minutes from Selfridges.
        The building it is in is pretty ugly and looks like some office block from communist Russia but it's what on the inside that counts and for the money it is a pretty decent hotel. Disabled guests will have no problem with access as there is a large entrance with a wheelchair friendly path to the door and the doors inside all seemed to be wide. The reception area is like all travelodges I have stayed in before and has the reception desk with some seating and then the bar and restaurant area further down.

        We arrived late afternoon on a Friday so there were a few people waiting to check in so we decided to brave the self-service check in machines that were beside the reception desk.
        The last time I stayed at a Travelodge I tried using the self-service machine but it was a complete disaster and wouldn't work properly that we had to eventually use the reception desk. This time it was a breeze and we managed to check-in in under a minute and the machine gave us our key and room number meaning that we could bypass the reception queue.
        The doors to the lifts and stairs which take you to the rooms is always locked at Travelodge's and you need your room key for access which is something that I like especially as they always seem to have a minimum of staff at them.
        There are two lifts which I found to be quite large and speedy so we never had to wait for more than a few seconds for them to arrive.

        Our room was on the third floor and I was pleasantly surprised when we opened our door as it was huge and much bigger than any other Travelodge I have stayed in. In the room there is the basics such as the bed, desk, TV, wardrobe and a couch. There was also a kettle with tea and coffee making facilities which for a budget hotel is always appreciated.

        The bathroom could really have done with some refurbishment but it was clean and there was even some soap in it. Towels were also sparse but there was a couple more along with another pillow in the wardrobe.
        There was nothing special about the room other than its size but it was clean and comfortable which is all that can be expected from budget accommodation.

        The room was quite hot and one thing that did irritate me about the room was that it had those stupid little child catches on the windows to stop people throwing themselves out of them. These are one of my pet hates especially as they only open a couple of inches and it is hard to get any fresh air in the room with them. Luckily the heating was from an electric radiator with a plug so we just unplugged it and the room got to a more comfortable temperature pretty quickly.

        Because we were both so tired we decided to brave it and try the restaurant downstairs. The menu is on the small side but there is the usual burgers, pasta etc. I ordered a cheese burger and my partner the steak and ale pudding. Service was atrocious as you have to order at the bar and but we sat for about 20 minutes before we even saw the girl who looked after the bar. Once ordered we took a table and sat and waited for our food. After about 25 minutes the girl came over to tell us that unfortunately the steak and ale pie was no longer available. I was furious as I couldn't understand why it had taken so long for them to let us know. I would have just cancelled but I was hungry and couldn't be bothered looking for somewhere else to eat. We changed the order to two cheeseburgers and when the food finally arrived it was a lot better and more plentiful than I had expected. The prices weren't bad either and although I forget exactly how much everything was it was under £15 for the two burgers and two cokes.

        After our meal we decided to get an early night and I'm not sure if it was because the bed was comfortable or because we were so tired but I had a great night's sleep. I did get woken up a couple of times with drunk people going to their rooms but when you stay at a Travelodge on a weekend night this is to be expected and it wasn't as bad as I had feared it was going to be.
        The traffic on the road outside was also quite heavy in the morning so if you are a very light sleeper then this probably isn't the best hotel for you to stay in.

        When we left in the morning check-out was just as quick and painless as check-in had been and all we had to do was drop off our key in the key slot and we didn't even have to see the receptionist which is just as well as we didn't see hide nor hair of one.
        The Travelodge Manchester Central was absolutely fine for the money we paid for it. There is certainly nothing luxurious about it but it does offer good value clean and comfortable accommodation in a central location.


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          17.01.2011 23:48
          Very helpful



          I am not gonna go again

          When sales are on for Travelodges and Premier inns I always find myself checking places out to see how cheap we can get a weekend away. Which is how we found ourselves driving to Manchester on Friday straight from school and work.

          I booked the two nights back at the end of October for middle of January. I paid just over £80 for a family room with breakfast included. As I booked online the breakfasts were £6.50 per adult per day(children eat free). The price for booking breakfast online has now increased to £6.65. It tells you online that sometimes saver rooms are cheaper if you book each night separately. (This is what I did). Rooms that are booked as sale or saver rooms can be cancelled but you will not be refunded - so no point cancelling.

          Book in is from 3pm and check out up to 12pm, unless you pay an extra £10 for early check in/late check out.

          What I didn't realise when I booked this was that parking had to be paid for. I never book anywhere if I have to pay for parking as something cheap suddenly becomes more expensive. It was too late when I realised but the website said it was £7.50 for 24 hours and it had 50 spaces.

          The Travelodge is situated on Blackfriars Street which is as the name suggests is quite central for things in Manchester.
          We arrived at about 5 O'clock and drove into the small seedy underground car park, and spotted a few spaces at the far end. It was a good job there was a few spaces as if it had been the one I don't think we would have got the car into the space. There was little room for manoever, I would like to blame it on the way the supports were placed but it was also the gap in the middle of the cars (you know the space you drive in from and use to drive out of the space). Luckily my husband reversed into the space but it was still very difficult to get out of the space the next day, even smaller cars were having trouble that had parked in the same part of the car park.
          We went to pay at the pay and display machine and put the £7.50 in and we got until 12 mid day (this is not 24 hours to me).

          Once we had paid and displayed we took the lift up to the reception on the ground floor. This was open plan with the bar and restaurant. As the receptionist was on the telephone someone else came to help and told me I could book in using a machine which was just to the side. I needed to put my booking reference in and the machine spat out our breakfast vouchers and the room number. It did this for the first night as I had made separate bookings. I was told I would have to speak to the receptionist in the morning to sort it out so we could keep the same room.

          As it was weekend breakfast was served between 8am and 11am, in the week it is served between 7am and 10am.
          So we went back to the lifts to go to our room there were 7 floors, ours was on the 4th. There was only one lift that was being used as the other lift had a chair keeping the door open so I popped in to have a look why it wasn't being used. There was tape across where there should have been buttons for the ground floor (reception) and the first floor.

          We got to the room with the card that we had been given to open the door and opened it. As we walked in the couch (that was to become a bed) was the first thing we saw, and the wardrobe at the end of that; to the left slightly was the bathroom which contained bath with overhead shower, toilet and sink. Further round we saw the double bed and after some space at the end was the dressing table with a wall mirror, plug sockets, kettle and tea and coffee making stuff. At the other end of the dressing table was a small television.
          The couch became one bed and there was a pull out matress from underneath. Now I know with travelodges you have to make the extra beds up but I did expect to have the sheets and quilts there to do it. Instead I had to go back down to reception with my eldest and ask for a sheet, quilt and pillows (so as I had to ask I got a couple of extra pillows).

          The room was clean but the walls were a bit dirty and in need of a refurb as was the bathroom. The seal around the bath was black in places (ugh). There was no chair in the room just the couch which we made up more or less straight away. The television was too small to be as far away as it was and they should get some bigger ones in.

          We didn't eat in the restaurant but they had the usual things pizza, burger, chips etc. The eating area (for breakfast as well) was just small tables that seat 4 with 4 chairs around and spread from the bar to quite near the reception. It didn't really look like a restaurant at all.

          We went down for breakfast on the first morning and nobody asked for our passes so we just chose a table and went to see what was on offer. It was the usual little boxes of cereal, scrambled egg, beans. tomato, sausage, bacon and make your own toast. There was also croissants and blueberry muffins. To drink there was fresh orange, apple juice, water, tea and coffee.
          I did find that the tables were not really big enough to have a nice family breakfast, we were forever moving plates and glasses etc to make room for the toast or cups of tea.
          The breakfast tasted nice enough, and it wasn't busy so there was no rush.
          When we had finished we went to reception to ask them to sort the room out for the 2nd night and the receptionist said she had already done it - which was good, but I had to ask if we needed breakfast passes.

          As it was raining we decided to take the car out, we had thought we could leave it there but was told we would have to pay again at 12 miday and didn't really see the point in hanging around (we might have done if it was fine). So this is where we saw a small car struggling to get out of a space with someone guiding them and we did about a 58 point turn to get out. Luckily when we got back there was a space at the other end of the carpark where people were parked at an angle so we managed to reverse into that which made it a lot easier when we were leaving.

          So would I recommend this - well not if you were driving as it makes it more expensive but if you didn't need to park a car and got a sale room then yes but don't expect a nice new hotel. It needs a lick of paint and the seals checking on the bath.
          Would I go again no because of the car park. You have to pay to park and it is the worst car park for space that I have ever used.


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            31.07.2010 17:09
            Very helpful



            Not recommended

            I was attending my friends hen party and this was the hotel of choice.

            It has a great central location and we found the shops were pretty much on your doorstep and the main pub area is only a short walk. There is also a great range of restraunts just round the corner.

            As for the hotel I would say it was def over priced for the state of repair it was in. I understand central hotels are always higher priced and more used but I would have expected better. It was certaintly not how the advertise it on the tv.

            I looked at 3 rooms as there were a group of us staying and all could have done with a good coat of paint. In our room the shower had a leak which meant when you used the shower water sprayed out the shower head straight over the shower curtain and soaked the bathroom floor. Bit of a health and safety issue there.

            In all 3 rooms the water took ages to walm up in the showers. In all rooms the bed sheet were full of dust when you shook them - not appealing when you are going to be sleeping in the bed.

            The one room smelt suspiciously of smoke though all rooms are supposed to be no smoking.

            In the other room there was the most gigantic spider you have ever seen in residence and the room it self just looked plain grubby.

            When we enquired about room service we were told they did not do this despite there being room service menus in all the rooms. We then went to enquire at the bar for food. People who had ordered food over half an hour ago were still waiting and it was not busy and the food was not difficult (pizza, chips, burger etc). Hence to say we went out to eat.

            On the plus side the rooms are very spacious and it has a very central location. It is also a cheap taxi ride from the train station (approx £5).

            Overall I would not recommend this hotel to anyone until it has had a refurb.


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            30.12.2009 22:43
            Very helpful



            Budget accommodation in central Manchester

            Earlier this year I found myself in need of a hotel in central Manchester, as my daughter's 2009 Christmas present was a trip the Manchester Evening News Arena to see Miley Cyrus in concert.

            A friend in the US sent me the presale code but much to my dismay many hotels around the arena were already full on the date of the concert despite tickets going on sale a good six months before.

            I really wanted a hotel within a short walking distance from the Arena which wasn't going to break the bank so once again I found myself on the Travelodge website, and managed to secure a booking at the Manchester Central hotel for £32 per night. Had I not had the presale code for tickets and had to wait for the tickets to go on general sale I would have been looking at prices of at least double what I paid.

            ~~The Location~~

            The hotel is centrally located on Blackfriars Street in the Deansgate area of the city. It was easy to find coming in from the M60 off the A56 and is also close to the M602 motorway. The Arndale Centre is just a five minute walk away, and Manchester Victoria station is about a ten minute walk. Piccadilly station is about 20 minutes walk.

            ~~My Experience~~

            I booked a family room for this trip because my sister was travelling with us, although due to a friend's bereavement she ended up only staying one night of our booked two night stay.

            The Travelodge website states the hotel has a car park which costs £7.50 for 24 hours stay which is reasonable for the city centre, but when I arrived at the hotel the car park was full. There is an NCP car park next door so I had to use that instead - and at £15.30 for 24 hours this stuck in my craw a little.

            We arrived at reception around 2.45 pm to be met by a huge queue of people checking in - clearly I was not the only person to consider this hotel after securing concert tickets for Miley Cyrus. As a result there were a lot of young children, the vast majority of them girls, staying at the hotel.

            Check in was quick and efficient and using the room key card to access the lift area we headed up to our room.

            I have stayed in a lot of Travelodges and one thing you learn quickly about them is they are not all created equal, with some being far better than others. I am pleased to say this was one of the better ones.

            Our family room was particularly spacious - I have been in some which have been a bit of a tight squeeze so I do worry sometimes but there was plenty of room in this one.

            The sofa bed was unmade and there were only three pillows in the room, but at least there were towels for all three guests in the room when we arrived. There was a sheet and duvet for the sofa bed available in the exposed wardrobe area so beloved of the Travelodge chain.

            The bed was a typical Travelodge bed - just about bearable but not a patch on anything you will get from any other hotel chain. I've said it before and I'll say it again - these cheap beds the Travelodge use are pretty uncomfortable and not good enough to guarantee a good night's sleep. I know the rooms can be had for a cheap price but for full price you don't really get value for money due to these poor beds.

            The bathroom was pleasant and the shower was particularly good - it was powerful and the hot water came on immediately. My daughter had a bath and this wasn't quite as successful as the bath is only a three quarter size tub meaning it's too short to luxuriate much in.

            A downside about having a large room was the fact it was quite cold and the bog standard electric wall heater you find in Travelodges was as inefficient at heating the room as ever. I ended up having to leave the heater on for the entire duration of my stay which seemed wasteful - but we were staying in the midst of the cold snap and needed it.

            There was an LCD TV on the desk along with a kettle and some instant coffee and teabags. The TV only had the five terrestial channels and a handful of Freeview ones. There was one chair and that was that.

            Maid service was perfunctory - we had had a drink in the bar area after the concert on our first night and my sister and I took our drinks up to our room to finish them before bed. The glasses were not removed when the maid cleaned our room the next day which I found disappointing.

            We ended up running out of toilet paper in the room because an empty roll wasn't replaced with a full one - instead a half used one was put up.

            There was also a leak from the toilet which I discovered the morning of our departure - it was only minor but it led to a puddle on the bathroom floor.

            I also struggled to get spare pillows - I headed down to get some about an hour after checking in (my fault I suppose for not requesting them at check-in!) and could only get two.

            My biggest gripe about this hotel is the car park however. Despite it being a hotel car park, it is open to the public - meaning the canny visitor to the city can quite legally park there so long as they pay and display. In light of the fact it is less than half the price to use this small car park as opposed to the NCP one next door, you can and will struggle to park here.

            I was able to move my car to the hotel park on my second day of our stay but if you are driving to this hotel be prepared to have to use the NCP car park and pay the much higher tariff there.

            As I have been disappointed so often with the food in Travelodges I didn't sample either breakfast or dinner here so I cannot comment on it, but bar service was rather slow in the evening after we got back from the concert with large queues forming and only one member of staff serving guests.


            If I ever find myself back in Manchester for a concert at the MEN Arena I would consider this hotel but only because of the fact it's only a short walk to and from there. I would also be loathe to pay the rack rate of £75 per night for such an uncomfortable bed so it would have to be on offer.

            All in all however it's worth considering if you are staying in Manchester on a budget and need to have a city centre location.


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              08.10.2009 11:52
              Very helpful



              A good hotel if your working on a cheap night away

              General Info
              The deansgate travelodge is brilliantly located in the very centre of Manchester, making it popular with people going to the city for events or for shopping trips.

              It is part of the massive travelodge chain who have been offering overnight accomodation for travellers for about 10 years.

              My experience
              My experience of the Manchester City travelodge is a fairly good one. In i believe that you get exactly what you pay for.

              We booked the trip the day before we left to see Jason Manford, we had not, at first, planned to stay over, but decided we would considering the cheapness that we could get it for.

              We booked in, online, for a mere 8 pounds each (there were 4 of us), and set off the next day to the hotel.

              The reception area was clean and tidy, and even fairly modern. The lifts were not working but we are all 19, so that did not really bother us. It could have been a problem for an older traveller though.

              On arrival at the room, the key card did not work, which was irritating, as we had to nip back down 4 flights of stairs, to renew the code, and then we headed back up.

              Eventually we got into the room, and i was pleasantly surprised. It was massive, slightly dated, but clean. For £36 you really could not argue with the standard of the hotel.

              However, we then went on a hunt for the 4th bed. This was disappointing, it pulled out from underneath the sofa, which was not even a sofa bed, and was basically a mattress on the floor.

              Again, this did not really matter for a group of 19 year olds used to roughing it in student accomodation, but those with a little more discernable taste may have been offended.

              The bathroom was clean, and functional, and could not really been any better than it was apart from a needed refurb, however this was a theme throughout the hotel.

              On returning from the gig we felt safe and secure when approaching our room, which is always a nice touch in a hotel of this nature. We got inside, the two lucky lads settled down in the proper bed, whilst I roughed it on the sofa and my mate took the floor bed. Horrid.

              Surprisingly we all had a fairly good nights sleep, but did not choose to take advantage of the breakfast at the slightly extortionate price of £7.50. We headed into Manchester, where there were plenty of deals to be had.

              Check out was just as smooth as check in, a case of handing over the card and anyway we went.

              Overall i would probably recommend this hotel despite its shortcomings. If your just looking for somewhere to literally lay your head, then it does the job perfectly, and does offer great value for money.

              The central location is handy, meaning that you arent far away from any of Manchester's sights at anytime.

              Overall, a good hotel.


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              11.03.2009 12:27
              Very helpful



              Great location, but don't expect luxury and bring everything you'll need!


              It's been so long since my partner and I went to Manchester that, when we got tickets to see The Killers (woohoo!) at the MEN Arena last week, we decided to make a trip of it and stay over, so we could do some shopping and - more importantly - sample the local food and drink!
              Anyone who has booked concert tickets recently will know that, by the time you've added all the 'hidden costs' on, you've spent a fortune, so we were looking for somewhere cheap and conveniently located and I have to say, we definitely found that.

              - How did we find it?-

              After trawling through all the usual hotel websites, I stumbled across an advert offering rooms for £19 at Travelodge. This isn't the price we paid for the room (it was actually £35), but it certainly got my attention. After heading to www.travelodge.co.uk and searching for hotels in Manchester, I was given a series of suitable options. There are a couple of options in the city centre but we finally settled on this one because it suited our needs best (close to the MEN, close to the Arndale centre and the nightlife on Deansgate and cheap parking).
              The website is easy to navigate and tells you everything you need to know about the hotel you've chosen, its facilities and what's close-by.

              -Getting there-

              *By car - the directions we printed off the internet couldn't have been easier to follow; head for the M60 Ring Road (North and East), leave at J17 and follow the A56 all the way into the city centre (passing the MEN Arena and The Lowry Centre) and then turn right onto Blackfriars Street et voila! It's the big, grey, imposing building on the right hand side! It was a painless trip considering what it can be like travelling into Manchester.

              *By Train - According to the website, Victoria Station is a quarter of a mile away and Piccadilly is half a mile away. Victoria Station is obviously the better choice and is about three minutes walk, even for a slow-coach like me!


              This is one of the main reasons we chose this hotel over the others. It has an underground car-park that is run on behalf of the hotel by an external company. It has about 50 (very badly marked out) spaces, although we were advised to get there at 3pm on the dot to guarantee a space, which turned out to be good advice. If you arrive after 3pm, you get 24hrs parking for £7.50, or it's about £1.50 per hour.
              If there are no spaces available here, there is a NCP car-park next door that is about £15 for 24 hours.

              -Where is it?-

              As the name of the hotel suggests, it is very centrally located. It is more or less on the crossroads of Deansgate (where you'll find copious amounts of restaurants and bars) and St Mary's St (which is where you'll find the main shopping street including the Arndale Centre).
              It took us about five minutes to walk to the MEN Arena and the Palace and Royal Exchange Theatres and the G-Mex are all within walking distance. The Museum of Science and Industry is about half a mile from the hotel

              -What do you get for the price?-

              The truthful answer is not a lot, but the Travelodge make no pretence about this being the reason why their prices are so low. They give you a room from 3pm to midday the following day and you can pay for any extras you want, including earlier check-in (£10), later check-out (£10), breakfast (£5.99 online or £7.50 at check-in, per person). We didn't take any of these options, so can't comment on the value for money, but considering there are so many places to eat in the vicinity; I would think you could get a better deal elsewhere.

              -The rooms-

              The rooms are basic, but contain everything you need. They have a double bed, en-suite bathroom, dressing table, coffee making facilities, a TV and wardrobe and shelf space. They are spacious, clean and comfortable.

              The beds are extremely soft and bouncy, which sounds nice but actually makes sleeping quite difficult - every movement makes you wake up feeling a little sea-sick! My other half (who admittedly is a light sleeper) spent most of the night awake as a result.

              The showers are super powerful, which makes a nice change in a hotel.

              The TV has a selection of English TV and radio channels, including news, sport and entertainment (ITV I think).

              There are a couple of things to bear in mind though. Like I said, the Travelodge keeps their prices low by removing all the 'frills', so don't expect to find toiletries (other than one mini bar of soap), a hair-dryer, an iron or even a phone! We were also only supplied with one hand towel and one bath towel, so I would recommend asking for another at reception when you check-in to avoid problems when you get out of the shower and find nothing to dry yourself with!

              You can ask at reception as well for a hair-dryer, iron, and extra pillows (which you'll probably need).

              -Other facilities-

              *24-hour reception with efficient and friendly staff.
              *2 lifts that go to all floors, although very sporadically!
              *Wi-Fi - you need to buy a voucher (which can be purchased on-line when booking), which is valid for twelve months. Prices are £5 for an hour, £10 for a day, £20 for a week and £30 for a month.
              *ATM machine on the wall outside.
              *A bar cafe serving evening meals (Brewers Fayre sort of standard by the looks of the menu) and drinks.
              *Vending machines, offering hot and cold drinks, snacks, ice-creams and travel essentials.
              *Meeting rooms.
              *Lounge area.

              -My opinion-

              Overall, I would say that we definitely got what we paid for and, for the price, you couldn't ask for a better location. I would recommend the Travelodge to anyone, although that recommendation would come with a warning attached; don't expect luxury and bring everything you'll need!


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                22.01.2009 20:39
                Very helpful
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                If you get a room at the right price it's definitely worth it!

                I have stayed in the Manchester Central Travelodge on numerous occasions. The fact I have been back more than once would to me say that this is acceptable accommodation for me!

                The Travelodge is a budget hotel chain, cheap and cheerful in my eyes. The Manchester central Travelodge is no different to the rest of them.

                What makes the Manchester Central Travelodge stand out for me is the location. A stones throw from Dean's Gate (a street of bars and clubs) and a very short walk from Manchester's main shopping area. What else could a girl want!!

                I would say that the location is the best feature here; the rooms at the Travelodge are basic but spacious. The bedrooms that I have stayed in have a double bed, sofa bed, en-suite bathroom, tv and tea and coffee making facilities. The hotel also has a restaurant and bar - which I've never used.

                This Travelodge also has limited car parking facilities, each time I have stayed there I have been lucky enough to have a space. I think the parking costs us approx £7 a night.

                I've seen many deals for this Travelodge for as little as £19 a night, this is an absolute bargain! Due to the fab location you won't be spending much time in your room.


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                  31.08.2008 18:03
                  Very helpful



                  A great place to stay.

                  I stayed at this hotel for a one night stay after a night out as it was one of my friends birthday, he booked two rooms for us.

                  Its about a 5 minute walk from the centre of town and its very close to the arndale shopping centre. Its about a 10minute walk from Piccadilly station. The hotel is located right by the manchester evening news arena so its also near victoria station.

                  The hotel is based on about 6 floor and has two lifts, it also has a resturant located on the bottom floor, prices were decent, very good for a hotel resturant.

                  I didnt experience the reception as i didnt check us in. I just went straight up to the hotel room. We had two rooms, so i went in both rooms. One bedroom was alot better, it had 2 sofa's and a double bed. The other room only had 1 sofa. The rooms of course like every other travelodge are basic and clean. Its all you need for 1nights kip. It had LCD tv and tea and coffee facitities. The bathroom is one room was horrible, had a lump of hair down the sinkhole, so it started filling up. So i used the other one in the other room. The rooms are well worth the money, but they need a update!

                  Overall its a great place to stay in manchester, Its far more easier if you get the train in. If you drive you have to pay about a tenner for parking. But i parked for free all the way down in oxford street, its only 80p for the bus.So wasent so bad.

                  It was a comfy night sleep and worth the money.


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                    06.01.2006 14:28
                    Very helpful



                    A decent comfortable hotel in a good, central location.

                    A few weeks before Christmas we got tickets to see Rick Astley play at the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, near Manchester. Last year we did the same and stayed in a hotel near to the theatre. This was convenient in terms of getting to and from the Lowry Centre, but the downside was that there was little else for us to do before the concert. This year we decided to stay in the centre of Manchester and get the tram to the concert. We marked out a few decent pubs on the map and had a quick shufty on the old t'internet for a hotel in the vicinity. The watchwords were cheap, central and hopefully cheerful ~ the emphasis being on CHEAP!

                    ~~~WHERE DID WE PICK?

                    We looked on the Travelodge website and found a hotel called the Manchester Central. That seemed to meet the "central" criteria! There was also an offer for £26 per night per room. That seemed to meet the "cheap" criteria! A few clicks and we were in. The hotel can be found on Blackfriars Street, around five minutes walk from Victoria Train Station and about 15 minutes from Piccadilly Station. As we couldn't check in until 3pm we went from Piccadilly to a couple of pubs en route (having lunch and a few drinks as we went) aiming to arrive at the hotel at the right time to avoid hanging round.

                    We ended up approaching the hotel from the city centre so came up along North along Deansgate (from the direction of the Town Hall) and when we reached the junction between St. Mary's Gate and Blackfriars Street we headed left over the bridge and found the Travelodge a short distance up there on the right. It was pretty easy to find and was quite a large building that even I found difficult to miss!

                    If you are going there by car there is a free car park, but spaces are limited. If you can't get a space there is a pay and display car park in Market Street that costs around £10 for 24 hours. If you want to get a tram from the train stations you will still have to walk a little way. We walked from St. Peter's tram stop, but it was probably closer to Moseley Street.

                    ~~~BOOKING AND PRICES.

                    As I said, we booked online and got a special offer on the rooms. You can book via the link at http://www.travelodge.co.uk/find_a_hotel/hotel/hotel_id/153/ManchesterCentral and, at the moment there are also some £10 rooms available (usual room price seems to be £45 per room per night). There is a choice of either double, twin or family rooms.

                    ~~~WHAT IS IT LIKE?

                    From the outside the Manchester Central could be any Travelodge in any town or city. A large several storey building, not very attractive to look at and a bit featureless. From the inside the Manchester Central could also be any Travelodge in any town or city! You enter through a foyer into the large reception area. In this big room there is the reception, leading to the bar and the dining room, with another door which opens onto the lift and stairs to the bedrooms. All this is quite modern but also a little lacking in the homeliness department!

                    ~~~CHECKING IN & OUT.

                    This was easy, if a little on the late side. As we had booked online we just provided a printout of the booking reference number and we were in. The lady on the desk was helpful and friendly, explaining when we should check out by and offering us the option to book breakfast for the following morning. As this would be £6.50 each and there was a Wetherspoons close by offering a huge (and I mean huge) breakfast for £3.49 we declined.

                    Check out has to be by midday on the day of departure, but we would be leaving much earlier for our train home. Again check out was painless ~ especially so because we had paid in advance and hadn't run up any further bills. All we needed to do was hand in our card keys and leave.

                    ~~~THE ROOMS.

                    Once we had managed to get a lift (only one of the two rather inadequate lifts was working and this one was full of staff and laundry) we went up to our room on the third floor. We were pleasantly surprised to find a good sized, bright and airy room. There was a king sized bed with a modern and clean duvet cover. The bed also had four pillows ~ a bonus as usually there is only one thin pillow, resulting in a bad neck and a not very comfy night's rest.

                    All Travelodge rooms are pretty much identical and have a couple of bed side tables, a dressing table, a chair (sometimes two), telephone and TV (although getting the remote control to work was an art in itself). There was also a bit of information about the hotel ~ meal times, menu, room service prices and the like, as well as a little doofer that you could pay by for movies if you wanted. Alun was also happy to see there was a kettle and tea and coffee making facilities in the room ~ the nice lady on Reception was also happy to provide extra milk and coffee when we asked.

                    The bathroom was also of a good size and had a bath with (ancient) shower attachment. I was disappointed that the shower head couldn't detach to make hair washing easy and that there was no hairdryer in the room, or any toiletries (aside from a miniscule tablet of soap and a toilet roll). It was clean though, if a little on the old fashioned side.

                    As with a lot of this type of hotel rooms there seemed an awful lot of light switches ~ I think we finally mastered the secret code of which ones to press in which order to get all the lights to switch off to go to sleep!

                    ~~~OTHER FACILITIES.

                    The hotel also has a few facilities that we didn't use. These were the Bar Café, a Meeting Room, a Cash Point (very useful if you are running low and need to pay the £6.50 for breakfast), internet access and a vending machine with a few snacks and drinks. We also noticed that there was a choice of smoking and non-smoking rooms and a number of rooms that had been adapted for wheelchair users and those with mobility problems ~ it's to hope that both lifts are normally working though.

                    ~~~FINAL THOUGHTS.

                    Travelodges are by no means my favourite places to stay, but they are certainly better than a lot of the grubby hotels and Guest Houses I have stayed in. For £26 a night it was very good value and was comfortable, clean and had enough facilities for a couple of nights stay. The Manchester Central, though not as central as the name implied, was in a good location (the Arndale shopping centre and the railway stations aren't too far away) and was just what we were expecting it to be. DON'T expect five star accommodation and luxury, but DO expect a pleasant night's stay.

                    ~~~HOTEL DETAILS.

                    Travelodge Manchester Central Hotel
                    Blackfriars Street
                    Manchester M3 5AL

                    Tel: 0870 191 1659
                    Fax: 0161 819 2906
                    http://www.travelodge.co.uk/travelodge/ location.php?hotel_id=153


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